The Collapse Of The American Empire


The Collapse Of The American Empire
And The Rebalancing Of The World

The collapse of Empires is nothing new. They come and go, as any student of history can see. In ancient times, we can read of the decadence of the Roman Empire, which brought about its collapse. In more recent times, the older among us in Great Britain have witnessed the collapse of the British Empire, which included one quarter of the population of the world.

Although that Empire crumbled away from 1945 on, as colony after colony became independent, in reality its real downfall had already begun in 1917. It was in that year that Great Britain went bankrupt as a result of the Great European War that had been started in 1914, largely by the megalomaniac Kaiser and international armament manufacturers. Thus, in 1917 Great Britain had been forced to borrow money from financiers in order to continue the war, making political compromises to do so (1). 1917 and not 1914 marked the real turning-point in world history in other ways too. It was after all in 1917 that the Russian Revolution, financed from New York, took place and within a few weeks the USA had entered the European War. As a result there began what many call ‘the American Century’, nearly a hundred years of US dominance of the world, as Western Europe entered not only into its first suicide pact of 1914-1918, but also its second, from 1939-1945.

However, the collapse of the British Empire since 1945 and at more or less the same time that of other Western European Empires, like the French, the Belgian and the Portuguese, is not the most recent collapse of Empire that we have witnessed. In some ways the collapse of the Soviet Empire, from 1989 onwards, was even more dramatic. Embroiled in a pointless, imperialistic war started in Afghanistan by a senile leader, the Soviet Empire had gone bankrupt and so lost its colonies. Like the collapse of the British and other Western European Empires, the Soviet collapse also echoed the collapse of the decadent Roman Empire, which has always provided an imperial model for Imperialism.

For the bankruptcy of the Soviet Empire, like that of the British and Roman and all other Empires, was not only financial, but also spiritual and therefore moral (for spirituality is the source of morality). Almighty God allows empires because they do more good than harm. However, there always comes a decadent phase, when they begin to do more harm than good. And thus they are allowed to fall. Such was the case of the British Empire, which went from noble, even Evangelical, aims and fell all too often to base commercial greed, in its opium wars in China, its concentration camps in South Africa and in its immoral colonial class in East Africa, India and the Caribbean.

The spiritual bankruptcy of the Soviet Empire became apparent to me in 1976. Then, visiting the Soviet Empire, I saw how nobody believed in Communism. I saw how the country was ruled by cynicism and inertia. Already then the ‘Communists’ clearly did not believe in their own ideology, but were a Mafia simply out to line their pockets, boredly clapping Communist gerontocrats, who themselves did not believe in their system. Little wonder that at that time the writer Solzhenitsyn called for people there to stop living the lie (‘zhit’ ne po lzhi’). He knew that once people started living for the truth, then the whole system would collapse. That is precisely the process that began after 1985. At that time the Party no longer ruled, even in name, the Empire was simply ruled by a Mafia, an Establishment kleptocracy (‘nomenklatura’ in Sovietspeak). Fortunately, since the year 2000, that criminal class has largely been eliminated and some of them now live in exile in London (where they are sheltered by the British government) and Russia has revived.

However, it has become clear that this is not the last collapse of an Empire which we are to witness. For we are now witnessing the collapse of the American Empire. This is the very Empire, whose rise began ninety years ago. It seems that although the American Empire has outlasted the Soviet Empire, it is to last less long than any of the Western European Empires, let alone the Roman Empire. Although it began in 1917, its golden age was to be in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Then, surely, it did more good than harm and the generosity of its people became legendary and is still warmly appreciated.

However, already in the 1960s and 1970s, its power had peaked and decadence was becoming visible. Thus, it lost the Vietnam War, because, supporting a corrupt and unpopular regime, it lost the moral high ground, even against the Communist enemy. Already in the 1970s, the same Solzhenitsyn warned the Western world of its moral bankruptcy and was disbelieved. Today, the USA, supported to some extent, or at least not actively resisted, by a spineless and venal Western Europe, has started wars against Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq, and may even want to start a war in Iran. These are all wars which it cannot win and indeed wars which it is already clearly losing. Baghdad, which means ‘God-given’, has indeed become a graveyard for poor and unknowing American soldiers, sent to die by a government for invisible ‘weapons of mass destruction’

Not only does the American Empire, led at best by incompetence, at worst by greed and lies, suffer bankrupting, unwinnable and terrorizing wars, which are begun out of hubris (the illusion of self-satisfied pride). It also has a national debt of several trillions of dollars, which is supported largely, but temporarily, by China’s purchase of US government debt. Now with its illusory debt-financed boom over, the US is plunging into a crisis, as its housing bubble has burst and it faces soaring oil prices. With a dumbed down public education system, at its worst capable of turning out some of the most ill-educated and ill-behaved children in the world (not unlike the system in the UK), with a health system intent on profit and not health, with a non-existent public transport system, with a throwaway culture of unparalleled wastefulness, with an obesity crisis without precedent in human history, with a dollar so weak that American corporations are asking to be paid in euros, there are those who wonder how much longer the American Empire can continue. And this is no time for Western European countries to gloat. Having passively, or actively bought into the illusory ‘American dream’ for so long, they too will have to help pay the cost of the real American nightmare. Western Europe is dragged down by the measure of its own compromises with the ideology of pride, that is imaginary superiority.


Some love to despair and are already preparing for the end of the world. But this is an exaggeration. The American Empire will not collapse overnight; nor will Western Europe be dragged down very suddenly. This process is taking years, not a few days. And the collapse of the American Empire is not necessarily the end of the world, simply the end of a world. It can be positive, not negative. Just like climate change, all this is happening in order for our age to become an opportunity to overcome the excesses of the past, an opportunity to repent, to change of way of life, an opportunity to rebalance the world.

Moreover, there is now emerging an alternative to the end of this Western dream world – and this is in Russia. Although Western right-wingers, who secretly loved the Cold War, at present rant about ‘the revival of the Soviet Empire’ under Vladimir Putin, this is absurd. In Russia there is indeed a revival, but it is a revival of the Russian Empire, not of the Soviet Empire, which is long dead. Indeed, it could be argued that the Soviet Empire died as long ago as 1943, when 25 years after Lenin had ordered the massacre of the Russian Imperial Family, Stalin realized that the war against Germany was winnable only with the support of the Russian Orthodox Church, not only not a Soviet institution, but indeed the direct opposite of a Soviet institution. And that war was indeed won by the Russian, and not Soviet, Empire, for Stalin’s crass military ineptitude would have lost it.

Russia visited the Communist ideology and found it catastrophically lacking. And the Communist materialist ideology, imported into Russia mainly by those who had sadly lost their faith, is only Western materialist liberalism carried to its ultimate extreme. Therefore, as Russia discovered during its Mafia rule by Westernizers in the 1990s, Western liberalism is no alternative to Communism – it is as bankrupt as Communism, because it is only a variation of Communism. It was for this reason that in the year 2000, inside Russia, the Russian Orthodox Church, the bearer of the conscience of all the East Slav peoples, was at last freed to glorify as saints of God the New Martyrs and Confessors of the Communist Yoke, including the Imperial Martyrs. Thus began a new era, which also set Russia on a collision course with the Western world and the intolerance of its anti-Christian political correctness. This is the one-dimensional, secularist ideology of the Western right to be immoral and to justify its immorality.

In this way Russia and all the other East Slav peoples, together called Rus, have returned to their roots, Orthodoxy. We have no other ideology, no other belief. With Communism as dead as Western liberalism, the Russian Orthodox Church, with its 187 bishops, with its sister-Churches around the world in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia and in Japan, in Serbia, Poland and Czechoslovakia, increasingly in Bulgaria, Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem, Greece and Cyprus, is now laying the foundation of the new Russia, the new world. And the fact is that this new Russia has a popularity in China, in Iran and in the Middle East, whose conflict only Russian diplomacy can defuse and resolve with a justice and authority that no other nation on earth now possesses.

The Soviet Empire fell, but the Russian Empire is rising in its place. Even the most deluded are beginning to understand that the Soviet Empire was not only the gravest of errors, the most tragic episode of usurpation, the most catastrophic erring from Russia’s historic path and destiny, but also that Russia is now returning to normality and its rightful place on the world stage. It is time for those who have erred in turn, those who have acted against the Russian Church, who have sought the favour of the powers that be, out of weakness of soul, against the principles and integrity of the Orthodox Faith, to return also, whether in parts of the United States, in Paris, in Istanbul, or elsewhere, to their destiny and rightful role.

Over sixty years ago one of the greatest Russian saints, St Seraphim of Vyritsa (1866-1949), prophesied that: ‘A time will come when there will be a spiritual flowering in Russia. Many churches and monasteries will open, even those of other faiths will come to us in ships to be baptized’. I have long thought that the time will come when we in the West will be forbidden to baptize. Here is the prophecy that confirms the thought. It might be well to ask for a Russian passport now…


Death of Detroit:
Harbinger of Collapse of
Deindustrialized America

by Richard Freeman

[Note: The graphics referred to in this article are available to subscribers to Electronic Intelligence Weekly.]

Observing the death of Detroit, as it shrinks into oblivion and its citizens are ravaged, one is struck by a fundamental transformation: In the period 1940 through 1963, Detroit was the greatest manufacturing city in the world, unmatched in real physical productivity. But during the period 1964-2004, Detroit became synonymous with blight and decay beyond imagination.

Detroit represents the warring counterposition of two economic trajectories: that of 1933-63; and its opposite, that of 1964-2004. These two trajectories derive from two absolutely irreconcilable economic systems and principles. It is the fight between these two trajectories, and the underlying systems and axioms of thought upon which they are based, that defines the history of Detroit, and of the larger United States. It is that history, of two different transformations—one of development and one of degradation—that every citizen must understand, if he or she is to comprehend what the United States has been, and the dangerous path it is now rushing upon, which will lead to its destruction and potentially take down the world with it.

To measure whether an economic trajectory is developing or degrading, start with the concept of potential relative population density, developed by 2004 Presidential candidate and economist Lyndon LaRouche. Discard Gross Domestic Product (GDP), stock market valuation, and similar meaningless concepts. The source of all economic wealth is the creative capacity of the sovereign human mind to make revolutionary scientific discoveries of fundamental principle, which are transmitted through an educated productive labor force, through advanced machine-tool design and through science. Mankind can make once infertile land, productive; it can divert rivers to irrigate deserts; or it can increase the energy-flux density of a power-generating system. Through these breakthroughs, man increases his mastery over nature. Mankind increases the yield of the land per square kilometer, and also allows it to support a greater potential density of population, per square kilometer, representing a greater quantity of people, each expressing a higher form of development.

The concept of igniting man’s creative powers and the upward thrust of the economy is the backbone of the American Intellectual Tradition of Gottfried W. Leibniz and Alexander Hamilton. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt utilized that method, to intentionally produce a trajectory of explosive economic development during 1933-45. During the 1939-44 economic mobilization for World War II, Detroit, already possessed of sizeable industrial capacity, reconverted that capacity with advanced technologies, to produce planes, tanks, etc. Detroit grew into the greatest manufacturing center in the world. Population flooded into the city, living standards rose. After Roosevelt’s death, following the conversion of auto production capabilities back to civilian use, the upward trajectory of Roosevelt’s development methods continued, even with some problems, up through 1963.

The 1963-64 period constituted an inflection point. The Venetian system, the opposite of the American Intellectual Tradition, is based on free trade looting through usurious loan arrangements, raw materials extraction, etc. Today, this system is known as the Anglo-Dutch oligarchical model. This system is based on the conception of man as a beast, to be herded, looted, and then culled.

Following the late 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the Wall Street-City of London financier oligarchy moved to impose a post-industrial society policy upon the United States, the policy of the Anglo-Dutch system. This policy deliberately withered manufacturing, agriculture, and infrastructural production, while building a gigantic speculative bubble, which has sucked more of the life blood out of the underlying physical economy, thus imperiling human existence. As a result, the 1964-2004 trajectory transformed America from a producer society, to a consumer society in imitation of the model of Imperial Rome, based on bread and circuses and the looting of foreign nations through slave-labor.

The End Game

A dangerous dynamic characterized the past 40-year period: The more the American productive economy collapsed, the more Detroit’s economy followed suit; however, three decades ago, Detroit’s accelerating rate of collapse overtook that of the nation; the City is now imploding in a self-feeding cycle, helping pull down the country.

The scope of Detroit’s erosion is staggering, though the world ignores it.

  • In 1950, Detroit had a population of 1.850 million; the Department of Commerce projects that its population in March 2004 would be 914,000. Half its population has fled the City.
  • There is an extraordinary deindustrialization. Factory after factory of the City’s famed auto, steel, machine tool, and other heavy industrial facilities, have been boarded up, or been sold for scrap. As an example: During World War II, Ford’s legendary River Rouge plant complex employed between 90,000 and 100,000 workers. Today, it employs 6,000.
  • Since 1970, a staggering three-quarters of Detroit’s manufacturing jobs have been eliminated.
  • Infrastructure from hospitals, to schools to transit has deteriorated, or been eliminated.

The housing picture is perilous, but far different than the average citizen imagines. Detroit has homes that are boarded up and some that are still fire-scarred from the 1967 riots. However, Detroit has “snaggle-tooth” housing: One will travel down a city block that is perhaps 500 feet long by 200 feet wide; there will be two houses on one part of the block, and one house on another part; the rest of the block is empty, one vacant lot after another. The homes have been knocked down, in the largest home demolition process in American history. For block after block, in many sections of the City, there is virtually no sign of life or of the working of civilization. Detroit is going backwards in time.

This regression to empty space is worsened by the city’s folding-back upon itself. As factories and jobs disappear, people leave the city. As a result, the city’s tax revenue base contracts. This tax loss leads to cutbacks and/or non-repair of basic infrastructure. The reduction of infrastructure leads more factories and people to leave, and so forth in a circle.

A Picture of America’s Future

The method we will use in this article, and the only true way to look at history, is through examining processes of transformation and change, which are governed by policy decisions. These have given rise to, and are expressed by the trajectory of 1933-63, of economic upsurge, and the trajectory of 1964-2004, of economic disintegration.

As shocking as the story of Detroit is, one must realize that its trajectory is the story of every industrial city, and that of the United States itself. At one time America’s most productive city, and having been built itself around manufacturing, Detroit necessarily felt the collapse of manufacturing more intensely than any other city; its consequences there have been more extreme.

However, this process that is infolding in Detroit is occurring in the formerly manufacturing, sister cities of Detroit: Buffalo, New York; Chicago, Illinois; St. Louis, Missouri; Cleveland, Ohio; and Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But Detroit and the industrial belt represent the picture of America as a whole in the immediate future. The idea that the United States can escape the fate of Detroit by “diversifying” into services, represents the same post-industrial thinking that created the crisis in the first place.

The entire post-industrial society policy, and the cancerous speculative superstructure, must be overturned. We must address a 40-year sickness.

Lyndon LaRouche uniquely has addressed the root cause of this crisis. LaRouche has first called for putting the world financial system through Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization. He would establish a new Bretton Woods monetary system, pivoted around the high-technology development corridors of the Eurasian Land-Bridge, and such continental projects as the Great North American Desert development project. The resulting anti-entropic growth would reconstruct the economy. In its wake, throughout America’s industrial belt, it would reopen hundreds of factories, and re-employ millions of productive workers.

But for the moment, Detroit defines in an advanced way, the pathway along which the entire nation hurtles.

I. A Trajectory of Upsurge: 1933-63

The powerful transformation of 1933-63 can be seen in Detroit as a microcosm. The transformation was triggered by President Franklin Roosevelt’s American System policies, which dumped the Mellon-Morgan-DuPont monetarist policies that had dominated the Coolidge and Hoover Administrations and produced the 1929-33 Depression.

Detroit had the pre-conditions to be America’s greatest industrial city, which one can see in the intelligent organization of the city up through the 1930s, an organization similar to other leading American industrial cities.

Detroit owes its early development, in large measure, to those who exploited a magnificent natural-geographic setting, and improved it rationally by constructing a superb network-grid of ports, railroads, and infrastructure, and settling within and around the grid factories, homes, and community facilities.

The city is strategically located between Lake St. Clair to the north, and Lake Erie to the south (see Map 1). These two lakes form a junction, known as the Detroit River, a fast-moving body of water which carries goods and people to and from the municipality to America’s East Coast and Midwest. Further, Detroit participated in the development of railroads during the second half of the 19th Century, and the first half of the 20th, serving as the hub for an astonishing 30 railroad lines, which brought inward a flow of raw materials, and sent outward a flow of finished products.

Inside the 139-square-mile Detroit city limits, a high degree of centralization and rational planning was exercised. There were 534 miles of rail lines inside Detroit. Factories were not placed helter-skelter, but were built along a rail line, and where possible, also along the Detroit River, where they could construct a dock-side port to offload goods. Many homes were built deliberately within the vicinity and walking distance of factories. Today’s Baby Boomers would find the close proximity of factories to homes shockingly offensive. Many workers, even when they used transport, travelled no more than fifteen minutes to get to their job. Stores and community facilities were located within the same factory neighborhood.

In his book The Origins of the Urban Crisis, historian Thomas Sugrue captures the flavor of Detroit’s organization: “Factories, shops, and neighborhoods blurred together indistinguishably, enmeshed in a relentless grid of streets and a complex web of train lines…. Rail lines formed the threads that tied the city’s industries together.”

The city’s passenger transit system was quite good. The Detroit Urban Railway had a stable of electric trolleys/streetcars and buses in operation. At peak travel during 1941, the streetcars ran up and down Woodward Avenue, the main street that divides Detroit east and west, once every 60 seconds, a better performance than today in any American city from New York to Washington.

President Roosevelt’s Transformation

President Franklin Roosevelt’s re-institution of American System policies profoundly changed Detroit—and America—by unleashing explosive anti-entropic growth. FDR’s New Deal of 1933-37 built important infrastructure in and around Detroit—sewage plants, water systems, transportation—which made long-range improvements. But the most far-reaching change came when Roosevelt’s team directed the Hamiltonian economic mobilization for World War II in 1939-44.

