3 women, kids in tow, arrested for shoplifting spree

3 women, kids in tow, arrested for Boynton mall shoplifting spree

shoplifting spree

Tenika Rivers, 23, of Lake Park.

Tenika Rivers, 23, of Lake Park.

Stephanie Corbett, 23, of Palm Springs.

Stephanie Corbett, 23, of Palm Springs.

Marjorie Casseus, 20, of Lake Park.

Marjorie Casseus, 20, of Lake Park.

By Eliot Kleinberg and Sonja Isger
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

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— Police say three women caught shoplifting at the Boynton Beach Mall Wednesday only added to their problems when one punched a pregnant security guard in the face and officers found drugs on another.

And after one of the women called her aunt to take her three small children – one an infant – the aunt was busted on an outstanding Treasure Coast warrant for grand theft. And was found with prescription drugs.

Tenika Rivers, 24, of Lake Park, was charged with strong arm robbery and battery on a pregnant woman.

Rivers’ sister, Marjorie Chintrell Casseus, 20, also of Lake Park, was charged with theft between $300 and $5,000, resisting security and possession of up to 20 grams of marijuana.

Friend Stephanie Danielle Corbett, also 23, of Palm Springs, was charged with theft between $300 and $5,000.

And Corbett’s aunt, Denise Caster, 38, of Greenacres, was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

According to a Boynton Beach Police report, about 5 p.m. Wednesday, at the mall, at 801 N. Congress Ave., a Macy’s security guard, watched the three women enter fitting rooms with merchandise and leave without it.

The guard said she watched on closed-circuit television as Casseus shoved a shirt into her purse.

The guard caught up to Rivers, who began to struggle with her and then slugged the guard, “who is very visibly 36 weeks pregnant,” in the right eye, the report said.

The guard said Rivers finally gave up. Inside her stroller, the guard found nine items valued at $356.58, the report said.

The $30 shirt Casseus had stuffed in her purse was not recovered, but the purse did produce a bag of marijuana, leading to drug charges against her.

Caster arrived to take custody of Corbett’s three children, ages 6, 5, and five weeks.

But she was arrested herself after a computer check revealed she had a St. Lucie County arrest warrant, reports show.

Caster also turned out to have 7-1/2 Phentermine diet pills but not a prescription for them.

Another man came and took the children, the report said.

“I didn’t have anything. My friend had the stuff and they took me to jail just to be nasty,” Corbett said this morning. “I stopped my friend from jumping on the loss prevention lady.”

She also said her aunt did not know about the St. Lucie County warrant.

The other three defendants couldn’t be reached.

Corbett left jail around 7 a.m. today after posting $3,000 bail, records show.

Caster posted $3,000 bond on the Palm Beach County charges and did not appear in court but remained in jail on the St. Lucie County hold, a jail clerk said.

In court this morning, Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Ted S. Booras ordered Rivers held in lieu of $6,000 bail.

And he ordered Casseus held in lieu of $3,000 bail, with an option of leaving jail on supervised release.

Assistant State Attorney Mary Ann Duggan said Rivers had no previous arrests.

She said Casseus was arrested as a juvenile in 2002 on charges of battery on a law enforcement officer and battery on a school district employee.

The judge also ordered the co-defendants have no contact with each other but had to withdraw that when he learned Rivers and Casseus are sisters.




by Kai Murros

1. Ever since I can remember I have been a passionate nationalist; unfortunately in my younger days I was simply a petty Finnish chauvinist without any greater aspirations or understanding. I was re-living the past, I was stuck in the memory of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, the time when the militaristic and often quite reactionary Finnish nationalism reached its high point.

A great deal of my militant chauvisnism can be seen as a reaction against the so called “Finnlandisierung” which meant that especially in the 70’s and early 80’s nationalism in Finland was a taboo. Finnish media and cultural life was controlled by leftists who imposed a guilt-complex on the Finnish people; the elite taught Finns to hate themselves because of what happened in WWII. So in retrospect I understand that I had to be what I was back then but I also had to evolve as well.

Eventually I grew out of reactionary chauvinism. One of the decisive moments in my life was in 1981 when the news about the Brixton race riots reached Finland. I suddenly realized that my kinfolk were under attack, that a hideous primitive enemy was threatening people who are of the same race and the same blood as Finns. Soon after this I became aware of the worsening ethnic situation in Germany, that the number of the Turks was constantly growing – and nothing was done about it.

These events got me to realize that if I get stuck in the narrow world of petty Finnish chauvinism I keep myself apart from my European family. It is clear that if I value the poetry of Shakespeare, the music of Bach, Händel Mozart, the art of Rodin etc. I have to be a pan-European Nationalist. Provincial nationalism is a dead end; it is emotional isolationism. It creates artificial division which is why it is a crime against the unity of our race.

Despite my pan-European awakening I still had much to learn. My greatest weakness was that in economic questions I was very much a neo-liberal. In the 80’s I was an eager supporter of Margaret Thatcher. I saw the world primarily as the world of economics and I believed that the laws of economics – as they were explained to us – were just as objective as the laws of nature.

However the massive economic depression in Finland between 1991 and 1995 forced me to change my views on economics. I came to realize that Economics is not a physical science, the laws of Economics are man-made laws. They are not objective, immanent or something you cannot revise. I had matured enough to understand that the activities of the human race cannot be explained by one theory or paradigm alone – least of all by Economics.

Since the mid 90’s it had become absolutely clear to me that a true nationalist must always be a socialist of some sort. One cannot be a nationalist and a liberal. Nationalism is a collective ideology and liberalism an individualistic ideology – they cannot be combined.

The fall of the Soviet Union also gave me an opportunity to explore socialism with fresh eyes – Soviet communism was no longer a threat to our country and the dogmatic Finnish communist movement had disintegrated. Finally it was possible to be a socialist without appearing like a traitor and finally it was also possible to explore socialism from a fresh point of view without having fanatic know-it-all communists around you threatening you and telling you what the correct party line is.

Since the mid 90’s my aim has been to create a synthesis between metaphysical nationalism and socialism based on materialistic philosophy – in other words I wanted to explain the pan-European national revolution by using historical materialism.

My socialist theory is very much influenced by Maoism because for the Chinese, Maoism is in fact a nationalistic ideology. In his writings Mao always mentioned patriotism in a positive light and considered socialist revolution and national revolution to be fundamentally the same thing. According to Mao without socialist revolution there can be no national liberation. Maoism is not plagued by “leftism”, the perversion of socialist theory which preaches the self-hatred and guilt complex of the European people. There are no leftist “intellectuals” in China telling the Chinese people that the world would be a better place without them.

2. As I was writing Aquilon my aim was to create a virtual nationalist leader who would be the projection our hopes and dreams, someone we are subconsciously waiting for – a nationalist Messiah, a Muhammed for the Europeans who gives us a new creed of national liberation, unites the quarrelsome European tribes and finally leads them into endless outward

Aquilon is the embodiment of our rage, hatred and disappointment, Aquilon is the embodiment of our subsconscious, our inner beast. Aquilon is FUROR EUROPAEICUS yet at the same time Aquilon has a very cold, cynical and calculating side. Aquilon can be totally unscrupulous and will stop at nothing to get his way – you could argue that Aquilon is amoral but in my opinion Aquilon simply belives in his cause and for Aquilon the end always justifies the means.

I didn’t want Aquilon to be an idealized and clean character. It is very important to note that there is constantly a conflict within Aquilon – he is at the same time both cynical and idealistic, high-minded and brutal, honest and deceptive. Psychologically this makes him much more interesting than if he was simply “good”. Secondly this reminds us of the nature of our coming revolution: Our cause is noble and our demands are just but the revolutionary process itself will be bloody and dirty business. We just had better get used to the idea that WE WILL HAVE TO use every dirty trick we can and that eventually we will leave a trail of blood behind us.

Aquilon is the metaphysical/psychological side of my nationalist creed while the book “Revolution and how to do it in a Modern Society” is the more materialistic/rational side of the same thing. But still you can find hints of materialistic philosophy in Aquilon’s speeches as well. Even the greatest passion needs a materialistic and rational base.

3. Since Finland is situated in the northernmost corner of our continent, it means that politically we are very much on the periphery. In history Finns have never been spearheads in any political change, Finns only have followed with the great changes that have originated in the centre of Europe and have adapted to them – often with great skill, though.

Even today we can see that as nationalism is rising all over Europe the nationalist movement in Finland is very weak and undoubtedly will remain so also in the foreseeable future. Mostly this is due to the fact that immigration to Finland has been remarkably low and most immigrants in Finland are still white Europeans – most often Estonians and Russians.

Firstly I would say that the Finnish nationalist movement has very little to offer the great nationalist movements in the centre of our continent. However due to the fact that our nation is very small Finnish nationalists should always emphasize the PAN-European aspects in their work because the resurrection of reactionary petty chauvinism is a constant threat to European nationalism.

Finnish nationalists could also show some example in putting the past behind, forgetting the conflicts of the past, looking forward and finding allies in former enemies. Russo-Finnish relationships in general are commendable nowadays but still I would like to see Finnish and Russian nationalists together as brothers-in-arms fighting a common enemy.

4. I am very excited about the NPD (National Democratic Party of Germany) and its future prospects. I have been following the NPD’s web site for some time now and I believe that the NPD can make the much needed change in Germany. Actually a couple of years ago I tried to contact the NPD several times. I sent my writings and copies of my book to different addresses in Germany and I also sent e-mails but unfortunately I couldn’t contact anyone.

The NPD is both traditional and modern – it very successfully combines traditional German nationalism with a modern pan-European nationalism. The NPD looks forward and is ready to deal with the challenges the European civilization will face in the future. The NPD is at the same time both German and Pan-European and there lies its strength, because a modern nationalist must understand that we are in this mess together and only together we shall survive. The age of mini-nationalism is definitely over.

What I am particularly happy about is that despite its successes and constant growth the NPD hasn’t lost its radical character. The NPD will not suffer from the sclerosis of the fat impotent main stream parties. The NPD is radical both in nationalist/ethnic issues as well as in social and economic issues which is the winning combination, because we have to prove to the people that it’s only the nationalist movement which takes their everyday needs and worries seriously and is both willing and able to deal with them. The mainstream parties are only interested in serving the interests of global capitalism and the needs of the immigrant masses so there is a great demand for a party like the NPD.

5. Most of all I am interested in the art of propaganda. I find it so much more exciting and inspiring than debating over ideology and political theory. In my opinion political propaganda comes first and ideological contemplation only second. Masses respond to propaganda and not to stuffy dusty books written by boring intellectuals. Good political art captures and condenses a thousand tedious theoretical books into one poster, one picture, one sentence, one phrase, one cry. Political art transforms intellectual speculation into a physical object, a weapon in a struggle about life and death.

For me, the European Revolution is an aesthetic project. Political art tells us what we want: How we want our life to look like one day, how we want the world to look like one day. Revolutionary struggle is simply a process which will transform this vision into a reality. Ideology and theory only facilitate our struggle: they explain to us HOW and WHY we will create the world of our dreams. We don’t read great works of philosophy to find out if our race has a right to exist: we make the dusty philosophy serve our cause. Philosophy is our slave, the slave of national survival. Books are dead, we are alive, ideas don’t mean anything without people and we are the people.

Art is the stuff the future is made of, art moves people in mysterious ways, art is the soul of our race. Art gives the first wakeup call that things are about to change. This is why if we wish to seize the future we must seize art and the aesthetics.  More than anything else I would like to be involved in making political art/propaganda. Just like the masses respond to visions rather than to theories. For me passion always comes first – I follow my instincts and emotions and if I have time I may spend a few moments intellectualizing it.

6. Well, first of all I would say that half the job will be done for us by our enemies. As long as the liberal elite is running the show things will only go from bad to worse. The liberals are totally unable to change their basic paradigm and therefore they will keep wrecking our civilization and coincidentally also undermining their own position. Year after year there will be more and more desperate, poor masses trying to get into Europe to get their share of the pie and liberals will still be dreaming that integration is possible if only we are willing to be submissive and apologetic – if only we are willing to die out.

But the explosion of FUROR EUROPAEICUS is just around the corner because despite what the liberal elite wants to believe no nation, tribe or community has ever accepted to die without a fight. The fact that we are kind and polite and that we get angry only very slowly doesn’t mean that we are suicidal. So far we have been turning our cheek over and over but it doesn’t mean that things are going to remain this way forever.

So we have to be there when it finally happens – the Great Paradigm Shift – the one the liberals didn’t see coming. I believe that starting in the next decade we will experience something that will very much resemble the 60’s but politically and culturally it will be its complete antithesis. Suddenly there will strong creative vibes in the air, new music, new fashion, new poetry will energize the young native Europeans. Sterile dullness will be broken and suddenly people will once again be full of hope, enthusiasm and determination.

The European Revolutionary movement will be a cultural movement – otherwise it cannot survive – it will be an aesthetic movement so that it can leave its mark on the world. The first wave of the European Revolutionary movement will be the artists, poets, designers, musicians, actors, script writers – they are the first to explain to us what the coming age is all about. The next wave will then be the wave of the masses, organized political activity and armed struggle.

In order to win we need people who work in the fashion industry or in the entertainment business, we need people who understand advertising and marketing – people who can broadcast our message to the masses by using modern means, a language that people can understand.

