The Meta Cult – The leftist anti-white Cult that Rules the Western World TODAY

On Affirmative Action:… – Primary source inline under “holistic admissions”. Easy to find, don’t be a crybaby.

By giving you brain damage scientists can turn functional people into shitlibs:…

In 1943 90% of White Americans would rather lose the war than end segregation: – Page 81


You seem to describe “meta-cults” so generally as to basically pertain to any healthy, thriving human organization. The Catholic Church and Christianity were meta-cults? Islam and Platonism were meta-cults? Has any human peoples thrived without a meta-cult? Seems like not.
Does Catholicism in your eyes constitute a theory of everything that must save the world from some kind of degraded being? For “SJW”ness, that’s absolutely the case. It’s a totalistic thing that has prescriptions for how all of your relationships should be, it’s about remove the original sins of racism and bigotry, and is for EVERYBODY. The “alt right” has no prescriptions for how to live other than opposition to “left-wing” social doctrine – it merely says “do the normal thing that humans have done throughout all history”, and it’s not totalistic – it’s just “hey, you’re white, and that’s alright”, and negative views about other races is just how humans are. It’s all just a kind of default.

The Clown World

Wake up white men, Fight for your own interests or die like dogs.


Italians, Jews, Irish, Greeks, Slavs, and Indians: The Dual Identity of “Near-Whites”

As the age of ideology folds into itself, and the age of organic civilizations rises, identity politics moves from perceived grievances by minority groups against majorities to a desire to define the place where each individual belongs not just by race, but by ethnic group, religion, caste, region, class and family.

People want social order, which requires both vertical and horizontal hierarchy. On the vertical side, there is a leadership hierarchy, but also a trellis of social levels, called castes, which determines who shapes the culture. This restricts consumerism, modern art, and other crass proletarian supremacist political activities disguised as culture.

Within those vertical orders, there are also localizations, such as regional orientation or specialization into a certain profession. Each town has its leading families, and each person has a unique place. This is what made traditional society so elegant and comfortable: everyone knew what they had to do in order to be seen as good.

In contrast, the age of ideology is centered on the atomized individual and what benefits come to him. It seeks to remove obligations above the level of the individual — religion, culture, heritage, caste, logic — so that the individual alone can be the focus. To enable this, individuals form into something like a mob, gang, cult or herd called a collective which demands that every person be allowed individualism, and all of its members support this because they want that for themselves.

The age of ideology wanted to obliterate social order, such as hierarchy and caste, so that the individual could be the focus, but paradoxically this required creating mass culture in which the individual was atomized, or disconnected from anything but surface obligations like jobs, ideology and consumer transactions.

It ultimately sought to remove the possibility that the individual could be “wrong” according to social standards, which is troubling because it is by some being right and some being wrong that hierarchy is formed. The individual wants to be supreme, and to have his choices be respected no matter what their consequences are, which is why he demands “equality” and social subsidies through benefits.

Individualism is society eating itself. A civilization only functions when, at some levels, everyone is working toward the same thing, and this requires that our actions be classified as helping (good) or hurting (bad) that goal; if anything, the decay begins when we start expanding the grey area of “doesn’t help, doesn’t hurt” to be “good,” at which point people flock to that because it is less of an obligation and therefore, more efficient for them and allows them more time, energy and money for individualistic pursuits.

Without social order, we cannot have identity, because identity is multi-layered — race, class, ethnic group, religion, caste, family, region, calling, philosophy — and if those become wholly arbitrary, they cease to have meaning because they do not have consequences. If you can be anything you claim to be, then that identity becomes decoration and is detached from reality.

As part of that, the question of the duality of race and ethnic group arises. Races are descriptive categories for clusters of genetic traits; so are ethnic groups, but these can occur within a race or as hybrids of multiple races, with those two types converging at some point. The term “race” is confusing because it is applied to root race, ethnic group and ethnic hybrids without distinguishing them.

