Special Forces to Save Whites- In South Africa

Special Forces to Save Whites

In South Africa, a former member of the special forces has founded a new security company to protect farmers. Wynand du Toit points out that more than 4,800 white farmers have been murdered since the ANC took power in 1994, and has no doubt about the purpose of the killings: “There are no traditional criminals involved in the farm attacks. It is well-planned, military-style operations that are taking place. It is a well-planned action [aimed at forcing] white farmers to abandon their farms so that blacks can move in.” Lately, he says, attackers let their victims call neighbors for help and then ambush and kill the rescuers as well. He adds that it is no accident blacks target children for rape and torture: “Children are the future. Destroying children prevents us from having a future. Of course, the killing of children is also a psychological onslaught against the farmer, which might force him to leave his farm in order to protect them.”

Record of the injuries of a white, Eastern Transvaal farmer
who was tortured for six hours before he was finally killed.

Mr. du Toit’s new security company, Lanseria Protection Services, has teams of ex-special forces men on call 24 hours a day, who can be helicoptered anywhere in the country or parachute out of airplanes. He says the attackers have been frightened away from the areas in which his men have been active, and that local farmers look on his service as their only hope for survival.

Mr. du Toit thinks the killings are orchestrated by the Pan African Congress, and that the ANC is not yet at the stage of systematically killing whites. At the same time, police morale is so low, and so many experienced white officers are quitting, he thinks that within several years it will not be possible to solve major crimes. He notes that whites cannot count on help from abroad: “I have not noticed any response from the U.N., U.S. or the UK to the killings by blacks of white farmers in South Africa. Remember, we are white. Only whites can be racist. Blacks can’t be racist. They do not lie, and in the eyes of many overseas people, these attacks must be seen as a justification of the past. I do not think that the U.N. will spend one minute a month on the murders in South Africa.” [Anthony C. LoBaido, Wynand du Toit, a Special Forces Hero Committed to Saving Farmers at Risk in Southern Africa, WorldNetDaily. com, Aug. 15, 2001.]

One of the more hideous recent attacks took place on July 27, when eight blacks attacked Mr. and Mrs. Johan le Grange, an impoverished rural couple in their 80s. They tortured both victims with hot irons and tore out fingernails before beating Mr. le Grange to death. Mrs. le Grange survived but remains severely traumatized. The men then went next door to the home of the le Grange’s daughter and her four-year-old daughter, whom they raped and tortured for several hours — but did not kill.

Henda Wolfardt, a South African farmer who lives near Ventersdorp with her husband and two sons has noticed a world-wide pattern: “The blacks are killing whites in Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa and even in the U.S. in the recent riots in Seattle and Cincinnati. In Australia, the Aborigines are calling for the blood of the white farmers. The Russians are fighting against Islam in Chechnya. White Christians are attacked in the Balkans and Macedonia. What will it take for people to wake up?” [Anthony C. LoBaido, Killing of South Africa Farmers Intensifies, WorldNet Daily.com, Aug. 1, 2001.]

Zim: Bad to Worse

Deterioration continues in Zimbabwe. On August 26, the British newspaper The Telegraph reported that it had received a copy of a secret government document called “Operation Give up and Leave,” which outlined a terror strategy for ridding the country of whites. “The operation should be thoroughly planned so that farmers are systematically harassed and mentally tortured and their farms destabilised until they give in and give up,” it read in part. It says the “Pamire-silencing method” should be used on any farmer who resists, a reference to Chris Pamire, a businessman who fell out with President Robert Mugabe and died in a mysterious road accident.

War “veterans” invade a white farm.

A Zimbabwe government spokesman says the document is rubbish, but events seem to be following its plan. Though the area around the town of Chinhoyi has been particularly hard hit by blacks looting and vandalizing white farm houses, the town itself has been safe. Recently, Pres. Mugabe’s followers forced all whites off the streets of Chinhoyi, beating up any they could find. Joy Moolman, a white farmer’s wife, has circulated an e-mail message reporting that blacks later went on an especially nasty tear through the countryside, turning out whites and making off with wagon loads of their possessions. Mrs. Moolman writes that her husband is a pilot and flew over the area reporting which way the gangs were headed so farmers could evacuate their families.