Our cause is noble but our means must be practical and effective. We have to transform progressive pan-European nationalism into a brand and sell it to the masses, we must customize it to suit the needs of different segments of potential supporters. Propagating nationalism is basically no different than selling Coca Cola – propaganda is about selling ideas. When good marketing and the needs of the masses coincide, the result may well be a massive breakthrough.

The New European Nationalism will be sexy, sassy, outrageous and glamorous. It will be the most alluring form of rebellion and our young people will love it. The New European Nationalism will be violent, brutal, fanatic and macabre and our young people will love it even more! When fat, impotent liberalism has reached its final stage of paralysis and soiled its own bed the only way to challenge this moral corruption is through discipline and organization. In this world of filth it will be an intoxicating power trip for young people to experience the Esprit de Corps of the nationalist storm troops.

The worst mistake we could make is to endlessly re-live the past, use outdated aesthetics and images and try to revive nostalgia as an answer to modern problems. The European civilization and the entire planet is about to face unprecedented challenges and dangers in the coming decades and if the nationalist movement in this situation gives the impression of being an anachronism we will lose all our chances for success.

Of course even the best marketing cannot create revolution out of nothing, I simply mean that clever and intellectually agile marketing captures and expresses the “Zeitgeist” before the politicians and sociologists realize what is going on. The next global megatrend will be in our favour but still we must be open-minded enough to learn how to surf on this wave.

7. My texts are available online on my website:

The Near Future of America, the point of no return?

The Near Future of America, the way I see it.


Anyone with a brain can see that the nation is heading down a dark and dangerous path, our president is consolidating more power then any previous president, he has promised trillions of dollars in more spending, and has already spent more money then ALL previous president in the history of the United States.  The government is growing at break neck speed, and promises of increased social spending has put unpaid liabilities and current foreseeable debt at 100,000,000,000,000 plus dollars, with the Universal healthcare bill, the nation is at a point of NO return.
Taxes have to go up hurting the consumer spending even further, with the economy is already on its knees, with housing taking a break and more foreclosures on the way next year, consumer spending at all time lows, and saving rates increasing among most Americans, we can be assured that the economy is not coming back next year, not in 5 years, probably not until the 2020’s.  Socialism and communism are on the march in the minority communities across this nation, national ethnic pride among Latinos is at an all time high and continuing to increase in size and political power in the southwest, ensuring the growth of secessionist movements among Latinos.  Blacks have gone to great lengths to enforce their anti-white agenda within the democrat party, affirmative action schools, banks, housing, cars, jobs, and even who lives and who dies.  Blacks have been targeting whites for every sort of crime on the books, rapes, murders, and robberies on the rise, black on white crime is growing, and with the internet, we all see who the victim is and why, we hear the racial remarks from blacks as they beat the white student on the school bus, or mug the white pedestrian walking down the street.  We have watched the documentaries on race in America, we see and hear the animosity from blacks expressed against white, for slavery, for drugs, for low income housing, for being white period.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 made official


We are at a point where white Americans must evaluate their relationship with the United States government and its proxies.  Rest assured civil unrest is coming, street violence will increase, and protest marches will grow, white America has awaken to the threat.  We must understand why we see very few Asians, Latinos, and black participation in the tea parties, tax protests and other pro-American movements, because what is good for us is bad for their people, what is bad for us is good for their people.  Simple as that, Asians feel that these crackers might send them back home, their real home, Latinos don’t want to see white people assert our rights in our country, that might interfere with their take over, and blacks want whatever they can get for the years they were used as slave labor.  An awakening in the white consciousness will certainly lead to conflict with the other groups who occupy our nation.  We cannot embrace separatism, for then we would be surrounded on all sides by enemy peoples, we cannot take this nation back through the vote because they are breeding us out of house and home, no my brothers this conflict will start out cold, but surely as the rising sun, it will become hot.  Maybe a protest between anti-white Latinos and tea party groups carrying fire arms will turn deadly as Latinos throw rocks, maybe the local police will fire on pro-gun protests, only time will tell, but it will occur probably not this year, but definitely within the next few years.  Arm yourselves, stock pile guns and ammo you will need them.

Congressman Suggests People Will Don ‘White Hoods’ If Wilson Not Rebuked

Congressman Suggests People Will Don ‘White Hoods’ If Wilson Not Rebuked

More news stories on Bizarre Racism Charges

FOX News, September 15, 2009

Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst last week is drawing new recriminations from his colleagues, with a member of the Congressional Black Caucus suggesting that a failure to rebuke the South Carolina Republican is tantamount to supporting the most blatant form of organized racism in American history.

In an obvious reference to the Ku Klux Klan, Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., said Tuesday that people will be putting on “white hoods and white uniforms again and riding through the countryside” if emerging racist attitudes, which he says were subtly supported by Wilson, are not rebuked. He said Wilson must be disciplined as an example.

The charged comments come as the House is preparing to take further action against Wilson. House Democratic leaders decided to formally discipline him Tuesday afternoon for jeering President Obama during last week’s joint session of Congress.

Wilson bellowed “You lie!” as Obama delivered his address.


While he has been widely condemned by colleagues on both sides of the aisle for breaching protocol, some have gone a step further and accused Wilson of being racially motivated.

Johnson seemed to reference the protests held in Washington, D.C., on Saturday in making his claim. While many protesters were there to demonstrate against big government and federal over-spending, Johnson argued that a “fringe” element is motivated by race and that Wilson “winked” at that fringe with his behavior.


The resolution is “privileged,” meaning whenever it is introduced the measure goes to the front of the legislative line. It is unclear who will call up the measure.

A “resolution of disapproval” is not one of the four forms of discipline typically meted out in the House. The most commonly used means of punishment are expulsion, censure, reprimand or fine.

For instance, in 1997, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was both reprimanded and fined for his book deal. Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., was reprimanded in 1990 for ethical breaches tied to a male prostitute. Republicans tried to censure Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., in 2007 for comments he made on the House floor about President Bush. But Democrats voted to set aside that effort.


Original article

(Posted on September 15, 2009)

Newsweek’s War On White People

Newsweek’s War On White People

Newsweek just launched an all out war on the mental well-being of white children in their September issue.

The article is titled “See Baby Discriminate. “The article demands, with religious fanaticism, that white children be made to shun all knowledge of racial differences and taught to feel guilty. Newsweek actually printed “It’s horrifying to imagine kids being proud to be white.”

The Newsweek article actually states that white children should be made to feel guilty to “knock down their glorified view of white people,” while black children should be built up with “ethnic pride.” White parents, and only white parents, are called on to go to great lengths to brainwash their own children starting at age 3.

However, amidst the extremist statements by Newsweek, some real bombshells about racial realities are admitted. Here are some highlights:

1. “Kids as young as 6 months judge based on skin color.” – Newsweek

2. White parents who welcome multiculturalism and embrace diversity, are terrified to talk to their own children about race for fear of what their own children might say.

3. 75% of non-white parents talk to their children about race, compared to only 25% of white parents.

4. White children 5 to 7 attending racially diverse schools universally had a better opinion of their own race than other races.

5. Whites are called on to begin intense multi-cultural indoctrination using videos and parental discussions at age 3, so as not to miss the right “developmental window.”

6. White children should be made to feel guilty for alleged wrongdoings by their race, to increase positive attitudes towards blacks.

7. Black children need to be coached on “ethnic pride” to pump them up and make them more likely to succeed in life.

8. 553 scientists signed a 2007 Supreme Court school amicus brief supporting school desegregation. However, the brief used many qualifiers and only said that desegregation “may” improve black performance. There was no real confidence in desegregation on the part of the scientists.

9. Diverse schools do not lead to more cross-race relationships. In fact the opposite is true. The more diverse a school, the more students self-segregate by race.

10. White children prefer a white Santa Claus and black children prefer a black Santa Claus.

What you will see strikingly absent in Newsweek’s whitey hating diatribe of making white children feel guilty and making black children feel proud, is the fact that black children actually have higher self-esteem already than white children. In fact the people with the lowest self-esteem tend to be Orientals.

American Sociological Association (Source)Past research indicates that black adolescents consistently have higher self-esteem than white students. Other research demonstrates that self-esteem has positive effects on academic achievement. However, black students have lower academic achievement than white students while concurrently exhibiting higher self-esteem.


Morality and Abstract Thinking- How Africans may differ from Westerners

Morality and Abstract Thinking

How Africans may differ from Westerners

by Gedaliah Braun

I am an American who taught philosophy in several African universities from 1976 to 1988, and have lived since that time in South Africa. When I first came to Africa, I knew virtually nothing about the continent or its people, but I began learning quickly. I noticed, for example, that Africans rarely kept promises and saw no need to apologize when they broke them. It was as if they were unaware they had done anything that called for an apology.

It took many years for me to understand why Africans behaved this way but I think I can now explain this and other behavior that characterizes Africa. I believe that morality requires abstract thinking—as does planning for the future—and that a relative deficiency in abstract thinking may explain many things that are typically African.

What follow are not scientific findings. There could be alternative explanations for what I have observed, but my conclusions are drawn from more than 30 years of living among Africans.

A public service billboard in South Africa. Note old tire and gas can.

My first inklings about what may be a deficiency in abstract thinking came from what I began to learn about African languages. In a conversation with students in Nigeria I asked how you would say that a coconut is about halfway up the tree in their local language. “You can’t say that,” they explained. “All you can say is that it is ‘up’.” “How about right at the top?” “Nope; just ‘up’.” In other words, there appeared to be no way to express gradations.

A few years later, in Nairobi, I learned something else about African languages when two women expressed surprise at my English dictionary. “Isn’t English your language?” they asked. “Yes,” I said. “It’s my only language.” “Then why do you need a dictionary?”

They were puzzled that I needed a dictionary, and I was puzzled by their puzzlement. I explained that there are times when you hear a word you’re not sure about and so you look it up. “But if English is your language,” they asked, “how can there be words you don’t know?” “What?” I said. “No one knows all the words of his language.”

I have concluded that a relative deficiency in abstract thinking may explain many things that are typically African.

“But we know all the words of Kikuyu; every Kikuyu does,” they replied. I was even more surprised, but gradually it dawned on me that since their language is entirely oral, it exists only in the minds of Kikuyu speakers. Since there is a limit to what the human brain can retain, the overall size of the language remains more or less constant. A written language, on the other hand, existing as it does partly in the millions of pages of the written word, grows far beyond the capacity of anyone to know it in its entirety. But if the size of a language is limited, it follows that the number of concepts it contains will also be limited and hence that both language and thinking will be impoverished.

African languages were, of necessity, sufficient in their pre-colonial context. They are impoverished only by contrast to Western languages and in an Africa trying to emulate the West. While numerous dictionaries have been compiled between Euro­pean and African languages, there are few dictionaries within a single African language, precisely because native speakers have no need for them. I did find a Zulu-Zulu dictionary, but it was a small-format paperback of 252 pages.

My queries into Zulu began when I rang the African Language Department at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and spoke to a white guy. Did “precision” exist in the Zulu language prior to European contact? “Oh,” he said, “that’s a very Eurocentric question!” and simply wouldn’t answer. I rang again, spoke to another white guy, and got a virtually identical response.

Kikuyu women do not need dictionaries.

So I called the University of South Africa, a large correspondence university in Pretoria, and spoke to a young black guy. As has so often been my experience in Africa, we hit it off from the start. He understood my interest in Zulu and found my questions of great interest. He explained that the Zulu word for “precision” means “to make like a straight line.” Was this part of indigenous Zulu? No; this was added by the compilers of the dictionary.

But, he assured me, it was otherwise for “promise.” I was skeptical. How about “obligation?” We both had the same dictionary (English-Zulu, Zulu-English Dictionary, published by Witwatersrand University Press in 1958), and looked it up. The Zulu entry means “as if to bind one’s feet.” He said that was not indigenous but was added by the compilers. But if Zulu didn’t have the concept of obligation, how could it have the concept of a promise, since a promise is simply the oral undertaking of an obligation? I was interested in this, I said, because Africans often failed to keep promises and never apologized—as if this didn’t warrant an apology.

A light bulb seemed to go on in his mind. Yes, he said; in fact, the Zulu word for promise—isithembiso—is not the correct word. When a black person “promises” he means “maybe I will and maybe I won’t.” But, I said, this makes nonsense of promising, the very purpose of which is to bind one to a course of action. When one is not sure he can do something he may say, “I will try but I can’t promise.” He said he’d heard whites say that and had never understood it till now. As a young Romanian friend so aptly summed it up, when a black person “promises” he means “I’ll try.”

The failure to keep promises is therefore not a language problem. It is hard to believe that after living with whites for so long they would not learn the correct meaning, and it is too much of a coincidence that the same phenomenon is found in Nigeria, Kenya and Papua New Guinea, where I have also lived. It is much more likely that Africans generally lack the very concept and hence cannot give the word its correct meaning. This would seem to indicate some difference in intellectual capacity.

Note the Zulu entry for obligation: “as if to bind one’s feet.” An obligation binds you, but it does so morally, not physically. It is an abstract concept, which is why there is no word for it in Zulu. So what did the authors of the dictionary do? They took this abstract concept and made it concrete. Feet, rope, and tying are all tangible and observable, and therefore things all blacks will understand, whereas many will not understand what an obligation is. The fact that they had to define it in this way is, by itself, compelling evidence for my conclusion that Zulu thought has few abstract concepts and indirect evidence for the view that Africans may be deficient in abstract thinking.