Detroit’s auto industry’s origins traced to the building of the first auto-producing factory in 1900 by Ransom Olds. In 1903, Henry Ford established his Ford Motor Company, and in 1913, introduced the assembly line at his plants. Over the next decades, the production capacity of the auto industry grew, though the industry was hard hit by the Depression during the 1930s.

Roosevelt had known that the United States would become involved in the war to defeat Synarchism and Hitler, and he had started planning in October 1940 to convert America’s auto industry’s extensive capacity to defense production. A few months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, which led to a declaration of war, conversion began. Roosevelt’s War Production Board ordered the cessation of all auto production on Jan. 20, 1942.

What followed next was one of the largest and most successful technological undertakings in U.S. history. Auto plant conversion meant not only that the U.S. tore out the old assembly lines from the auto plants, but that it put in their place new machine tools, incorporating the most advanced scientific design. New technological breakthroughs were continuously pumped into machine tools. For example, the production of the Wright Cyclone 14 aircraft required 80,000 machining operations. To build the engine, a new technologically-advanced machine tool was designed to drill, countersink, and spotface 224 identical 3/8 inch holes in an aluminum airplane engine crank case. These operations previously took two hours and 12 minutes. The new machine completed the job in 23 minutes, a 600% increase in productivity.

Technological breakthroughs were made not only in machine-tool design but in aluminum, magnesium, synthetic rubber production, and the harnessing of the atom. Science became the driver of the economy, not just in the airframe sector, but throughout all production. The characteristic of action of the economy was scientific advance.

During the period 1939-44, Detroit’s auto plants were opened up to full capacity—some had been on reduced schedule because of the Depression—and approximately 20% new capacity was added, sometimes by ripping up the floors and enlarging the plant. A leading example of what happened is the River Rouge plant (see box).

According to a 1944 report, employment in Detroit, most of it productive employment, grew by 44% during the economic mobilization for World War II. This did not just occur in autos, because 40% of Detroit’s manufacturing base was in other heavy industries—steel, chemicals, machine tools, etc.

By 1944-45, Detroit enjoyed an old manufacturing base that had been modernized, as well as a new scientifically-enriched manufacturing base that had been built on top of the old. During the war mobilization, more than 200,000 Detroit workers had received retraining, of either moderate or intense form, to upgrade their skills.

President Roosevelt died in April 1945, but his policy design had been so powerful that its thrust continued for the next immediate period. The economic mobilization for the Korean War of 1951-54 continued the policy that had occurred earlier during the economic mobilization for World War II.

During the 1950s, several smaller Detroit auto companies had shut down or consolidated—Nash, Hudson, Willys, Kaiser-Frazer, Studebaker, Packard, and Murray Auto Body—which caused a loss of jobs. The 1957-58 recession hit very hard in Detroit, and actually continued in the city until early 1960. But the momentum on the whole, with some definable problems, was positive until the early 1960s.

Productive African-American Labor Force

We have seen above the policy thrust and scientific roots of the trajectory of 1933-63. But a proper metric for this transformation must assess singularities, phase changes, which feature the transformation. The powerful transformation of the African-American population is such a singularity, as it built an African-American productive labor force for the first time in history. Prior to 1930, overwhelmingly, African-Americans were confined to work certain jobs: retail store clerks, janitors, and domestics. Some acquired manufacturing jobs, but such jobs were denied to most. Between 1916 and 1929, a considerable number of African-Americans migrated to Detroit, escaping from the South, mostly seeking work. However, many of the newly arrived were consigned to the same lowly jobs.

The positive thrust of Roosevelt’s economic mobilization for World War II of 1939-44 changed that. First, this created a labor shortage in Detroit, as many men were under arms at the very time that factory capacity was being expanded. Second, Roosevelt issued an executive order banning racial discrimination in defense production. This created the condition to tear down some racial barriers.

There was an extraordinary change: In 1930, the percentage of working age Detroit African-American males who were employed as factory operatives is unknown, but it is believed to be slightly above 20%. By 1940, about a year after America’s economic mobilization for World War II had begun (although still before the reconversion of the auto plants), the percentage of African-American males who were employed as factory operatives rose to 29%. By 1950, taking into account the economic mobilization for World War II and other developments, the percentage of Detroit African-American males who were employed as factory operatives leapt to 45%. This is roughly the same percentage as for White males. At the same time, by 1950, one-fifth of all African-American females were employed as factory operatives.

Detroit African-Americans had gained entry, in a major way, into the “mainstream” of the productive labor force. This had several ramifications. First, manufacturing factory operatives physically alter nature for mankind’s improvement. This act of doing something productive that contributes to society, positively shapes the worker’s thinking, judgment, and internal sense of him- or herself. Simultaneously, in that time frame, a manufacturing factory operative’s annual wage was sufficient to provide the worker’s family with a decent living standard and to raise productive and creative children. This was a big step out of the long night of racism and discrimination. There were still other major obstacles, such as racist covenants and red-lining which restricted access to housing. But the breakthrough on the front of productive employment could be used as leverage to defeat the other obstacles, provided that the trajectory launched by Roosevelt in 1933 continued, and was enlarged.

Based on that trend, a second great migration of African-Americans to Detroit occurred. By 1960, 28.9% of Detroit’s population was African-American.

But the national policy shift of 1964 would have a major effect.

Detroit as a Standard

Detroit became a standard—though far from perfect—which one could measure other cities and nations against. We can examine all of Detroit’s leading features, including its living standard.

What is a living standard? Lyndon LaRouche has developed in his magnificent January 2004 article, “On the Subject of Tariffs and Trade,” that “The underlying, fundamental principle of a science of economy, from whose application modern economy is derived, is the notion of ‘powers’ (ancient Greek: dynamis) which Plato adopted, chiefly, from the work of the Pythagoreans.” This “invisible principle of powers” is what governs the transformation from one phase of economic development—or devolution—to the next. A leading expression of this is the cognitive power of the human mind. Situated from that standpoint, one assesses the household living standard, not as some set “quantity of monetary purchasing power.” Rather, it is an ordered array of physical goods and cultural qualities, most emphatically including essential public infrastructure, which has a social cost, and which a household consumes in order to achieve higher material and cognitive standards of existence. This enables the household to produce children of a still higher cognitive and productive “power.”

This household living standard can be assessed from three parameters: a market basket of consumption goods; demographic changes; and composition of the labor force.

  • As reported above, in 1950, 45% of all African-American male workers, and a similar percent of White workers, were employed as factory operatives. Adding in the workers who were engaged in the productive activity of construction, transportation, power generation, and mining, well over half of all Detroit male workers were then engaged in productive labor. Today, the percentage of workers for the United States as a whole who are factory operatives, is only approximately one-third the level that existed in Detroit in 1950.
  • For the United states as a whole in 1950, 60% of households were headed by a single wage-earner; and based on patterns, it is likely that at least 65% of Detroit’s households were headed by single wage-earners.
  • Housing: One historian describes the housing of Detroit: “spreading out for miles and miles on the horizon in every direction was a sea of frame and brick houses.” The homes in Detroit might have 1,000-1,300 square feet, less square footage than a new home built today. But many of the older Detroit homes were well-built; a significant percentage of them were built out of brick. Compare that to the new homes built today, which have less brick, made of inferior material, and are shoddy. Detroit had a very high rate of home ownership (although many African-Americans were engaged in battles to obtain housing). Two-thirds of Detroit dwellings were single-family homes.
  • Hospitals: Under the impetus of the Hill-Burton Act, hospitals and health infrastructure were being constructed at a rapid pace.

Under the thrust of the Roosevelt policies that launched the trajectory of 1933-63, Detroit, as a microcosm of America, was America’s greatest manufacturer. It functioned as a city that integrated industry and dwelling places. Its infrastructure performed on a level of good to superior. Detroit functioned well, and could serve as a standard to America’s cities.

II. Trajectory of Decimation: 1964-2004

In the stark days after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963, President Roosevelt’s persisting policy principles were replaced by an entirely different ordering principle: that of the policy of post-industrial society. This launched and governed the 1964-2004 trajectory of decimation of what is now euphemistically labelled “the Rust Belt.”

Detroit went from the most manufacturing-dense city in the world, to a former city on the path to extinction. In this, as a microcosm of the United States, it accurately shows the pathway that America is travelling. It offers a warning: Unless these policies are stopped, there will be no United States, just as there will soon be no Detroit.

We look at the critical demographic, composition of the labor force, and household market basket consumption parameters, that allow us to trace Detroit’s development, for the worse, over the past 40 years.

Post-Industrial Society Policy

The years 1963-64 marked a crucial turning point, as the Wall Street-City of London financier oligarchy imposed the post-industrial society policy upon the United States.

Three key features are cited:

  • On Aug. 15, 1971, President Richard Nixon ended the Bretton Woods system and took the U.S. dollar off the gold reserve standard, on advice from London-Wall Street oligarchical forces, which instituted the floating-exchange-rate system. This severed U.S. financial flows from physical goods flows. The dollar could be moved anywhere around the globe without any connection to financing hard-commodity goods trade or industrial processes. This led to a big increase in speculative investments.
  • During the week of Oct. 6-12, 1979, President Jimmy Carter’s Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker unleashed a policy that he called “controlled disintegration,” as an extreme variant of the post-industrial society policy. Volcker sent interest rates into the stratosphere, so that by December 1980, the prime lending rate charged by commercial banks shot up to 21.5%. Volcker kept interest rates at double-digit levels for nearly a decade. This razed to the ground production facilities, many of which never reopened again.
  • In 1981, the Congress passed the Kemp-Roth Tax Act, which contained provisions encouraging real estate and stock market speculation; in 1982, it passed the Garn-St Germain Act, which disastrously deregulated the banking system.

These and other steps produced a profound transformation, a phase-change, which reduced the productive potential of the United States below the break-even level.


The way to conceptualize the process of Detroit’s destruction is as an ongoing implosion. Detroit, like every well-designed city, depends upon and operates through interconnected functions. But when two or three leading functions are destroyed, they pull down the rest, in a series. Ultimately, the integrated whole which is the city, collapses, unable to function properly or to produce its population’s survival.

The first trigger to Detroit’s shutdown was the collapse of the automobile industry as well as its other heavy industry. The Big Three auto companies, General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler, which are under considerable banker influence, helped to accelerate this process by outsourcing production to low-wage centers, first in the American South, and then in the developing world. By the early 1980s, Chrysler procured fully 70% of the value of its final product from outside suppliers, with an increasing share of that produced overseas. Allegedly to “stay competitive with Chrysler,” Ford and GM stepped up outsourcing.

Table 1 shows several significant auto production facilities that operated in Detroit and its immediate environs in 1960, including mainstays like General Motors’ Cadillac, Chrysler’s Dodge Main, and Ford’s River Rouge. Most citizens of Detroit knew every plant by name and the community within the city in which it was located. The Table shows that in 1960, there were 35 significant auto plants, employing 97,051 workers. By 2003, half of these plants had been boarded up or blown up, and the machinery sold for scrap. Dodge Main went from 7,500 workers to zero. In this time frame, six new plants have been opened, but of modest employment levels. Overall, by 2003, the remaining auto plants employed 36,523 workers, a reduction of 61% since 1960.[1]

The auto plants’ closure forced the closure of feeder manufacturing sectors, such as machine tools, steel, glass, rubber, etc. The post-industrial society policy also forced the closure of many non-auto-related machine tool, steel, etc. factories. Combined, this triggered the collapse of Detroit’s manufacturing base on an unprecedented scale.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics counts manufacturing employment in Detroit using two different methods, the household survey method, and the establishment survey method. Figure 1 uses the household survey method, whereby the BLS counts the number of Detroit city residents who list manufacturing as their primary occupation, regardless of whether that manufacturing job is located in the city of Detroit or not. On this basis, the number of Detroit manufacturing workers plunged from 228,806 in 1960 to 64,586 in 2000, a fall of 71.8%.

Figure 2 uses the establishment survey method, under which the BLS counts the number of manufacturing jobs that exist at plants inside Detroit, regardless of whether the person who works at that job resides in Detroit or not. On this basis, the level of manufacturing employment at manufacturing plants inside Detroit, plunged from 259,495 workers in 1960, to 46,925 in 2000, a staggering 81.9% collapse.

Whichever method is used, the process of transformation is painfully clear. During World War II, Detroit had been the world’s biggest manufacturing city, known as “the Hub of the Arsenal of Democracy.” Now, under a different principle, its manufacturing factories and workforce had been obliterated.

Once manufacturing was gone, the floodgates opened up. Figure 3 (using the establishment survey method) depicts that the total employment inside Detroit fell from 810,923 workers in 1960 to 345,424 workers in 2000. Nearly half-a-millon jobs, or three-fifths of the 1960 total, had been eliminated.

A 50% Population Reduction

As a result, the population imploded. Figure 4 portrays Detroit city’s population since 1930. Under the impetus of Roosevelt’s policies, people flocked to Detroit for the manufacturing employment, its living standard, and the city’s competent functioning. Detroit’s population reached a peak of 1.85 million people in 1950. Over the next ten years, it declined, but largely as workers moved to areas just outside Detroit’s borders to live, while still working in the city.

However, starting in 1960, many residents left the city and did not come back to work, because the jobs had disappeared. This swelled the population living in suburbia, shown in Figure 4. Detroit city’s population started careening downward at an accelerating rate. By 2000, it had dropped to 951,270 people, a level that was an incredible 43% below the level of 1960, and 48% below that of 1950. The depopulation has continued: The U.S. Department of Commerce projected last year that by March 2004, Detroit’s population would have further declined to 914,000 people. Detroit’s population has been reduced by 50%. For a city that started out with a population of 1 million or more, such a halving had never happened in the history of the United States.

To understand Detroit’s depopulation, one must comprehend a second process which turned out to have a grim consequence. From 1930-60, many African-Americans escaped from the Deep South, leaving behind feudalistic conditions of lack of jobs, crushing poverty, and prevalent racism, to move to Detroit. For all its notable imperfections, Detroit was a place where one could hold a well-paying factory job, vote in elections, and raise a family. Table 2 shows how in a cruel twist of fate, African-Americans continued to migrate to Detroit in great numbers during the 1960s—Detroit’s African-American population grew by 190,000 during this decade—expecting what previous generations had gained, even as the manufacturing jobs, under the impress of the post-industrial society policy, were disappearing. The same process, of a migration of African-Americans to Detroit continued during the 1970s, though at a lower rate, even while the urban economic conditions continued to get worse.

Then the migration came to a halt. During the 1980s decade, Detroit’s African-American population grew by 23,000, but that growth of 2,300 people per year can be accounted for entirely by childbirth. During the decade of the 1990s, the African-American population declined in absolute numbers. There started a reverse migration, as desperate people headed back to the South. In 2000, Detroit’s African-American population constituted 81.6% of the city’s total population. Many Whites had moved to the suburbs.

But now those living in Detroit, whether African-American or White, faced a daunting reality. Detroit had changed entirely from the land of opportunity and progress; the citizens were trapped in a city that could not support even 1 million people, and was dying.

As the population declined, and opportunities for decent real employment disappeared, there was an accompanying breakup of the family structure. This was abetted by the growing prevalence of the sex-rock-drug counterculture. Figure 5 shows the types of family in Detroit. The family headed by a married couple is, when operating well, best suited for nurturing children. This is not true as “an article of faith,” but because two loving parents can develop the child, and will have the time to spend with the child, and can transmit an agapic sense which will give the child emotional depth and a more developed sense of identity. Hopefully, the child will not have to spend time trying to secure his daily bread, because his or her single parent is struggling to survive. Figure 5 shows that in 1970, about 77% of Detroit’s families that had children of their own were headed by a married couple. This still represented the stability of African-American and White working class households. However, by 2000, the family arrangements had significantly deteriorated. There had been a reversal: Now nearly two-thirds of Detroit’s families that had children of their own were headed by single parents. In most cases, when the child came home from school, the parent was working. These became latch-key children.

Further, whereas nationwide, in 1950, 60% of families had a single wage-earner, because income levels were sufficient, in 2000, only 10% of families had a single wage-earner. In Detroit, this tendency would be even worse.

Compounding the problem of families with children headed by a single parent, is that in Detroit, officially, nearly 40% of families headed by a single female parent, live below the poverty line. Figure 6 demonstrates that poverty is deeply ensconced in Detroit. In 1969, the poverty rate in the United States was 12.1%, while that in Detroit was 14.9%. In 1999, the poverty rate in the United States fell slightly to 11.9%, while Detroit’s poverty rate jumped to 26.1%. One out of every four people in Detroit lives in grinding poverty.

Figure 7 shows poverty for children in Detroit. In 2000, 34.8% of the children under 18 years old in Detroit were poor. But there is an additional classification, called “working poor.” This constitutes households that earn an annual income that is between 101% and 150% of the official poverty level. The official poverty level is so artificially and criminally low, that 150% of the poverty level is still very poor. EIR has long regarded 150% of the poverty level as the true poverty threshhold. What Figure 7 expresses is that one out of two children in Detroit suffers poverty, a truly stunning development.

The reader should conceptualize that poverty means that a child lives in a run-down apartment or home, with inadequate or sometimes non-existent heat in the Winter; that the family often goes without one meal per day, and towards the end of the month, may miss two or all three meals a day; that according to national statistics, children born in poverty have a much greater chance of being born with low birth weight, and that according to medical specialists, low birth weight appears to account for one-third of all children who are born with cerebral palsy and gives an increased significant chance for other childhood afflictions, including mental retardation. As will be seen, Detroit’s widespread poverty, combined with the take-down of its health and hospital system, has bequeathed to the city a sky-high infant mortality rate.

This is how the lower quarter of Detroit’s population, by income class, lives.

Living Standard Destruction

There was a downward thrust in household existence.