Under the title “Whites Finished in Zimbabwe,” the August 12 issue of the British newspaper Daily Mail published a letter from a white Zimbabwean that read, in part: “There is a fin de atmosphere among white people now, a sad, bitter resignation to the fact that our world is crumbling around us. It’s like going through a bereavement for the beloved country many of our families came to from England 100 years ago. It’s an agonising process: anger, denial, bargaining — then maybe death.

“The entire younger generation of whites know they are not wanted and have left or are leaving. The older generation is still desperate to live out what remains of their lives in what is left of British colonial style…”

“Suburban street signs have been removed wholesale — we think they are being melted down and made into coffin handles. Graves have been opened, corpses dumped in the bush and coffins taken for resale, spruced up with the aluminium from the signs.”

He writes that the whole country feels like one big departure lounge, as whites clear out. At 50,000, whites are 0.6 percent of the population, down from 200,000 when Robert Mugabe came to power and asked whites to stay. Even face to face with hatred, whites seem unwilling to shed their illusions. The man writes that one white “revealed that what really depressed him was the seeming indifference of most black Zimbabweans to what is happening to the whites.”

He continues: “The government knows if it can drive whites out of Zimbabwe the rest of the world, and particularly the Western media, will lose interest and then it will be able to deal with its political opposition in no uncertain terms. If that happens, there will be a descent into poverty and terror from which Zimbabwe, once a civilised and sophisticated nation, may never emerge.”

What has been the reaction in white nations to this clear example of ethnic cleansing? Australian MPs have discussed the possibility of asking Mr. Mugabe not to come to the October Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Brisbane. Members of the European Parliament have urged the 15 member states to freeze any bank accounts held by Mr. Mugabe, to refuse to let him visit, and to consider suspending financial aid to Zimbabwe. American congressmen have considered — but not passed — legislation to impose financial sanctions.

In the latest round of pusillanimity, Britain has agreed to head up a group to compensate whites for the farmland to be taken from them, if Mr. Mugabe will only agree to an orderly, non-violent program of dispossession. Mr. Mugabe says he will study the agreement, announced September 7 in Nigeria.

“Veterans” load loot from
a white farmer’s house.

Meanwhile, in late August, Britain denied asylum to a white Zimbabwean fruit farmer who was beaten unconscious by Zimbabwean authorities who also murdered his girlfriend. Roy Page says he is afraid to go home, and says a number of his 300 former employees were killed simply for saying they wanted him back. The British position is that Mr. Page has nothing to fear if he returns, but has permitted him to appeal the ruling. [Christina Lamb and David Bamber, Mugabe’s Secret Plan to Evict All Whites, Telegraph (London), Aug. 26, 2001. Zimbabwe Denies It Plans to Evict All White Farmers, Reuters, Aug. 27, 2001. Kathy Kittley, Beaten-up Farmer Pleads to Stay Here, Telegraph, Aug. 30, 2001. David Blair, The Last Gamble of Zimbabwe’s White Tribe, Telegraph, Aug. 18, 2001. Glenn McKenzie, Zimbabwe to Stop Occupying White Farms, AP, Sept. 7, 2001.]

93 thoughts on “Special Forces to Save Whites- In South Africa

  1. Baie graag op soek na werk… het n huisie gekoop hier in Benoni, JHB en het my werk verloor. Wil baie graag my land se mense beskerm teen die donker duiwels….
    082 457 3867

    • Ek het ook my werk verloor en soek ook werk en wil ook baie graag ons wit boere help beskerm teen die swart plaag/virus. 0748208866

  2. Get much more publicity to people in Europe, Britain, Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, etc

    Let our folks know our genocide is occurring AND OUR MEDIA GOES ALONG BY NOT BLASTING US WITH IMAGES… as they do with more trivial items.


    Seeing this reality, our people ought to be far more outraged than over apartheid! = Living zones for western civilization to PREVENT genocides, and achieve economic boom out of Africa’s poverty. (I know: I had seen the advancement. It “worked,” but some whites acted arrogantly. Don’t do this again.)


    WE MUST boycott Zimbabwe, S Africa to end the toxic regimes! (Invade if that doesn’t get results fast.)

    DEMAND return of the land Boer had bought (3 republics, Majuba Decla- ration), and a Britsh state around Capetown & Umtali-Salisbury state, next to a Portuguese & other state Chimoio-Beira to the sea (central Mozambique) – “others” are perons not fully black, or of minor local black group with no “home.”