Abstract thinking

Abstract entities do not exist in space or time; they are typically intangible and can’t be perceived by the senses. They are often things that do not exist. “What would happen if everyone threw rubbish everywhere?” refers to something we hope will not happen, but we can still think about it.

African wood carving.

Everything we observe with our senses occurs in time and everything we see exists in space; yet we can perceive neither time nor space with our senses, but only with the mind. Precision is also abstract; while we can see and touch things made with precision, precision itself can only be perceived by the mind.

How do we acquire abstract concepts? Is it enough to make things with precision in order to have the concept of precision? Africans make excellent carvings, made with precision, so why isn’t the concept in their language? To have this concept we must not only do things with precision but must be aware of this phenomenon and then give it a name.

How, for example, do we acquire such concepts as belief and doubt? We all have beliefs; even animals do. When a dog wags its tail on hearing his master’s footsteps, it believes he is coming. But it has no concept of belief because it has no awareness that it has this belief and so no awareness of belief per se. In short, it has no self-consciousness, and thus is not aware of its own mental states.

It has long seemed to me that blacks tend to lack self-awareness. If such awareness is necessary for developing abstract concepts it is not surprising that African languages have so few abstract terms. A lack of self-awareness—or introspection—has advantages. In my experience neurotic behavior, characterized by excessive and unhealthy self-consciousness, is uncommon among blacks. I am also confident that sexual dysfunction, which is characterized by excessive self-consciousness, is less common among blacks than whites.

Time is another abstract concept with which Africans seem to have difficulties. I began to wonder about this in 1998. Several Africans drove up in a car and parked right in front of mine, blocking it. “Hey,” I said, “you can’t park here.” “Oh, are you about to leave?” they asked in a perfectly polite and friendly way. “No,” I said, “but I might later. Park over there”—and they did.

While the possibility that I might want to leave later was obvious to me, their thinking seemed to encompass only the here and now: “If you’re leaving right now we understand, but otherwise, what’s the problem?” I had other such encounters and the key question always seemed to be, “Are you leaving now?” The future, after all, does not exist. It will exist, but doesn’t exist now. People who have difficulty thinking of things that do not exist will ipso facto have difficulty thinking about the future.

It appears that the Zulu word for “future”—isikhati—is the same as the word for time, as well as for space. Realistically, this means that these concepts probably do not exist in Zulu thought. It also appears that there is no word for the past—meaning, the time preceding the present. The past did exist, but no longer exists. Hence, people who may have problems thinking of things that do not exist will have trouble thinking of the past as well as the future.

This has an obvious bearing on such sentiments as gratitude and loyalty, which I have long noticed are uncommon among Africans. We feel gratitude for things that happened in the past, but for those with little sense of the past such feelings are less likely to arise.

Why did it take me more than 20 years to notice all of this? I think it is because our assumptions about time are so deeply rooted that we are not even aware of making them and hence the possibility that others may not share them simply does not occur to us. And so we don’t see it, even when the evidence is staring us in the face.

Mathematics and maintenance

I quote from an article in the South African press about the problems blacks have with mathematics:

“[Xhosa] is a language where polygon and plane have the same definition … where concepts like triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon are defined by only one word.” (“Finding New Languages for Maths and Science,” Star [Johannesburg], July 24, 2002, p. 8.)

Apartheid-era sign post.

More accurately, these concepts simply do not exist in Xhosa, which, along with Zulu, is one of the two most widely spoken languages in South Africa. In America, blacks are said to have a “tendency to approximate space, numbers and time instead of aiming for complete accuracy.” (Star, June 8, 1988, p.10.) In other words, they are also poor at math. Notice the identical triumvirate—space, numbers, and time. Is it just a coincidence that these three highly abstract concepts are the ones with which blacks — everywhere — seem to have such difficulties?

The entry in the Zulu dictionary for “number,” by the way — ningi — means “numerous,” which is not at all the same as the concept of number. It is clear, therefore, that there is no concept of number in Zulu.

White rule in South Africa ended in 1994. It was about ten years later that power outages began, which eventually reached crisis proportions. The principle reason for this is simply lack of maintenance on the generating equipment. Maintenance is future-oriented, and the Zulu entry in the dictionary for it is ondla, which means: “1. Nourish, rear; bring up; 2. Keep an eye on; watch (your crop).” In short, there is no such thing as maintenance in Zulu thought, and it would be hard to argue that this is wholly unrelated to the fact that when people throughout Africa say “nothing works,” it is only an exaggeration.

The New York Times reports that New York City is considering a plan (since implemented) aimed at getting blacks to “do well on standardized tests and to show up for class,” by paying them to do these things and that could “earn [them] as much as $500 a year.” Students would get money for regular school attendance, every book they read, doing well on tests, and sometimes just for taking them. Parents would be paid for “keeping a full-time job … having health insurance … and attending parent-teacher conferences.” (Jennifer Medina, “Schools Plan to Pay Cash for Marks,” New York Times, June 19, 2007.)

The clear implication is that blacks are not very motivated. Motivation involves thinking about the future and hence about things that do not exist. Given black deficiencies in this regard, it is not surprising that they would be lacking in motivation, and having to prod them in this way is further evidence for such a deficiency.

The Zulu entry for “motivate” is banga, under which we find “1. Make, cause, produce something unpleasant; … to cause trouble . … 2. Contend over a claim; … fight over inheritance; … 3. Make for, aim at, journey towards … .” Yet when I ask Africans what banga means, they have no idea. In fact, no Zulu word could refer to motivation for the simple reason that there is no such concept in Zulu; and if there is no such concept there cannot be a word for it. This helps explain the need to pay blacks to behave as if they were motivated.


The same New York Times article quotes Darwin Davis of the Urban League as “caution[ing] that the … money being offered [for attending class] was relatively paltry … and wondering … how many tests students would need to pass to buy the latest video game.”

Instead of being shamed by the very need for such a plan, this black activist complains that the payments aren’t enough! If he really is unaware how his remarks will strike most readers, he is morally obtuse, but his views may reflect a common understanding among blacks of what morality is: not something internalized but something others enforce from the outside. Hence his complaint that paying children to do things they should be motivated to do on their own is that they are not being paid enough.

In this context, I recall some remarkable discoveries by the late American linguist, William Stewart, who spent many years in Senegal studying local languages. Whereas Western cultures internalize norms—“Don’t do that!” for a child, eventually becomes “I mustn’t do that” for an adult—African cultures do not. They rely entirely on external controls on behavior from tribal elders and other sources of authority. When Africans were detribalized, these external constraints disappeared, and since there never were internal constraints, the results were crime, drugs, promiscuity, etc. Where there have been other forms of control—as in white-ruled South Africa, colonial Africa, or the segregated American South—this behavior was kept within tolerable limits. But when even these controls disappear there is often unbridled violence.

Stewart apparently never asked why African cultures did not internalize norms, that is, why they never developed moral consciousness, but it is unlikely that this was just a historical accident. More likely, it was the result of deficiencies in abstract thinking ability.

Public service message, South Africa.

One explanation for this lack of abstract thinking, including the diminished understanding of time, is that Africans evolved in a climate where they could live day to day without having to think ahead. They never developed this ability because they had no need for it. Whites, on the other hand, evolved under circumstances in which they had to consider what would happen if they didn’t build stout houses and store enough fuel and food for the winter. For them it was sink or swim.

Surprising confirmation of Stewart’s ideas can be found in the May/June 2006 issue of the Boston Review, a typically liberal publication. In “Do the Right Thing: Cognitive Science’s Search for a Common Morality,” Rebecca Saxe distinguishes between “conventional” and “moral” rules. Conventional rules are supported by authorities but can be changed; moral rules, on the other hand, are not based on conventional authority and are not subject to change. “Even three-year-old children … distinguish between moral and conventional transgressions,” she writes. The only exception, according to James Blair of the National Institutes of Health, are psychopaths, who exhibit “persistent aggressive behavior.” For them, all rules are based only on external authority, in whose absence “anything is permissible.” The conclusion drawn from this is that “healthy individuals in all cultures respect the distinction between conventional … and moral [rules].”

However, in the same article, another anthropologist argues that “the special status of moral rules cannot be part of human nature, but is … just … an artifact of Western values.” Anita Jacobson-Widding, writing of her experiences among the Manyika of Zimbabwe, says:

“I tried to find a word that would correspond to the English concept of ‘morality.’ I explained what I meant by asking my informants to describe the norms for good behavior toward other people. The answer was unanimous. The word for this was tsika. But when I asked my bilingual informants to translate tsika into English, they said that it was ‘good manners’ …”

An all-too-common problem.

She concluded that because good manners are clearly conventional rather than moral rules, the Manyika simply did not have a concept of morality. But how would one explain this absence? Miss Jacobson-Widding’s explanation is the typical nonsense that could come only from a so-called intellectual: “the concept of morality does not exist.” The far more likely explanation is that the concept of morality, while otherwise universal, is enfeebled in cultures that have a deficiency in abstract thinking.

According to now-discredited folk wisdom, blacks are “children in adult bodies,” but there may be some foundation to this view. The average African adult has the raw IQ score of the average 11-year-old white child. This is about the age at which white children begin to internalize morality and no longer need such strong external enforcers.

Gruesome cruelty

Another aspect of African behavior that liberals do their best to ignore but that nevertheless requires an explanation is gratuitous cruelty. A reviewer of Driving South, a 1993 book by David Robbins, writes:

Victim of Rwandan violence.

“A Cape social worker sees elements that revel in violence … It’s like a cult which has embraced a lot of people who otherwise appear normal. … At the slightest provocation their blood-lust is aroused. And then they want to see death, and they jeer and mock at the suffering involved, especially the suffering of a slow and agonizing death.” (Citizen [Johannesburg], July 12, 1993, p.6.)

There is something so unspeakably vile about this, something so beyond depravity, that the human brain recoils. This is not merely the absence of human empathy, but the positive enjoyment of human suffering, all the more so when it is “slow and agonizing.” Can you imagine jeering at and mocking someone in such horrible agony?

During the apartheid era, black activists used to kill traitors and enemies by “necklacing” them. An old tire was put around the victim’s neck, filled with gasoline, and—but it is best to let an eye-witness describe what happened next:

“The petrol-filled tyre is jammed on your shoulders and a lighter is placed within reach . … Your fingers are broken, needles are pushed up your nose and you are tortured until you put the lighter to the petrol yourself.” (Citizen; “SA’s New Nazis,” August 10, 1993, p.18.)

The author of an article in the Chicago Tribune, describing the equally gruesome way the Hutu killed Tutsi in the Burundi massacres, marveled at “the ecstasy of killing, the lust for blood; this is the most horrible thought. It’s beyond my reach.” (“Hutu Killers Danced In Blood Of Victims, Videotapes Show,” Chicago Tribune, September 14, 1995, p.8.) The lack of any moral sense is further evidenced by their having videotaped their crimes, “apparently want[ing] to record … [them] for posterity.” Unlike Nazi war criminals, who hid their deeds, these people apparently took pride in their work.

Amy Biehl marker
Where Amy Biehl was killed.

In 1993, Amy Biehl, a 26-year-old American on a Fulbright scholarship, was living in South Africa, where she spent most of her time in black townships helping blacks. One day when she was driving three African friends home, young blacks stopped the car, dragged her out, and killed her because she was white. A retired senior South African judge, Rex van Schalkwyk, in his 1998 book One Miracle is Not Enough, quotes from a newspaper report on the trial of her killers: “Supporters of the three men accused of murdering [her] … burst out laughing in the public gallery of the Supreme Court today when a witness told how the battered woman groaned in pain.” This behavior, Van Schalkwyk wrote, “is impossible to explain in terms accessible to rational minds.” (pp. 188-89.)

These incidents and the responses they evoke—“the human brain recoils,” “beyond my reach,” “impossible to explain to rational minds” — represent a pattern of behavior and thinking that cannot be wished away, and offer additional support for my claim that Africans are deficient in moral consciousness.

I have long suspected that the idea of rape is not the same in Africa as elsewhere, and now I find confirmation of this in Newsweek:

“According to a three-year study [in Johannesburg] … more than half of the young people interviewed — both male and female — believe that forcing sex with someone you know does not constitute sexual violence … [T]he casual manner in which South African teens discuss coercive relationships and unprotected sex is staggering.” (Tom Masland, “Breaking The Silence,” Newsweek, July 9, 2000.)

Clearly, many blacks do not think rape is anything to be ashamed of.

The Newsweek author is puzzled by widespread behavior that is known to lead to AIDS, asking “Why has the safe-sex effort failed so abjectly?” Well, aside from their profoundly different attitudes towards sex and violence and their heightened libido, a major factor could be their diminished concept of time and reduced ability to think ahead.