First, we take a first-approximation look at household income. We know that median household income is completely inaccurate as a real measure to be used, but the series can be used for comparison, giving a crude sense of direction. Figure 8 highlights that in 1969, the annual median income for a household in Detroit was $7,904, which was 6.5% below the nationwide U.S.A. median household income of $8,496. In fact, the year 1969 was part of the severe 1967-69 recession, which shut down several auto plants. Had it been possible to chose 1965 or 1966, it is likely that the Detroit annual median household income would have equalled or slightly exceeded the national median household income. However, one can see the trend: By 1999, the Detroit median household income had fallen a whopping 30.2% below the national median household income. This shows that however inadequate median annual income is as a metric, Detroit could not keep up with the nation, and was one-third behind.

We shift focus onto the household market basket of consumption, which is the real metric of the standard of living. A household consumes such goods and infrastructure, including education, to raise its own productive power and that of its children, and to transmit this productive power as improvements to the economy as a whole. This household market basket has been falling.

Look at three critical elements of real household consumption which highlight this fall: housing; transportation; and health and hospital services.

Housing: We examine three features of the housing crisis.

First, Figure 9 shows that in 2000, the vacancy rate of Detroit housing reached 10.3%. Much of the unoccupied housing is grossly inferior, unfit for human habitation.

Second, the poor are imperiled by their housing situation. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) calls a housing problem a “Critical Housing Need” (CHN) and says that a household experiences a CHN when either: a) it pays 50% or more of its income for housing; and/or b) lives in a dwelling that is substandard (according to certain standards). HUD reports further, that of the 142,000 households in Detroit’s Very Low Income (VLI) households, half have fallen into the status of having CHN. These households may be shunted into a defective apartment, but still have to pay an indecent 40%, 50% or more of their income for their dwelling. Many of these households depend on the whim of the landlord or their next paycheck, as to whether they have a roof over their head. The 71,000 VLI households who live in this dangerous condition of having Critical Housing Needs constitute one-fifth of the entire Detroit population.

Third, and most serious of all, in terms of quality and availability, the condition of Detroit housing today is one-third below what existed in the 1940-60 period. This matter is of such importance that we treat it in depth below.

Transit: In the 1933-63 period, Detroit had a very good transit system, and at its height, Detroit’s rail system had 30 different rail lines running in and out of the city, traversing 534 miles of track within its boundaries alone. Much of this network was for freight.

The Detroit Urban Railway system was the main transit system for people transport inside the city, featuring electric trolleys/streetcars, and buses as well. As reported, in 1941, during the economic mobilization for World War II, at peak travel on the city’s main street Woodward Ave., a streetcar ran every 60 seconds. But the building of highways inside Detroit, and other efforts led by the banks, led to the insane act of shutting down the efficient streetcar system in 1956. In 1960, about 22% of Detroit’s population used the public transport system, but that fell to 9% in 2000. Now the city is wholly dependent on cars; but 22% of Detroit’s population has little or no access to cars, so it must walk.

The bus system is deteriorated, routes have been eliminated, and in some areas, it necessitates waits of 20-30 minutes. And with the shutdown of factories, there is not much of an option to walk to work. This is a pale reflection of the 1933-63 transit system.

Health and Hospitals: The hospital and medical system keeps people productive, and is crucial for longevity and increased potential relative population density.

From 1933-63, there was considerable hospital building in Detroit. EIR was restricted by lack of accurate information on the number of hospitals and closings over time in Detroit city, supplied by the American Hospital Association (AHA). But AHA information does show the trend for Michigan as a whole, which trend has been accelerated in Detroit.

In 1985, Michigan had 193 hospitals; 48 had been closed by 2002. In 1985, Michigan had 37,546 hospital beds; 11,416 had been stripped away by 2002.

To measure health, it is necessary to measure it on a per-capita or per-household basis. Figure 10 shows that between 1985 and 2002, the number of hospitals available per 1 million people, dropped from 21.2 to 14.4, a fall of 32%. One-third of Michigan’s hospitals are boarded up or destroyed. Between 1985 and 2002, the number of hospital beds per person had fallen from 4.12 to 2.60, a collapse of 37%. According to the standards of the Hill-Burton Act, there should be between 4.5 and 5.5 hospital beds per 1,000 persons. Michigan has only about half the number of hospital beds mandated by Hill-Burton.

The process of close-down of hospitals, and insufficient beds to treat people, has been exacerbated in Detroit. LaMar Lemmons, a former Michigan state representative representing Detroit’s east side, told EIR on March 12, that during the last three years, Samaritan Hospital, Holy Cross Hospital, and Saratoga Hospital, all located on Detroit’s East Side, have closed down, leaving only one major hospital still open in Lemmons’ district. He recounted, “I went to one [Detroit] hospital that looked like a MASH unit. People were out in the halls. They didn’t have enough rooms…. The patients flooded in. They had to go somewhere.”

In addition to hospitals, beds, and doctors, health is a total process, that involves sufficient levels of sanitation, plentiful clean water, and individuals having adequate diet. Detroit has insufficient levels of all of these. This is made manifest in the death rate. It is highlighted by comparing Detroit’ infant mortality rate to that of the United States as a whole (infant mortality is the number of child deaths per 1,000 live births). Figure 11 demonstrates that in 1980, the United States’ infant mortality rate was 12.6 compared to Detroit’s rate of 21.0. By 2002, the United States’ infant mortality rate had fallen to 6.9, but the rate in Detroit remained extraordinarily high at 16.7, which is two and one-half times greater than the national average.

Back to Empty Spaces

As Detroit was depopulated, the city was literally demolished, as entire sections which were once viable, were ripped up and carted away.

Part of this had actually begun in the 1950s, with the introduction of the highway system into Detroit. In 1956, the Federal-Aid Highway Act was passed, which authorized the construction nationwide of 41,000 miles of interstate highways. This led to a series of freeways and bypasses which cut through many cities, most emphatically Detroit. It started with the beginning of construction inside Detroit, in 1959, of the I-94 Freeway, and continued through 1989 with the construction of the Walter Reuther Freeway. These freeways caused thousands of residences and hundreds of businesses to be ripped up, especially African-American sections such as Paradise Valley. This led to massive traffic congestion, and a devolution of Detroit transit.

But a second, more powerful, over-arching process was set into motion. As jobs and population disappeared, so did the city’s factories and housing stock. One notable feature of deindustrialized cities is the amount of housing that is burned out and/or boarded up. Detroit certainly has that, but it also has something that exists far more in Detroit than any other city, and is completely shocking: mile after mile of city streets where housing has been demolished, and nothing stands in its place.

Figure 12 shows that between 1970 and 2003, there were permits granted for the construction of 21,827 new housing units. It is not clear that for all these permits, actual housing units were constructed; but let us assume that they were. During the 1970-2003 period, 166,992 housing units were demolished. Over 33 years, Detroit tore down one-third of its occupied housing stock. This dimension of housing destruction had never happened in a major city in America’s history. To put the enormity of this destruction into perspective, according to Dr. Allen C. Goodman of Wayne State University, a housing expert, the total quantity of housing units that Detroit tore down since 1970, almost equals the total number of housing units that exist and are occupied in the city of Cleveland today. An entire city of half a million people could live in the housing stock that Detroit destroyed.

Figure 13 depicts the housing balance for the 1970s, the 1980s, and the 1990s, where the net change is equal to the number of new units minus the number of housing units demolished.

The tearing down of homes in Detroit for the past 40 years, is a governing characteristic.

On Aug. 24, 1990, the City Planning Commission of Detroit issued a critical report with the dry title, “Survey and recommendations regarding vacant land in the city.” The survey divided the city into 30 area districts, and subsumed each district into one of five categories: 0-10% vacant; 11-30% vacant; 31-50% vacant; 51-70% vacant; and 71-100% vacant. The report contained map studies of some of the 30 area districts. Map 2 shows the area in the northwest portion of Detroit. According to the report, in this cited district, “over 70% of the parcels in the area are vacant, [and] over 20% of the existing buildings are also vacant.” The blacked out areas on the map represent vacant land. Once this district area functioned as part of the city; but now it has been left to rot.

The City Planning Commission report had an ominous warning of what to do about district areas that are 51% or more vacant. It recommended “relocating the remaining residents to provide them with increased security and services.” That is, the city would take the population out of these areas. To understand the full import of what stands behind this recommendation, one must consider the proposals of the financier oligarchy, as presented by what they were doing in New York City, under the “Big MAC”—Municipal Assistance Corporation—of Felix Rohatyn and Roger Starr.

The Rohatyn Model

By the early 1970s, the Wall Street-City of London financier oligarchs had decided to de-urbanize the United States, as the one of the most direct ways to enforce a post-industrial society upon the United States.

In 1975, the bankers precipitated a financial crisis in New York City, which already had deep financial problems. They rammed through the New York State legislature, legislation which invoked “emergency police powers,” and in June 1975, created the Municipal Assistance Corporation; then, in September 1975, the Emergency Financial Control Board. Using these powers, the bankers overrode the powers of New York’s elected City Council and Mayor. Synarchist banker Felix Rohatyn of Lazard Frères investment bank, the head of MAC, took over as the unelected Führer of New York for the next several years. Rohatyn announced, “The pain is just beginning.” During the six years after 1975, he cut New York’s workforce by 22% and shut down vast portions of the city’s vital infrastructure.

On Nov. 14, 1976, Roger Starr, a member of the New York Times editorial board, wrote a 4,000-word feature in the Sunday Times magazine section, advocating planned shrinkage. Starr declared, “Planned shrinkage is the recognition that the golden door to full participation in American life and the American economy is no longer to be found in New York.” At that time, New York City had a population of 7.5 million. Starr decreed that, “New York City would continue to be a world city even with fewer than 5 million people.” This led to only one conclusion: forcibly expelling, or killing off, one-third of the city’s population.

This became the policy for U.S. cities, emphatically for Detroit. In the 1980s, a plan was put forth to close down sections of the city, and place a fence around those sections. This apparently originated with some banks and think-tanks. On April 26, 1993, at a press conference, the city of Detroit Ombudsman, Marie Farrell-Donaldson, an accountant who specialized in cost-accounting, put forth a plan, that echoed planned shrinkage.

The Ombudsman’s office has the responsibility to act as a watchdog over the delivery of city services. Instead, Farrell-Donaldson sought ways to cut services. She declared, “Right now, we have streets with one person living on them, yet you still have to provide streetlights for that street. You still have to provide police protection. You still have to provide fire protection. We should move those people out” (Detroit Free Press, April 27, 1993). She continued that entire areas that were dilapidated should be cleared of the remaining homes, businesses, and people. Fences should be erected around the areas, to keep people out. These areas should then be sent “back to nature.” Farrell-Donaldson mobilized for her plan by citing GM’s policy of layoffs. “I know it sounds crazy. But when General Motors has excess capacity, what do they do?”

The Economist magazine, the mouthpiece for ghoulish City of London bankers, and which was then half-owned by the same Lazard Frères investment bank, covered Farrell-Donaldson’s proposal in an article, provocatively entitled, “Day of the bulldozer: inner cities.” The Economist contended that “as long as [the] incremental approach [to Detroit’s problems] remains half-hearted, wholesale abandonment of the city begins to make grim sense.”

Farrell-Donaldson (since deceased) claimed the proposal she made was her own; EIR is seeking who the more likely authors were.

In an essay published this year, “Shrinking City Detroit,” author Kyong Park, the director for the International Center for Urban Ecology, argues for further shrinkage. “Is perpetual growth the only economic model for cities, or are there also benefits from the de-urbanization of cities, such as the affordability of spaces and the increase of open land, as in the case of Detroit… Is the concept of smallness, as opposed to bigness, the more effective scale for urban ecology? Is a new or better economic model possible through the conscious and positive reduction in size of a city, which might involve, for instance, re-designing the city of Detroit to accommodate a population of 500,000 or less?”

If Hyong’s recommendation is implemented, Detroit would be reduced to less than one-third its 1960 size.

The problem is that the dynamic of economic collapse is pushing Detroit in this direction. This is a process coming from the national level. As this larger process overwhelms Detroit, in a world of reduced tax revenues, and falling population and manufacturing, Detroit’s elected officials, unless they challenge and reverse the underlying axiomatic assumptions of policy-making that have led to that collapse, will be applying planned shrinkage, whether they like it or not.

Detroit has been ripped up more than any other major city in America. As a result of the demolitions, Detroit is now pock-marked by 40,000 vacant lots, four times more than the American city with the next highest number. The disparity becomes even greater when compared to Detroit’s population, which in 2000, was 951,000. We look at the next three cities with the highest volume of vacant lots, with that city’s population in parenthesis: New York, 9,800 vacant lots (8.0 million); Philadelphia, 8,500 vacant lots (2.3 million); and Chicago, 4-5,000 vacant lots (3.5 million). (The vacant lot data is published by the Detroit Almanac of the Detroit Free Press).

What the reader must conceptualize, keeping a metric of societal growth or devolution in mind, is that Detroit has regressed to the level of 1920. There are wide open patches of dozens of blocks, attached back to back, where there is no sign of human civilization, but only unkempt grass. This is what the developers of Detroit saw in the 1920s, when they saw grass and overgrowth, and cleared it to build factories, schools, hospitals, and homes. Now, it has regressed back to that state of nature, returning Detroit to a state as if it had never grown at all.

Pathetically, Michigan Governor Janet Granholm has announced a “cool cities” project, where Detroit will portray itself as “hip and cool” and attract young people and Baby Boomers. This is a fantasy trip that hysterically refuses to deal with the relentlessly unfolding process that is destroying the city.

The U.S. must reclaim and redevelop Detroit and its other industrial cities, to get them to exceed their past accomplishments. Failing that, Detroit’s death is the unfolding of America’s future.



Black Power: The Civil Rights Movement

The forty five years following the end of the Second World War were dominated by three issues: the decolonization process; the development of the concept of Civil Rights, which saw the last of the formal segregation measures between Black and White, mainly in America, come tumbling down; and the hostility between the ‘West” and the “East” – also known as the Cold War, or conflict between Communism and the West.

In all of these developments, race was to play a critical factor: the decolonization process has already been dealt with; in the Cold War conflict the Soviets and the West fought each other through non-White surrogates in the Third World; and the Civil Rights movement in America produced some of the greatest racial clashes in America’s history, essentially without solving the issues at hand.

The Emergence of Racial National Politics in America

Although it is often claimed that there are no racial patterns discernible in American politics, in fact there have been very clear racial divides since the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt : in the mid 1930s, the majority of Blacks voted for the Democratic Party for the first time, and have maintained that loyalty to the greater degree.

Right to the end of the 20th century, the majority of Blacks have tended to vote for the Democratic Party, which along with the growing Mexican (called Hispanic) vote, has become the chosen party of non-White Americans, as opposed to the Republicans who have to increasingly rely more and more on shrinking numbers of White voters.

The first time that the black bloc vote played a significant role in helping to elect an American president occurred as early as 1948, when Harry Truman was elected to the office through a combination of the bloc Black vote and a minority of White votes. Truman had gained the support of Blacks by issuing an executive order that eventually desegregated the armed forces and by supporting a pro-civil rights policy for the Democratic Party over strong opposition from Southerners. The next president, Dwight D. Eisenhower, completed the desegregation of the government and armed forces, but refused to take it any further than that.


Blacks, led by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP – despite its name, the NAACP was ironically led by Arthur Spingarn, a Jewish lawyer, who became the focus for much anti-Semitic propaganda from the American right wing) turned to the courts.

One of the earliest NAACP legal victories was the 1944 outlawing of the all-White Democratic Party primary, an institution which had existed since the post reconstruction period in America. In May 1954, the NAACP won a ruling from the US Supreme Court, known as the case of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, in terms of which racial segregation was outlawed in all American public schools.

This decision reversed the principle of “separate but equal” that had been the basis of black-white relations since the Plessy v. Ferguson decision of 1896. Subsequent decisions in 1955 and 1956, compelled local governments to publicly announce plans for desegregation and also ended racial segregation in intrastate transportation.

FORCED Integration at Gunpoint

Whites in the Southern states bitterly opposed the moves to desegregate schools. In September 1957, the governor of Arkansas, Orval E. Faubus, ordered the state’s National Guard to prevent nine Black students from attending Central High School in Little Rock.

On 23 September, following a number of racial clashes between Blacks and Whites in the town, Eisenhower dispatched federal troops to force White students to attend the school, frog-marching the protesting Whites at gunpoint with bayonets drawn, into the classrooms.

Above: Racial integration at gun point: White pupils are forced at gun point with bayonets drawn to attend the racially integrated high school at Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, September 1957.

Public Transport DESEGREGATED

By December 1955, a series of public protests led by the Black Christian minister Martin Luther King, had succeeded in forcing the desegregation of public transport in the South, most notably in Montgomery, Alabama, where a sit-in in a bus terminal created such chaos that the state government was forced to back down on its segregationist policies.

The Northern States and Bussing

Although the northern states of America did not have as extensive a network of segregationist laws as the southern states, the reality was that the races lived in separate neighborhoods for the greatest part and thus also had segregated schools and facilities.

Where intentional segregation existed in the north, as in the city of Boston, the federal courts ordered redrawing of neighborhood school district lines, starting the practice of “bussing” – where children of different races were transported, sometimes 80 kilometers – 50 miles or more – across huge distances to force them to attend schools attended predominantly by other races. This bussing system caused a great many racial clashes and violence.

Above: High School students at Fairdale High, Jefferson county, KY, show their opinion of bussing. The forced integration policies, only abandoned in the 1980s, sparked off the greatest period of racial violence the USA had seen to that time.

Very little point was achieved by sending 100 White children into a school of 2000 Black children, or vice versa, apart from increasing racial tensions dramatically. The practice of bussing then spread all over America, soon becoming a major national political issue which was debated right up to presidential level.

Kennedy and Civil Rights

The 1960 election of John F. Kennedy as Democratic Party president of America – again with overwhelming Black voter support – saw a new surge in laws designed to strike down the last of the segregationist measures in America.

Miscegenation Laws Repealed

The long established American laws forbidding intermarriage between Whites and Blacks were also then challenged in courts and repealed: between 1942 and 1967, 14 states repealed their anti-miscegenation laws. In the case known as Loving v. Virginia (1967), the US Supreme Court struck down laws banning interracial marriage and by 1968, all forms of de jure segregation had been declared unconstitutional.

