Europe’s Descent into Dhimmitude

Europe’s Descent into Dhimmitude

Written by Selwyn Duke
Monday, 02 February 2009 05:20

While we wouldn’t know it from listening to the mainstream media, the Islamization of Europe is occurring at a faster rate than anyone imagined. Not only that, the same threat looms here in America, as we are following in the Old World’s footsteps.

French Riot PoliceOne of man’s tragic faults is that he tends to swing from one extreme to the other. We can see this phenomenon clearly in Europe, whose nations have transitioned from a surfeit of nationalism to sickening internationalism, from the colonization of exotic civilizations to inviting the colonization of their dying ones. And, as a result, they’re doing more to fulfill Saladin’s dream than the Moslem conqueror ever could.

So says Jesse Petrilla, a journalist who just returned from a trip to Europe during which he investigated a demographic force that, as Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi said, may grant Islam victory “without swords, without guns, without conquests.” Writing at, Petrilla tells of a Europe so paralyzed by multiculturalism that it greets unassimilable foreign elements not only with open arms but also a white flag.

Petrilla began his journey in France. He reports that Paris has “no-go zones,” which are “Islamic neighborhoods where police absolutely refuse to enter, and where if you are not a Muslim and you are caught driving through it you will have bricks thrown at your car and may not make it out alive.” Petrilla then tells of a new chief of police “who decided he wanted to crack down on the no-go zones and send his police in, against the wishes of many other authorities. When the police entered one of the large 15 story commie-block style apartment buildings, someone pushed a refrigerator off the roof onto one of the squad cars. They don’t go in there any more [sic].”

Not surprisingly, this weakness emboldens the Moslems to wreak havoc beyond their enclaves. As to this, Petrilla attended a Hamas and Hezbollah rally that swelled to at least 15,000 screaming, violent “jihadis” who burned American and Israeli flags and became so threatening that the journalist finally had to leave the scene. Moreover, Petrilla writes that on the first day of his trip, “local news reported that another synagogue was firebombed, a 4th that week, and a man had just been stabbed for wearing a Star of David by the notorious ‘disenfranchised youths’ as the media calls them. Two days prior, there was a ‘peace’ rally which resulted in the burning of dozens of cars, again by those pesky “youths” who for some reason yell ‘Allah Akbar’ while rioting.”

Yet such passion is conspicuously absent among native Frenchmen, who, even after 60 years, haven’t lost the spirit of Vichy. Writes Petrilla, “An unnamed source . . . explained that during a recent protest, someone began shooting at the police with a handgun, [sic] the officer in charge gave the order to his men not to return fire, and was given an award by the government for his restraint.”

Petrilla next visited Holland, where he found much the same situation, with no-go zones in cities and a striking lack of assimilation. In metropolitan areas, about 50 percent of the youths are now Moslem, and while observing a class from a “typical Dutch school,” he estimated that approximately 30 percent of the girls were wearing the Moslem head covering the hijab. Additionally, Sharia Law is already being instituted in some Moslem areas; as a result, crimes in such places are often not reported to Dutch authorities. They are instead handled by local religious leaders, who administer their own punishments.

When analyzing this sad state of affairs, Petrilla places the blame where it belongs: on liberalism. This really is a situation where we can quote the comic strip character Pogo and say “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” Sure, Dar al-Islam has had designs on the West for more than a millennium, but it long ago lost the ability to contend with us militarily. More recently, however, we have lost the ability to contend with it culturally. While the Moslem world is characterized by a cultural chauvinism that inspires its more zealous elements to impose their values on others, we are hamstrung by a cultural self-loathing that inspires our more traitorous elements to accommodate those very values. The result is that Islam has no reason to use the sword to subdue us because we use it to commit hari-kari.

The brand of insanity that makes suicide seem attractive is a systemic problem, but I’d like to address one particular aspect of it, something I’ve dubbed “immigrationism.” Immigrationism is a blindly accepted dogma, one stating that immigration is an absolute good and the lifeblood of any civilization. This we are to take on faith. It is rarely questioned. It is un-American to reject it.