This leads to confusion when someone is a member of a race, or a hybrid of that race, and therefore retains both that ethnic identity and the larger racial or continental identity. For example, Italians are Europeans, but they are hybrids of Western European (“white”) and Mediterranean, Asian and North African elements. As a result, they are both European and not quite white, hence “near white.”

Jews, at this point, resemble the Italians in the percentages of white and Other that are mixed into them. After years of dwelling in Europe, they are mostly European, but also have Mediterranean, Asian and North African elements — including Turkic and Armenid, which gives them a unique look — in them. They both see themselves as white, and as something more than white, which is their ethnic identity.

The Irish, a popular but controversial topic on this controversial blog, also show influences of Semitic and Iberian mixing, which gives them dark features and facial shapes closer to those of Arabs or Jews than Western Europeans.

Greeks and Slavs come into play too as Asiatic mixes. The term hapa refers to one type of Asian-Caucasian (or Eurasian, a term also used to refer to the territories in Eastern Europe and Turkey that divided Europe from Asia) mix, and both Greeks (Turkic) and Slavs (Mongolian/Han) show the influence of Asiatic races, much as Italians and Jews do.

For example, we can see the Asian quarter of Slavness here in this illustration of genetic differences:

That orange stuff creeping in from the top is not an error; it matches the orange of the East Asian groups to the right. In fact, generally speaking, when a European empire fails, what remains is a Eurasian population with a third-world style lack of hierarchy except for a strongman leader, which seems to also be the desired Communist model of the Left.

We see the same thing in Greece, Rome, Kiev, and across Asia. Europeans made great civilizations, which collapsed, leaving Eurasian peasants squatting in the shadows of great monuments, unable to replicate the greatness that came before them. Asiatic admixture is the death of Europe; it also is something we do repeatedly when our societies are failing.

For this reason, our Western European ancestors did not consider near-whites to be whites, but remnants of the past with whom admixture would lead to a loss of what makes us Western European. As we look at the surge in moonfaces across America and Europe, it appears that they were right: even small amounts of trace admixture destroy whatever is Us in people and leaves behind a different race that is not as competent.

Even more, near-whites have a dual identity which leads them to be white when convenient, but otherwise, to identify with their ethnic group:

Greg Morelli, the owner of Max’s Deli in Highland, Illinois, praised the shooting of “white people” in Las Vegas. Does this EYE-talian Greg Morelli know that he’s considered “white” by blacks.

I get accused of being a race-traitor, which I find humorous. I don’t understand the term, but must admit that seeing a white guy something as stupid as this does make a person take pause.

Does it? You can bet that Morelli will identify as white when it suits him, but otherwise take the outsider perspective afforded by his Italian-ness. The same is true of the Irish, who often seem more proud of being Irish than being American. It is hard to blame them for this; they recognize that they are something unique, but also, something that cannot be the dominant Western European strain.

As we dilute whiteness to become politically convenient, because every modern person thinks himself intelligent for cultivating the biggest personal army that he can, we should consider extending it further. Jews are mostly white at this point, at least as much as Southern and Eastern Europeans. Indians, who have a Caucasian paternal line, could also be included. Heck, just blend all Caucasians together into a round-faced race, and in another five hundred years, you will have people who look like today’s Asians.

For America it would look like this, which is why they need to leave, and we need to begin eugenics programs to repair the damage done to our race.

In the individualistic times of the age of ideology, inner traits like racial consciousness, intelligence and moral character were deprecated in favor of living through external assertions, including personality, that valued “equality” because it separated the individual from any order larger than that of individuals socializing. That order failed, and now we are entering a new era of organic identity.

3 women, kids in tow, arrested for shoplifting spree

3 women, kids in tow, arrested for Boynton mall shoplifting spree

shoplifting spree

Tenika Rivers, 23, of Lake Park.

Tenika Rivers, 23, of Lake Park.