Liberian billboard
Liberian billboard

Nevertheless, I was still surprised by what I found in the Zulu dictionary. The main entry for rape reads: “1. Act hurriedly; … 2. Be greedy. 3. Rob, plunder, … take [possessions] by force.” While these entries may be related to our concept of rape, there is one small problem: there is no reference to sexual intercourse! In a male-dominated culture, where saying “no” is often not an option (as confirmed by the study just mentioned), “taking sex by force” is not really part of the African mental calculus. Rape clearly has a moral dimension, but perhaps not to Africans. To the extent they do not consider coerced sex to be wrong, then, by our conception, they cannot consider it rape because rape is wrong. If such behavior isn’t wrong it isn’t rape.

An article about gang rape in the left-wing British paper, the Guardian, confirms this when it quotes a young black woman: “The thing is, they [black men] don’t see it as rape, as us being forced. They just see it as pleasure for them.” (Rose George, “They Don’t See it as Rape. They Just See it as Pleasure for Them,” June 5, 2004.) A similar attitude seems to be shared among some American blacks who casually refer to gang rape as “running a train.” (Nathan McCall, Makes Me Wanna Holler, Vintage Books, 1995.)

If the African understanding of rape is far afield, so may be their idea of romance or love. I recently watched a South African television program about having sex for money. Of the several women in the audience who spoke up, not a single one questioned the morality of this behavior. Indeed, one plaintively asked, “Why else would I have sex with a man?”

From the casual way in which Africans throw around the word “love,” I suspect their understanding of it is, at best, childish. I suspect the notion is alien to Africans, and I would be surprised if things are very different among American blacks. Africans hear whites speak of “love” and try to give it a meaning from within their own conceptual repertoire. The result is a child’s conception of this deepest of human emotions, probably similar to their misunderstanding of the nature of a promise.

I recently located a document that was dictated to me by a young African woman in June 1993. She called it her “story,” and the final paragraph is a poignant illustration of what to Europeans would seem to be a limited understanding of love:

“On my way from school, I met a boy. And he proposed me. His name was Mokone. He tell me that he love me. And then I tell him I will give him his answer next week. At night I was crazy about him. I was always thinking about him.”

Moral blindness

Whenever I taught ethics I used the example of Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer in the French Army who was convicted of treason in 1894 even though the authorities knew he was innocent. Admitting their mistake, it was said, would have a disastrous effect on military morale and would cause great social unrest. I would in turn argue that certain things are intrinsically wrong and not just because of their consequences. Even if the results of freeing Dreyfus would be much worse than keeping him in prison, he must be freed, because it is unjust to keep an innocent man in prison.

To my amazement, an entire class in Kenya said without hesitation that he should not be freed. Call me dense if you want, but it was 20 years before the full significance of this began to dawn on me.

Death is certain but accidents are not.

Africans, I believe, may generally lack the concepts of subjunctivity and counterfactuality. Subjunctivity is conveyed in such statements as, “What would you have done if I hadn’t showed up?” This is contrary to fact because I did show up, and it is now impossible for me not to have shown up. We are asking someone to imagine what he would have done if something that didn’t happen (and now couldn’t happen) had happened. This requires self-consciousness, and I have already described blacks’ possible deficiency in this respect. It is obvious that animals, for example, cannot think counterfactually, because of their complete lack of self-awareness.

When someone I know tried to persuade his African workers to contribute to a health insurance policy, they asked “What’s it for?” “Well, if you have an accident, it would pay for the hospital.” Their response was immediate: “But boss, we didn’t have an accident!” “Yes, but what if you did?” Reply? “We didn’t have an accident!” End of story.

South African AIDS education poster.

Interestingly, blacks do plan for funerals, for although an accident is only a risk, death is a certainty. (The Zulu entries for “risk” are “danger” and “a slippery surface.”) Given the frequent all-or-nothing nature of black thinking, if it’s not certain you will have an accident, then you will not have an accident. Furthermore, death is concrete and observable: We see people grow old and die. Africans tend to be aware of time when it is manifested in the concrete and observable.

One of the pivotal ideas underpinning morality is the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. “How would you feel if someone stole everything you owned? Well, that’s how he would feel if you robbed him.” The subjunctivity here is obvious. But if Africans may generally lack this concept, they will have difficulty in understanding the Golden Rule and, to that extent, in understanding morality.

If this is true we might also expect their capacity for human empathy to be diminished, and this is suggested in the examples cited above. After all, how do we empathize? When we hear about things like “necklacing” we instinctively — and unconsciously — think: “How would I feel if I were that person?” Of course I am not and cannot be that person, but to imagine being that person gives us valuable moral “information:” that we wouldn’t want this to happen to us and so we shouldn’t want it to happen to others. To the extent people are deficient in such abstract thinking, they will be deficient in moral understanding and hence in human empathy—which is what we tend to find in Africans.

In his 1990 book Devil’s Night, Ze’ev Chafets quotes a black woman speaking about the problems of Detroit: “I know some people won’t like this, but whenever you get a whole lot of black people, you’re gonna have problems. Blacks are ignorant and rude.” (pp. 76-77.)

If some Africans cannot clearly imagine what their own rude behavior feels like to others—in other words, if they cannot put themselves in the other person’s shoes—they will be incapable of understanding what rudeness is. For them, what we call rude may be normal and therefore, from their perspective, not really rude. Africans may therefore not be offended by behavior we would consider rude — not keeping appointments, for example. One might even conjecture that African cruelty is not the same as white cruelty, since Africans may not be fully aware of the nature of their behavior, whereas such awareness is an essential part of “real” cruelty.

I am hardly the only one to notice this obliviousness to others that sometimes characterizes black behavior. Walt Harrington, a white liberal married to a light-skinned black, makes some surprising admissions in his 1994 book, Crossings: A White Man’s Journey Into Black America:

“I notice a small car … in the distance. Suddenly … a bag of garbage flies out its window . … I think, I’ll bet they’re blacks. Over the years I’ve noticed more blacks littering than whites. I hate to admit this because it is a prejudice. But as I pass the car, I see that my reflex was correct—[they are blacks].

“[As I pull] into a McDonald’s drive-through … [I see that] the car in front of me had four black[s] in it. Again … my mind made its unconscious calculation: We’ll be sitting here forever while these people decide what to order. I literally shook my head . … My God, my kids are half black! But then the kicker: we waited and waited and waited. Each of the four … leaned out the window and ordered individually. The order was changed several times. We sat and sat, and I again shook my head, this time at the conundrum that is race in America.

“I knew that the buried sentiment that had made me predict this disorganization … was … racist. … But my prediction was right.” (pp. 234-35.)

Africans also tend to litter. To understand this we must ask why whites don’t litter, at least not as much. We ask ourselves: “What would happen if everyone threw rubbish everywhere? It would be a mess. So you shouldn’t do it!” Blacks’ possible deficiency in abstract thinking makes such reasoning more difficult, so any behavior requiring such thinking is less likely to develop in their cultures. Even after living for generations in societies where such thinking is commonplace, many may still fail to absorb it.

A trash pile in Sudan.

It should go without saying that my observations about Africans are generalizations. I am not saying that none has the capacity for abstract thought or moral understanding. I am speaking of tendencies and averages, which leave room for many exceptions.

To what extent do my observations about Africans apply to American blacks? American blacks have an average IQ of 85, which is a full 15 points higher than the African average of 70. The capacity for abstract thought is unquestionably correlated with intelligence, and so we can expect American blacks generally to exceed Africans in these respects.

Still, American blacks show many of the traits so striking among Africans: low mathematical ability, diminished abstract reasoning, high crime rates, a short time-horizon, rudeness, littering, etc. If I had lived only among American blacks and not among Africans, I might never have reached the conclusions I have, but the more extreme behavior among Africans makes it easier to perceive the same tendencies among American blacks. AR

Gedhalia Braun holds a PhD in philosophy and is the author of Racism, Guilt, Self-Hatred and Self-Deceit. Anyone interested in reading his book can purchase it in PDF format at the AR website, AmRen.com.

The British State vs. The BNP—The Post-Modern Tyranny of “Human Rights” – “Nic Careem, [Email him]a former Labour activist from Camden in north London, who is now with the Conservatives, said he originally argued that black and Asian people should join the BNP en mass [sic] to cause chaos and expose the extent of racism inside the party of Nick Griffin.” In other words, the BNP is to be flooded with non-whites, who will then use further legal action—assuming the internal structures of the party are insufficient—to destroy it.

The British State vs. The BNP—The Post-Modern Tyranny of “Human Rights”

[Peter Brimelow writes: The U.S. may shortly have “Hate Crime” legislation, which will of course immediately metastasize into an attack on “hate speech”. Wanna bet that what is happening in the U.K., described below by a distinguished British libertarian, can’t happen here?)

By Sean Gabb

Also by Sean Gabb: England: The Peasants are Revolting

On Monday, August 24th 2009, the British Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) began legal proceedings against the British National Party (BNP). Its cause of action is that the BNP restricts membership to white people—"indigenous British ethnic groups deriving from the class of ‘Indigenous Caucasian’" plus "those we regard as closely related and ethnically assimilated or assimilable aboriginal members of the European race also resident in Britain.".[Constitution Of The British National Party Eighth Edition, published November 2004(PDF)] (Which is interpreted to include Jews—thus one BNP elected official, Pat Richardson, a local councilor, is Jewish).  

The BNP rule is said to be illegal under the Race Relations Act 1976 as amended in 2000. If successful, the court action will force the BNP to open its membership to all applicants regardless of their colour.

This is a politically-motivated prosecution. The BNP has long upset the people who now rule Britain. Its denunciations of mass-immigration and of multiculturalism disrupt what would otherwise be an almost smooth wall of praise—or at least of caution—by the other parties.

Despite universal condemnation in the media, the BNP has made considerable gains during the past few years in local elections, and managed to win two seats in June this year to the European Parliament. It may win a seat in the British Parliament at the next general election. Stopping the BNP is high on the agenda of the powers that be.

This being said, shutting down a political party simply because it dissents from the established multicultural faith is not something that is yet done in Britain. It is too openly an attack on freedom of speech. It may also be illegal under the Human Rights Act 1998, which enacts the European Convention on Human Rights into British law.

Nevertheless, the party stands to be ruined partly by the costs of legal action, and partly by the effects of losing the legal action.

These effects have been clearly spelled out by some of the BNP’s enemies. According to the Blog of Operation Black Vote,

“Nic Careem, [Email him]a former Labour activist from Camden in north London, who is now with the Conservatives, said he originally argued that black and Asian people should join the BNP en mass [sic] to cause chaos and expose the extent of racism inside the party of Nick Griffin.”

In other words, the BNP is to be flooded with non-whites, who will then use further legal action—assuming the internal structures of the party are insufficient—to destroy it.

This attack on the BNP is abhorrent for a number of reasons.

  • First, it is indirectly an attack on freedom of speech.

We in Britain are endlessly told nowadays that freedom of speech does not involve the right to preach hatred and “intolerance”. But it does. Freedom of speech means the right to say anything at all on any public issue, and to make any recommendation on what the law should be.

I was born into a Britain where this understanding was broadly accepted. I live now in a country where it is not. Thus Simon Woolley [Email him] of Operation Black Vote dismisses freedom of speech as an almost sacred cow. He even appeals for support to the majesty of the British Constitution:

“Over centuries our unwritten constitution has given us a framework for our democracy. From Magna Carta to the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000, our democracy has evolved to reflect our changing times. This framework gives us a democracy which, for all its limitations, seeks to balance individual freedoms with fairness and tolerance.”

In the technical sense, Woolley may be right. Being unwritten, the British Constitution is whatever the authorities decide it to be.

But his claim is irrelevant. A constitution does not legitimise oppression. Rather, it is legitimate so far as it protects rights. If the British Constitution no longer guarantees freedom of speech, so much the worse for the Constitution.

  • Second, as said, the authorities are frightened to make a direct attack on freedom of speech. Instead, they are relying on laws that abolish freedom of association.

But this is barely less important within the liberal tradition than freedom of speech. The two rights complement each other. Freedom of speech is the right to say anything. Freedom of association involves the right to propagate what is said. It means the right of people to come together for any purpose that does not involve aggression against others.

Obviously, it also means the right not to associate. Laws imposing equal access to employment, or paid services, or membership of private associations, are not an extension of rights, but a denial of rights. By forcing people to associate with persons whom they would otherwise reject, anti-discrimination laws are a form of coerced association. They also allow dissident organisations to be taken over and destroyed.

  • Third, if the form of the attack is hypocritical, so is the substance. The BNP is not the only organisation that seeks to confine its membership to members of a particular race. But it is the only organisation the EHRC is taking to court.

The Lincolnshire Black Police Association, for example, declares on its website —rather, it declares on its section of the official web site of the  Lincolnshire Police Force—that

“Membership applications for the LBPA are invited from everybody. Full Membership is available to all Black Minority Ethnic staff of the Lincolnshire Police. Associate Membership is open to ALL members of the Lincolnshire Police and outside agencies who wish to support the work of the LBPA.”

I am told that these confessions of racial discrimination are being hurriedly taken down from the Internet. However, the BNP has published a selection of screen shots from the Lincolnshire and other branches of the Black Police Association. The EHRC has so far refused even to acknowledge complaints of this racial discrimination.

And even if the Black Police Association should take down the offending words and open its full membership to all, there is no chance of its being flooded by hostile whites. There are no white equivalents of Operation Black Vote or other ethnic advocacy groups.