It is also even more rarely explained. For most of history, the norm was to keep unassimilable foreign elements out of your nation, not invite them in. But a sound rationale for this radical departure from history’s model for preserving a civilization is never provided. Instead, we simply hear empty slogans such as “Our strength lies in our diversity.” But how? The default understanding had always been that our strength lay in our unity. Have the laws governing man’s nature changed so radically that the opposite is now true?

Really, we seem to forget two all-important factors. First, when people come here, they bring their values with them. Second, people get the government they deserve because, one way or another, the government will reflect the people. Thus, change the collective values of the electorate by importing large, culturally alien groups, and you necessarily change the nation. Put simply, replace our population with a Mexican or Moslem one and you no longer have Western civilization. You have Mexico North or Iran West.

Like it or not, a discussion about immigration is a discussion about what we want to be. Unfortunately, though, to many Westerners, politically-incorrect discussion is even more intolerable than dhimmitude or death.

Selwyn Duke is a columnist and public speaker whose work has been published widely online and in print, on both the local and national levels. He has been featured on the Rush Limbaugh Show, at, in American Conservative magazine, is a contributor to and appears regularly as a guest on the award-winning, nationally-syndicated Michael Savage Show. Visit his Website.

Race realism, Ethnic Nationalism, are still alive and growing.

Race realism, Ethnic Nationalism, are still alive and growing.  Moronic liberal self destructive communist like yourself are what will be doing the dieing when the time comes.  The world you created with the 1960’s revolution overthrowing the government of the United States of America is coming to an end.  Your racist politics of anti-white egalitarianism are falling apart, your attempt at creating a world devoid of individual thought out side of the politically correct doctrine has failed, you can only go so long against what is the natural tendencies of human kind before you pay the price.  The west is now dieing because of people like you, culturally, linguistically, socially, politically, militarily (except America) and in nearly every other facet, the western world is in decline.  We only have to look to what Latinos, Asians, and Africans as a whole hold dear, and that’s blood, their people, and they will choose their own people every time over one of yours you fool.  As they gain power in western nations, your power declines, as they have more children and you have none, your power declines, as their culture and language take priority, your power declines.  Your cities have become a bastardized mishmash of crumbling infrastructure and 3 world ghettos, like so many before you, you have failed.  From the ashes of the west, we will rise, you will die in the chaos and anarchy of the transition, you will be put down like the old dieing dogs that you are.  Riots and conflict now reign in many places of Europe and soon will reign in America, and when America falls your ideology will die with it.  Try as you may no economic bail out can bail out the morally corrupt and inept you represent, the corruption of the soul cannot be bailed out, no amount of money can fix what cannot be fixed.  We will mark our future history book with your failures so that future generation will come to know the name of what had caused the collapse of Western civilization, and that name is egalitarianism, socialism, communism, and liberalism, all brothers and sisters of death.  We will not roll over and die, that’s your job.  And if you think creating a fascist socialist police state will shut us down, you are wrong, we will only get stronger, our voice louder amongst our people and we will prepare for what is to come, we will find those like yourself, and when the killing begins, you cannot hide among us, we will seek you out and you will pay for what you have done.

Table A-2. Employment status of the civilian population by race, sex, and age

  HOUSEHOLD DATA                                                                                                           HOUSEHOLD DATA

  Table A-2.  Employment status of the civilian population by race, sex, and age

  (Numbers in thousands)

                                                   Not seasonally adjusted                      Seasonally adjusted (1)                  

      Employment status, race, sex, and age
                                                   Dec.      Nov.      Dec.      Dec.      Aug.     Sept.      Oct.      Nov.      Dec.
                                                   2007      2008      2008      2007      2008     2008       2008      2008      2008  


  Civilian noninstitutional population.........  189,093   190,221   190,351   189,093   189,747   189,916   190,085   190,221   190,351
    Civilian labor force.......................  125,334   126,057   125,588   125,403   125,987   125,844   126,298   126,029   125,634
        Participation rate.....................     66.3      66.3      66.0      66.3      66.4      66.3      66.4      66.3      66.0
      Employed.................................  120,004   118,721   117,409   119,947   119,082   118,964   118,722   118,226   117,357
        Employment-population ratio............     63.5      62.4      61.7      63.4      62.8      62.6      62.5      62.2      61.7
      Unemployed...............................    5,331     7,336     8,179     5,456     6,904     6,880     7,577     7,803     8,277
        Unemployment rate......................      4.3       5.8       6.5       4.4       5.5       5.5       6.0       6.2       6.6
    Not in labor force.........................   63,759    64,165    64,763    63,690    63,761    64,072    63,787    64,193    64,718 