Stephanie Corbett, 23, of Palm Springs.

Stephanie Corbett, 23, of Palm Springs.

Marjorie Casseus, 20, of Lake Park.

Marjorie Casseus, 20, of Lake Park.

By Eliot Kleinberg and Sonja Isger
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

// <![CDATA[

— Police say three women caught shoplifting at the Boynton Beach Mall Wednesday only added to their problems when one punched a pregnant security guard in the face and officers found drugs on another.

And after one of the women called her aunt to take her three small children – one an infant – the aunt was busted on an outstanding Treasure Coast warrant for grand theft. And was found with prescription drugs.

Tenika Rivers, 24, of Lake Park, was charged with strong arm robbery and battery on a pregnant woman.

Rivers’ sister, Marjorie Chintrell Casseus, 20, also of Lake Park, was charged with theft between $300 and $5,000, resisting security and possession of up to 20 grams of marijuana.

Friend Stephanie Danielle Corbett, also 23, of Palm Springs, was charged with theft between $300 and $5,000.

And Corbett’s aunt, Denise Caster, 38, of Greenacres, was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

According to a Boynton Beach Police report, about 5 p.m. Wednesday, at the mall, at 801 N. Congress Ave., a Macy’s security guard, watched the three women enter fitting rooms with merchandise and leave without it.

The guard said she watched on closed-circuit television as Casseus shoved a shirt into her purse.

The guard caught up to Rivers, who began to struggle with her and then slugged the guard, “who is very visibly 36 weeks pregnant,” in the right eye, the report said.

The guard said Rivers finally gave up. Inside her stroller, the guard found nine items valued at $356.58, the report said.

The $30 shirt Casseus had stuffed in her purse was not recovered, but the purse did produce a bag of marijuana, leading to drug charges against her.

Caster arrived to take custody of Corbett’s three children, ages 6, 5, and five weeks.

But she was arrested herself after a computer check revealed she had a St. Lucie County arrest warrant, reports show.

Caster also turned out to have 7-1/2 Phentermine diet pills but not a prescription for them.

Another man came and took the children, the report said.

“I didn’t have anything. My friend had the stuff and they took me to jail just to be nasty,” Corbett said this morning. “I stopped my friend from jumping on the loss prevention lady.”

She also said her aunt did not know about the St. Lucie County warrant.

The other three defendants couldn’t be reached.

Corbett left jail around 7 a.m. today after posting $3,000 bail, records show.

Caster posted $3,000 bond on the Palm Beach County charges and did not appear in court but remained in jail on the St. Lucie County hold, a jail clerk said.

In court this morning, Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Ted S. Booras ordered Rivers held in lieu of $6,000 bail.

And he ordered Casseus held in lieu of $3,000 bail, with an option of leaving jail on supervised release.

Assistant State Attorney Mary Ann Duggan said Rivers had no previous arrests.

She said Casseus was arrested as a juvenile in 2002 on charges of battery on a law enforcement officer and battery on a school district employee.

The judge also ordered the co-defendants have no contact with each other but had to withdraw that when he learned Rivers and Casseus are sisters.




by Kai Murros

1. Ever since I can remember I have been a passionate nationalist; unfortunately in my younger days I was simply a petty Finnish chauvinist without any greater aspirations or understanding. I was re-living the past, I was stuck in the memory of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, the time when the militaristic and often quite reactionary Finnish nationalism reached its high point.

A great deal of my militant chauvisnism can be seen as a reaction against the so called “Finnlandisierung” which meant that especially in the 70’s and early 80’s nationalism in Finland was a taboo. Finnish media and cultural life was controlled by leftists who imposed a guilt-complex on the Finnish people; the elite taught Finns to hate themselves because of what happened in WWII. So in retrospect I understand that I had to be what I was back then but I also had to evolve as well.

