Radical Mexican Lobby

Radical Mexican Lobby

his section of our site is dedicated to exposing the hate and racism of organizations such as LULAC, LaRaza, MALDEF, MEChA, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and more. We will also provide comprehensive research on the tax-sheltered foundations and people who support these radical Mexican groups…. and who is keeping their war chests filled to the brim. Stand by as we load this page up with research and reports.

Funding Hate

* How the Ford Foundation Created Multiculturalism – The Pasadena Doubletree is an unlikely site for a conspiracy. And the dozens of scholars from campuses all over the country who met here late last month did not look like revolutionaries. But behind closed doors of the meeting rooms, the conference of “Cultural Diversity Enhancement” had the tone of one of those “by any means necessary” conventions staged by SDS in the late 60s. The subject was how to turn American higher education inside out. It was sponsored by the Ford Foundation, whose strategy for a radical transformation of the university one critic has called “the academic equivalent of an ‘ethnic cleansing…

* Ford Foundation Funding of Racist Organizations – Foundations play a major role in the immigration debate, but none more so than the Ford Foundation, one of the largest in the U.S. (or in the world, for that matter). The foundation has long bankrolled some of the main opponents of immigration reform. Below is the record of grants to immigration-related recipients…

* Funding Hate I – LULAC, MALDEF, MEChA, and La Raza all claim to be “Hispanic” organizations. In fact, the word “Hispanic” is devoid of meaning and legitimacy. It does not denote a racial, ethnic, linguistic, or cultural group. It is an artificial term created to maximize political power for extremist elements within the Spanish-speaking minority. Historically, political opportunism has always dictated the racial identity of “Hispanics.…

* Funding Hate II – ‘History’ as told by supporters of LULAC, MALDEF, MEChA, and La Raza almost invariably includes not only the claim that ‘’Hispanics’’ were here ‘’first,’’ but that ‘’Hispanics’’ were established in large numbers throughout the Southwest at the time the United States annexed that territory in 1848….

* Funding Hate III – With the encouragement of the U.S. government and with the financial support of major U.S. corporations and foundations, LULAC, MALDEF, MEChA/MEXA, and La Raza, pillars of the radical ”Hispanic” lobby, successfully and aggressively promote hatred of the history, identity, culture, language, and laws of the United States….

2 thoughts on “Radical Mexican Lobby

  1. We need to force our politicians to stop funding these groups, enforce our existing immigration laws, complelely secure our borders and eliminate all incentives and benefits given these foreigners .

    • An effort in futility, America is lost. The Amerika of today will collapse, we must prepare for the coming ethnic civil war.

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