             Men, 20 years and over
    Civilian labor force.......................   65,462    65,681    65,424    65,471    65,680    65,718    65,792    65,762    65,331
        Participation rate.....................     76.2      76.0      75.6      76.3      76.2      76.2      76.2      76.1      75.5
      Employed.................................   62,789    61,995    60,965    62,929    62,336    62,125    61,972    61,761    61,101
        Employment-population ratio............     73.1      71.7      70.5      73.3      72.3      72.0      71.8      71.5      70.7
      Unemployed...............................    2,674     3,686     4,459     2,542     3,344     3,593     3,821     4,001     4,230
        Unemployment rate......................      4.1       5.6       6.8       3.9       5.1       5.5       5.8       6.1       6.5 

            Women, 20 years and over
    Civilian labor force.......................   54,465    55,131    55,033    54,249    54,703    54,543    54,891    54,810    54,878
        Participation rate.....................     60.4      60.8      60.6      60.2      60.5      60.2      60.6      60.4      60.5
      Employed.................................   52,517    52,454    52,199    52,148    52,113    52,233    52,178    52,014    51,846
        Employment-population ratio............     58.3      57.8      57.5      57.8      57.6      57.7      57.6      57.3      57.1
      Unemployed...............................    1,948     2,677     2,833     2,101     2,590     2,310     2,714     2,796     3,031
        Unemployment rate......................      3.6       4.9       5.1       3.9       4.7       4.2       4.9       5.1       5.5 

           Both sexes, 16 to 19 years
    Civilian labor force.......................    5,406     5,245     5,131     5,683     5,604     5,583     5,615     5,457     5,425
        Participation rate.....................     41.3      40.0      39.1      43.4      42.8      42.6      42.9      41.6      41.4
      Employed.................................    4,698     4,272     4,245     4,870     4,634     4,605     4,572     4,451     4,409
        Employment-population ratio............     35.9      32.6      32.4      37.2      35.4      35.2      34.9      34.0      33.6
      Unemployed...............................      709       973       886       813       970       978     1,043     1,006     1,016
        Unemployment rate......................     13.1      18.6      17.3      14.3      17.3      17.5      18.6      18.4      18.7 

           BLACK OR AFRICAN AMERICAN                                                                                                     

  Civilian noninstitutional population.........   27,704    28,021    28,059    27,704    27,896    27,939    27,982    28,021    28,059
    Civilian labor force.......................   17,498    17,683    17,720    17,574    17,949    17,733    17,768    17,708    17,796
        Participation rate.....................     63.2      63.1      63.2      63.4      64.3      63.5      63.5      63.2      63.4
      Employed.................................   15,999    15,705    15,649    16,013    16,026    15,709    15,762    15,703    15,674
        Employment-population ratio............     57.7      56.0      55.8      57.8      57.4      56.2      56.3      56.0      55.9
      Unemployed...............................    1,499     1,979     2,071     1,561     1,923     2,024     2,006     2,005     2,122
        Unemployment rate......................      8.6      11.2      11.7       8.9      10.7      11.4      11.3      11.3      11.9
    Not in labor force.........................   10,206    10,338    10,339    10,129     9,947    10,206    10,214    10,313    10,263 

             Men, 20 years and over
    Civilian labor force.......................    7,858     7,957     7,981     7,888     8,072     8,000     7,961     7,954     7,999
        Participation rate.....................     70.4      70.6      70.7      70.7      72.0      71.2      70.7      70.5      70.8
      Employed.................................    7,196     7,013     6,879     7,244     7,213     7,049     7,019     6,989     6,930
        Employment-population ratio............     64.5      62.2      60.9      64.9      64.3      62.7      62.3      62.0      61.4
      Unemployed...............................      662       944     1,102       644       859       952       942       965     1,069
        Unemployment rate......................      8.4      11.9      13.8       8.2      10.6      11.9      11.8      12.1      13.4 