Any whites groups that did form would soon be prosecuted or harassed out of existence. Any individual whites who joined would themselves be evangelists of the multicultural faith. If not, they would be chased out with violence or threats of violence that the modern Politically Correct British police—memorably described by  purged National Review editor John O’Sullivan as “the paramilitary wing of the Guardian, the leading left-wing newspaper—would now do nothing to investigate.

  • Fourth, it is at least interesting to see how the language of rights has been perverted into a cover for oppression. The Equality and Human Rights Commission promotes equality by discriminating against whites, and protects human rights by attacking freedom of association as a means of neutering freedom of speech.

It is also interesting that the EHRC Commissioner overseeing the BNP prosecution is John Wadham. He was once Director of Liberty, which is supposed to be the main independent guardian in this country of civil and political rights.

At a public meeting in 2001, I accused Mr Wadham of not caring about the liberties of anyone perceived to be on the political “right”. This sent him into a rhetorical frenzy. A few weeks later, I felt almost guilty at how roughly I had treated him when I read this in a letter of his to The Daily Telegraph:

[H]uman rights are primarily about limiting the power of the central state in its dealing with the individual citizen.”

According to the accounts of the body that the EHRC replaced, Mr Wadham’s salary in the year to the 31st March 2008 was £78,548. [VDARE.COM: roughly $127,735 US] I will limit my comments on this fact to observing that his salary—and it has probably risen by a third in the past 18 months—is at least three times his probable worth in any market-based employment.

By way of a conclusion, I feel I ought to give my opinion on the BNP. This is that I fear its success.

The next Conservative Government will fail to reverse the disasters that Labour has brought on the country. This is because the Conservatives do not even intend to try for a counter-revolution. When the failure has become manifest, people will turn to the only alternative party that has forthrightly denounced the Labour revolution and has an existing electoral base. This will be the BNP.

I fear that the BNP will, by default, become the only viable champion of counter-revolution.

Now, I am not frightened that the BNP is a party of national socialists, and that its leaders are counting the days till they can rip off their business suits, to show the black and red uniforms beneath. Under its present leader, Nick Griffin, the BNP has become a white nationalist party. The party believes in the expulsion of illegal immigrants, an in some voluntary repatriation of non-whites who are legally here, and in dismantling the Equal Opportunities police state from which people like Mr Wadham benefit. Other than this, a BNP Government might easily show more respect for the forms of a liberal constitution than have the Labour governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown—after all, this would not be difficult.

The problem is that the BNP and much of its leading personnel used to be national socialists. There are too many published statements in praise of Hitler or denouncing the Jews.

Of course, people change their opinions over time. Middle-aged men are not necessarily to be judged on what they said or wrote in their late teens.

That excuse has been made and accepted for the Ministers in the Labour Government. Many of these in their younger days were Trotskyite street bullies. Peter Mandelson, who is effectively deputy Prime Minister, joined the Young Communist League three years after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, and used to sell the Communist Morning Star. John Reid, who was a Home Secretary in the Blair Government, was a member of the Communist Party in his late twenties, and was noted for his admiration of Josef Stalin. It would be easy to fill an article with the disreputable pasts of those who have ruled this country since 1997.

If there were any fairness in politics, they would be regarded as no less disreputable than the leaders of the BNP.

But there is no fairness in politics. A man can deny the Soviet holocaust—or even admit that it happened but try to justify it—and remain in good standing with the media and educational Establishments. The slightest whisper of approval for the lesser horrors of National Socialism, and a man is tainted for life.

This is unfair, but it is a fact that must be accepted. I can easily imagine how the BNP might replace the useless Conservatives as main opponents to what has been done to this country. I can also imagine how the movement then led by the BNP might be smeared and discredited out of existence.

Even so, if I can have no longing for a BNP breakthrough at the next but one general election, neither can I regard the legal proceedings against it as other than a classic illustration of how to run a post-modern tyranny.

The British State has no Gestapo, no KGB. But why would it need one when it has the Equality and Human Rights Commission?

Dr. Sean Gabb [Email him] is a writer, academic, broadcaster and Director of the Libertarian Alliance in England. His monograph Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get It Back is downloadable here. For his account of the Property and Freedom Society’s 2008 conference in Bodrum, Turkey, click here. For his address to the 2009 PFS conference, “What is the Ruling Class?”, click here; for videos of the other presentations, click here.

Why is California Burning? Because It’s Importing Poverty

Why is California Burning? Because It’s Importing Poverty

According to California state department of education figures, half (49.7%) of students participate in the federal lunch program. That means they are poor. Half (51.5%) of California students attend schools which get Compensatory Education funding (Federal Title 1 and State Impact Assistance Grant) for underachieving, low income students. Half of California’s students are Hispanic and 11 percent are Asian/Pacific Islander. Of the English-language learners, 85 percent are Hispanic and of the Hispanic students 43% are non-English speaking.

California finally has a budget deal, through accounting maneuvers and budget cuts (including the release of convicted felons). But California’s budget is toast—whether or not the economy turns around.

The cause: Millions of low-income, unskilled immigrants (not just illegals) with lots of children have moved in. And lots of high- and middle- income Americans have moved out. [Golden State losing folks as old Dust Bowl beckons, By Phillip Reese, June 14, 2009]

Immigration’s highest cost is the public education of the immigrants’ children. That falls on state and local taxpayers—not on federal taxpayers. Therefore, states with the largest number of immigrant and immigrant-descended students pay the most for over-immigration—although it is the result of failed federal policies.

In the fall, schools across America report average daily attendance (ADA) which is a measure of classroom hours of instruction. In the spring, schools collect data for students by race and ethnicity. The National Center for Educational Statistics data shows race and ethnicity as a percentage of students. For the tables below, ADA is multiplied by percentage of students by race and ethnicity. Calculations are my own.







Native Am






















Source: National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES).

Overall, in twenty years, the increase in Hispanic and Asian/Pacific Islander children in the U.S. made up three quarters of the enrollment increase for U.S schools.

In California in the same period, enrollment of White and Black children declined by 1.4 million. But enrollment of Hispanic and Asian students increased by 2.5 million students. Therefore, the increase in Hispanic and Asian students in California made up 132 percent of California’s enrollment increase (and an incredible 28 percent of the enrollment increase for the entire country).







Native Am






















In most of the country, K-12 education is funded by local governments. But in California, K-12 education is funded directly by the state government. Reason: In 1978, voters passed Proposition 13 which capped assessed property values and limited the rate at which property taxes could rise. When a property sells, the assessed valuation rises to the sales price and the rate of growth is then capped again. This is not as much as a problem as opponents claim, because most properties have changed hands.

Global Guerrillas

Global Guerrillas

Via John Robb on Tribalism at The Occidental Quarterly I followed a link to Robb’s blog Global Guerrillas where he focuses on:

Networked tribes, systems disruption, and the emerging bazaar of violence. Resilient Communities, decentralized platforms, and self-organizing futures.

Here’s his About page.

I’m not sure what to make of Robb, but here’s what I think so far. His analysis of globalism is broad, incisive, and critical, and comes from a technologically informed point of view outside the false dichotomy of partisan politics. He provides interesting opinions and links, though his writing is larded with jargon. Only cryptically, by reading between the lines, can he be understood to recognize the tribal jewish influence that so dominates the West’s politics, finance, and media. He seems a typical deracinated White, for whom even a keen interest in tribalism and communities and opposition to globalism appears not at all motivated by an overt awareness of or sympathy for his own tribe.

His essay Containing Chaos (unfortunately no longer freely visible in it’s entirety) begins:

We are now engaged in a conflict that will dictate whether we succeed or fail in the 21st century. Our adversary in this conflict is, in short, the threat posed by globalization.

and concludes (my emphasis):

Disruptions that result in societal and economic chaos occur most readily in societies where the health and vigor of a society has decayed. In other words, the social and economic system that the nation-state administers must be seen as fair and just, and it must deliver tangible results to the greatest number of people possible. Anything less than this and societal breakdown becomes extremely likely should disruption occur, since the allure of participation in oppositional groups, from black-market crime to guerrilla/terrorist groups, will outweigh outcomes available through participation in the status quo. In short, the nation-state will lose its legitimacy with large subsets of its population.

Here’s an example of not delivering results: The incomes of the bottom four-fifths of Americans have fallen 10 percent, adjusted for inflation, over the last three decades, despite massive improvements in worker productivity. For an example of not being just and fair, we need not go far: Self-dealing financial elites defrauded markets and the government of trillions of dollars realized during the 2008 financial panic, and not one of them went to jail.

In order to retain legitimacy at a level that allows some freedom of action, the government must endeavor to deliver real economic progress to its constituents. That means that every policy should be slaved to increasing incomes in line with increases in worker productivity, and improving the long-term financial wealth of the greatest number. (The best way to measure the success of government efforts in this regard are increases in the median incomes of individuals.) One method of achieving this, already mentioned above, is to remove barriers to community resilience. Community resilience has the potential to substantially improve the incomes and quality of life for the greatest number by reducing end-user costs, creating jobs, and spurring massive leaps in innovation.

The greatest threat to achieving this outcome lies in the potential for parasitic interests to gain control of government function, since one of the quickest routes to illegitimacy is through the appearance of corruption. This unfortunate outcome was evident in the 2008 financial meltdown, as special interests proved capable of snaring trillions in subsidies from the public treasure for no apparent improvement in the lives of most citizens.

Robb’s analysis is clouded by his conflation of both pro-globalist “self-dealing financial elite” tribalists and anti-globalist al-qaeda-like tribalists (mentioned earlier in his essay) as “parasitic interests”. While Robb sees the jihadi threat clearly enough he seems unwilling or unable to confront the implications of his own analysis regarding the “parasitic interests” who control finance and drive globalism. That their fraud going unpunished implies not the potential to gain control of government function, but that they have already gained it. That this control goes unheralded and uncriticized in the mainstream media implies that the “parasitic interests” also effectively control media function.

The “parasitic interests” who illegitimately control the Eurosphere’s government, finance, and media have made it clear that their most feared and detested enemies are White tribalists. For us repression and punishment are considered normal and deserved, especially in response to opposition to the “parasitic interests” whose genocidal immigration policies are swamping our homelands with hostile non-White tribalists.

UPDATE 16 July 2009: A bit more of Robb’s essay Containing Chaos is available at The Occidental Quarterly Online, including this paragraph:

News in the age of the global supernetwork is often startling. It features an endless procession of crushing financial panics, unexpected food shortages, sharp commodity price spikes, brazen terrorist attacks that have shut down major cities from New York to Sao Paulo to Mumbai, and much more. These extreme events form a pattern of behavior that should serve as an alarm. They are an indication that the system we have come to rely upon, the global supernetwork that connects us to each other and all manner of goods and services is entering a period of extreme turbulence, where we careen from crisis to crisis at an increasing rate and incremental severity. At worst, it may even be an indication of a looming catastrophic failure of indeterminable duration.

A Day In Mudland, very very funny!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Day In Mudland

I was driving down the freeway this afternoon during heavy traffic, as thousands of wetbacks and niggers and chinks crammed the highway, heading out for the holidays. To my right was a huge semi with a long box on it. The monster was blocking traffic and weaving all over the road, scaring the crap out of everyone around him. It was obvious this clown had started partying a day early.

Suddenly the driver decided he wanted in my spot…with me still in it! His rig slid across the white line and came within one inch of taking me out, before I was able to get out of his way. I leaned on my horn, but the asshole just ignored me. I backed way off to give the nut room, because there were too many bozos on the freeway to maneuver.

After tailing him for three miles, I decided to pass him and leave the prick behind me. I’ll be dipped in shit, if this idiot didn’t choose this exact time to slide into my lane again! Once again I leaned on my horn and barely escaped a major accident. Madder than hell, I pulled up next to the prick, only to discover a black-assed coon with a bottle of Thunderbird in his hand.

This old wino nigger had no business behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler, or even a 1963 Studebaker. From the looks of him, he’d had about fifty-thousand or so of those bottles before that one over the course of his useless life. I had no doubt at this point that he stole the truck. No crew boss in his right mind is going to hand the keys to a wino Rastus! I pointed at him and yelled for him to get that rig off the freeway. And in true nigger form he flipped me off and yelled, “FUGG YOUZ, MUUFUUGGGAH!!”

It was at this point that I stuck my lips waaay out and started scratching under my arm like a chimp and going, “Oook!! Oook!” Ole’ Buckwheat really chimped out when he saw this, and damn near rolled the rig! He was so pissed that he couldn’t keep it straight on the highway! I was laughing so hard I almost pissed myself. I had really struck a nerve.

But he was only one of many encounters I had in the past 24 hours, and though perhaps unusual for many of you, what I went through is anything but rare. It’s a normal, daily thing for the few remaining whites that live in this third world pest hole called California. People worry about the muds taking it over. They have nothing to sweat. They already did, about five years ago. I can sit at a stop sign on any given day, and any given time, and 19 out of 20 cars that pass will have a mud at the wheel. Driving in this state is a real risk. That’s because this state is stuffed with immigrants from all over the world, and most of them never drove a car in their lives until they got here.

And the old saying about Asian drivers being the worst is no legend. They’re a menace. You can always spot one. He’s the guy doing 40 in a 75 zone. He’s leaning waaay forward and squinting so hard at the road you could blindfold him with dental floss. His hands are gripping the wheel so tightly his knuckles are white. Cars honk and whiz past, but he stubbornly refuses to get in the slow lane or speed up.