Eventually I grew out of reactionary chauvinism. One of the decisive moments in my life was in 1981 when the news about the Brixton race riots reached Finland. I suddenly realized that my kinfolk were under attack, that a hideous primitive enemy was threatening people who are of the same race and the same blood as Finns. Soon after this I became aware of the worsening ethnic situation in Germany, that the number of the Turks was constantly growing – and nothing was done about it.

These events got me to realize that if I get stuck in the narrow world of petty Finnish chauvinism I keep myself apart from my European family. It is clear that if I value the poetry of Shakespeare, the music of Bach, Händel Mozart, the art of Rodin etc. I have to be a pan-European Nationalist. Provincial nationalism is a dead end; it is emotional isolationism. It creates artificial division which is why it is a crime against the unity of our race.

Despite my pan-European awakening I still had much to learn. My greatest weakness was that in economic questions I was very much a neo-liberal. In the 80’s I was an eager supporter of Margaret Thatcher. I saw the world primarily as the world of economics and I believed that the laws of economics – as they were explained to us – were just as objective as the laws of nature.

However the massive economic depression in Finland between 1991 and 1995 forced me to change my views on economics. I came to realize that Economics is not a physical science, the laws of Economics are man-made laws. They are not objective, immanent or something you cannot revise. I had matured enough to understand that the activities of the human race cannot be explained by one theory or paradigm alone – least of all by Economics.

Since the mid 90’s it had become absolutely clear to me that a true nationalist must always be a socialist of some sort. One cannot be a nationalist and a liberal. Nationalism is a collective ideology and liberalism an individualistic ideology – they cannot be combined.

The fall of the Soviet Union also gave me an opportunity to explore socialism with fresh eyes – Soviet communism was no longer a threat to our country and the dogmatic Finnish communist movement had disintegrated. Finally it was possible to be a socialist without appearing like a traitor and finally it was also possible to explore socialism from a fresh point of view without having fanatic know-it-all communists around you threatening you and telling you what the correct party line is.

Since the mid 90’s my aim has been to create a synthesis between metaphysical nationalism and socialism based on materialistic philosophy – in other words I wanted to explain the pan-European national revolution by using historical materialism.

My socialist theory is very much influenced by Maoism because for the Chinese, Maoism is in fact a nationalistic ideology. In his writings Mao always mentioned patriotism in a positive light and considered socialist revolution and national revolution to be fundamentally the same thing. According to Mao without socialist revolution there can be no national liberation. Maoism is not plagued by “leftism”, the perversion of socialist theory which preaches the self-hatred and guilt complex of the European people. There are no leftist “intellectuals” in China telling the Chinese people that the world would be a better place without them.

2. As I was writing Aquilon my aim was to create a virtual nationalist leader who would be the projection our hopes and dreams, someone we are subconsciously waiting for – a nationalist Messiah, a Muhammed for the Europeans who gives us a new creed of national liberation, unites the quarrelsome European tribes and finally leads them into endless outward

Aquilon is the embodiment of our rage, hatred and disappointment, Aquilon is the embodiment of our subsconscious, our inner beast. Aquilon is FUROR EUROPAEICUS yet at the same time Aquilon has a very cold, cynical and calculating side. Aquilon can be totally unscrupulous and will stop at nothing to get his way – you could argue that Aquilon is amoral but in my opinion Aquilon simply belives in his cause and for Aquilon the end always justifies the means.

I didn’t want Aquilon to be an idealized and clean character. It is very important to note that there is constantly a conflict within Aquilon – he is at the same time both cynical and idealistic, high-minded and brutal, honest and deceptive. Psychologically this makes him much more interesting than if he was simply “good”. Secondly this reminds us of the nature of our coming revolution: Our cause is noble and our demands are just but the revolutionary process itself will be bloody and dirty business. We just had better get used to the idea that WE WILL HAVE TO use every dirty trick we can and that eventually we will leave a trail of blood behind us.