            Women, 20 years and over
    Civilian labor force.......................    8,814     9,069     9,031     8,830     9,036     8,931     9,016     9,069     9,060
        Participation rate.....................     63.5      64.5      64.2      63.6      64.6      63.7      64.2      64.5      64.4
      Employed.................................    8,212     8,234     8,264     8,203     8,218     8,097     8,213     8,249     8,256
        Employment-population ratio............     59.1      58.6      58.7      59.1      58.7      57.8      58.5      58.7      58.7
      Unemployed...............................      602       836       767       627       818       834       804       820       804
        Unemployment rate......................      6.8       9.2       8.5       7.1       9.1       9.3       8.9       9.0       8.9 

           Both sexes, 16 to 19 years
    Civilian labor force.......................      826       657       708       856       842       802       790       685       736
        Participation rate.....................     31.0      24.4      26.3      32.2      31.4      29.9      29.4      25.5      27.4
      Employed.................................      590       457       506       567       595       563       531       464       488
        Employment-population ratio............     22.2      17.0      18.8      21.3      22.2      21.0      19.8      17.3      18.1
      Unemployed...............................      235       199       202       289       247       239       260       221       248
        Unemployment rate......................     28.5      30.4      28.5      33.8      29.3      29.8      32.9      32.2      33.7 


  Civilian noninstitutional population.........   10,801    10,811    10,873     (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)
    Civilian labor force.......................    7,225     7,134     7,223     (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)
        Participation rate.....................     66.9      66.0      66.4     (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)
      Employed.................................    6,958     6,791     6,857     (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)
        Employment-population ratio............     64.4      62.8      63.1     (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)
      Unemployed...............................      267       343       365     (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)
        Unemployment rate......................      3.7       4.8       5.1     (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)
    Not in labor force.........................    3,577     3,677     3,651     (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)       (2)   

    1 The population figures are not adjusted for seasonal variation; therefore, identical numbers appear in the unadjusted and
  seasonally adjusted columns.
    2 Data not available.
    NOTE:  Estimates for the above race groups will not sum to totals shown in table A-1 because data are not presented for all races.
  Updated population controls are introduced annually with the release of January data.  Seasonally adjusted household data have been
  revised to reflect updated seasonal adjustment factors.

 Unemployment rates
                         |        |        |        |        |        |
All workers .............|     6.0|     6.9|     6.6|     6.8|     7.2|     0.4
  Adult men .............|     5.8|     6.8|     6.4|     6.7|     7.2|      .5
  Adult women ...........|     5.0|     5.6|     5.4|     5.6|     5.9|      .3
  Teenagers .............|    19.7|    20.7|    20.7|    20.4|    20.8|      .4
  White .................|     5.4|     6.3|     6.0|     6.2|     6.6|      .4
  Black or African       |        |        |        |        |        |
    American ............|    10.7|    11.5|    11.3|    11.3|    11.9|      .6
  Hispanic or Latino     |        |        |        |        |        |
    ethnicity ...........|     7.8|     8.9|     8.8|     8.6|     9.2|      .6

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I want Obama to win. We must allow everything to occur as it is intended.

I want Obama to win.  I may die during the conflict, but we will fight when the time comes, and we will win.

Here is how we win this new conflict with an old history.  We must allow everything to occur as it is intended.

I want Obama to do everything he and his anti-white communist elites have planned, I want them to break the economic back of this nation with massive spending, I want him to fire all white heterosexual males currently working within the government and only hire minorities, I want Obama to push every liberal agenda to mainstream and break the moral and linguistic heritage of this nation.  I want this nation to die, a slow and painful death.  I want Obama to weaken our nation militarily, I want Obama to break down our central intelligence agency, making it easier for terrorists to infiltrate this nation.  I want communist and islamists to run freely over the landscape, I want the islamists terrorists to detonate a nuclear bomb in ten major metropolitan cities.  I want Obama to declare our constitution illegal, and no longer needed in the brave new world order.  The left in the west are moving towards the creation of a communist block federation of nations once called the western world.  I want them to open the borders and allow every illegal alien to enter this nation from all over the world, and bankrupt and destroy the local and state economies.