    DEMAND these states for Europeans (& “others”) for a stable core in region! DEMAND removal of Mugabe, ANC and PAC for genocide. Then…

    Blacks are diverse: divide land to local gov’t democratic states for major tribes, all across southern Africa. Democracy works best with likeminded kinfolk! Each state (eg Swaziland, Lesotho) can handle its problems locally. Also have a state for: the Asians, “Coloreds,” and Metro mix state around Joburg.

    (A huge part of the problem is migrating landless black hoardes from farther north. Send ’em back! Alcohol binging drives toxic acts; a crackdown must be enforced.)

    Making southern Africa a patchwork of ethnic states (representing the FACT IT IS A DIVERSE POPULATION!) – with some populated by Europeans and other non-blacks – confkict & genocide could be wound down a lot. But to get to that stage will probably require huge western war intervention, unless boycott and pressure work. Push that HARD now!

    [Euros must halt attempt by China or others to disrupt this & become controlling masters of region. And much “apartheid oppression” was to benefit overseas corporations and Jew-Israel clique. Expell all this and allow only LOCAL investors.]

    • Yeh, that should work. Give land to people who do not have knowledge and experience in dating. That should definitely be a help to the country. What could possibly go wtong?


  3. Black sub-Saharan Africa has slipped from being third world 50 years ago to fourth world status today&they have no one else to blame but themselves! Most of the present fourth world are African black countries&Haiti! No one can invest because the political/social/economic/religious &other situations are so un-stable&risky! Latin America,most of south&eastern Asia, the Pacific rim are much more stable&their standards of living have been going up! Let black Africa alone until they die-off&then change may come! Maybe change will come!!!!

    • True. But do we wait for another liberal revolution to destroy that civilization as Well? Or do we put an end to the egalitarian paradox once and for all time.


  4. Get hold of Obama,he will listen.Bombard White House Congress,Senate with photos hard copy.Forget the American Media,they are on a mission to destroy White American poor and middle class.Hire White Armies,if you can afford it.
    Were I not a crippled warrior,I would be there..no excuse..truth.Polish Men are tough,as are other Eastern Europeans ask them to help guard.
    Land minds,booby traps,German Shepherds.
    Send a commiittee to THE HAGUE via appointment.
    Build elaborate underground havens for children to hide,stock food,etc.

  5. We want the CAPE OF GOOD HOPE to become independent from the rest of this country. The 1910 union was illegal as thousands of us were not given a chance in a referendum to vote no !!! We were forced into an unholy relationship first with the British then the NP and now last of all the ANC/DA. These 2 parties are one and the same just doing the same thing from another angle. We regard ourselves as KAAPLANDERS/CAPETONIANS and this means all the people who live here are welcome, who are prepared to take on the CAPE culture of respecting and letting live and living !!! We have no interest in racists here as we were separated by the old NP when they brought apartheid here from the north. We never had apartheid here just people all living and trying to make a living until the British, NP and the ANC/DA arrives with separating us from each other and then then also they come here with BEE and AA etc. If you can identify with us KAAPLANDERS/CAPETONIANS and you live north of the Orange river sell your place and move to the REP OF THE CAPE OF GOOD HOPE.

  6. We should have a world wide campaign to destroy them and rape and torture their babies as well.


  7. You can build your army but you shell fall by the hands of the blacks you greedy race you think we dont know you still run south africa you own 80% of our wealth dont worry many of us are waking up to this truth you shell pay you pupet mandela that you used as a tool to fool us is gone soon you shell do nothing but get what you gave to us for what comes around go around

  8. Hah! The UK, in true-door (Tudor, the welsh royal scion 😉 style, Welshed on the agreement to compensate Zim for an orderly reposession process. As YOUR OWN comments show, promises to or aspirations of blacks don’t count for a yelloiw squirt of piss by a white. Sure, Africans never had too many written languages, or an excess of complex, dense societies, butwhite people have never been concerned about mutual benefit. USAID invests in regime change. The IMF saddles debtor countries with kleptocrat bills. Rhodesians take the best land, sure they hire blacks but it’s easier to get a loan off a few thousand heck-tears than crumpled check stubs. Add passive income, tax planning etc and this land is a ticket to snowballing of the gentry’s power. The brits have forgotten their history, with william of Normandy and his land-grants, to which the peerage system/house of lords can be traced to! So if this isn’t dealt with in a timely manner, if you don’t give em hell, SNOWBALL!