Aquilon is the metaphysical/psychological side of my nationalist creed while the book “Revolution and how to do it in a Modern Society” is the more materialistic/rational side of the same thing. But still you can find hints of materialistic philosophy in Aquilon’s speeches as well. Even the greatest passion needs a materialistic and rational base.

3. Since Finland is situated in the northernmost corner of our continent, it means that politically we are very much on the periphery. In history Finns have never been spearheads in any political change, Finns only have followed with the great changes that have originated in the centre of Europe and have adapted to them – often with great skill, though.

Even today we can see that as nationalism is rising all over Europe the nationalist movement in Finland is very weak and undoubtedly will remain so also in the foreseeable future. Mostly this is due to the fact that immigration to Finland has been remarkably low and most immigrants in Finland are still white Europeans – most often Estonians and Russians.

Firstly I would say that the Finnish nationalist movement has very little to offer the great nationalist movements in the centre of our continent. However due to the fact that our nation is very small Finnish nationalists should always emphasize the PAN-European aspects in their work because the resurrection of reactionary petty chauvinism is a constant threat to European nationalism.

Finnish nationalists could also show some example in putting the past behind, forgetting the conflicts of the past, looking forward and finding allies in former enemies. Russo-Finnish relationships in general are commendable nowadays but still I would like to see Finnish and Russian nationalists together as brothers-in-arms fighting a common enemy.

4. I am very excited about the NPD (National Democratic Party of Germany) and its future prospects. I have been following the NPD’s web site for some time now and I believe that the NPD can make the much needed change in Germany. Actually a couple of years ago I tried to contact the NPD several times. I sent my writings and copies of my book to different addresses in Germany and I also sent e-mails but unfortunately I couldn’t contact anyone.

The NPD is both traditional and modern – it very successfully combines traditional German nationalism with a modern pan-European nationalism. The NPD looks forward and is ready to deal with the challenges the European civilization will face in the future. The NPD is at the same time both German and Pan-European and there lies its strength, because a modern nationalist must understand that we are in this mess together and only together we shall survive. The age of mini-nationalism is definitely over.

What I am particularly happy about is that despite its successes and constant growth the NPD hasn’t lost its radical character. The NPD will not suffer from the sclerosis of the fat impotent main stream parties. The NPD is radical both in nationalist/ethnic issues as well as in social and economic issues which is the winning combination, because we have to prove to the people that it’s only the nationalist movement which takes their everyday needs and worries seriously and is both willing and able to deal with them. The mainstream parties are only interested in serving the interests of global capitalism and the needs of the immigrant masses so there is a great demand for a party like the NPD.

5. Most of all I am interested in the art of propaganda. I find it so much more exciting and inspiring than debating over ideology and political theory. In my opinion political propaganda comes first and ideological contemplation only second. Masses respond to propaganda and not to stuffy dusty books written by boring intellectuals. Good political art captures and condenses a thousand tedious theoretical books into one poster, one picture, one sentence, one phrase, one cry. Political art transforms intellectual speculation into a physical object, a weapon in a struggle about life and death.

For me, the European Revolution is an aesthetic project. Political art tells us what we want: How we want our life to look like one day, how we want the world to look like one day. Revolutionary struggle is simply a process which will transform this vision into a reality. Ideology and theory only facilitate our struggle: they explain to us HOW and WHY we will create the world of our dreams. We don’t read great works of philosophy to find out if our race has a right to exist: we make the dusty philosophy serve our cause. Philosophy is our slave, the slave of national survival. Books are dead, we are alive, ideas don’t mean anything without people and we are the people.

Art is the stuff the future is made of, art moves people in mysterious ways, art is the soul of our race. Art gives the first wakeup call that things are about to change. This is why if we wish to seize the future we must seize art and the aesthetics.  More than anything else I would like to be involved in making political art/propaganda. Just like the masses respond to visions rather than to theories. For me passion always comes first – I follow my instincts and emotions and if I have time I may spend a few moments intellectualizing it.