Why do I want these things?  Because these events will destroy this nation, economically first, riots and crime will skyrocket. Second they will destroy this nation socially, education will collapse, madness and insanity will reign supreme. The left will destroy this nation there is nothing we can do about, only when whites realize that non-white males must go, will we even begin to wake the hell up, and I have one thing to fall back on, my 12 gauge shot gun, my 6.8 spc AR-15 assault rifle, other planned weapons, and my various home made weapon systems.  Not to mention multiply levels of body armor, and other homemade defensive systems.

This nation must die politically, socially and economically, so that the white males who own 95% of the fire arms in this nation can do something about it.  The nation must die so when can rebuild, 1 in 3 of us must sacrifice our lives, we must embrace the destruction of the west, only then will the white males rise up and destroy our enemies, take back what’s rightfully ours, and kill everyone who moved against us.  A world wide race war is what’s needed, and America is the lynch pin of the liberal democracies within the west, when America goes, the west will follow, and then the rise of white Nationalist is all but assured.

White Nationalist government will come to power after the collapse of the west!!!  Think about it, don’t fight it, buy guns and ammo, buy food and water, buy body armor and NBC gear for you and your family, get ready and be prepared, and when the time comes my brothers, I will see you on the battlefield from the streets of L.A. to New York’s Central park, it will not occur in the next 4-5 years, but soon afterwards, we will retake what is ours, allow the world to see the first African Dictator of America, allow this nation to die, be joyful when terrorist attack us, allow this nation to die, and then and only then will we rise to power.  Many of us will die, but the West will be reborn, and our constitution will be reborn in our image, it will protect the ethnic nature of our nation and that of the west, and we must make ready for time is coming when you will no longer be able to purchase what you need to survive.  Be ready, buy plenty of guns and ammo, our organization will come when it is intended to occur, when we need it to save our people, and not a moment sooner.  Obama will fail, liberalism will fail, you cannot defy human nature for very long, until you face the consequences of your defiance.

Black Locust

Mexico Police Chief’s Head Found in Ice Box

Mexico Police Chief’s Head Found in Ice Box

Telegraph (London), January 20, 2009

The head of a Mexican police chief was delivered to his colleagues in an ice box in the country’s latest drug-related violence.

The incident came as 16 other people were also killed in Mexico’s northern state of Chihuahua in attacks the authorities believe are linked to the country’s drug wars.

“Hitmen cut off commander Martin Castro’s head and left it in an ice cooler in front of the local police station,” said a statement issued by the state justice authorities.

His head was left in the town Praxedis with a message from the powerful Sinaloa drug cartel.

The police commander was abducted on Saturday, along with five other police officers and a civilian, only five days after starting his job.

Six bodies in police uniforms bearing signs of torture and gunshot wounds were found on Monday in a street in the state capital, Chihuahua, officials said.

Hitmen killed four men in separate attacks in the violent border city of Ciudad Juarez, while six others, including a woman, were found dead in other towns across the state.

Mexican police and soldiers are battling a wave of drug-related violence across the country, particularly in northern areas bordering the US, with more than 5,300 people killed last year.

The federal government launched a campaign against drug-related violence more than two years ago involving the deployment of around 36,000 troops across the country.

Original article

Obama – An American Gangster – I predict a racial civil war will break out in America.

Obama – An American Gangster

Every day it appears that more and more dirt is being dug up on Obama.

From the ongoing issue of his citizenship, and therefore his validity to be appointed to the position of US president to the ongoing scandal of Governor Rod Blagojevich, which it now appears that Emmanuel Rahm, Obamas Chief of Staff, was acting as an intermediary between Blagojevich and Obama, Obama is now being revealed as either a crook or an incompetent idiot before he even gets to sit in the White house and build his baseball court.

These are scandals of an epic proportion.

Add to them the other list of issues such as ;

Obama is not a natural born citizen and is ineligible to be

Obama in his official capacity as IL State Senator and US
Senator has committed High Crimes and Misdemeanors on multiple

Obama lied on his IL Bar Application.