Thousands of deadly accidents are caused here every year by these accursed chinks. In fact I, and a dozen other people had to slam on the brakes and come skidding to a stop from 70 miles per hour today because of one such chink, who got on the freeway and promptly settled down to a break-neck 35 mph in a 70 zone. If I could have stopped him somehow, I’d have squeezed his ignorant head off like a chicken.

But as far as attitude goes, the worst are the nigger hos. Nobody has these arrogant bitches beat when it comes to thinking the world owes them a living. Talk about hateful, spiteful, vicious, violent, loud, mouthy, profane, and classless! When one of these mean bitches gets behind the wheel of a car, the whole planet had better watch out.

In fact, nigger bitches in cars is a cottage industry out here for ambulance chasers. There is an entire class of nigger out here that lives and lives good off of trumped-up lawsuits these sluts file against poor, unsuspecting white families. They do this by deliberately causing a fender bender with some poor white, then screaming that they hurt their back or sprained their lips, etc. The Jewish shyster, whom they have on a perpetual retainer, takes a 40% cut of the take, and between them the white doesn’t stand a chance. After all, this is California; home of the liberal judge and the all-nigger jury. And if you’re black, you’re a slam-dunk.

Twice now, I’ve come very close to getting nailed myself by these hos. They sit in their car with the engine idling, watching and waiting for some white to start backing out of the parking lot they’re in. As soon as they see the backup lights come on, they slam their car in gear and hit the gas, timing it so that the two cars collide. Then comes the screaming and chimping out. And brother, you aint’ seen nothin’ until you’ve seen a loud mouthed nigger ho’ get down and dirty. Talk about loud!

And the really disgusting part of all of this is the way other niggers automatically rally around their fellow coon. Oh, they all know the score. It’s a well known scam among niggers. And as we all know, they’re a clannish people, and they help each other to rob whitey every chance they get. So any bystanders that happen to be black are all running over and pointing to the white and yelling, “I sawz it all! Yazzuuhh! De crackah done it!” And of course these “good citizens” will get a small kickback from her lawyer after they win. That’s how the game is played down here. Now you know why our insurance is so damned high.

Between the thieving niggers and the thieving wetbacks stealing cars faster than they can build them, the insurance companies in this state would pull out altogether if they could, but the government won’t let them. They tried to, about ten years ago…lol…

I went to the bank this morning to cash a couple of checks, but when I got there, the place looked like a Martin Luther King convention. It was wall-to-wall coons. I couldn’t figure out what the hell had attracted so many niggers to one bank. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer, and I asked the nearest white. She said that it was their welfare checks, that the state had sent them out late(the state’s in a budget crisis..no duuh! Too many muds on the dole), and the banks would also be closed for the next three days.

It was a nasty, stinking, reeking, noisy-assed ordeal to wait in line with that many porch monkeys, let me tell you. By the time I got out of there, my eyes were bloodshot and glazed over, and I was grimacing like I had hemorrhoids and was trying to pass an armadillo. No sane person should have to go through that. The smell alone was enough to give a person brain damage. And on the ugly scale from one to ten, some of those coons rated a fifteen. One extremely fat ho had an ass that started at the back of her neck and went to her feet. I think if she’d been able to turn that big fat mouth of hers sideways, she’d have split in two. We’ve all seen them; the ones that are so fat that when they walk it looks like two rabid pit bulls fighting in a gunny sack. Every time she took a step, her ass threatened to slap the back of her head.

And what the hell is it with their predilection for purple tights? The fatter they are, the more they love really loud colored tights and leotards. This bitch had on a pair that had seen better days (and soap)a couple of years back. The thread that held the ass together was stretched to the breaking point, and I could see ass through the gap where the threads had stretched so far, that they were leaving a space large enough to toss a cat through. I was terrified that those inhumanly overworked threads would give up the ghost while I was still near her, and bury me under a mountain of reeking black ass. The thought almost sent me running out the door, gibbering, screaming and pulling out tufts of hair as I went. The “joys of diversity” my cracker ass…

But even after all that, I still didn’t escape unscathed, for no sooner had I stepped outside into breathable air, when a greasy looking wetback that had a face not even his mother could love, walked up to me and tried to sell me a pineapple. His partner was hawking them and some other sundry fruits out of the back of an old Chevy pickup with no plates(what else?). I hadn’t eaten all day and was starved, so I decided I’d grab a cantaloupe and wolf it in the parking lot, then hit the road again.

I never got the chance. No sooner had I taken three steps toward the truck when three more wetbacks came out of the woodwork and tried to mooch money off of me. They wait to see who might buy fruit. And if they walk toward the truck, that means they have money. That’s how they know who to hit. And they’ll work as a team to try to distract the gringo.And while two are in his face yelling for money, the third is behind him stealing his wallet with very expert fingers.

But as most of my readers already know by now, I’m pretty streetwise and didn’t fall for their scam. I knew immediately what they were up to and pulled my knife and popped it open. I always carry it, and it has a wickedly long and sharp blade. I showed it to them and said, “Back off or get cut, you thieving wetbacks. Your choice.” One of them looked like he might have been game anyway, but not alone, and his brothers didn’t want anything to do with me. I think it was probably the insane way I was grinning at them..lol.

I left the bastards standing there in the parking lot as I drove off. I called the local PD for all the good it would do, because half the force is now wetback, and the other half is rabid liberal. I might as well have called the local girl scout troop. Just another day in mudland…

Whites are literally stampeding out of the state as I write this, and the wetbacks are pouring in. Vacant houses are everywhere, and greedy landlords would rather let their places set empty making nothing, than drop the rent to something reasonable. They had a taste of gouge money during the real estate boom, and being mostly stupid, greedy ragheads and chinks (the government financed the property for all of them when they arrived here), they think they can still reap that kind of extortion money. They refuse to get the point that people are broke and won’t…can’t pay their insane rates any longer.

Whites are sick of the constantly increasing taxes, fees, tickets, cop harassment, muds, crime, and all the good jobs going overseas or to muds. They’re especially sick of a government that refuses to run these invaders out. California has become just an extension of northern Mexico, trash, ghettos and all.

Last week the city hired a road contractor, and naturally hired the lowest bidder, who works only fresh, unskilled wetbacks for minimum wage. They dug up a mile of street on Baseline Blvd to install some new pipe, then they filled and paved it. Yeah right. They took a formerly white-built, glass smooth road and turned it into a devil’s golf course. I kid you not. You have never driven on anything so bad in your life. A drunken blind man could have done a better job. That section of road is now tearing the hell out of the suspensions of a lot of cars, and city hall is being flooded with angry callers, demanding the city pay for all the damage.

So the mayor’s office tried to get the contractor to come out and fix the mess, but “Pedro’s Contracting” no longer exists. It’s now “Pedro’s Lawn Care”. Think I’m kidding? You reap what you sow Mr. Liberal…

I got home and turned on the TV to some fiction show straight out of Hollyweird, where the ace code breaker; the genius of the entire country mind you, was a fat, rap spouting, plate-lipped nigger punk. And his sidekick? Any guesses? You win! Yep! It was a beautiful blonde! The standard liberal formula for shows now. Just one more reason to despise this state..and Washington DC…

I could go on with this, and list quite a few more misadventures I had just trying to get through the day, but to be honest, it’s just too depressing and makes me dream visions of war, blood, and red mayhem.I think I’ll go down to the junk shop and buy a couple of their worst old TVs and put them in my bedroom. That way, when I see the inevitable program ala mud, that I know is going to send me over the edge, I’ll have some old TVs to abuse and be able to leave my good one alone. Boots through the screen are starting to get expensive.

-The Lone Haranguer

Locust: You must live in San Diego Californication. I have seen the same damn shit for some time now, I try to not go to the bank for the same exact reason, where I live, we have diversity up the ass, diversity centers, diversity training, diversity police, diversity here, there and everywhere, no mention of America’s people, you know what I mean, “white” people, yeah I said it, we are the only Americans everyone else is something else entirely. As for what you said in your post, I agree with every single aspect, I have friends who are Asian, and its all true, but you forgot to mention the “Massage” Parlors, and nail salons full of “legal” workers, who didn’t marry a cousin so they could come on over and bleed our population dry through the pedicure.  I have seen the future of America and its California, broke, tired, and hungry.  But before we go down that path, I bought a 12 ga. Tactical Shotgun, an AR-15 with 6.8 spec upper for windshields penetration, and various other tools that I will need for what’s coming to America, like a machete.  I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the white devil is about to be released, the only thing holding us back is the economy, and as we have seen over the last few months under the current illegal administration, the economy is going down hard.  But like true Americans we won’t do anything until the mud people begin to riot, and when they do it will spread like wild fire in the hills of Malibu, we will either rise up and slaughter these animals or they will eat us alive.  I know for a fact that hundreds of thousands of us are preparing for what is to come, we are buying guns and ammo, building safe rooms, buying and storing food for the long haul.  We all work with the mud’s, I work in healthcare, I know without a doubt that they sense what’s happening, they know that we know what they think about us, they know that we are buying up all the bullets and guns the factory can make, and they know we are mad as hell and are not going to take it any more.   Its time we begin to organize on the ground level, we cannot retake our homeland through the ballot box, only a revolution can save this nation, and hell fucking NO, are we going to allow the mud’s to split Our Nation up into separate smaller nations, fuck that! There are enough of us in small surrounding communities around the major cities to retake this nation, we control the police, army, navy, air fore, and the navy, we own 90% of the firearms, all we need is the will and a leader to take us there.  But I don’t think killing every mud will solve the problem, we must eliminate every liberal yes that’s true, we must give the mud’s a choice to leave with nothing but the cloths on their backs, nothing more. Primarily the male mud’s must go, every one of them, NO exceptions, All blacks MUST GO back to Africa NO exceptions, but Asian Females and Latina Females should be allowed to stay, so long as only white males remain in the nation.  Our constitution must remain the same but also include protections for our people, and additional clauses on who is allowed to run for and hold public office, only white males.  The last point Canada, must be annexed, and cleansed, and the many Mexicans south of us must be relocated on the other side of the panama canal.  Lastly, we must retake Europe, and wipe Islam off the face of the Earth.  This is just a small list, we could add some other things to it, but I think this is a good start, now all we need it a massive poverty riot, and the game will be on.

Democrat overlords: White man shut the fuck up and pay the bill! Illegal Aliens The Census Bureau Wants You!

Democrat overlords: White man shut the fuck up and pay the bill!


For all of you who have said that we on the right are crazy, listen up, the democrat party is using the minorities to gain absolute power in America, the two party system will come to an end following the census of 2010.  They will count every illegal alien in this nation, and take political power away from those of us who pay the bill “white people,” and give the power to non-whites through the census. The DHS says that the right wing is very angry, and growing anger is fueling a resurgence of the racial consciousness within the white population, this is very true, we are not happy, I see my people being pushed aside for the benefit of non-whites, not because they are better but because they vote democrat.  If you think this will stand, think again.  The rest of the nation does not want to be California, here the Latino caucus with the democrats, redistricted the state to ensure a democrat majority rule indefinitely, and a permeate but shrinking minority status for the republican party, and we the white folks, who are now a minority in the state, who pay all the bills, are kicked to the side and told to pay the bill and shut up!

The one party overloads within the democrat party, want this for the rest of the nation, and if you disagree you are branded a racist, blackmailed, extorted, watched by the DHS, and eventually if we rebel, put in reeducation or extermination camps through FEMA.  That’s what’s coming, that’s the foundation the Obamainites are building today, civil war and revolution is coming with absolute certainty.

Minnesota officials push for full head count in 2010 census

The push is on to leave no Minnesotan uncounted in next year’s census. The State Demographic Center is holding town hall forums in Mankato, Austin and Owatonna this week to highlight the coming national head count.
(CNSNews.com )- The acting director of the U.S. Census Bureau, Thomas Mesenbourg, told CNSNews.com that the bureau intends to work with community organizations to make sure every illegal alien in the United States is counted in the 2010 Census.

The Census is used to apportion the seats in the U.S. House of Representative. There are 435 House seats that are divided among the states in proportion to their population, which is determined by the decennial census. States with more people get more seats in the U.S. House.

This means that a state harboring more illegal aliens can gain more House seats as long as the Census Bureau finds the illegal aliens and counts them. This also means that the illegal alien population resident in the United States during a census year has the potential to alter the regional and philosophical balance of power in Congress.

By John Frisby • Apr 14th, 2009 • Category: Ethics, Opinion, Politics

April 13, 2009

Who Counts?: The next U.S. census chief wants to count people who aren’t there. The acting director wants to count people who shouldn’t be here. And Acorn will help do the counting.

Back when he was the Census Bureau’s associate director of statistical design, Robert M. Groves, nominated to be the next director of the bureau, recommended that the 1990 census be statistically adjusted to correct an alleged undercount of minorities in urban areas — areas that tend to vote heavily Democratic.

Commerce Secretary Robert Mosbacher overruled him, saying the use of “statistical sampling,” as it’s known, was a form of “political tampering.” The Supreme Court later ruled in 1999 that statistical sampling couldn’t be used to apportion House seats among the states, but didn’t rule out using estimates to redraw district lines within a state.