University Race Riots

A major racial incident occurred in 1962, when a Black student attempted to register at the University of Mississippi: a protest by White students was met with a counter demonstration by Blacks and soon a full-scale race riot erupted, in which two people were killed and 375 wounded. The Mississippi National Guard had to be called in to patrol the university campus. President Kennedy also sent federal troops onto the campus of the university of Alabama to enforce integration at gunpoint there as well.

Kennedy was on the point of preparing a comprehensive law to enforce Black rights when he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas in 1963. His successor, vice president Lyndon B. Johnson, immediately announced that he would proceed with all due haste to enact the legislation that Kennedy had started: the result was a July 1963 law, which prohibited discrimination in the use of federal funds and in public accommodations; at the same time an “Equal Employment Opportunity Commission” was set up to ensure that Whites employed equal numbers of Blacks in any businesses they had – the start of the racial quota system which in effect meant anti-White discrimination, forcing businesses to employ non-Whites even if better qualified White candidates were available.

Voting Rights Act of 1965

In addition to this, the US Constitution was amended in January 1964, to prevent any local authority from using poll tax registration as a means of preventing any person from registering as a voter. Finally in 1965, a comprehensive Civil Rights Act, more correctly called the Voting Rights Act, was signed into law by Johnson: this gave legislative enforcement to the constitutional amendment.

The law also suspended (and amendments later banned) the use of literacy tests for voters. The final abolition of the last literacy tests allowed high numbers of illiterate Black to gain access to the vote: in Mississippi, for example, the percentage of Blacks registered to vote increased from 7 percent in 1964 to 59 percent in 1968.


Despite the pace of change, many Blacks found no improvement in their immediate quality of life or standard of living, and dismissed as racist White explanations that it had taken decades, if not centuries, for the White American population to reach the standards it had. Although Black and White racial violence had long been a feature of the civil rights movement, specifically Black riots started in the 1960s.

The first serious disturbances broke out in Cambridge in 1963 and 1964, and the National Guard was called in to restore order. Then in 1965, a particularly severe Black riot erupted in Watts, a Black ghetto in Los Angeles. The Watts riots lasted six days, taking 34 lives and causing $40 million in property damage.

Above: An American army patrol in Watts, Los Angeles, USA, after Black riots virtually destroyed that suburb in the 1965 riot.

Black riots then spread across more than 30 major American cities, turning almost every major center into a battle zone of White policemen trying to control mobs of Blacks rioting and burning and looting anything they could. It was from these Black riots that the 1960s phrase “Burn, Baby Burn” was developed. From 1964 to 1968, Black riots had killed 215 people and caused $250 million damage.

Kerner Commission: “Separate and Unequal”

Baffled by the Black riots – in theory there should have been less reason to riot than ever before, what with the desegregation laws and pro-non-White discrimination racial quotas having both come into effect – president Johnson appointed a commission, headed by the former governor of Illinois, Otto Kerner, to investigate the causes of Black unrest.

Above: Two typical street scenes from the Watts Riots, 1965: Blacks take the opportunity to loot shops, under the excuse of “racism.”

The report of the Kerner Commission, issued in 1968, warned of the increasing racial polarization in the United States and said that the “nation is moving toward two societies, one white, one black – separate and unequal.”

No sooner had this warning been made, but a fresh wave of riots broke out in April 1968 when Martin Luther King was assassinated by a White man in Tennessee. Once again federal troops had to be called out to suppress the anarchy.


The system of racial quotas for educational and private institutions was struck a serious blow by a 1978 US Supreme Court case. In that case, known as Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, the University of California was prohibited from creating racial quotas, but was permitted to consider race as one factor in admissions policies. The Court later ruled that racial preferences by a private corporation designed to remedy prior discrimination did not violate the Civil Rights Act, and it upheld a federal statute that requires a certain percentage of government contracts to be given to non-White businesses.


Increasing Black urbanization, coupled with its associated problems of an increased crime-rate, increased racial tensions and resultant integrated schools – which in every measured case led to fall in educational standards – created in the 1970s the phenomena of “White flight”. Entire neighborhoods of Whites started moving, lock stock and barrel, out of the major American cities into outlying suburbs. In this way many city centers became almost overnight Blacks-only areas: and this, combined with the dropping of any type of voter qualification, meant that by the mid-1970s, a number of these major cities had elected Black mayors and city councils for the first time.


In June 1974, a federal court ruled that the Boston School Committee had deliberately maintained racial segregation in the city’s public schools and ordered the implementation of bussing programs to bring children to schools outside their own neighborhoods. This led to serious racial clashes between Black and White pupils and their parents, and in 1975, a new integration program was ordered, which saw a staggering 21,000 pupils of different races bussed all over the city in an attempt to achieve some type of racial balance in the state schools.

Above: An anti-bussing demonstration by angry Whites in front of  Boston’s City Hall. Despite a groundswell opposition to bussing and forced integration, the politicians persisted with this policy, eventually forcing many Whites out of the cities, creating the phenomena known as “White Flight.”

This caused a huge number of Whites to leave the inner city areas of Boston, adding to the White flight syndrome already taking form in most other American cities. All-White private schools also then started springing up like mushrooms.

Black Riots Erupt in Los Angeles

One of the worst Black riots in American history took place in Los Angeles in April 1992, after four White policemen were acquitted in the assault of a Black motorist (who had a long criminal record), Rodney King. The assault on King was captured on video – but the policemen were acquitted after the entire video was shown: a 13 second prelude to the assault – which was not widely shown to the public – showed King resisting arrest and assaulting the White police officers.

Blacks in Los Angeles and elsewhere, immediately forming a racial solidarity (which, if done by Whites, would be called “racist”) with the victim of the assault, went on the rampage: fifty-eight people died in the rioting, and property damage exceeded $750 million.


By the 1990s, illegal Mexican immigration into California had reached floodgate proportions and was placing a massive strain on that state’s resources. In November 1994, California voters approved a law, called Proposition 187, which revoked the rights of illegal immigrants to state education, welfare, and health services.

In November 1995, a U.S. District judge overturned major parts of the proposition, but many of its basic points remained in force. California has always been the focal point for immigration into America: during the 1970s, attempts by that state’s educational authorities to enforce racial quotas (which saw non-Whites being given places ahead of better qualified White students purely on the basis of race) on the University of California were overturned by the 1974 Bakke decision.

In July 1995, however, the University of California Board of Regents turned away from previous admissions policies entirely when it passed a resolution eliminating programs that called for pro-non-White discrimination in admissions, hiring, and the granting of outside contracts.

In November 1996, California voters then passed the California Civil Rights Initiative, also known as Proposition 209, which ended any pro-non-White discrimination based on race or ethnicity for jobs, state contracts, or admission to state schools. However, its implementation was prevented by various court challenges

Civil Rights IN REVIEW: A COLOSSAL Failure

In real terms, the decades of civil rights programs have been a failure. Not only have average living standards for all but an elite of Blacks declined, but they have also dropped on every other social indicator.

In 1997, over one million Black American men were in prison, and homicide was the leading cause of death among Black men aged 15 to 34. Nationwide, blacks — although only 12 per cent of the population — account for 64 per cent of all violent-crime arrests and 71 per cent of all robbery arrests. (Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America” Jared Taylor, Carroll & Graf, 1993).

In 1988, there were fewer than ten cases of white-on-black rape — as opposed to 9,405 cases of black-on-white rape. Taylor reports that black men appear three to four times more likely to commit rape than whites, and more than sixty times more likely to rape a white than a white is likely to rape a black. (Taylor, ibid)

This black crisis still disproportionately hurts whites. Black criminals choose white victims in more than half of their violent crime; the average black criminal seems over 12 times more likely to kill a white than vice versa.

Homicide is now the leading cause of death for black men between 15 and 44; one in four black men in their twenties is either in jail, on probation, or on parole. Syphilis is fifty times more prevalent among blacks than among whites; black children are twice as likely as whites to die in their first year. (Taylor, ibid)

A far greater percentage of Blacks than Whites are officially classed as being below the poverty line; drug addiction and criminality amongst the American Black population is proportionately dramatically higher than it is for any other segment of the American population.

All this has happened despite the USA subsidizing its Black poor, publicly and privately,  to the tune of more than $2.5 trillion in federal moneys alone since the 1960s.

The cities run by Black Americans – Washington DC, Detroit and others – are marked by collapse, decay, exceedingly high levels of violent crime, drugs, gang wars and economic decline. The American Dream has for the most part remained beyond the reach of Black America, despite massive help and subsidies to help it along the way.

The words of the 1968 Kerner Report have remained as valid as ever: America is a society of racially separate unequals.




UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – Third World Immigration Starts After 1960

Until the 1960s, most immigrants to the United States came from Europe. Mexicans had however long since been crossing the border to seek employment in the White created prosperity that was North America: an estimated 500,000 Mexicans entered America, legally and illegally, in the 1930s; one million in the 1940s; and 2.5 million in the 1950s.

Starting from 1975, the vast majority of immigrants into America have been from non-White World countries from Asia and Latin America. More than 4 million newcomers entered the United States during the 1970s, rising to more than 6 million arrived in the 1980s; with at least 80 percent of these from Latin America or Asia.

During the 1990s another 10 million entered the country: the largest influx of immigrants in any decade in American history. In the 1980s, concern about the surge of illegal immigrants led Congress to pass legislation aimed at curtailing illegal immigration.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, mandated penalties for employers who hire illegal aliens.


A 1996 report on population trends in America, issued by that country’s official census office, revealed the full extent of Mexican and other Hispanic immigration from Central and South America. The report predicted that natural Hispanic reproduction rates will mean that by the 2005, Hispanics will surpass Blacks as the largest minority. In that respect, the report failed to take into account the effect of mass illegal immigration, and Hispanics surpassed Blacks as the largest minority group in mid 2003, when they officially topped 38.8 million in number.

Above: Mexicans clinging to a rubber tube attempting to cross into California. Waves of illegal immigrants have substantially   changed the demographic make-up of California to the point where it became a majority non-White state in 2001.Power blackouts in that state followed as the infrastructure had not been developed to meet the unexpected demand created by the population increase.

From 2020, the US Census office says, more Mexicans will be added to the population each year than Blacks, Asians and Amerinds combined. From 2019, the relatively youthful Mexican population will have America’s lowest death rate.

According to the census bureau, in 1998 there were over ten million Mexican children under the age of eighteen. This has led to entire slices of many of the southern states of America: New Mexico, Texas and southern California, becoming virtual tiny replicas of Mexico, with the lingua franca becoming Mexican Spanish rather than English.

White American Decline

The long-term rise in the number of Hispanics, who have the highest birth and immigration rates in America, will coincide with a decline in the number of Whites, the report states, predicting that by 2028, the number of White Americans dying will exceed those being born.

The population as a whole is projected to increase by 50 per cent by 2050, to 394 million, from 263 million in 1995. Although the White population is set to increase steadily in real numbers, expressed as a percentage of the entire American population, their numbers are in radical decline: in 1996, Whites made up 73.1 per cent of the population. That is projected to fall to 52.8 per cent by 2050.

USA Population Projections, millions (rounded off)

  1997 2000 2010 2020 2030 2040 2050 2100
Total 267 275 298 323 347 370 394 571
White 195 197 202 207 210 210 208 219
White % of total 72.8 71.8 68 64.3 60.5 57 52.8 45.6

(Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, Current Population Reports, Series P25-1130, “Population Projections of the United States by Age, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin: 1995 to 2050”. )

German-ORIGIN AMERICANS ARE THE Largest White Group

According to the 1990 census, the largest White group, about 58 million Americans, was partly or solely of German ancestry. Irish ancestry was reported by 38.7 million Americans, and English ancestry by another 32.7 million.

Children – Non-white DEMOGRAPHIC LEAD

Asians’ share of the American population will more than double to 8.2 per cent in 2050, and Blacks will rise to 13.6 per cent. The Census Office also reported that in 1995, 21 per cent of White children, 33 per cent of Hispanic children and 56 per cent of Black children lived with one parent. Figures released by the US census Bureau in July 1998, showed that there were at that stage already more Mexican children than Black children in America.

Non-white NUMBERS Growth IN USA

According to the 1990 U.S. census, more than 7.2 million Asians and Pacific Islanders live in the United States. They made up 2.9 percent of the U.S. population, a 107.8 percent increase from 1980, when they constituted only 1.5 percent of the population. After the Vietnam War ended in 1975, many immigrants from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and other Southeast Asian countries settled in the United States. Not all Vietnamese Americans have become well-educated and prosperous.

School-dropout rates and the growth of criminal gangs continue to trouble the Vietnamese-American community. In 1990, more than one-fourth of all Vietnamese American families reported income below the poverty level, a rate twice the U.S. average.

While the total U.S. population increased by 9.8 percent between 1980 and 1990 and by an estimated 7.4 percent between 1990 and 1997, the Black population grew by 14.2 percent, from 26.7 million in 1980 to 30.5 million in 1990 and had reached an estimated 33.8 million by 1997.

The Amerind population has staged a remarkable comeback from its low at the end of the 19th century: in 1980, it stood at 1.4 million, rising to 2.1 million in 1990; the population grew 12.1 percent between 1990 and 1997, reaching 2.3 million.


According to an article in the newspaper, USA Today, of 17 June 1998, the number of mixed-race marriages in the USA was 150,000 in 1960. By 1998 it had increased to “over 1.5 million” and it estimated that the number of mixed-race children in America stood at “over 2 million.”


According to the Washington Post, Tuesday, March 13, 2001; Page A01, nearly 7 million Americans described themselves as multiracial in the 2000 Census, in terms of a voluntary self classification category introduced for the first time. This figure is much higher for children under 18, of whom 4.2 percent were registered as multiracial, compared with 1.9 percent of adults. The major reason, census officials said, was that the number of interracial couples more than quadrupled.

This figure is however a gross underestimation, as many individuals who think of themselves as black, are most certainly of mixed racial origin. It is in fact unusual to find any pure Blacks in large numbers in the USA, something that is reflected in the wide diversity of physical types found amongst that population grouping.


The Coming Fall of the West


All the great events of history have a racial basis, the very ebb and flow of history is understood only when it is seen that all of history is the result of racial or sub-racial shifts in power, of tribes or nations conquering others, of lands being occupied by different races, and racial conflict.

Once this common thread is understood, then history stops being a meaningless jumble of seemingly unconnected events, but welds into an obviously connected and predictable flow.

With this knowledge, predicting the future on the basis of what is already known, is not that difficult.

This is particularly so in the light of the facts which have been overviewed in the previous chapter: the increasing numbers of non-Whites flooding Europe, North America and Australia will, without any doubt, lead to a change in the nature of the societies on those continents, which in turn will bring about a change in the nature of the civilization on those continents.

That this will happen is without doubt: it is not even a question of debate, it is a simple fact.

What it means in practical terms is that Western European civilization – as it has been developing since the Late Paleolithic Age, some 27,000 years ago, will vanish and change into something else, a hybrid culture like that of present day India.


This prospect of a hybrid society may appear attractive to some people, although it will not mean the end of the concept of race (instead of sharp racial divisions, there will be a racial “continuum” sliding from light to dark, as is the case in India).

However, there are others who do not think that this is a desirable end result of 30,000 years of history, and who do not relish themselves or their descendants living in countries which are at best Second World, and, as the demographic balance becomes ever more marked, which will slide into Third World status and then beyond.

Already the effects of the change in the make-up of society can be seen everywhere in Europe, North America or Australia, where one cares to look: an overview of these already clear signs of social discordance is the subject of this final chapter.

Belgium and Black Africa

Of particular concern must be the ever growing African numbers in North America and Europe. Black Africa itself is without question the most backward continent on earth; in 1989, a World Bank report on sub-Saharan Africa (that is, excluding the oil rich Arab states and what was then White ruled South Africa) revealed that the Gross Domestic Product for the entire continent was the same as that of one tiny European country, Belgium (Sunday Times, 26 November 1989).

The possibility of this massive poverty and social chaos being transferred to Europe and North America is not a figment of a wild imagination: indeed, the transfer of that population is already underway, as demonstrated in the preceding chapter.

Social Discordance: The Signs of the Dissolution of the West

At the end of the 20th century, there are very clear signs of social discordance at work in the White West: signs which are unmistakably linked to the changing racial make-up of the societies in question.

Before these discordances are overviewed, the reader should realize that of necessity “groups” are being used to define trends and patterns of behavior. This is so because of the nature of racial dynamics: to use a simple example to explain: One White in a meeting hall of 200 Blacks will hardly be noticed; as a lone individual he will not count. However, 150 Whites in a meeting hall with 50 Blacks will not only count, but they will set the agenda of the meeting as well.

In this way then, racial groups impact upon each other, and racial individuals do not.

This is a critical factor to bear in mind when group statistics of any nature are overviewed: the individual exception does not disprove the group rule; small numbers of individuals do not count, but large groups do.


One of the most prominent of all social indicators is the crime rate: it serves as a window onto society, reflecting a large number of factors such as social status, poverty, alienation from society and a host of others.

A comparison of European and American criminal statistics reveals some important insights into how this impacts upon the racial make-up of society. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) produces a regular “Uniform Crime Report”, published by the US government in Washington, DC..

In 1992, the figures they produced were first given as a total for America, and then broken down into two racial categories of “Black” and “White”. Under the FBI’s classification, Mexicans are also classed as White, so separate statistics for this group do not exist.

While this is of course scientifically incorrect, these are nonetheless the only statistics which are publicly available on the matter, and for sake of factual correctness, these figures are used as is in the table below. In addition to this, the European crime statistics for similar crimes have been laid alongside the American statistics for comparison.

Comparison: Crimes per 100,000 Population







American Whites

American Blacks


7.4 4.6 4.2 6.0 9.3 5.1 43.4


62.6 90.4 47.4 68.6 263.0 126 1,343

Sources: FBI Uniform Crime Reports for U.S. data, The Economist for European data. European data for 1990; American data for 1992

As the table shows, Americans as a whole are more violent than Europeans: twice as likely as Frenchmen to commit murder and more than five times as likely as Germans to commit robbery.