Obama has a very suspect Selective Service Application.

Obama has been involved in illegal and corrupt dealings with
the following indicted and/or convicted IL officials and

Tony Rezko
Stuart Levine
Dr. Robert Weinstein
Governor Rod Blagojevich

Then it appears that America has elected the biggest Chicago gangster to power since Al Capone.

Electing a Chicago politician to power was idiotic.

Chicago is the most corrupt state in America where 4 0f the last 8 governors have been thrown into jail from criminality.

Obama is as dirty as the rest of the gangsters that infest Chicago.

But America voted for him as most Americans are simply media conditioned dumb drones.

White Americans, especially the sickening soccer mom middle class idiots, have been conditioned by the media with a guilt reflex to vote for anyone simply because they are not white – whilst the blacks in America have become the most racist group in US history who now only vote for blacks.

If the legacy of the civil rights struggle is the creation of a racist black community who will vote for a crook just because he is black and a white community so riddled with fake conditioned guilt that it vote for any ethnic just because they are not white – then America deserves nothing but contempt.

Americans believe what they are told by the media.

America would vote for anyone they are told to vote for by the liberal media cabals that control the US media.

The corrupt media elects a corrupt politician to power.

That is not a democracy, that is a joke.

In the midst of the worst depression for 80 years, whilst America is fighting two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – the lemmings of the US public vote in the biggest gangster in US history.

The ongoing racial cold war in America by blacks against whites, where the racist crime wave of black against white racist crime is hidden by the media or defined by the government simply as crime – will now become a true racial war.

I predict a racial civil war will break out in America.

The Second American Civil War is going to be a race war.

And because of the election of the American Gangster to power its will be coming along soon.

When the black realise that Obama is not going to give them the money they want, and when whites realise that Obama is not going to stop the racist crime wave that will start to be inflicted upon them as the blacks realise that Obama aint gonna give them the dollars they want – then the race war will begin.

Mexico: Annexation or Desolation

Mexico: Annexation or Desolation

By Erik Rush

In my various treatises addressing the prudence of the United States government initiating overtures toward a negotiated annexation of Mexico, I attend to the oft-considered tribulations that have been thrashed out in political circles and media venues since September 11, 2001, when issues of national security gave vibrant new life to the predicament concerning our southern border. What to do about the border is a question Americans have been asking for decades, with Republican and Democrat administrations sharing equal blame in their failure to provide answers. In the book Annexing Mexico: Solving the Border Problem Through Annexation and Assimilation, I present comprehensive research on the subject and a proposal – radical though it may seem at first blush – delineating precisely how this annexation might be accomplished and the impressive benefits to both nations.

I was motivated to write this column in part due to the incomprehensibly audacious, grotesque and profane “May Day 2007” marches that were held mere days ago in many American cities (ostensibly in support of “undocumented migrant workers”), but there are other critical aspects vis-à-vis illegal aliens from Mexico which I believe merit deliberation and even further validate the case for annexing Mexico.

Over the last two years, I have had the opportunity to converse with hundreds of people on this subject through the course of media interviews, speaking engagements and face-to-face encounters. Individuals’ reactions have been widely varied (as one may expect), but seldom fell along the lines of political affiliation or identification, which initially surprised me.

The volume of feedback has increased dramatically of late; one group of people I’ve spoken with who proved to be among the most enthusiastic apropos the strategy I’ve outlined have been – guess who – Mexican immigrants.

Now, many informed folks have found this to be no surprise; 10% of Mexico’s population have voted with their feet and are already here, then there’s the August 2005 poll by the Pew Hispanic Center that indicated more than 40 percent of Mexican adults would move to the United States if they could.

One might be surprised, however, if one’s exposure is limited to major media accounts and well-funded campaigns of those who claim to represent Mexican immigrants and Mexican-Americans at large, such as MEChA, La Raza and the Mexica Movement.