6. Well, first of all I would say that half the job will be done for us by our enemies. As long as the liberal elite is running the show things will only go from bad to worse. The liberals are totally unable to change their basic paradigm and therefore they will keep wrecking our civilization and coincidentally also undermining their own position. Year after year there will be more and more desperate, poor masses trying to get into Europe to get their share of the pie and liberals will still be dreaming that integration is possible if only we are willing to be submissive and apologetic – if only we are willing to die out.

But the explosion of FUROR EUROPAEICUS is just around the corner because despite what the liberal elite wants to believe no nation, tribe or community has ever accepted to die without a fight. The fact that we are kind and polite and that we get angry only very slowly doesn’t mean that we are suicidal. So far we have been turning our cheek over and over but it doesn’t mean that things are going to remain this way forever.

So we have to be there when it finally happens – the Great Paradigm Shift – the one the liberals didn’t see coming. I believe that starting in the next decade we will experience something that will very much resemble the 60’s but politically and culturally it will be its complete antithesis. Suddenly there will strong creative vibes in the air, new music, new fashion, new poetry will energize the young native Europeans. Sterile dullness will be broken and suddenly people will once again be full of hope, enthusiasm and determination.

The European Revolutionary movement will be a cultural movement – otherwise it cannot survive – it will be an aesthetic movement so that it can leave its mark on the world. The first wave of the European Revolutionary movement will be the artists, poets, designers, musicians, actors, script writers – they are the first to explain to us what the coming age is all about. The next wave will then be the wave of the masses, organized political activity and armed struggle.

In order to win we need people who work in the fashion industry or in the entertainment business, we need people who understand advertising and marketing – people who can broadcast our message to the masses by using modern means, a language that people can understand.

Our cause is noble but our means must be practical and effective. We have to transform progressive pan-European nationalism into a brand and sell it to the masses, we must customize it to suit the needs of different segments of potential supporters. Propagating nationalism is basically no different than selling Coca Cola – propaganda is about selling ideas. When good marketing and the needs of the masses coincide, the result may well be a massive breakthrough.

The New European Nationalism will be sexy, sassy, outrageous and glamorous. It will be the most alluring form of rebellion and our young people will love it. The New European Nationalism will be violent, brutal, fanatic and macabre and our young people will love it even more! When fat, impotent liberalism has reached its final stage of paralysis and soiled its own bed the only way to challenge this moral corruption is through discipline and organization. In this world of filth it will be an intoxicating power trip for young people to experience the Esprit de Corps of the nationalist storm troops.

The worst mistake we could make is to endlessly re-live the past, use outdated aesthetics and images and try to revive nostalgia as an answer to modern problems. The European civilization and the entire planet is about to face unprecedented challenges and dangers in the coming decades and if the nationalist movement in this situation gives the impression of being an anachronism we will lose all our chances for success.

Of course even the best marketing cannot create revolution out of nothing, I simply mean that clever and intellectually agile marketing captures and expresses the “Zeitgeist” before the politicians and sociologists realize what is going on. The next global megatrend will be in our favour but still we must be open-minded enough to learn how to surf on this wave.

7. My texts are available online on my website:

The Near Future of America, the point of no return?

The Near Future of America, the way I see it.