Statistical sampling is a technique akin to polling. You select what you consider a representative sample and extrapolate your findings over the general population.

The problem is that Article 1, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution forbids it. It requires an “actual enumeration” of all Americans every 10 years, not a guess based on statistical sampling. That means counting real, live, breathing people. The Founding Fathers weren’t fools. Sampling techniques have changed, but human nature has not.

If the Census Bureau were allowed to use sampling, it would have to develop formulas for its samples. How you structure the formula affects the results. It’s possible a party in power might determine the desired result first, then determine the sampling formula needed to achieve it.

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke says there are no plans to use statistical sampling in the 2010 census, but there will be enormous pressure to do so. Remember that Judd Gregg withdrew his nomination to be Commerce Secretary when plans to run the census out of the White House under Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel were revealed.

On April 1, Secretary Locke joined several activist groups, including the National Council of La Raza and the League of United Latin American Citizens, at a press conference to talk about efforts to ensure a full count of Latinos in the 2010 census.

After the press conference, acting director Thomas Mesenbourg said the Census Bureau intended to reach out to illegal aliens through “trusted” community organizations.

“It’s more than just the Census Bureau telling them that it’s safe,” said Mesenbourg. “We need somebody that they view as a trusted voice — somebody in a community organization that can assure them it’s safe.”

One of those trusted organizations, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, infamous for its documented participation in vote fraud, signed on as a national partner with the Census Bureau in February. It will help recruit the 1.4 million temporary workers needed to go door to door. Acorn has helped ensure “people” like Mary Poppins and Jive Turkey were registered to vote. We wouldn’t want the census to miss them.

Groves has spent decades researching how to improve response rates, and apparently one of the ways being considered is to remind people of the federal goodies that come along with being counted.

Page 24 of the Census Bureau’s 351-page 2010 plan for the census advises that “messages that increase knowledge of the benefits of filling out the Census improve motivation and favorability towards Census participation.” People should be reminded that the “Census determines how over $300 billion per year in federal funds get divided among states and local areas of the country.”

This is even if the people are illegally here or are just estimated to be here.

The nation depends on an accurate count of who and where we are. But it shouldn’t be used to create a permanent class dependent on government and the drawing of lines to create a permanent Democratic majority.


Illegal Aliens The Census Bureau Wants You!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Recently the acting Census Bureau Fascist chief, Thomas Mesenbourg, issued an order to its workers, “you will count the illegal aliens, or you will die.” To make sure they are counted they are using community organizations like ACORN to do the illegal alien dance in the streets.

The acting director of the U.S. Census Bureau, Thomas Mesenbourg, told CNSNews.com that the bureau intends to work with community organizations to make sure every illegal alien in the United States is counted in the 2010 Census.

This means that corrupt ACORNgets to count all citizens including illegal immigrants which will change the apportionment of the House of Representatives. Simply put….Democrats will get more seats in House. The Census is just another way to illegally affect elections for years to come. This has been Pelosi, Reid and Bambi’s plan all along.

This means that a state harboring more illegal aliens can gain more House seats as long as the Census Bureau finds the illegal aliens and counts them. This also means that the illegal alien population resident in the United States during a census year has the potential to alter the regional and philosophical balance of power in Congress.

Who are some of those states? California, Nevada, Kansas has their fair share, hell their are illegal immigrants in almost all 50 states in the union….at last count there were 12 million illegal immigrants and counting especially since the violence of the Mexican drug cartels spreads across Mexico…somewhat unchecked!

See who the fascist Commerce Secretary Locke was with prior to the statement from the Fascist Census Chief:

Mesenbourg’s comments were made after a press conference on Wednesday where Commerce Secretary Gary Locke joined several interest groups, including Univision, the National Council of La Raza, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) to talk about efforts to ensure a full count of Latinos in the 2010 Census.

Not to appear racist or anything but counting white people isn’t important. The only taxpayers Census cares about counting are minorities.

Just so there is no mistake about what the fascist said!

On a side note, among illegal immigrants who will be counted is Bambi’s Aunti Zuni. Why you are asking yourself? Because some frigging liberal immigration judge is letting Aunti Zuni defy the law one more time. Yes, Aunti Zuni is back in Boston living on the taxpayers dime once more. The frigging judge said ” we will check her out again next year.” Simply put, Aunt Zuni will never be deported and neither will any other illegal. Are you pissed off enough yet?

What did Bambi’s aunt say when told she could stay?

“Praise God,” Onyango said softly, holding her head high as she was surrounded by a throng of men in suits.

God has nothing to do with it. It is because we have no policy on illegal immigrants (except to let them stay) and we don’t enforce the laws currently on the books.

Are you pissed off enough yet?

If you are pissed off enough…join me and say “screw you” to the Census Bureau…don’t answer their stupid questionnaire. And if they call you, hang up on them. If they show up on your porch tell them to pack sand and take their shit elsewhere! That’s right Stand Up! Speak Up! and Act Up! Send Pelosi, Reid and Bambi a message….!

One Comment for “Illegal Aliens The Census Bureau Wants You!”


Another nail in the coffin of the American Citizen. I really do not know what the hell is happening, I know the Damocrats want all, and I mean all, illegals to become citizens over nite. I suspect I’m talking about 24 million crimminals sponsered and supported by the Democratic party. And what can the American people do about it, NOTHING. You voted those people in and now they are getting thier revenge against the Republican party because they were defeated so many times in the pass. It is no more what is good for our Country, it is how far can I throw this country into the sewer to get our revenge, because I don’t have to worry I’ll get re elected again with the illegal votes. The American people will listen to that smooth taking Hollywood half breed that is now in office and fall for his smooth talking propreganda again.

Sorry, I had to let off steam because there is not a damm thing I or you can do about it. I will be expecting a call from the secret service because I’m talking against the now administration. So go ahead and call me.

House Rejects Exclusion of Aliens in Census

The House has rejected an attempt to make the Census Bureau exclude illegal aliens from the population count that will be used to reapportion Congressional seats after the 1990 census.

But before the procedural ruling Tuesday that doomed the census proposal, the measure won unexpected support in a vote pointing up regional anxieties over how the 1990 census will redistribute the 435 House seats. In making the proposal, Representative Tom Ridge, a Pennsylvania Republican, was seeking to exclude the undocumented workers not from the basic census count, but from the tally used for reapportionment. A Debate Over Fairness

Meanwhile, the Commerce Department, the bureau’s parent agency, announced the census would include overseas employees of the Defense Department and their dependents, 1.2 million to 1.6 million people. Such military personnel were counted in the 1970 census at the height of the Vietnam War but not in the 1980 census.

With this decision, the department eliminated one of the arguments put forth by Representative Ridge and his supporters: that it would be unfair to include the aliens and exclude the overseas military employees in the count used for reapportionment.

Such a case was made Tuesday at a brief House subcommittee meeting on the census and later when the debate moved to the House floor.

Representative Tim Valentine, a North Carolina Democrat, argued for the exclusion of the undocumented aliens. ”I’m not asking that these people be deprived of any benefits,” he said. ”I don’t want to reward the localities where these people illegally reside. That is not fair. It may be constitutional, but it just isn’t right.”

The constitutional mandate under which the census is conducted requires the counting of all ”persons,” a term that Federal courts have interpreted to include noncitizens.

A study by Jacob S. Siegel, a former chief demographer for the Census Bureau who is now senior research scholar at Georgetown University’s Center for Population Research, estimates that the demographic shift of population southward and westward will mean 17 of the 435 Congressional seats will be reapportioned out of one state and into another.

Of the 17, about 3 seats might change hands solely as a result of the inclusion of illegal aliens in the count, Mr. Siegel’s estimates show.

Europe’s Descent into Dhimmitude

Europe’s Descent into Dhimmitude

Written by Selwyn Duke
Monday, 02 February 2009 05:20

While we wouldn’t know it from listening to the mainstream media, the Islamization of Europe is occurring at a faster rate than anyone imagined. Not only that, the same threat looms here in America, as we are following in the Old World’s footsteps.

French Riot PoliceOne of man’s tragic faults is that he tends to swing from one extreme to the other. We can see this phenomenon clearly in Europe, whose nations have transitioned from a surfeit of nationalism to sickening internationalism, from the colonization of exotic civilizations to inviting the colonization of their dying ones. And, as a result, they’re doing more to fulfill Saladin’s dream than the Moslem conqueror ever could.

So says Jesse Petrilla, a journalist who just returned from a trip to Europe during which he investigated a demographic force that, as Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi said, may grant Islam victory “without swords, without guns, without conquests.” Writing at FrontPageMagazine.com, Petrilla tells of a Europe so paralyzed by multiculturalism that it greets unassimilable foreign elements not only with open arms but also a white flag.

Petrilla began his journey in France. He reports that Paris has “no-go zones,” which are “Islamic neighborhoods where police absolutely refuse to enter, and where if you are not a Muslim and you are caught driving through it you will have bricks thrown at your car and may not make it out alive.” Petrilla then tells of a new chief of police “who decided he wanted to crack down on the no-go zones and send his police in, against the wishes of many other authorities. When the police entered one of the large 15 story commie-block style apartment buildings, someone pushed a refrigerator off the roof onto one of the squad cars. They don’t go in there any more [sic].”

Not surprisingly, this weakness emboldens the Moslems to wreak havoc beyond their enclaves. As to this, Petrilla attended a Hamas and Hezbollah rally that swelled to at least 15,000 screaming, violent “jihadis” who burned American and Israeli flags and became so threatening that the journalist finally had to leave the scene. Moreover, Petrilla writes that on the first day of his trip, “local news reported that another synagogue was firebombed, a 4th that week, and a man had just been stabbed for wearing a Star of David by the notorious ‘disenfranchised youths’ as the media calls them. Two days prior, there was a ‘peace’ rally which resulted in the burning of dozens of cars, again by those pesky “youths” who for some reason yell ‘Allah Akbar’ while rioting.”

Yet such passion is conspicuously absent among native Frenchmen, who, even after 60 years, haven’t lost the spirit of Vichy. Writes Petrilla, “An unnamed source . . . explained that during a recent protest, someone began shooting at the police with a handgun, [sic] the officer in charge gave the order to his men not to return fire, and was given an award by the government for his restraint.”

Petrilla next visited Holland, where he found much the same situation, with no-go zones in cities and a striking lack of assimilation. In metropolitan areas, about 50 percent of the youths are now Moslem, and while observing a class from a “typical Dutch school,” he estimated that approximately 30 percent of the girls were wearing the Moslem head covering the hijab. Additionally, Sharia Law is already being instituted in some Moslem areas; as a result, crimes in such places are often not reported to Dutch authorities. They are instead handled by local religious leaders, who administer their own punishments.

When analyzing this sad state of affairs, Petrilla places the blame where it belongs: on liberalism. This really is a situation where we can quote the comic strip character Pogo and say “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” Sure, Dar al-Islam has had designs on the West for more than a millennium, but it long ago lost the ability to contend with us militarily. More recently, however, we have lost the ability to contend with it culturally. While the Moslem world is characterized by a cultural chauvinism that inspires its more zealous elements to impose their values on others, we are hamstrung by a cultural self-loathing that inspires our more traitorous elements to accommodate those very values. The result is that Islam has no reason to use the sword to subdue us because we use it to commit hari-kari.

The brand of insanity that makes suicide seem attractive is a systemic problem, but I’d like to address one particular aspect of it, something I’ve dubbed “immigrationism.” Immigrationism is a blindly accepted dogma, one stating that immigration is an absolute good and the lifeblood of any civilization. This we are to take on faith. It is rarely questioned. It is un-American to reject it.

It is also even more rarely explained. For most of history, the norm was to keep unassimilable foreign elements out of your nation, not invite them in. But a sound rationale for this radical departure from history’s model for preserving a civilization is never provided. Instead, we simply hear empty slogans such as “Our strength lies in our diversity.” But how? The default understanding had always been that our strength lay in our unity. Have the laws governing man’s nature changed so radically that the opposite is now true?

Really, we seem to forget two all-important factors. First, when people come here, they bring their values with them. Second, people get the government they deserve because, one way or another, the government will reflect the people. Thus, change the collective values of the electorate by importing large, culturally alien groups, and you necessarily change the nation. Put simply, replace our population with a Mexican or Moslem one and you no longer have Western civilization. You have Mexico North or Iran West.

Like it or not, a discussion about immigration is a discussion about what we want to be. Unfortunately, though, to many Westerners, politically-incorrect discussion is even more intolerable than dhimmitude or death.

Selwyn Duke is a columnist and public speaker whose work has been published widely online and in print, on both the local and national levels. He has been featured on the Rush Limbaugh Show, at WorldNetDaily.com, in American Conservative magazine, is a contributor to AmericanThinker.com and appears regularly as a guest on the award-winning, nationally-syndicated Michael Savage Show. Visit his Website.

What’s Up With White Women—And White Men?

What’s Up With White Women—And White Men?

By David Yeagley

Since I began writing for VDARE.com, FrontPageMagazine.com, and American Enterprise.com in 2001, there is one article that has been more often quoted than any other: What’s Up With White Women? (It appeared on FrontPageMag May 18, 2001, but is no longer available on in its website). There is something in this article that has been considered fundamentally important by authors with such diverse approaches to as Pat Buchanan (The Death of the West, pp. 155-156), Robert Spencer (The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades pp. 177-179 and Religion of Peace pp. 2-3), and most recently, Michael Medved (The 10 Big Lies About America, pp. 9-10).