The fact that organizations such as these possess the temerity to support nebulous “civil rights” for people who entered the United States illegally notwithstanding, it is generally known by a relative few that these groups not only don’t represent the majority of Mexican immigrants, but they take their marching orders from American socialists (whose sentiments parallel those in the farthest-Left vicinity of our new congressional majority). What I find appalling is that a high school student on several bong hits could easily research this and come to the same stark, undeniable conclusion based upon the associations these groups have claimed for years and the political leanings of other organizations and prominent individuals support them. The reason most Americans aren’t aware of this, of course is due to the alignment of major media outlets and the modus operandi of these activist groups.

These concerns are racist, plain and simple, and the majority of the marchers we’ve seen (who resemble newsreel mobs of anti-American Islamic radicals more than anything else in attitude and countenance) are not migrant workers, those who either the border back and forth as laborers or those who seek more permanent socioeconomic asylum and want to assimilate. Those folks were probably at work during the marches. The bulk of the sneering chanting haters we’ve seen are Mexican-American Leftists; they’re already assimilated (socioeconomically if not culturally), spoiled victims of the same entitlement mentality the Left sold to blacks. They have little concept of the struggles those who live in the Third World oligarchy just across the border endure and why so many wish to be here. If they did they would realize how fortunate they are, how tolerant America has been, and that the key is to Americanize Mexico rather than Mexicanizing America. Go ask a few Mexican immigrants if they want The U.S. to become more like Mexico if you still stand in doubt.

The methodology of these so-called immigrant solidarity groups consists of impelling the Latino community toward misplaced action and inundating the airwaves with their propaganda; platitudes, slogans and placards are lent credence by sympathetic politicians and co-conspirators in the media.

How can one chant an asinine phrase like “No Human Being is Illegal” and expect to be taken seriously? When one has politicians who operate out of either fear or lust for power and those who rely on cheap labor on the north side of the border, and politicians legendary in their corruption on the south all fighting to maintain the status quo: A porous border. The far Left at large is only interested in leveraging its socialist agenda.

Like the black civil rights activists who answer to the same masters and also stage-manage those they allegedly serve, these champions of Mexamerica keep indictments of racism ever-ready in hip holsters for those rash enough to criticize their actions or their mission. And they’ve become frighteningly fast on the draw. Terrified to incontinence at the prospect of being so labeled, Americans who should vehemently condemn the marches and their organizers sit feebly by while these gangsters gain ground.

This being the case, comparisons of these marches to communist commemorations occurring during the month of May is an apt comparison and a sad irony, but one which will be overlooked by freedom-loving Americans at their extreme peril.

Which brings us to another even weightier matter that has nevertheless gone without discussion; it’s the sort that shortsighted American political and corporate power brokers typically overlook or ignore until it develops into a situation that warrants military action. I shall assume I needn’t even approach that issue in detail at this juncture.

Mexico has a fast-growing socialist contingent. Who’d have guessed? Civil unrest has exploded in pockets and through mass demonstrations in favor of Andrés Manuel López Obrador of the PRD (Partido Revolucionario Democratico), a socialist whom a disturbing number of Mexicans believe was beaten by the current Mexican president Felipe Calderón in a stolen election. The PRD has ties to Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan dictator whose dream it is to ignite a socialist revolution throughout Latin America. This includes Mexico, to be sure; should such efforts succeed, we’ll have much more to worry about coming across our border than illegal immigrants. Chavez has ties, albeit loose ones at the moment, to Iran and individuals involved with Islamic terrorist groups.

Given the current makeup of Congress, the annexation proposal will likely be a more difficult sell to our lawmakers than a year or two ago. The 8% or so of predominantly Spanish-descended Mexicans are the ones our government will need to approach, as they’re the ones with the real power in that country and those whose throats will be slit first if a popular socialist revolution does take place in Mexico. They are internationally invested, educated, and savvy. The frank yet grim appeal should be: Throw in with us now and prosper together, or see your children and grandchildren butchered, as usually happens when the “oppressed masses have their day”.

The greatest tragedy given the existing cultural similarities between the U.S. and Mexico and the affinity of Mexicans and Americans for each other if this takes place will be that – like other nations in which our government’s foreign policy has proved abysmally lacking – the leaders of the new socialist Mexico will point to the United States as a complicit partner in their socioeconomic oppression.

And they’ll be right.