    Do Rhodesians accept any responsibility for the economic inequality? Any remedy other than work hard and hope your kids have it better? None. Africans are primitives, we’ve been here since 1683 (BC) shaka had depopulated the place anyway, we are Good Christians, and so on Keep living out that colonial style. I am a big fan of science and Western literature in general, but I can download that, along with recipees for meringues and spaetzle. Actual whites I am starting to lose sympathy for, maybe it’s my ego

    And maybe the sanctions have something to do with Zim’s probs? I mean, they did kill a half million Iraquis, whose country was not as isolated, and is not land-locked. Moreover, these sanctions are punitive and arrogant, more substantial than most any dictator even in the axis of evil gets. I used to read that the repossession was hijacked by ‘cronies’. Now some was to be expected, but it was overall well done and now the complaint is that tobacco farms were taken over by illiterates and they grow millet or something subsistence. You realise people feeding their families is more important than forex? Jesus cursed productive moneychangers and unproductive fig trees, so what fig leaf of concern will you pull out next? Grandstanding, gladhandling, self-righteous….I;m sure you would fit in better in soouth america, with all those anachronistic holdovers of imperialism and racism (does it go, ring a bell?) and neatly segregated societies. And I wouldn’t blame you, I think SAmerica has better prospects than most Africa, but that’s looking at water, soil fertility, energy minerals, and amazing water transport (compare the two continents’ navigable rivers/canals. plus natural harbors and railways…) so go to better places where you have a chance of bumping into your equals.

    • ANC had 24 years to work with an advanced economy and failed. SA is rich in many ways but has leadership that is corrupt and incompetent. Before 1994, the only solution was a 2 state solution. A black SA and a white SA. The former government was foolish to believe that anything would come of giving control to blacks. Black rule did not work anywhere else, why would it work in SA? The ANC should be ashamed of destroying the future of millions of blacks. Heartless bastards.

  9. How can the white men that also want to fight get trained and ready for the upcoming war,yes I said it WAR,tired of feeling helpless and a lot of people want to start fighting back,I don’t want to be just another statistic that get’s ignored and then burried?

  10. Good day

    I am ex task force SAPS Captain.. worked 20 years in SAPS.. 3 years in Afghanistan. I would like to apply to be part of your team.
    Please contact me. I am also on Facebook.

  11. Good day..
    I am ex task force SAPS Captain.. worked 20 years in SAPS.. 3 years in Afghanistan. I would like to apply to be part of your team.
    Please contact me. I am also on Facebook too.

  12. Sometimes wish the whites would get their balls back and end this black scourge that breed so fast, they’re taking over everywhere. I’m sick to death of their brutality, destruction and lack of compassion for a human life. All they do well is breed and destroy. Fucking exterminate the lot, and let God judge us. They’re exterminating whites, why not return the favour? We put up with hijackings, home invasions, muggings, murder and mayhem, why? Why are their lives more valuable than ours? If I had access to a group of militants, I would gladly take my country back, without a qualm, my family has suffered enough at the hands of these barbaric non human spawn of satan, enough is enough. 8 vehicles hijacked, 6 home invasions and a mugging in 5 years, and nothing ever happens, police as useless, we are expendable , the world doesn’t give a damn.

  13. Die Britse onreging of die UN of USA sal nie help nie. Daar is niks in Suid Africa wat hulle nodig het nie. As Suid Africa ruik in Oli of diamante of gas vas sal hulle nie eers twee keer gedink het nie om die Wit mense te kom help. Die Enigste rede hoekom Engeland, AMerika hulle noses in the middle east in steek het niks te doen me Muslim of Islam nie. Dis alles net oor geld and wie die grootste leder will wees in die wereld. Ek bly nou all 4 jaar in Engeland maar het meeste van my family in RSA en ja dies ontsetend worrying hoe of waneer my family gaan part van die aanvalde word.Dis fantsties idea om die special forces in place te sit.

  14. Ek werk al di laaste 6 jaar in die sekeriteits wereld en sien die dinge elke dag en my hande is afgekap. Ek is in kwa zulu natal en sal ook graag n verskil wil maak in suid afrika. Dankie dat jy ook n verskil wil maak

  15. Whites have guilt when blackes are involved ???????? Why i do not understand.
    The only time that they wake up is when family are killed or raped. Unfortunately it will be to late. YOU MUST WAKE UP.