However, as is clear from the separate calculations for American Blacks and Whites, (done by the FBI themselves) it is the very high rates of violent crimes by Blacks – eight times as high as Whites for murder and more than ten times for robbery – that yield this result.

These figures actually overstate the White crime rate, because of FBI’s inclusion of Mexicans into the White category.

These figures have a bearing on the perennial American debate over gun control. White Americans, who have easy access to guns, are less likely to kill each other than are the British, who are almost completely disarmed.

This comparison with Europe proves that Whites in the United States have neither a unique “culture of violence” nor inadequate gun laws. America has a high rate of violent crime because it has a large number of violent Black criminals.


Brazil is a nation of some 170 million, the vast majority of whom are mixed-race slum-dwellers: with a well deserved reputation for violence. In Sao Paulo, its largest city with 16 million people, more than 4,500 people are murdered each year. In March 1998 alone, 771 people were killed, more than all the homicides reported in New York City during 1997. (Reuters, 08/16/98, ”Park Maniac” killer case rivets Brazil).


The history of the racial balance in Canada serves as a perfect example of the power of normal, mostly peaceful, immigration to change the face of a land utterly within a few hundred years. Initially the Amerinds occupied the territory now known as Canada: they were however not beaten by force of arms, as were their cousins in the United States of America, but were simply pushed back by successive waves of White immigration.

Within two hundred years the face of Canada changed, along with its culture, heritage and all other manifestations of the previous Amerind settlement – changed irreparably by the shift in the racial make-up in the population.

It is therefore ironic that the process which destroyed Amerind culture in Canada is precisely the same process which, at the end of the 20th century, is busy displacing the White culture and civilization in Canada: successive waves of Black and Asian immigrants (combined with the racially mixed offspring produced by physical integration) are busy changing the face of Canada once again.

Minister of Multi-Culturalism

Canada even has a “minister of state for multiculturalism” formally added to the cabinet as early as 1972. In 1986, an affirmative action employment policy was adopted by the Canadian government through which preference is always given to any non-White applicants above that of any similarly qualified White.

As is the case virtually everywhere in the modern White countries at the end of the 20th century, special allowances and privileges are made for non-White races which are then specifically denied to Whites. In Canada, there are in excess of 600 “regional councils”, which look after local Amerind affairs.

However, what makes these councils unique is that only Amerinds can be elected to them, and only Amerinds can vote for them: a super-racial discrimination which is officially endorsed by the Canadian government, who would never dream of organizing Whites only “regional councils” to “look after White interests.”

Political Separation GRANTED TO INDIANS

The Canadian government has also given separate political rights to Amerinds: in March 1993, the Cree-Naskapi of Quebec and the Sechelt Band of British Columbia, became formally self-governing with municipal status and accountable to an “indigenous” only electorate.

Once again this sort of blatant racial mobilization would probably be the subject of a criminal prosecution if it was carried out by White Canadians. In 1999, a new treaty created another Amerind state, that of Nunavut in the eastern part of the Northwest Territories. This state, specifically created for Canadian Amerinds, is governed by its own legislative assembly, territorial court, and civil service.


Part Two: Race and Crime in the USA

Reference has already been made to the phenomena of White Flight from American cities, a pattern that is gradually spreading to Europe and Australia as well. The biggest consequence of this White Flight is the creation of Black inner cities in America, and it is in these inner cities where a large proportion of Black violent crime takes place.

A case example is the capital of America, Washington DC, which according to the 2000 US Census, had a “live-in” White population of less than 20 per cent.

A British survey conducted by the UK Home Office of 20 European and nine North American cities put Washington way out in front of a “city murder league table” with a murder rate of 69.3 per 100,000 population. (BBC,, 19 August 1998, “The United States of Murder“).

This means that Washington DC  is about 170 times more dangerous than the Belgian capital, Brussels, which came bottom with 0.4 murders per 100,000. (ibid). Washington DC was a long way ahead of the second most murderous city, Philadelphia, which had a rate of 27.4. The nine American cities in the survey all came in the top 12 of the poll. San Diego had the lowest rate with 8 homicides per 100,000. (ibid).

“The Race War of Black Against White” – AN AUSTRALIAN’S VIEW

An insight into the nature of racially motivated crime in America was published in the Australian mainstream newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald, on 20 May 1995. Written by that paper’s correspondent in America, it contains so many important facts that it is worth quoting here in full:

The Race War of Black Against White

By Paul Sheehan

Sydney Morning Herald, May 20, 1995

“The longest war America has ever fought is the Dirty War, and it is not over. It has lasted 30 years so far and claimed more than 25 million victims. It has cost almost as many lives as the Vietnam War. It determined the result of last year’s congressional election.

Yet the American news media do not want to talk about the Dirty War, which remains between the lines and unreported. In fact, to even suggest that the war exists is to be discredited. So let’s start suggesting, immediately.

No matter how crime figures are massaged by those who want to acknowledge or dispute the existence of a Dirty War, there is nothing ambiguous about what the official statistics portray: for the past 30 years a large segment of black America has waged a war of violent retribution against white America. And the problem is getting worse, not better.

In the past 20 years, violent crime has increased more than four times faster than the population. Young blacks (under 18) are more violent than previous generations and are 12 times more likely to be arrested for murder than young whites.

Nearly all the following figures, which speak for themselves, have not been reported in America:

* According to the latest US Department of Justice survey of crime victims, more than 6.6 million violent crimes (murder, rape, assault and robbery) are committed in the US each year, of which about 20 per cent, or 1.3 million, are inter-racial crimes.

* Most victims of race crime – about 90 per cent – are white, according to the survey “Highlights From 20 Years of Surveying Crime Victims,” published in 1993.

* Almost 1 million white Americans were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by black Americans in 1992, compared with about 132,000 blacks who were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by whites, according to the same survey.

* Blacks thus committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the violent racial crimes of whites.

* According to the latest annual report on murder by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most inter-racial murders involve black assailants and white victims, with blacks murdering whites at 18 times the rate that whites murder blacks.

These breathtaking disparities began to emerge in the mid-1960s, when there was a sharp increase in black crime against whites, an upsurge which, not co-incidentally, corresponds exactly with the beginning of the modern civil rights movement.

Over time, the cumulative effect has been staggering. Justice Department and FBI statistics indicate that between 1964 and 1994 more than 25 million violent inter-racial crimes were committed, overwhelmingly involving black offenders and white victims, and more than 45,000 people were killed in inter-racial murders. By comparison, 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam, and 34,000 were killed in the Korean War.

When non-violent crimes (burglary, larceny, car theft and personal theft) are included, the cumulative totals become prodigious. The Bureau of Justice Statistics says 27 million non-violent crimes were committed in the US in 1992, and the survey found that 31 per cent of the robberies involved black offenders and white victims (while only 2 per cent in the reverse).

When all the crime figures are calculated, it appears that black Americans have committed at least 170 million crimes against white Americans in the past 30 years. It is the great defining disaster of American life and American ideals since World War II.

All these are facts, yet by simply writing this story, by assembling the facts in this way, I would be deemed a racist by the American news media. It prefers to maintain a paternalistic double standard in its coverage of black America, a lower standard.”

Whites, Blacks and Murder

From time to time, the US Census Bureau publishes another insight into the race and crime issue in America, called Crime in the United States. This is a publicly available document published by an official US government agency. Combined with data taken from the US Census bureau, the figures make fascinating reading:

Whites, Blacks and Murder – 2004
Murder in the United States by race and age with additional details
Crime in the United States, 2004, Table 2.5, and National Population Projections, Detailed Files, 2001-2010 (US Census)
Age Group Murders committed by US population (thousands) Population
White / Black
Per Capita Rate of Murder Perpetration, Ratio of Black to White
Whites Blacks Whites Blacks
9-12 8 7 12773 2585 4.941 4.3
13-16 210 256 12988 2722 4.771 5.8
17-19 645 853 9724 1907 5.099 6.7
20-24 1159 1470 16014 3022 5.299 6.7
25-34 1339 1288 29157 5282 5.520 5.3
35-44 876 599 34912 5714 6.110 4.2
45-54 534 257 34113 4875 6.998 3.4
55-64 210 85 24459 2849 8.585 3.5
65-74 72 31 15720 1765 8.907 3.8
Total or Average 5053 4887 189860 30721 6.180 6.0

Note: If there were no racial differences in crime rates, the numbers in the right-hand columns of each of the above tables would be within a few percent of 1.0.

Murder Victim – Offender Relationship by Race 2004
Source: Crime in the United States, 2004, Table 2.7
  Race of offender
  “White” Black Other Unknown
White victims 3123 522 37 45
Black victims 228 2784 7 48
Victims of other race 42 23 110 2
Victims of unknown race 34 15 1 18

Note: The FBI classifies Hispanics, Arabs and others as “Caucasians”. The “White” figure above therefore does not reflect actual White crime rates, and is significantly inflated. When the actual population ratios are taken into account and extrapolated in, the per capita rate ratio of Black-on-White murders to White-on-Black murders becomes about 23.  Similarly, the per capita rate ratio of White-perpetrator murders to Black-perpetrator murders becomes (typically) about 9.5. This ratio is a measure of the relatively higher propensity of Blacks toward violence, as compared with Whites.

In 2004, there were 7039 US murders having a single perpetrator and a single victim. Of these murders, Blacks committed 3427 (48.7%) and Whites committed 3344 (47.5%). The Black per capita murder rate was 6.0 times higher than the White per capita murder rate.

There were at least 859 interracial murders (12.2% of total murders), of which 545 were committed by Blacks (63.4% of interracial murders) and 270 were committed by Whites (31.4%). The Black per capita interracial murder rate was 12.5 times higher than that for Whites.

There were 522 murders in which Blacks killed Whites (60.8% of interracial murders) and 228 murders in which Whites killed Blacks (26.5%). The average Black was 14.1 times more likely to kill a White than the reverse (in a one-on-one situation).

The (White+Hispanic)/Black population ratio for 2004 was 6.18.

Thanks to Jerry Abbot for the race and crime tables


The following facts are derived from data found in the FBI Uniform Crime Reports (online link) for the years 1995 through 2000.

(Once again it is worth stressing that the FBI figures do not break down separate statistics for Central American immigrants, Mexicans, Arabs, or anybody else: if the FBI had included a separate category for these racial groups, the disparity between Black and White would be even larger.)

– The average Black commits murder about 7.1 times more often than the average “White” (where “White” includes Hispanics etc.)

– The average Black commits interracial murder about 13.8 times more often than the average “White” (where “White: includes Hispanics etc.)

– The average Black kills a “White” 15.9 times more often than the reverse.

– Weapons violations are committed by Blacks at nearly 5 times the rate for Whites;

– Blacks are caught receiving or buying stolen property at nearly 5 times the rate for Whites;

– Blacks are involved in prostitution at almost 4 times the rate for Whites;

– Blacks are arrested for drug crimes at over 4 times the rate for Whites;

– Blacks are more than three times as likely as Whites to be caught at forgery, counterfeiting, and fraud, and almost three times as likely to be caught at embezzlement;

– Blacks are more than 3 times as likely to be thieves as Whites;

– Blacks are more than 4 times as likely to commit assault as Whites;

– Blacks are almost 4.5 times as likely to steal a motor vehicle;

– Blacks are more than 5 times as likely to commit forcible rape as Whites;

– Blacks are over 8 times as likely to commit murder as Whites;

– Blacks are more than 10 times as likely to commit robbery as Whites;

– Nearly 25% of all Black males between the ages of 20 and 29 are in jail or on probation – this does not include those wanted or awaiting trial;

– For all violent crimes considered together, Blacks are almost 5.5 times more likely to commit violent criminal acts than Whites; all this according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report.


The exceedingly high criminality rate amongst American Blacks has ironically led to huge numbers of this racial group once again being disenfranchised. According to an Associated Press report of 23 October 1998, 1.4 million Black males were debarred from voting in American elections because of widespread laws in many states which prevent convicted felons from voting.

In total, thirteen percent of Black American men could not vote in the 1998 elections in that country because they were convicted felons, a report by Human Rights Watch and The Sentencing Project concluded. (“Report: 1.4 million black men cannot vote because of felony“, Associated Press, 23/10/98).

The survey showed that in the states of Florida and Alabama, the degree of disenfranchisement was at its highest: 33 per cent of all Black males in those states were formally and legally barred from voting.

When all non-White groups – Blacks, Hispanics and others -are calculated in, then the figure of disenfranchised non-Whites for the entire USA in the year 2005 was set at an astonishing 3.1 million individuals: Around ten percent of the entire non-White voting population.

Drugs and AIDS

Much play is also made of the American problem with drugs and AIDS, two social conditions that tend to go hand in hand, linked as they are to both sexual promiscuity and the sharing of intravenous drug needles amongst addicts. In this field as well, there is an unmistakable racial slant. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) in America, as early as 1987, some 70 per cent of that country’s intravenous (IV) drug addicts were Black or Hispanic (Time, 17 August 1987) – one of the factors, along with greater sexual promiscuity of these two non-White racial groups – which accounts for the greater prevalence of the Acquired Immunization Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) amongst these two groups.


According to a report released by the Center for Disease Control on 16 November 2005, some 24,268 females died from HIV/AIDS contracted through heterosexual contact with HIV positive males in 2004, while non-Whites make up 66% of all persons “living with HIV/AIDS” in the same year.


According to the CDC’s “The 2004 HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report”, Blacks make up the largest group (48%) of “people living with Aids”; followed by Hispanics (17%), American Indian and Asian/Pacific islander (1% each).


The CDC also said Blacks accounted for 50% of all HIV/AIDS cases diagnosed in 2004, while 33% of all people who contracted HIV/AIDs in 2004 did so through heterosexual contact.


In 2004, rates of AIDS cases were 56.4 per 100,000 amongst Blacks, 18.6 per 100,000 amongst Hispanics, 7.9 per 100,000 amongst American Indians, 6.0 per 100,000 amongst Whites and 3.7 per 100,000 amongst Asian/Pacific Islanders.


Of the estimated 123,405 female adults and adolescents living with HIV/AIDS, 71% had been exposed through heterosexual contact in 2004.


Some 65 % of all people living with AIDS in 2004 were non-White, broken down as follows:  43% were Black; 20% were Hispanic, 1% each for Asian/Pacific Islander and American Indian.


HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, was diagnosed in 38,685 people in 33 states reporting data to federal officials through the end of 2004. The numbers don’t actually reflect the number of new infections across the country because some people who are newly diagnosed may have been infected for years while hundreds of thousands of others are infected but have never been diagnosed.


The report shows that Blacks remained more than eight times more likely than whites to test positive. In all, Blacks accounted for 51% of HIV diagnoses during the three years covered in the report though they make up just 13% of the U.S. population.



Some 68 percent of all U.S. prison and jail inmates are non-Whites, according to figures released in mid-2005 by the Bureau of Justice. In addition, the prison population grows at a rate of about 900 per week, and currently the US holds more than 2.1 million people prisoner.

Other statistics released by the Bureau of Justice showed that 28 percent of black men will be sent to jail or prison in their lifetime; and that an estimated 12 percent of all black males in their twenties are prison, along with an estimated 3.7 percent of Hispanic males, compared to less than 1.6 percent of white males in that age group.

What the report termed the “correctional population” – all those in prison or jail as well as on probation and parole, reached a new record of almost 6.9 million as of the end of 2003. This figure, about 3.2 percent of the adult population, is nearly as large as the population of New York, the nation’s largest city.

One in eight Black men in their twenties and thirties are behind bars, compared to 1 in 63 white men. For Black male high school dropouts, 41 percent of those between 22 and 30 years old were locked up as of 1999.

As the number of U.S prison inmates soar, the figures show black men are 8 times more likely than any other race to be incarcerated. Of the 2.1 million inmates, just under a million are Black, with another near 20% being Hispanic or other non-White race, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Prisons in England & Wales show similar patterns where 24 percent of prisoners are non-White; Black men make up 16 percent, Asians make up three percent and five percent are classified as “other.” Of the female UK prison population, 31 percent are Black.

At the core of the high non-White crime rate, is an inability by the vast majority of non-Whites to successfully integrate, and compete, with Whites in a White dominated society. If left unchecked, this high crime rate will ultimately eat away at the fabric of society itself, and be a part of its undoing. A foretaste of this came with the events surrounding the landfall of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 in New Orleans.


When the city of New Orleans was struck by Hurricane Katrina in mid-2005, and the majority of Whites remaining in the city left (Whites have been a minority in that metropolis for many years) the city center descended into anarchy, with Black police and civilians alike, dropping all pretense of law and order and engaging in a looting and criminality orgy lasting days. This outbreak of Third World behavior is perfectly understandable once it is understood that it was committed by a Third World population, irrelevant of how long the had been exposed to First World standards.

Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, 2005. Black police and civilians alike engage in wholesale looting and lawlessness as the Third World population takes over in the chaos of the flooding.



As soon as the numbers of a non-White grouping in any White country reach a significant amount, they immediately form an openly racially-exclusive interest-group. These blatantly racially motivated groups are then fêted and welcomed by the politically correct establishment: but any attempt to form any sort of White lobby is met with instant condemnation and accusations of “racism” or “Nazism.”

For example, in the American Congress, there is a formally established Black Congressional Caucus, open to Black members of congress only. Similarly there is a Hispanic Congressional Caucus, open to Hispanics only.

There is however no “White Congressional Caucus” – indeed, any White congressmen who might even think of suggesting such a thing would in all likelihood be run out of congress for being a “racist.”

Yet the Black and Mexican congressmen can mobilize on racial grounds with impunity: on the contrary, not only are they not condemned, but the establishment actively seeks their support as a lobby group.

Other Examples: ‘Black Television”, “Black Beauty Pageants”

Other examples of non-White racial mobilization in America are legion, and cover everything from sport through to television. There is a nationally televised “Black Television” channel; a Black Miss America Contest, a Black Lawyers’ Association, Black magazines (the famous “Ebony”) which are sold in all news outlets; and so on.

The contrast could not be more vivid: any White trying to set up a “White Television Channel”, or a “White Miss America Contest” or a “White Lawyers’ Association” would immediately stand accused of being a “racist”: yet once again the non-White groupings can do such things with impunity.