Anyone with a brain can see that the nation is heading down a dark and dangerous path, our president is consolidating more power then any previous president, he has promised trillions of dollars in more spending, and has already spent more money then ALL previous president in the history of the United States.  The government is growing at break neck speed, and promises of increased social spending has put unpaid liabilities and current foreseeable debt at 100,000,000,000,000 plus dollars, with the Universal healthcare bill, the nation is at a point of NO return.
Taxes have to go up hurting the consumer spending even further, with the economy is already on its knees, with housing taking a break and more foreclosures on the way next year, consumer spending at all time lows, and saving rates increasing among most Americans, we can be assured that the economy is not coming back next year, not in 5 years, probably not until the 2020’s.  Socialism and communism are on the march in the minority communities across this nation, national ethnic pride among Latinos is at an all time high and continuing to increase in size and political power in the southwest, ensuring the growth of secessionist movements among Latinos.  Blacks have gone to great lengths to enforce their anti-white agenda within the democrat party, affirmative action schools, banks, housing, cars, jobs, and even who lives and who dies.  Blacks have been targeting whites for every sort of crime on the books, rapes, murders, and robberies on the rise, black on white crime is growing, and with the internet, we all see who the victim is and why, we hear the racial remarks from blacks as they beat the white student on the school bus, or mug the white pedestrian walking down the street.  We have watched the documentaries on race in America, we see and hear the animosity from blacks expressed against white, for slavery, for drugs, for low income housing, for being white period.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 made official

We are at a point where white Americans must evaluate their relationship with the United States government and its proxies.  Rest assured civil unrest is coming, street violence will increase, and protest marches will grow, white America has awaken to the threat.  We must understand why we see very few Asians, Latinos, and black participation in the tea parties, tax protests and other pro-American movements, because what is good for us is bad for their people, what is bad for us is good for their people.  Simple as that, Asians feel that these crackers might send them back home, their real home, Latinos don’t want to see white people assert our rights in our country, that might interfere with their take over, and blacks want whatever they can get for the years they were used as slave labor.  An awakening in the white consciousness will certainly lead to conflict with the other groups who occupy our nation.  We cannot embrace separatism, for then we would be surrounded on all sides by enemy peoples, we cannot take this nation back through the vote because they are breeding us out of house and home, no my brothers this conflict will start out cold, but surely as the rising sun, it will become hot.  Maybe a protest between anti-white Latinos and tea party groups carrying fire arms will turn deadly as Latinos throw rocks, maybe the local police will fire on pro-gun protests, only time will tell, but it will occur probably not this year, but definitely within the next few years.  Arm yourselves, stock pile guns and ammo you will need them.

Congressman Suggests People Will Don ‘White Hoods’ If Wilson Not Rebuked

Congressman Suggests People Will Don ‘White Hoods’ If Wilson Not Rebuked

More news stories on Bizarre Racism Charges

FOX News, September 15, 2009

Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst last week is drawing new recriminations from his colleagues, with a member of the Congressional Black Caucus suggesting that a failure to rebuke the South Carolina Republican is tantamount to supporting the most blatant form of organized racism in American history.

In an obvious reference to the Ku Klux Klan, Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., said Tuesday that people will be putting on “white hoods and white uniforms again and riding through the countryside” if emerging racist attitudes, which he says were subtly supported by Wilson, are not rebuked. He said Wilson must be disciplined as an example.

The charged comments come as the House is preparing to take further action against Wilson. House Democratic leaders decided to formally discipline him Tuesday afternoon for jeering President Obama during last week’s joint session of Congress.

Wilson bellowed “You lie!” as Obama delivered his address.


While he has been widely condemned by colleagues on both sides of the aisle for breaching protocol, some have gone a step further and accused Wilson of being racially motivated.

Johnson seemed to reference the protests held in Washington, D.C., on Saturday in making his claim. While many protesters were there to demonstrate against big government and federal over-spending, Johnson argued that a “fringe” element is motivated by race and that Wilson “winked” at that fringe with his behavior.


The resolution is “privileged,” meaning whenever it is introduced the measure goes to the front of the legislative line. It is unclear who will call up the measure.

A “resolution of disapproval” is not one of the four forms of discipline typically meted out in the House. The most commonly used means of punishment are expulsion, censure, reprimand or fine.

For instance, in 1997, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was both reprimanded and fined for his book deal. Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., was reprimanded in 1990 for ethical breaches tied to a male prostitute. Republicans tried to censure Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., in 2007 for comments he made on the House floor about President Bush. But Democrats voted to set aside that effort.


Original article

(Posted on September 15, 2009)