  16. I am not ex special forces, but ex 7 SAI, and itching to do a camp again, why not get volunteers to do camps like in the SADF days? I have experience in 42 different ways to kill a man including shoot to kill, several… lets say, body evaporation techniques (shooting to disable, just lands one in court as the perpetrator, while the actual perpetrator becomes the “victim”), and lastly 27 ways to blow up a car, plus too many torture techniques (so we can stir up and take out the inner network before they get to attack anyone)

    I have been voicing my opinion forever, that the time is now, before it is too late, and not just protection… I am more inclined to whitelocust’s persuasions.


    How can I help?

  17. I would like to see how many traditional farmers will still want to farm after this drought. Commercial farmers should quit and lets see a second Ethiopia. How long will this gov still reign?

  18. It’s about time someone does something bout there farm murders. Thanx Mr Du toit.
    How do I apply to join the task force? I’ve got tactical back round and really would like to be part of your team. Thanx daniel

  19. We need a strong leader. Many of us white male south africans. Nowhere to run many not wiling to run. Relize that this is the begining. Things are going to get worse. The only way. To find a leader and form a larger.

  20. So the aborigines want us whites dead in australia bloody hell after what us white give them they get everything the bastards . The black race is truly a evil race from satan god cannot create evil.. they should be exterminated ..there are evil whites too..

  21. Ek HET GEHOOP iemand in spes sal opstaan en leiding neem.Ons het so n sameroeper nodig. Wynand jy kan dit doen en jy het die manne agter jou.Doen wat belangrik is vir ons volk nou. Speeltyd is verby,dis operasie skoonmaak tyd. Ek staan agter jou en ek weet van baie ander wat die selfde sal doen.Ek weet jy kan dit doen,roep ons manne by mekaar en laat ons jeug opgelei word om ons mense te beskerm en weer hoop te gee vir ons toekoms.Ons moet daai moeraal terug kry!!!! Mag God jou lei en ons volk.JP.

  22. Great work boys keep an eye on the farmers deal with the purpurtrators with deadly force. Britian will not help i have advocated and wrote to parliment here but they failed to respond only to say the ANC are doing all they can
    Staan op en maak seeker dat hulle nie veer kan doen nie skiet in die kop
    Geluk mense

  23. “In Australia, Aboriginals are calling for blood of white farmers” what a cronk of shit right there you moron!! Why on Earth would we want to call for white blood of farmers. Many Aboriginals work on the farms & the cattle industry, I suggest you do more of your research numb nuts!!

    But other than that it’s good to see the farmers over there getting the much needed protection they need.

  24. In Uk we are not getting any news out of South Africa unless it’s from our own contacts within the country! The media in UK and USA AR so frightened of being classed as racist to display any thing about blacks committing crimes it is pitiful ! Somehow we need to get the news of the horrendous beatings murders and rapes of white farmers out into the open! BBC , can, Fox News, Sky news what ever! Regards derek R Hampshire , drhants@ yahoo.co.uk

  25. wat ek ni verstaan ni..is hoekom ons ni di korrupte anc leiers kan rapporteer by di wereldhof vr di volgehoue uitmoor v blankes in S.A ??( genocide of the whites) ni! wat verhoed ons leiers o. dt te doen?

  26. Step up the awareness campaign …. there are a lot of South Africans in London it’s time they did the protest in the same way the ANC did !

  27. You can not trust this Government and SOME other world countries that say they are our allies anymore because they are the cause of most of this problems in South Africa. The only way to solve South Africa and its people is its own people,the Afrikaner/Whites because we have the balls and we can do it ! All white x-soldiers should be called up for duty to serve our people and country to drive this terrorist/communist regime out. Funding must we seek from our allies-Germany/Netherlands etc. TO FIGHT BACK WITH FORCE IS OUR ONLY RESCUE/SERVIVAL OF OUR PEOPLE AND COUNTRY !?