There are “White” newspapers in America – a very few – but they stand no chance of being sold in any of the main news outlets along with the Black newspapers, and are thus extremely limited in circulation or impact.

“Black History” UNIVERSITY FACULTIES – but no “white history” studies

An example of non-White racial mobilization in the educational field has been the creation of “Black History” departments at all major American universities, once again funded and backed by the establishment. These are complete departments, including Professors of Black History, who specialize in nothing else but researching exclusively Black historical events.

While the study of racial history is by no means a bad thing (certainly it is, in the opinion of this author, the only worthwhile historical pursuit) the contrast is once again vivid: there is absolutely no chance that any university anywhere would set up a department of “White History”; much less appoint a “Professor of White History”. Such a university would in all likelihood be closed down or have its funding cut off immediately.

The distortion in history has accompanied the shift in racial demographics: the poster (below left) was one of several widely distributed in American schools, claiming that the Punic general Hannibal was a Black African. A contemporary Roman bust of Hannibal (below right) shows however his true race. There are an ever increasing number of such distortions creeping into the teaching of history everywhere.

Anti-White Discrimination THE RESULT

The reason for this blatant anti-White (or pro-Black) discrimination is the very clear shift in racial power balance in America, caused directly by the shifting demographics of that country. This in itself should be as clear an indicator to anybody that the nature of American society is changing away from an Euro-centric (White-centric) nature to that of a Black (or more likely, Hispanic)-centric society.

That this is happening comes as no surprise: it is in fact utterly predictable in the light of the changing racial make-up of America. Exactly the same thing happened to the Amerinds: now it is happening to the Whites who took over from the Amerinds.


The level of impunity at which non-Whites can operate in America was well illustrated by a speech given by the Black chairman of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Julian Bond, at that organization’s annual conference in July 1998.

In his widely reported speech, Bond stated, to applause, that the Whites in America were “cheats” and were to blame for the lack of Black advancement in that country. Bond compared existing racial inequality to a football game in which the white team is ahead 145 to three and “owns the ball, the field, the goalposts, the uniforms and the referees. They have been cheating since the game began,” he said. (Reuters, 07/12/98, “Black leader says racism `”alive and well” in U.S.”)

The NAACP is a US government-recognized organization which is one of the establishment’s main players in the Civil Rights field in America. The then American Vice President, Al Gore, and Agriculture Secretary, Dan Glickman, were also speakers at the very same NAACP congress – an indication of its status within the American government.

Any White American politician who in public would accuse Blacks or Hispanics of being “cheats” would most certainly be instantly condemned and shunned by the Vice President of the United States of America. The fact that the chairman of the NAACP can say such things is yet another indication of how the racial power balance is changing in alignment with the shift in racial make-up in America.

Hispanics are also organized racially: they have the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). This overtly racial organization is fêted by all the main political groupings in America , who send their senior leaders to beg for votes at each annual meeting of LULAC.




Above: A 1970s-era Black demonstration in Britain: the look on the face of the White policeman speaks volumes.

In Britain, which by the end of the 20th century had a resident non-White population of well over ten per cent of the entire population, the same issues which have confronted America have also reared their head: race and crime, White Flight and anti-White discrimination.

All of these social indicators are clear signs that in Britain the political power balance is shifting steadily away from the original White Westerners who have inhabited that land since the Late Paleolithic times: it is being surrendered to waves of new immigrants.


In 1983, a commotion erupted in Britain when the London Metropolitan Police issued figures showing that twice as many street crimes were committed by Blacks as by Whites in that city. The statistics showed that, of 19,528 London victims of robbery and other street crimes, 10,960 identified their assailants as Black. Of the rest, 5,262 of the offenses were blamed on Whites and 534 on mixed-race criminals. (Sunday Times, 27 March 1983).

Race Relations Act

In 1974, the British government introduced legislation called the Race Relations Act. Designed to prevent racial incitement, in practice it has led to the active suppression of freedom of speech in Britain: a person can be jailed for six months for daring to write, speak or suggest anything which may be construed as incitement in terms of that act.

The existence of the act is justified by its supporters by arguments to the effect that it is needed to prevent racial anarchy in the UK. This argument falls down on two points: firstly, there are no such restrictions in force in America and racial relations are no better or no worse there than in the UK, indicating that the law has had no effect in this regard; and secondly the only major incidents of racial conflict in the UK have been Black mobs who have rioted and burned down city centers in the UK.

As elsewhere, Blacks-only organizations abound in Britain, with the “Voice” newspaper, branding itself directly to the Black population, being widely distributed in all newsagents in the UK. If any White Briton had to try and distribute a “White Voice” newspaper in Britain, they would in all likelihood be prosecuted under the Race Relations Act. Most certainly they would certainly not get a newspaper with that name distributed through the formal news outlets.

Majority of Racial Attacks in Britain are Black on White

One of the most commonly aired news items in Britain at the end of the 20th century was the supposed large number of racist attacks by Whites on Blacks, with one case, that of the Black murder victim, Stephen Lawrence, receiving world wide publicity in 1999.

However, according to the British Commission for Racial Equality, more Whites are the victims of race attacks than Asians and Blacks added together. (Daily Telegraph, London, 9 February 1999).

According to the CRE’s own statistics, in the year 1997/1998, a total of 230,000 Whites were attacked by non-Whites in racially motivated assaults in Britain, compared to 101,000 Asians and 42,000 Blacks reporting racial attacks by Whites. The majority of racial attacks in Britain are therefore, in real and pro-rata terms, carried out by non-Whites against Whites.


Above left: Brixton 1982: Blacks riot in London. Above right: Asians riot in Bradford, 2001.

Above left and right: The cost of Asian riots in Burnley, 2001: damaged cars and buildings.

Above left: A non-White crowd confronts police in Bradford, 2001. Above right: A street scene in Manningham, Bradford, after non-White riots there in 2001.

Above: Riots in Paris in October 2005 left thousands of vehicles burned out. The violence formed part of a long standing pattern which has marked the non-White population’s growth in that country.

Non-white VIOLENCE GRIPS France

As the influx of North Africans into France has continued unabated, the issues of immigration and race relations have became important issues in France. High unemployment and several violent incidents in non-White communities heightened hostility toward non-White immigrants, resulted in the growth of an anti-immigrant party, the Front National.

The huge numbers of Muslims in France have created a serious security problem for that country, with Islamic extremists almost having a free run, being able to hide amongst the large Arab and North African population with relative ease. As a result France has been rocked by Islamic terrorism since 1995. In addition to this, huge swathes of Parisian suburbs have turned into non-White gangland areas, marked by extreme social deprivation and crime.

In October 2005, a wave of non-White rioting hit France, perpetrated by North African gangs across the country. Thousands of cars were burned, and at least one person was killed in the unrest. However, as the pictures below show, the 2005 riots were not an isolated incident, but in fact part of pattern that has grown along with the increasing non-White population.


Non-White violence erupts in Lyon, France: above left, 1996, above right 1997. A tradition has emerged for riots every end December in France – indicating that it has become a non-White cult rather than a reflection on any particular grievance.

Above right: non-White riots, Paris, 1997, and above center, a Black is arrested during riots in Paris, 2000.

Above right: non-White riots in Toulouse, 1998.



Above left: Street scene in Almeira, Spain, after a non-White riot; and above right: A petrol bomb attack during the same riot.


In Australia, the rapid increase in Asian immigration during the last quarter of the 20th century has seen a marked increase in Asian gang criminality springing up in many of the major city centers, as the pattern of White Flight has also started to take effect on that continent.

When a group of Australians formed a political party which dared to oppose the growing displacement of the racial power balance, the One Nation party, they were immediately (and completely unjustifiably) branded as Nazis: even their private party-membership list was stolen and published in the Australia-Israel Review, an Australian Jewish newspaper, with the sole purpose of intimidating those persons so named (Associated Press newswire, 9 July 1998, Australia Rightists List Published).


Aboriginals are subject to all sorts of special treatment by the Australian government: they have a large number of associations organized exclusively on Aboriginal racial lines, such as the Aboriginal Law Council and a host of others.

These blatantly racially-exclusive organizations are fêted by the establishment – but when Whites in the One Nation Party dared to do exactly what the Aborigines had done – organize on a racial basis – that White party was attacked as being “racist” and a fierce propaganda campaign was launched against them.

Conversely, one can only imagine what the reaction would be if White Australian lawyers would set up a “White Law Council” in the same way that the establishment welcomed Aboriginal Law Society operates.


In 1996, an Australian court ruling held that Aborigines have unlimited access to ancestral land even if it is occupied by non-Aborigines. At that stage the Aborigines numbered between 300,000 and 400,000, only two percent of the Australian population. The imposition of any such claims – and, at the end of the 20th century they were being considered quite seriously – would see as much as 80 per cent of Australia turned over to Aboriginal control, unless checked in some way.

While the Aborigines simply do not have the numbers to occupy such a huge territory, such a move would have disastrous economic and social consequences, particularly in the light of the nature of Aboriginal society.

ABORIGINES HAVE Highest Crime Rate in the World

The Aborigines boast one of the highest crime rates of any racial group in the world, reflected in their imprisonment rate, which pro-rata is the highest anywhere. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, the Aborigines, who make up only two percent of the country’s population, account for 30 per cent of the inmates of the country’s prison cells – a rate which is higher than American Blacks or New Zealand Maoris, two other groups identified by the Institute as having high imprisonment rates. (The Argus, 5 November 1982).



A civilization rises and falls along with its originating population: this is the great lesson of history which applies equally to any race in any country. Once the racial composition of a society changes, than that society itself changes.

The socio-demographic factors listed above are the most obvious indicators that the very nature of the White West is busy changing: it is becoming more violent; it is becoming poorer; and it is becoming more anti-White; it is becoming darker.

This is directly linked to the decline of the White people who originally made up that society, and their replacement by non-White newcomers foreign to the culture and civilization.

There are four ways through which a nation’s population can vanish:

1. Through obliteration in war;

2. Through their lands being swamped by labor-driven immigration;

3. Through physical mixing with newcomers; and

4. The second and third factors above combined with a decreasing birth rate amongst the original population.

Ancient Rome vanished because of the last three factors: now exactly the same scenario is being played out in Western Europe, North America and Australia. Unless checked, the demographic trends show conclusively that Whites will be a minority in all three of these continents by the year 2100. After that, it is only then a question of time and Whites as a racial group will vanish completely.

Above: Sign of the times: Right: A banner carried by a Black demonstration in Lusaka, Zambia, 1970.


The notion of an entire race disappearing may seem incredible: but it is not. There are in fact at least four distinct racial groupings which have already vanished as a result of being absorbed into other racial groups which have occupied their territory during the course of history. One of these four groups was a White subrace.

1. The White subrace known as the Mediterraneans, were the race who originally occupied much of Europe and the Middle East. These were the people who built the very first European civilizations, and then afterwards helped build the civilizations in the Mesopotamian river valley and in Egypt. On the European continent the Mediterraneans were absorbed for the greatest part into the Alpine White subrace; the Proto-Nordics and then the invading Indo-European Nordic subraces.

This absorption occurred with relatively little disruption to the growth of the European continental civilizations, as all the mixing components were all part of the broader White race. In the Middle East and Egypt, however, the Mediterraneans were absorbed into the Arabic/Semitic peoples and the African Blacks: through this process they lost virtually all genetic contact with the rest of the White race. The Mediterranean subrace of the White race has then already vanished, along with the culture it created.

2. The Aztec peoples in Central America created an impressive, if somewhat cruel by Western standards, civilization in Central America. The arrival of the White Spaniards, who conquered the Aztecs through superior technology, did not destroy the Aztec people: they disappeared through racial mixing with the small number of Spanish conquerors, and the millions of Black slaves imported to the region by the Spanish. The Aztec Amerinds are the second distinct racial grouping to have vanished, along with the culture they created.

3. The Inca peoples of South America also created an impressive civilization in South America; they too were militarily beaten by a handful of White Spaniards using superior technology. The original Inca Amerinds have also to the largest part disappeared through integration with the small number of White Spanish conquerors and the millions of Black slaves imported into South America by the Spanish and Portuguese. The Inca Amerinds are the third distinct racial grouping to have vanished, along with the culture they created.

4. The Bushmen living at the southern most point of Africa, the Koisan, who formed a distinct race by themselves quite separate from the Black tribes in Southern Africa, existed undisturbed at stone age hunter gatherer levels when the first White settlers arrived in the region. Conflict with the White settlers caused a few Bushmen to flee into the reaches of the Namib desert – where isolation has ensured that a tiny number remained intact – but the vast majority of Khoisan were absorbed into what became the mixed-race “Cape Colored” population in South Africa, made up of Bushmen, a small number of Whites, Malay slaves, Indians and Blacks. The Khoisan of the Cape of Good Hope are the fourth distinct racial grouping to have vanished, along with the culture they created.

In each of these four cases, the civilization or cultures they had created, vanished with them. The lesson is clear: races do disappear, and once having done so, their civilization is extinguished with them.

Above: The continued existence of all groups is under threat: here is an advertisement which was placed in the Jewish newspaper, The Jewish Press, of 26 January 1973, which quite correctly points out that the Jewish culture will disappear if Jews marry outside of the Jewish people (extract below). The advertisement, placed by an organization calling itself “Jews! Be Jewish” points out that mixing will lead to the disappearance of the Jews. The advertisement then draws the logical conclusion and urges Jews not to intermarry. This principle is absolutely sound if the Jews, or any other group for that matter, do not want to vanish.


The steady occupation of the modern White heartlands: Europe, Australia and North America by increasing waves of Third World non-Whites are a direct replay of the events which led to the fall of the ancient nations.

In exactly the same way that the White nations of old vanished after their population make-up changed, so will Europe, North America and Australia disappear as their populations change from White into non-White.

This is not a subjective opinion, or the wild ravings of an apocalyptic prophet of doom, it is simply a fact.

The prospects for the future of Western civilization are therefore, bleak. Whites will be increasingly squeezed out of their great cities, increasingly replaced by Third World non-Whites and mixed-race populations.

And so society will change its outer manifestations to reflect the new populations, and the last White-created civilization will vanish along with the declining White population.

The ancient end of the world in Norse mythology was the Ragnarok, the fiery fall of the Gods in Valhalla: this fate seems destined to come true after all – unless there is a conscious and determined shift in the political, demographic and social trends prevalent in the West today.



No nation is so big and so powerful that it does not fall prey to the iron laws of the survival of its civilization. A civilization will continue intact as long as the people, or race, who built that civilization, remain present.

As soon as those originating people disappear, or are assimilated into a new racial group, then that original civilization will “fall” or become changed to reflect the new racial population make-up.

This is why the Ancient Indo-European civilizations in the Middle East lie in ruins;

Above: The ruins of the palace of Darius, King of Persia

This is the reason why the Ancient Egyptian civilization lies in ruins;

Above: the ruins of the temple of Ramses II, Thebes, Egypt

This is the reason why the Ancient Greek civilization lies in ruins;

Above: the ruins of the Parthenon, Athens.

This is the reason why the Ancient Roman civilization lies in ruins:

Above: the ruins of the Forum in Rome.

In each and every one of these cases, the original White population was displaced by an immigrant non-White or mixed-race population. The very nature of those civilizations was changed as the new, largely mixed-race population, was unable to maintain the original technical and cultural levels of the White civilization. These civilizations “fell” because the people who created them, vanished.

And now, as the United States of America starts to change its racial make-up, the same factors are at work: formerly White cities are turning into ruins, quite literally.  To view the modern US equivalents of the ruins of White civilization, follow the individual city links listed below.



Please note: This photographic essay is not meant to imply that all areas of the cities in question resemble the photographs. These pictures merely reflect regions, or suburbs, where White Flight has been the most extreme.

According to the 2000 US census, 88% of Detroit’s population is non-White. This percentage is even higher in the city center. Detroit qualifies as the most ruined city in the USA. In addition to massive White Flight, the non-White residents started the tradition – which has spread to other cities – of “Devil’s Night”. This is the habit or burning down parts of the city on the night before Halloween.

A huge non-White population, combined with annual arson attacks, bankruptcy, crime and decay, have combined to make Detroit – once the USA’s leading automotive industrial center – into a ruin comparable with those of the ancient civilizations – with the cause being identical: the replacement of the White population who built the city, with a new non-White population.



Please note: This photographic essay is not meant to imply that all areas of the cities in question resemble the photographs. These pictures merely reflect regions, or suburbs, where White Flight has been the most extreme.

According to the 2000 US census, 88% of Detroit’s population is non-White. This percentage is even higher in the city center. Detroit qualifies as the most ruined city in the USA. In addition to massive White Flight, the non-White residents started the tradition – which has spread to other cities – of “Devil’s Night”. This is the habit or burning down parts of the city on the night before Halloween.

A huge non-White population, combined with annual arson attacks, bankruptcy, crime and decay, have combined to make Detroit – once the USA’s leading automotive industrial center – into a ruin comparable with those of the ancient civilizations – with the cause being identical: the replacement of the White population who built the city, with a new non-White population.

Above left: The elevated “People Mover” train rounds the abandoned Statler Hotel in Detroit city center.

Above right: when the “People Mover” was launched in the early 1980s, the smashed windows and buildings of the many abandoned buildings along its route presented an image problem for the non-White city fathers. In a move almost comical in nature, windows eye level to the train were covered and painted. In the case of the Statler Hotel awnings were added to shield the view of the lower windows. Since then, many of the awnings have fallen off.

Above: Two views of the former Grand Army of the Republic building – once the gathering spot for Michigan’s American Civil War veterans’ organization. The building, like so much else in Detroit, is in ruins, its former White users having long since left.

Detroit used to be America’s automotive manufacturing center: this was the city where Henry Ford built his greatest factories and where he revolutionized the production process. When Detroit became a non-White city, virtually all of these White-driven engineering works closed down, as the pictures below sadly show:

Above: The Ford Motor Company Model T building on Piquette Avenue, which oversaw the production of the Model T factory is now a deserted crumbling ruin. The original Model T Ford factory, (three pictures below), is equally deserted and also a ruin.