My original article was meant to call attention to the fact that the attitude of white women in America is an indication of where the country stands—and, specifically, where white men stand. As an American Indian, I had occasion to recognize this in a way that apparently spoke very deeply to white men in this country who are concerned about the future.

White men don’t stand in a very good place, according to many white women. White men have failed.

This article came about as the result of a simple exchange between myself and a white female student, back when I was teaching at Oklahoma State University (Oklahoma City campus). It began:

Look, Dr, Yeagley, I don’t see anything about my culture to be proud of. It’s all nothing. My race is just nothing.”

The girl was white. She was tall and pretty, with amber hair and brown eyes. For convenience’ sake, let’s call her ‘Rachel.’

I had been leading a class on social psychology, in which we discussed patriotism – what it means to be a people or a nation. The discussion had been quite lively. But when Rachel spoke, everyone fell silent.

“Look at your culture,” she said to me. “Look at American Indian tradition. Now I think that’s really great. You have something to be proud of. My culture is nothing.”

“You’re not proud to be American?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m happy to be American, but I’m not proud of how America came about.”

Her choice of words was telling. She was “happy” to be an American. But not “proud” of it.

On one level, I wasn’t surprised. I knew the head of our American History department at Oklahoma State University-OKC, and I recognized his hackneyed liberal jargon in Rachel’s words. She had taken one of his courses, with predictable results.

Yet, I was still stunned. Her words disturbed and offended me in a way that I could not quite enunciate.

I could hardly concentrate the rest of the day. I lay awake that night thinking about what she had said.

“Rachel”, I called her, said that she was ashamed of American culture. She essentially denied that there was any. On the other hand, she extolled me and American Indian people for the honorable culture of Indian Country, and the fact that it is still here.

I found this astounding, and deeply disturbing. On the one hand, I was proud to say that it took the greatest culture in the world to defeat the Indians. But, on the other hand, if this young heiress of America considered her own culture to be “nothing”, then what did that say of mine?

Central to my telling of this modern tale of cultural clash was the quotation of a Cheyenne saying, a proverb, whose source by this time I don’t even remember. It’s just a simple, obvious, dramatic fact: “A nation is never defeated until the hearts of its women are on the ground”

Rachel’s heart was on the ground.

My article continued:

“As I lay awake that night, I thought of an old story by Kay Boyle, written in 1941, called Defeat. It’s about the French women in the German-occupied village of Pontcharra. All the French men were away at war. It was the 14th of July, Bastille Day, when Frenchmen were usually proud to be French. The village women, however, chose that day to give in to the German men.

They did it innocently enough. The women just wanted to wear their fancy holiday dresses. They wanted to drink and dance. And the Germans were the only men around with whom they could do it.

So they gave in.”

I propose that, with the recent presidential selection in America, the hearts of most white women are on the ground. That a near-majority of white women—46% as opposed to 41% of white men—ended up voting for a dubious figure of impossible identity, an alien black African leftist, is something to take serious note of. And I have no doubt that girls like “Rachel” were the reason whites aged 18-30 did vote solidly for Obama, the only white group to do so.

Now, authors like Buchanan, Spencer, and Medved each respond to this matter of my article in different contexts.

Buchanan saw Rachel’s attitude as being the result of antihistory which was “killing love of country”.

Spencer sees it as an expression of the anti-white racism that would debunk all Western (i.e., “white”) civilization altogether. This, Spencer says, is part of what has prepared the way for the invasion of Islam in the modern world. It is the essential self-abasement when has nearly destroyed modern Europe’s resolve to preserve itself from Islam.

Medved’s use of What’s Up With White Women? is found in his introduction. It is America-specific, and speaks directly to the issue of America’s pride. Medved argues that America need not be ashamed.

Inevitably, the very first issue he addresses is American Indian encounters. The first “lie” he wants to remove is the thought that America Indians were pristinely abused and America is therefore forever branded as evil. Medved cites “Rachel’s” lament as simply an example of the shame he wants to remove. He disputes the cause of that shame. The encounter with the American Indian was not as outrageous as liberals would make it. Medved uses historical references and bases his moral arguments on those. Specifically, the devastations of small-pox on Indians, says Medved, cannot be attributed to any intent of the American government.

Ann Coulter would certainly agree on that point. When she did the Bad Eagle Interview with me (The Great White Woman Speaks, October 19, 2006), she pointed out that Pasteur’s science of contagion was not known until the late nineteenth century, long after small-pox had done its evil work on the Indian population.

And everyone knows, Ann Coulter’s heart is not on the ground!

But apparently authors like Buchanan, Spencer, and Medved fear that the hearts of many white women are. My article strikes deep, like an arrow piercing the heart. The men of no race or ethnicity want to see their women falling at the feet of foreigners.

I concluded

“It gives me no solace to see the white man self-destruct. If Rachel’s people are ‘nothing,’ what does that say about mine?

I believe in my Comanche people. I know that someday we’ll stand as equals before the white man, strong, prosperous and self-sufficient. But we won’t get there by listening to empty praise from guilty white women. We’ll get there by studying the white man’s ways and learning to be strong as he is.”

Of course, this does require white men to be strong.

Dr. David A. Yeagley [email him] is an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation (Lawton, Oklahoma). His articles have appeared in TheAmericanEnterprise.com, FrontPageMagazine.com, VDARE.com, and on his own web site, BadEagle.com. He is a speaker for the Young America’s Foundation, and for the John Birch Society. David Yeagley’s columns for VDARE.COM include An American Indian View of Immigration, and To Deport or not to Deport. David Yeagley is the author of Bad Eagle: The Rantings of a Conservative Comanche and Altered States: The State of the Dead and the State of the Holy. Dr. Yeagley has contributed to Persian Heritage Magazine and served its editorial board since 1998. Recently, Dr. Yeagley was commissioned by the Oklahoma Historical Society to write a symphonic music score for the 1920 silent movie, “Daughter of Dawn”. Release date is projected in 2009.

House passes Obama economic stimulus plan President: America is officially DEAD, 30% of bill contains pork spending.

House passes Obama economic stimulus plan,

America is officially DEAD.  No Republicans supported

it. When it fails, you will know who is to blame.  Lock

and load people, when the riots begin, one shot one

kill, remember Katrina.

President: ‘Perilous moment’ requires swift action to kick-start economy.  30% of bill contains pork spending.

WASHINGTON – The Democratic-controlled House approved $819 billion in spending increases and tax cuts at the heart of President Barack Obama’s economic recovery program Wednesday evening, despite Republicans’ charges that the bill is wasteful.

“We don’t have a moment to spare,” Obama declared earlier Wednesday at the White House as Democrats hastened to do his bidding.

A mere eight days after Inauguration Day, Speaker Nancy Pelosi heralded a new era. “The ship of state is difficult to turn,” said the California Democrat. “But that is what we must do. That is what President Obama called us to do in his inaugural address.”

The stimulus package passed by a vote of 244-188. Eleven Democrats voted against the measure, while no Republicans supported it.

With unemployment at its highest level in a quarter-century, the banking industry wobbling despite the infusion of staggering sums of bailout money and states struggling with budget crises, Democrats said the legislation was desperately needed.

“Another week that we delay is another 100,000 or more people unemployed. I don’t think we want that on our consciences,” said Rep. David Obey, D-Wis., chairman of the House Appropriations Committee and one of the leading architects of the legislation.

Republicans said the bill was short on tax cuts and contained too much spending, much of it wasteful and unlikely to help laid-off Americans.

The party’s leader, Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, said the measure “won’t create many jobs, but it will create plenty of programs and projects through slow-moving government spending.”

The legislation includes an estimated $544 in federal spending and $275 billion in tax cuts for individuals and businesses.

Included is money for traditional job-creating programs such as highway construction and mass transit projects. But the measure tickets far more for unemployment benefits, health care and food stamp increases designed to aid victims of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

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Tens of billions of additional dollars would go to the states, which confront the prospect of deep budget cuts of their own. That money marks an attempt to ease the recession’s impact on schools and law enforcement. With funding for housing weatherization and other provisions, the bill also makes a down payment on Obama’s campaign promise of creating jobs that can reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

The centerpiece tax cut calls for a $500 break for single workers and $1,000 for couples, including those who don’t earn enough to owe federal income taxes.

The House vote marked merely the first of several major milestones a for the legislation, which Democratic leaders have pledged to deliver to the White House for Obama’s signature by mid-February.

Already a more bipartisan — and costlier — measure is taking shape in the Senate, and Obama personally pledged to House and Senate Republicans in closed-door meetings on Tuesday that he is ready to accept modifications as the legislation advances.

Rahm Emanuel, a former Illinois congressman who is Obama’s chief of staff, invited nearly a dozen House Republicans to the White House late Tuesday for what one participant said was a soft sales job.

This lawmaker quoted Emanuel as telling the group that polling shows roughly 80 percent support for the legislation, and that Republicans oppose it at their political peril. The lawmaker spoke on condition of anonymity, saying there was no agreement to speak publicly about the session.

In fact, though, many Republicans in the House are virtually immune from Democratic challenges because of the makeup of their districts, and have more to fear from GOP primary challenges in 2010. As a result, they have relatively little political incentive to break with conservative orthodoxy and support hundreds of billions in new federal spending.


President-elect Barack Obama
Stimulus plan
Details of the $825 billion stimulus plan proposed by House Democrats working with President Barack Obama.

Also, some Republican lawmakers have said in recent days they know they will have a second chance to support a bill when the final House-Senate compromise emerges in a few weeks.

That gave an air of predictability to the proceedings in the House, as Democrats defended the legislation as an appropriate response to the specter of double-digit unemployment in the near future.

Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R-Texas, sought to strip out all the spending from the legislation before final passage, arguing that the entire cost of the bill would merely add to soaring federal deficits. “Where are we going to get the money,” he asked.

Obey had a ready retort. “They don’t look like Herbert Hoover, I guess, but there are an awful lot of people in this chamber who think like Herbert Hoover,” he said, referring to the president whose term is forever linked in history with the Great Depression.

Copyright 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

I want Obama to win. We must allow everything to occur as it is intended.

I want Obama to win.  I may die during the conflict, but we will fight when the time comes, and we will win.

Here is how we win this new conflict with an old history.  We must allow everything to occur as it is intended.

I want Obama to do everything he and his anti-white communist elites have planned, I want them to break the economic back of this nation with massive spending, I want him to fire all white heterosexual males currently working within the government and only hire minorities, I want Obama to push every liberal agenda to mainstream and break the moral and linguistic heritage of this nation.  I want this nation to die, a slow and painful death.  I want Obama to weaken our nation militarily, I want Obama to break down our central intelligence agency, making it easier for terrorists to infiltrate this nation.  I want communist and islamists to run freely over the landscape, I want the islamists terrorists to detonate a nuclear bomb in ten major metropolitan cities.  I want Obama to declare our constitution illegal, and no longer needed in the brave new world order.  The left in the west are moving towards the creation of a communist block federation of nations once called the western world.  I want them to open the borders and allow every illegal alien to enter this nation from all over the world, and bankrupt and destroy the local and state economies.

Why do I want these things?  Because these events will destroy this nation, economically first, riots and crime will skyrocket. Second they will destroy this nation socially, education will collapse, madness and insanity will reign supreme. The left will destroy this nation there is nothing we can do about, only when whites realize that non-white males must go, will we even begin to wake the hell up, and I have one thing to fall back on, my 12 gauge shot gun, my 6.8 spc AR-15 assault rifle, other planned weapons, and my various home made weapon systems.  Not to mention multiply levels of body armor, and other homemade defensive systems.

This nation must die politically, socially and economically, so that the white males who own 95% of the fire arms in this nation can do something about it.  The nation must die so when can rebuild, 1 in 3 of us must sacrifice our lives, we must embrace the destruction of the west, only then will the white males rise up and destroy our enemies, take back what’s rightfully ours, and kill everyone who moved against us.  A world wide race war is what’s needed, and America is the lynch pin of the liberal democracies within the west, when America goes, the west will follow, and then the rise of white Nationalist is all but assured.

White Nationalist government will come to power after the collapse of the west!!!  Think about it, don’t fight it, buy guns and ammo, buy food and water, buy body armor and NBC gear for you and your family, get ready and be prepared, and when the time comes my brothers, I will see you on the battlefield from the streets of L.A. to New York’s Central park, it will not occur in the next 4-5 years, but soon afterwards, we will retake what is ours, allow the world to see the first African Dictator of America, allow this nation to die, be joyful when terrorist attack us, allow this nation to die, and then and only then will we rise to power.  Many of us will die, but the West will be reborn, and our constitution will be reborn in our image, it will protect the ethnic nature of our nation and that of the west, and we must make ready for time is coming when you will no longer be able to purchase what you need to survive.  Be ready, buy plenty of guns and ammo, our organization will come when it is intended to occur, when we need it to save our people, and not a moment sooner.  Obama will fail, liberalism will fail, you cannot defy human nature for very long, until you face the consequences of your defiance.

Black Locust


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