  28. Trained trooper ready to join and take up arms and participate in the action anytime anywhere. Whatssupp 0796603912

  29. Hi Wynand
    Jy sal n command en control system nodig he om jou eenhede te beheer. Ek is n supervisor trainer in n stelsel waar jy personeel voertuie bote kan track en kommunikeer . Laat weet of jy belangstel

  30. We MUST save OUR White Brothers
    on South Africa..
    We must rent a Airplane and a Big Boat
    to Let them leave South Africa
    or Other place like Southern Brazil
    or Uruguai..because White people is majority
    and German and Spanish acestors..
    they can rebuild their lives
    leave south africa…without
    whites the black monkeys will kill themselves and SA will colapse

  31. We MUST save OUR White Brothers
    on South Africa..
    We must rent a Airplane and a Big Boat
    to Let them leave South Africa
    or Other place like Southern Brazil
    or Uruguai..because White people is majority
    and German and Spanish acestors..
    they can rebuild their lives
    leave south africa…without
    whites the black monkeys will kill themselves and SA will colapse

  32. Emigrate to paraguay. Safe good farming no income tax no tax to import machinery large european population in the chaco including south africans .as a foreigner if you own 10 ha or have 5000 usd in a bank account they will give you residence in paraguay

  33. I am white american and my country used to be good where if that were to happen we would help our bretheren now that the zionists control the west, our brothers need to call on russia for help

  34. Someone should help these people. Unfortunately this shows that governments do not care if there is no financial interest in it for them. I wish I could do more to help. No race of people should be systematically eliminated. They like others were just trying to make that area their home.

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  36. Im from East Europe and I want to ask you guys from South Africa if you can clarify some things for me. You cant trust mass media because it also twist things that you dont know anymore what is true or false. For example as far as I read africans have nothing in common (traditions ,customs) with american blacks or even brazilian blacks. The american media told us that black americans and african struggles were the same. That is false because I talked with black africans and they said to me that the Apartheid in South Africa was not only between whites and blacks ,but also among the blacks because south africa has many tribes in it, and those tribes do not mix eachother. So it wasnt whites against blacks, but whites with some african tribes against other african tribes. It seems that after 1994, the only ones that benefited from the fall of apartheid were the tribes of Xhosa and Zulu who represent majority. Other tribes werent to happy and it seems they prefer white boers then their so called black “brothers”.I saw a documentary made by the BBC a couple of years ago about the boers in which the english wanted to show the world how racist and backward the boers are. Anyway at some point the english journalist who was interviewing a farmer remained perplexed when he saw blacks working for him. He asked the blacks why they are working for a white man, and they said they prefered the white man because it was honest and was good of his word, On the other hand the black government doesnt care about them and is full of corruption.

  37. Also I want to add that in Africa there was a place that until 1980 was also apartheid but no one seems to care about that apartheid. In 1840s americans wanted to end slavery and to send the blacks back to Africa. They failed to send all of them but manage to send to what is now Liberia a sizeable number of blacks. The USA government help them in all matters so the american blacks could settle back to africa. The problem was that Liberia was also inhabitated by african tribes who hated the black american settlers and wanted to exterminate them. Some wars began,but the black americans had modern weapons and defeated the tribes. So from that moment on a black american minority started to rule and even take as slaves a black african majority. And that was in XIX century when whites not even invented apartheid. In 1980 the black american elite was finaly toppled by a coup lead by local africans. Strangely (or is it?)everyone talks about Rhodesia and South Africa but no one talks about Liberia.

  38. I’m not so sure that they exist. Where are they and where can I get information about them and what they have done for the plight of the South African white

  39. Dankie Wynand Du Toit. Time to act aggresively towards crimes against whites.Ons is op ons eie, gaan en kan geen hulp verwag van die polisie of weermag nie. Ons moet ons jonger mense opleiding ook verskaf, sodat hulle hulself kan verdedig. Daar is nie meer diensplig nie.

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  41. It’s a sinking ship, everyone can clearly see, they are on a killing spree. Living in such a violent place is not the existence your ancestors wanted for you.

  42. Ek dink waneer ons uiteindelik gaan besluit om wakker te skrik gaan dit dalk te laat wees. Soos bv n siekte wat voorkom kon word…jy rook…en eers waneer die dokter vir jou se jyt long kanker wil jy plan maak om op te hou. Ons wit jeug is seker van die slegste in die wereld…is amper almal op dwelms en te sleg om te werk. As hulle werk kry is hulle te goed om daai werk te doen of werk nie vir n “swart man” se salaris nie. Het dit al honderde kere tee gekom…ek voel ook dat ons wit mense almal grootbekke is tot die k@k spat. Niemand staan bymekaar nie. As die swartes iets beplan is daar duisende in n kwessie van ure bymekaar. Maar net my opinie…

  43. I live in the us can drive anything with a motor and can handle firearms is it possible for me to come to SA and help protect the farmers ?

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