It was not only Ford that had automotive plants in White Detroit: other companies such as Packard and Studebaker also had factories there when the city was majority White. Today, with the changed demographics and non-White city population, only the ruins of these once-great American industries remain. Below, three views of the  shattered shell of the Studebaker Plant on Piquette Ave.


Please note: This photographic essay is not meant to imply that all areas of the cities in question resemble the photographs. These pictures merely reflect regions, or suburbs, where White Flight has been the most extreme.

According to the 2000 US census, 88% of Detroit’s population is non-White. This percentage is even higher in the city center. Detroit qualifies as the most ruined city in the USA. In addition to massive White Flight, the non-White residents started the tradition – which has spread to other cities – of “Devil’s Night”. This is the habit or burning down parts of the city on the night before Halloween.

A huge non-White population, combined with annual arson attacks, bankruptcy, crime and decay, have combined to make Detroit – once the USA’s leading automotive industrial center – into a ruin comparable with those of the ancient civilizations – with the cause being identical: the replacement of the White population who built the city, with a new non-White population.


The Packard Motor Car manufacturing complex was established on this Detroit east-side location in 1907.  Packard manufactured luxury vehicles here until it went out of business in 1956.  This colossal 40 plus acre complex was sold for a paltry $750,000 the following year.

What is most striking about this large expanse of manufacturing buildings is the neglect, dilapidation and vandalism that have been wrought on the complex.  In more civilized environs, these facilities might have easily been transformed into a manufacturing and assembly center for any number of industrial enterprises.  Instead, it lies barely utilized, in shameful disarray and surrounded by blight.

This decay followed the rapid demographic transformation of Detroit from a prosperous majority-European American city into a crime-ridden and poverty-stricken majority African-American city propped up by government handouts, band-aids and feel good charitable donations from corporations.

Neglect and abuse continue to reduce much of Detroit’s infrastructure to a more advanced state of decay with each passing year.  Like a patient with a chronic life-threatening illness, but dressed up in a nice suit, having well-polished shoes and clean fingernails, the development in Detroit’s city center is held up as evidence of progress while the day of the wrecking ball and bulldozer approaches for the blighted neighborhoods and moribund manufacturing complexes which cover large tracts of the city.

Globalization Is Destroying
The U.S. Economy

by John Hoefle

[PDF version of this article]

Nov. 13—It is no secret that the U.S. economy has been hemorrhaging jobs since the collapse of the global financial system in July 2007, and there is no end in sight to that process. However, it is crucial that people realize that, even were all the people who have lost their jobs suddenly to be rehired, it would not solve the fundamental problems facing the U.S. and world economies today. Returning to a point before the economy collapsed, is no solution.

Over the last four decades, since the 1967-68 period, the United States and the world have undergone a profoundly destructive shift away from economic production and self-sufficiency, into what is called globalization. In the U.S., we abandoned the Industrial Age in favor of the promises of the Information Age, an age in which the production of goods was replaced with the selling of “information” and “services.” Finance replaced industry as the engine which drove the country. Drove it straight into the wall, in fact.

Globalization is a marketing buzzword, designed to cast an ancient, predatory practice as some sort of new and improved instrument of progress. But what globalization is, is a return to economic colonization, a world in which the Anglo-Venetian empire runs the world through a combination of control over the supply and price of money, and the production and distribution of goods and essential services. The monetary system runs the financial cartel, and the financial cartel runs the network of global corporations which supply nations with food, oil, and other essentials. It is essentially a return to the predatory practices of the dope-running, slave-trading British East India Company, aided by modern technology.

Composition of Labor

The damage these neo-colonial policies have done to the U.S. economy is reflected in the changing composition of the workforce. That is, changes in what people do for a living.

Jobs are divided into two main categories—productive and overhead—based upon the nature of the work done. To help illustrate the difference, imagine a small company with one shop. The company has a factory which manufactures, say, small electric motors.

The workers on the factory floor, who make and assemble the motors, are classified as productive, because they transform various components into a finished product, in a way that increases the value of those components. This increase in value is measured in physical-economic terms, based upon the increased benefit to the economy of the output—an electric motor—over the benefit of the various inputs—the wiring, the housing, etc. The finished motor is more valuable than the parts, and wealth has been created.

The company also has an office staff, the buyers who purchase the inputs, the salesman who sells the finished product, the bookkeepers who handle the payroll, the managers who run the operation, and such. These people perform necessary functions, but those functions are essentially overhead, costs which must be covered by the productive sector of the company.

Now imagine that the company is so successful, that the CEO decides to hire a finance manager, to manage the profits, and to handle relations with Wall Street. Over time, the finance staff grows, a personnel department is added, then, a public relations staff, and so on. Money which might have been better invested in increasing the productivity of the factory is, instead, spent on overhead functions, resulting in an increasing number of overhead workers compared to productive workers.

Then, the company is purchased by a conglomerate, which is more interested in its cash flow than its production. The productive side of the company is called upon to support even more overhead, while its production equipment ages and deteriorates. Finally, the conglomerate decides to shut down the factory and move production overseas, where labor costs are cheaper, completely removing the production from the U.S. economy.

This, in essence, is what has happened to the U.S. economy, and the effects of this deindustrialization and globalization can be seen in the composition of the labor force, as reported by the U.S. Department of Labor.

By the Numbers

The result is a picture of the trends of relative changes in the composition of the workforce over the period.

First, we look at the broad changes since 1968, in the relationship between goods-producing workers and service-providing workers. What we see, is a significant decline in the level of goods-producers, coupled with a sharp rise in service-providers. Except at the end, where both are declining. The level of service-providers peaked in 2000, at about 1.7 times the 1968 level, and now stands at 1.6, while the number of goods-producing workers has fallen by nearly half, to 55% of the 1968 level.

Next, we take a closer look at production, using manufacturing production workers and railway workers. Both show precipitous declines, to 39% and 21% of 1968 levels, respectively.

Corresponding to the decline in railway workers, is a decline in the mileage of railroad track. We now have some 94,000 miles of Class I railway—major railroads—compared to 167,000 miles in 1890, and a peak of 253,000 miles in 1920. That is devastating, given the importance of rail transportation to the economy.

At the same time, the amount of freight carried on that shrinking rail mileage has continued to rise, to nearly 1.8 trillion ton-miles in 2007. Since then, U.S. freight rail traffic has fallen by 19%, according to Railfax. Roughly half of the freight carried on U.S. railroads is coal.

The automotive and aerospace industries have been hit hard, as has the machine-tool sector. Employment in motor vehicle and parts manufacturing has fallen to just 52% of its level in 1990, while employment in aerospace products and parts has fallen to 46% since then. Machine-tool production employment, a crucial metric for a healthy economy, stands at just 45% of its 1990 level.

Is it any wonder that our economy is dying?

The service sector, which was supposed to replace the “outmoded” industrial sector, as the driver of the economy, is also beginning to collapse. Employment in information services, which peaked with the tech bubble/Y2K scam in 2000, is now below its level in 1968. Employment in the financial, retail, and leisure and hospitality sectors remains well above their 1968 levels, but is fading fast. Each of these sectors was a creature of the financial bubble, and each is collapsing as the result of its demise. Financial firms are downsizing at a rapid clip. Retail stores are suffering as consumers batten down the hatches, voluntarily or otherwise. The once-booming hotel business is taking a heavy hit as business travel and tourism shrink with the economy. Expect the employment levels in all these sectors to plunge precipitously, and far more quickly than most people would believe. There is no bottom to this pit.

To fully assess the damage that has been wrought by our trip away from sound physical-economic principles into the virtual world of service and globalization, we must take an even longer view. The picture is not pretty.

By any standard, employment in manufacturing has been falling dangerously in recent years. As of September 2009, only 11.8 million Americans were employed in manufacturing, down from a peak of nearly 20 million in 1979, and the number of workers is now barely above the level of 1940. However, measured per capita, the level of manufacturing employment is back to where it was in the early 1880s! It is beyond insane.

Employment statistics do not tell the whole story, of course. Other factors, such as technological improvements that increase the productive power of human labor, must be taken into account. Modern computer-controlled machine tools, for example, can do far more work per operator than their manual predecessors. And the use of computers and other machines has dramatically increased the amount of work a single person can do in many areas.

Some would argue that U.S. manufacturing statistics are irrelevant, since we can import what we need. Where it is made, they claim, is not important—all that counts is that we can buy it. The more foolish might even insist that having our products made overseas in places where labor is cheaper is to our advantage, since we can get what we want cheaper that way.

Such arguments are invariably based upon monetary considerations, and are, thus, intrinsically incompetent. If we’re saving so much money, why is our economy dying?

The answer is simple, if you haven’t been bamboozled by the oligarchs’ globalization line. Economies are based upon physical-economic principles, upon increasing the mastery of mankind over the universe. Money is nothing more than a convention, a convenience. Under globalization, we have sold our souls to the Brutish Empire, only to find ourselves destitute. We must now reverse that transaction, put an end to the empire and its globalization scam, and begin rebuilding the world.

Cap and Trade Is Genocide

by Gregory Murphy

The author is the Associate Editor for 21st Century Science & Technology magazine ( PDF version of this article.

Financial interests centered in the City of London and on Wall Street are pushing for the United States to destroy itself by the adoption of a cap-and-trade scheme, based on the hoax of Al Gore’s global warming. Part of this policy of cap and trade calls for the deployment of low energy-density, intermittent, renewable energies, like wind and solar, to replace existing baseline sources like nuclear and coal.

The reality of this policy of cutting or capping carbon dioxide emissions is that there will be an explicit limit on the amount of energy produced, and there will be a limit as to what type of sources will be available to produce this limited amount of energy. By limiting the amount of energy available for medical purposes, heating of homes, cooking, and providing freshwater, cap and trade will set the stage for genocide.

The policy has its roots in the fascist ideas of British economist and Cambridge University professor Arthur Pigou, who worked closely with John Maynard Keynes during the 1930s. In a 1920 book entitled, The Economics of Welfare,[1] Pigou argues that the way to change a behavior, is to tax it out of existence. With cap and trade, you tax energy until it becomes too expensive, and this, in turn, forces people to choose between using high-priced energy, and suffering the devastating health consequences of not using it. Essentially, all environmental taxes or policies are of Pigouvian influence. The trade part of the policy means creating a speculative market in carbon dioxide offsets, so that nations or producers whose output is less than the minimum standard, can sell their carbon offset to a producer who is exceeding the limit. As in the derivatives bubble, the speculators will act as middlemen for this exchange.

But, the basis of the whole scheme is a scientific fraud. When you hear the words “carbon dioxide emissions,” just think, “hot air.” In terms of atmospheric composition, carbon dioxide (CO2) is a minor trace gas, less than 0.04% by volume. It is, however, the main input required for growth of plants. Life-scientists have always known it as the gas of life—and without it, the human body would fail to function. So, the idea that carbon dioxide is pollution, as Al Gore and Prince Charles have claimed recently, is just insane.

The computer models used to try to show the enhanced greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide are based on the false assumption that as carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere increase, temperature will increase at an increasing rate. Then, according to this pipedream, the increasing atmospheric temperature will create an increase in water vapor, which is the more significant greenhouse gas, causing a further increase in temperature.

Do You Believe in Perpetual Motion?

To believe such nonsense is like believing in a perpetual motion machine. It implies a major misunderstanding as to how carbon dioxide acts in the atmosphere. In reality, carbon dioxide is most effective as a greenhouse gas at concentrations of about 20 to 100 parts per million (ppm). As concentrations increase beyond that level (today, it is over 300 ppm), the effectiveness of carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas decreases exponentially (Figure 1). This exponential decline in the effectiveness of carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas is not contested by the believers in global warming; they simply ignore it.

There is an experiment anyone can do to understand this principle: Take a sheet of paper, and place it over a window with sunlight coming through. You will notice that the intensity of the light, as it passes through the paper, decreases. Add another sheet of paper, and you see that more light is stopped. Keep adding paper, and you will notice that after a certain point, adding more paper has little or no effect in blocking the sunlight. The same is true as carbon dioxide concentrations increase beyond a certain level. The idea that there will be a runaway greenhouse effect, because of a doubling of carbon dioxide, is pure alarmism.

In a 1998 paper, in the journal Climate Research, Sherwood Idso, the director of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide, determined that the greatest temperature increase likely to result from a doubling of carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere, would only be 0.4° C (0.7° F).[2] Idso concluded that we have already seen most of the temperature rise that might come about from a doubling of carbon dioxide. But Idso also notes that the temperature increase may be far less than 0.4° C, because of the enhancing effect of carbon dioxide on growth of vegetation, which cools the Earth in various ways.

Depopulation Through Energy Starvation

Given that the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide declines exponentially, as concentrations increase, and that it has been demonstrated, that we have already seen most of the warming from a doubling of carbon dioxide, there is no reason for a cap-and-trade policy—unless it is to fulfill the expressed intentions of certain people to reduce the world population from the present 6.7 billion down to 2 billion, by the use of energy starvation.

According to the latest data from the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii (which is located on the mouth of an active volcano, calling into question the reliability of the data), the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is around 385 ppm. For the past ten years, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration has increased at a rate of about 2.2 ppm per year. At this rate, it would take about 190 years to double the current concentration of carbon dioxide. In 190 years, can anybody say what the energy sources will be, or what new discoveries will be made that will change society for the better? Nuclear fission and fusion power produce no carbon dioxide.

In 1998, just one year after the Kyoto Protocol was signed, Dr. Tom Wigley, the former director of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom, and leader of the British climate mafia, argued in a paper, in Geophysical Research Letters, that even if there were full compliance with the Kyoto Protocol, there would only be a small savings on the temperature increase: 0.025° C.[3] So for all of the needless death and the loss to the physical economy that policies like cap and trade would cause, there is no environmental benefit.

The fascist policy of cap and trade that the Obama Administration is promoting must be stopped. The policy is an attack on scientific progress, coming at a time when nuclear power is urgently needed to save civilization from two leading challenges: the deepening world economic breakdown crisis, and the progression of Earth’s climate towards a new Ice Age.

As Richard Courtney, former lead material scientist at the British Coal Research Board, put it, “We have to stop this policy for our children and our children’s children’s sake. If not, then we won’t have any children, or children’s children, because they will have all starved to death.”

The fight for civilization is on. It will be a tough war but with humor and creativity, the fight can and must be won.

LaRouche Rallies Patriots
To Avert a New Dark Age

by Nancy Spannaus

[PDF version of this article]

Nov. 8—Addressing an international webcast audience Nov. 6, U.S. statesman Lyndon LaRouche delivered on his promise to provide the marching orders which patriots in all the political parties need in the wake of the Nov. 2 U.S. election debacle.

Forget political party issues, LaRouche told his audience. These are the times when you must proceed from the standpoint of the nation, from the standpoint of the real American System principles upon which the United States was built. “Right now, the parties don’t really mean anything,” he said.

“Now, the plans of the Republican Party are to blackmail the Administration, by striking a very close alliance with the President…. This President, now, is already, and has been committed to the same policy that the worst of the Republican Party, as typified by [incoming Kentucky Senator] Rand Paul.”

And if the Democratic Party, and sane Republicans, capitulate to the fascist policies of Rand Paul—which are shared by the President—it will be capitulating to a policy of mass murder that will destroy the nation, and thus, the world.

“So,” LaRouche summed it up, “we’ve come to a time, where the Third American Revolution has got to occur: We have to go to the people—don’t talk about the politicians…. Let me be concrete: What’s the program? My program is, number one: Obama out! Why? He’s clinically insane. We have a 25th Amendment. The 25th Amendment says, an insane President can be removed. Now, don’t worry about the details: He’s insane, we have a law, we say that insane Presidents can not function. They’re out. So, he’s going to be out. That’s number one. If you don’t get this President out, you’re not going to do anything good!”

“Get him out: He’s now the New Republican. He’s a post-election Republican—and you’re going to find out that’s true, very fast, and very painfully. He is going to make Hitler look like a humanitarian. That’s what you are dealing with.”

The next steps are to formally institute FDR’s Glass-Steagall, have the Federal government issue credit to save the cities and the states, and launch a massive recovery program, around the upgraded North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) plan.

But success on this program demands that we fight now against what Rand Paul represents, including the President, without compromise. “The only way you are going to win, against these bastards, is not by placating them. You are going to win by crushing them—and it can be done.”

The audio and video of LaRouche’s webcast can be found at, and the full transcript will be published in EIR‘s next issue. Here, we summarize his urgent message, which, as the question-and-answer session of the webcast showed, is currently being seriously debated among leading Congressional Democrats, among others.

The American Constitutional Principle

LaRouche began his opening address with the question of American history, noting that it is precisely the principles of the American Constitutional Republic which our politicians and others have lost sight of. If they had understood the fact that the United States “represented the distillation of what had been, in European civilization, these ideas we can trace back to Plato and his immediate predecessors”—specifically, the idea of man as a willful creator—they would not have permitted the present crisis to occur.

At present, LaRouche emphasized, we have lost sight of this legacy, because the population generally no longer believes in creativity. But we have to look back to the meaning of our Federal Constitution. “You look back to figures like President Franklin Roosevelt. Look back to figures like Abraham Lincoln, and others, who were great heroes in their time…. We exist, not just for the benefit of the United States, but for the benefit of the world, as Franklin Roosevelt understood that mission.”

That legacy is now in danger of being destroyed, through the hyperinflationary, looting policy which has been pushed through by the British Inter-Alpha Group, LaRouche said. If this policy is allowed to destroy the United States, that means decimation for the rest of the world.

What Rand Paul Represents

LaRouche chose incoming, Tea Party-backed Republican Rand Paul as the leading representative of what must be destroyed in the immediate period ahead. Although he will be a freshman in the Senate, Paul is the poster-boy for the lunatic wing of the Republican Party which is determined to dictate the agenda of the new Congress, in collaboration with the fascist President!

LaRouche did not hold back in indicting Paul, whom he described as both a complete degenerate, and an idiot.

“Look at Rand Paul’s policy. You want to get an idea of what a real idiot is, a dangerous one: His policy is: We’ve got to balance the budget. He’s nuts! He’s talking about balancing the monetary accounts!

“What about our unemployed? What about our dying citizens? What about the states that are bankrupt, when most of them are? What about the destitution being wreaked upon our people? Is this in our Constitution? How did that SOB get elected in the first place? And there are other people like him! This is the policy of the New Obama Administration! The second half of the term of Obama is an administration based on the policies of creative destruction, by that fascist, Schumpeter, and his predecessors, Nietzsche and so forth: Which is a monetarist conception.

“This guy is an enemy of humanity! But he’s now the newly elected Senator from Kentucky. And he’s typified by what the leading Republican edge is now: to get the Democratic Party to capitulate—you know, this is a time that an old soldier like me—and I’m not much of a soldier; strategist, maybe, not soldier—says, “No, no, no, no, no! We don’t—We make no concession, to Rand Paul!” Because the United States’ existence depends upon physical economic conditions. And money conditions are not physical economic conditions—they’re paper! And it’s pretty much toilet paper by the time Bernanke gets through with it, right now.

“We’re already in a hyperinflation, comparable to that of Germany in 1923. That’s the process which is in process, now. It’s not merely confined to one nation, as Germany, in 1923, was a case of one nation, within its own borders, confined to a certain special treatment. This is now the world economy. But, if you look at the pattern, what Europe has rejected, is what the United States has accepted: We have accepted the self-destruction of our nation! And Rand Paul typifies that threat! You can not be a supporter of Rand Paul, and a true patriot of the United States. Because if you can’t defend the United States and its citizens, you’re not defending the United States. There is no room for a Rand Paul in a safe United States.

“What are they going to do? The cuts that they plan, the cuts they’re going to try to blackmail the Democratic Party leadership into accepting, mean mass death in the United States! This is mass murder! This is the destruction of the United States. You’re going to find that in the law of the United States? Can the law of United States, or the power of lawmaking of the United States, be used to destroy the United States, as it is now being destroyed? As Europe is on the way to being destroyed? As Russia is being destroyed by the same kind of policy? And in the long run, China and India—or not so long, will also be destroyed.

“The policy is to reduce the world’s population to less than 2 billion people, from 6.8 billion. And this is the way to do it! These kinds of economic policies.

No Compromise!

“If we go along with conceding to the Rand Pauls, we’re not going to have a nation,” LaRouche concluded. Too many Democrats want to compromise, but we cannot afford to compromise. We have to force through the policy, immediately!

He elaborated:

“So, what we have before us, is the opportunity: Now, what we could do, as a nation, if you’ve got people with the brains, and guts, in government to do it, and there isn’t much in terms of both brains and guts in government right now, to do much of anything any good—but, maybe we can muster it. Maybe some of the people will become angry enough to insist that their politicians rethink the recent election, which was a farce! A President who’s insane, is now being given Republican backing, for his insanity!

“Well, we have a policy: The key to economy, real economy, as opposed to all this monetarist nonsense, is physical economy. That is, mankind, especially with such means as increasing the energy-flux density of the modes of production we employ, by increasing the capital intensity in terms of technology, that we develop and employ, we are able to increase the power of mankind to exist, to sustain a larger population, and this ultimately means that we’re going into space. We’re going to extend man’s operation into space.

“Now, we have a policy right now, which my associates and I are pushing, and some other people are sympathetic to, which is this NAWAPA project. Now, we’ve given new meaning to the NAWAPA project, from what it was meant in 1964, because we are now talking about the new implications, which are not read into the design of the NAWAPA policy. NAWAPA policy, as it was defined by the Parsons Company, was a very good design, and it still, essentially, is the foundation, of a very good design….

“Now, let’s take the United States in particular: Take the Western land-area. Look at the 20-inch rainfall line. We are now losing the aquifer level of resources, to maintain the production of food in the central states of the United States. We are draining deep wells of water, we are draining the subterranean resources. And this is producing a destruction—along with certain policies—a destruction of the ability to produce food!

“And also, we have cut out nuclear power. We no longer are competent in nuclear power, we are no longer competent in energy policy, in power policy; we have these windmills and solar power, solar cells. Windmills? These things—they’re only good for killing birds, not a source of power! And the cost of a windmill is greater, from the time of its construction through its demolition, when it’s worn out—is greater than all of the income you got from it! The solar collector, the same thing: It’s a complete waste of time!

“Well, then, what is the natural form? Nuclear power. And you know, Asia is a nuclear power. China is a nuclear power. India is a nuclear power. Japan will be active in nuclear power, now. So, the sane part of the world is going to nuclear power, and that’s already a little bit late. Because we now have to go to thermonuclear power. We need to increase, as has always been the tendency, we increase the energy-flux density of the application of power, which enables us to transmute materials and so forth, this sort of thing.”

LaRouche then further elaborated on how the NAWAPA project represents the potential for development over the next 50 years. It represents a scientific revolution, which can benefit all of humanity.

So, he concluded, isn’t it worth more than your life, to ensure that Rand Paul and pro-austerity Democrats, don’t succeed? “Wouldn’t it be worth it, to take the effort to do that, for the sake of a couple of coming generations of humanity, for the benefit of humanity as a whole? … There is no moral excuse for compromise.

An Active Debate

There were two highlights in the extensive discussion period that followed LaRouche’s keynote address. The first was a couple of questions from significant Russian representatives, one of whom, deputy Zavtra editor Alexander Nagorny, was attending the webcast in person. Nagorny asked about the threat of world war coming from the new political constellation in the United States. While LaRouche agreed the threat was real, he focused again on the potential solution, along the lines he had laid out in his keynote.

The second characteristic was a number of questions from individuals associated with the Democratic Party, who are involved in intensive discussions around how to deal with the election results.

The President got the election result he wanted, noted one self-identified Democratic consultant, and no strategy can be undertaken without understanding that fact. LaRouche emphatically agreed, and reiterated his marching order: President Obama must be removed through evocation of the 25th Amendment during the lame-duck session.

It is the Vice President, Joe Biden, who must act, LaRouche said. “If the Vice President doesn’t act, he will carry that guilt to his grave.”

A second Democrat suggested that, in order to get Biden to act, he must be provided with a list of particulars of what must be done, that he can march into the Oval Office with—or else. LaRouche indicated that he didn’t oppose that, as long as it was done “with a certain higher goal in mind.” “It should be a bill of indictment, not a proposal for a compromise,” LaRouche emphasized. “You cannot get a compromise with the guy…. You want to answer the question that the citizens out there are going to ask.” You confront him, and in the process, convince the people around him that he has to go.

A third Democrat, a Senator who was re-elected Nov. 2, chimed in next, recounting the fact that the incoming Republican majority has now threatened to filibuster everything in the lame-duck session, especially the extension of unemployment insurance and the continuing resolution to fund the government, unless they get draconian cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and the like. He asked for advice.

LaRouche was clear: You have to be firm, and go to the American people. You have got to go back and do what you should have done before. “You go for the removal of the President from office. If you don’t go for that, as the step which must be taken first, no other step you would take or try, will work.”

“I laid it out very carefully on this. I went through this very carefully. You must first remove this President from the Presidency! Until you do that, you can accomplish nothing on any issue. That’s your problem….

“If you do not remove this President from office, on legitimate grounds, of his insanity, then you are responsible for everything bad that happens to this country and its people. And you personally are responsible. Maybe for reasons of cowardice. Fine. Cowardice is a good excuse, I suppose. But it’s cowardice, nonetheless.”

The 25th Amendment to
The U.S. Constitution

[PDF version of this article]

Here is Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, passed by Congress on July 6, 1965, and ratified on Feb. 10, 1967.

Section 4.

Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmits to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President. Thereafter, when the President transmits to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives his written declaration that no inability exists, he shall resume the powers and duties of his office unless the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive department or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit within four days to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. Thereupon Congress shall decide the issue, assembling within forty-eight hours for that purpose if not in session. If the Congress, within twenty-one days after receipt of the latter written declaration, or, if Congress is not in session, within twenty-one days after Congress is required to assemble, determines by two-thirds vote of both Houses that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall continue to discharge the same as Acting President; otherwise, the President shall resume the powers and duties of his office.

The IMF Makes It Official:
Save Banks, Kill the People

by Nancy Spannaus

[PDF version of this article]

July 16—The British Empire’s economic gestapo, which sometimes goes by the name International Monetary Fund (IMF), on July 8, released its semi-annual “World Economic Outlook” which makes the double Nazi policy proposal of demanding 1) that all countries submit to deadly austerity and cuts in living standards, along with 2) an unlimited hyperinflationary bailout of the banks. Or, as the British Empire is fond of stating, simply: “We live, you die.”

“The central challenge,” the IMF intones, “is to develop a credible fiscal strategy to ensure that public debt is put—and is seen to be put—on a sustainable path.” The IMF nervously warns that, without fascism, there could be “renewed financial turbulence.” In fact, the measures which they demand in this sanitized doublespeak will not save the bankrupt British financial system, which is already on the edge of bringing the world into total chaos and disintegration. Instead, they will further the British royal aim of bringing the world’s population down to under 2 billion people.

To the Third World, perhaps, such demands from the IMF will seem like nothing new. The difference today, is that the same murderous measures are being imposed on the countries of the North Atlantic region as well, including the United States, at a time when the whole system is imploding. For the first time, the IMF has officially carried out a review of the U.S. economy, and determined that it has to slash its living standards, according to the very method which the British Tory government is applying to that country.

Bailouts and Blood

The IMF prescriptions are blunt and to the point:

  • Europe must pump trillions into the banks, by “making the new European Stabilization Mechanism fully operational.” Already, the European Central Bank has been pumping out six-day loans to the banks, to keep them afloat because interbank lending, not to mention loans to productive investment, have frozen up. And the sky is the limit.
  • All nations should make sure that the hyperinflationary spigots are wide open, guaranteeing that “monetary conditions remain highly accomodative for the foreseeable future,” and that central banks should “rely more strongly on using their balance sheets to further ease monetary conditions”—i.e., let money supply just rip. Previous proposals to reduce the danger of bubble-blowouts, such as the Basel accords to increase the ratio of capitalization, have been put by the wayside.
  • Budgets have to be cut, especially health care, social security, pensions, and other entitlements: “Of utmost importance are firm commitments to ambitious and credible strategies to lower fiscal deficits … reform pension entitlements and public health care systems.” Such “politically-difficult” measures not only have to be implemented, the gestapo ordered, but they have to be “frontloaded” in order to save their disintegrating system.

Exemplary of the budget-cutting mania are the conditions being imposed on Greece, Spain, and Portugal, which have led to large labor unrest, and even violence, as workers fight for their lives. And then there is Britain itself, where the Tory government of Prime Minister David Cameron has decided “voluntarily” to devastate its population.

Over the weekend of July 4, Danny Alexander, chief secretary to the British Treasury, delivered an “eye-watering demand” to all Cabinet ministers, ordering them to plan for cuts of up to 40% in their budgets, as reported by the July 3 Guardian. To prove their serious commitment to austerity, the new government’s plan will produce staggering results, including:

  • Home Office cuts of 25% could mean a reduction in the number of police officers of almost 20,000.
  • Cuts in housing benefits of 10% could increase the number of homeless by 200,000—from 140,000 today, to 340,000—an increase of nearly 150%. “Cutting housing benefits could have a catastrophic impact on the lives of thousands of people who—despite their best efforts—have failed to find work for 12 months,” said National Housing Federation head David Orr, who said, in typical British understatement: “The proposals are disturbing and unfair.”
  • About 600,000 public service jobs are expected to be lost overall, and, adding insult to injury, the government is now planning to sharply reduce workers’ severence pay.

The Message to the United States

The British people are not the only targets of the British austerity, however. As in the past, the British government is being used as a patsy by the financial oligarchs to induce the United States to carry out the same policy—as in the murderous British health-care model which Obama imported into the United States.

That Nazi health “model” has also been heartily praised by the IMF, which issued its recommendations for the U.S. economy in a June 21 report. The 13-page IMF report included praise for one of the key fascist instruments in the Obama health “reform,” i.e., the Independent Payments Advisory Board, which the IMF says “will play a key role in monitoring and remediating excess cost growth.”

While the IMF does not mention it directly, it clearly also supports the other “independent” (of Congress and the Constitution) taskforce that President Obama has set up to cut living standards, the one known as the Commission on Fiscal and Financial Stability. This commission, headed by Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, is already known as the “Catfood Commission,” because its mandate demands cuts in entitlements which will reduce the elderly to eating catfood. And British toady, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has agreed to bring its recommendations before the House of Representatives’ lame duck session following the November elections, in an attempt to ram them through.

Fiscal Commission leader Bowles praised the Cameron government’s plan for drastically cutting the population’s living standards, as the model for the United States.

Bowles, appointed by Obama as the Commission’s Democratic co-chairman, told a July 14 New York forum of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, “I’d like to see us do something the Brits just did, taking 75 percent out of spending and 25 percent out of revenue” to reduce the deficit. His Republican fellow Commission member, New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg, strongly agreed.

Chiming in, London’s Financial Times ran a July 15 column titled “Obama Can Take a Leaf from Cameron’s Book”:

The City of London mouthpiece lectured, “It may be time for America to … follow the lead of the UK…. Within weeks of taking office, [Cameron] announced a plan to cut back the budget to fight the deficit…. Mr Obama would do well to watch closely the Cameron experiments because they are in areas in which the US could use strong and innovative action.”

Genocide Already Underway

Of course, thanks to Obama’s Nazi-modelled health-care “reform,” British-style cuts are already underway. As Lyndon LaRouche warned, the ObamaCare means a death sentence for millions.

  • A physician who works with a large nursing home/senior living center in New Jersey, reported to LaRouche PAC on a meeting that he held with a top official of the center, in which the official laid out the policy that is coming on line for Medicare patients. “They are planning on capitizing the Medicare expenditures,” he said. That means that, “In the next ten years, they will give a certain amount of funding for Medicare for all the hospitals, doctors, nurses, visiting nurses, etc., in an area, and all the medical personnel will be in this one pool, by area…. That will be the money that can be spent on the elderly. It’s capped.”

    “Do you know what that means?” he asked. Yes, we do: It means the application of Hitler’s “lives unworthy of life” principle—genocide—against the elderly.

  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has already ordered a cut of 2.9% in Medicare payments to hospitals, to begin Oct. 1 (the beginning of the Federal fiscal year 2011). This cut—coming on top of the 5.9% cut in payments from Medicare, which hospitals already lost in 2010—will lead rapidly toward bankrupting more hospitals, and pushing them to deny care to the elderly, and poor patients.

    This cut, made before Obama’s Nazi health bill goes into effect, will be augmented by a mandated cut of .25% by the Obama bill.

  • Community cancer clinics are closing at a rapid rate around the country, due to severe cuts in reimbursements by Medicare for cancer care. Thirty-nine community cancer clinics in 15 states are currently closed, or in the process of closing. If the trend continues, according to the Community Oncology Alliance, this number could double by the end of this year.

    The impact this will have on mortality is reflected in the fact that four out of five U.S. cancer patients are treated in a community setting, and approximately half of all U.S. cancer patients are Medicare patients.

In addition, Medicare has already decided on additional payment cuts in 2011, 2012, and 2013—on top of cuts in payment of 35% since 2004.

Planned Disintegration
Hits American Cities

by Carl Osgood

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July 23—American cities are going to Hell. Because of the Wall Street and City of London control over U.S. economic policymaking, cities are collapsing. Wave after wave of layoffs are hitting all city agencies, especially police and fire departments, those agencies that are necessary for maintaining public safety and order, at the same time that the need for those services is increasing, as a result of the ongoing economic collapse.

Cities cannot maintain deficits or create credit as a mechanism to produce the material means for their own existence. That power, under our Constitution, belongs to the Federal government, and, as Lyndon LaRouche has noted on many occasions, the Federal government has the responsibility to use that power to promote the general welfare, as specified in the Preamble.

However, the present Obama Administration is a tool of the British Empire, the real enemy of the United States, and, instead of promoting the general welfare, it is imposing policies of dictatorship, to include the economic destruction of the U.S.A. The policy is not exactly new, but has now evolved to the point where, if President Obama is not removed from office soon, many American cities will be facing death in a very short period of time.

The ‘Big MAC’ Model

To understand the policy, and the fact that it is deliberate, and not some accidental by-product of some other policy, one must take a look at the policy of “planned shrinkage” that was imposed on New York City in 1975 by the Big MAC dictatorship, led by Lazard banker Felix Rohatyn. That dictatorship has become the model for the wrecking of American cities from Lawrence, Mass., to Stockton, Calif. In New York, that meant creating a financial crisis which would then be used as the justification for the fascist measures that would follow, exactly as Adolf Hitler used the Reichstag Fire as justification for his rule by decree in 1933.[1]

The true nature of the bankers’ policy for New York was brandished by the financier oligarchy itself, in a Nov. 14, 1976 New York Times Magazine article by Roger Starr, a spokesman for the banker and real estate interests, and a member of the Times editorial board. In that piece, Starr wrote that “Planned shrinkage is the recognition that the golden door to full participation in American life and the American economy is no longer to be found in New York.”

Starr advocated the reduction of the city’s population from 7.5 million to 5 million people. How were the unwanted 2.5 million to be forced out? By declaring parts of the city “virtually dead,” and denying basic services, including fire and police protection, schools, health, and even subway stations, to those parts, making them unliveable. “Our urban system is based on the theory of taking the peasant and turning him into an industrial worker,” Starr wrote. “Why not keep him a peasant?”

The destruction of New York began with the deindustrialization of the city, under the rubric of the “post-industrial society.” Between 1965 and 1975 New York lost 328,000 manufacturing jobs, or 42% of its total manufacturing jobs. This was accompanied by Mayor John Lindsay’s implementation of the financiers’ plan to use arson as a tool of “urban redevelopment.” Under Lindsay, 35 fire companies were eliminated or relocated out of the targeted neighborhoods, and 2,400 firefighters were laid off, a policy that was continued under Big MAC. After a fire station was closed, the neighborhood would be hit by arson, driving out the mostly poor, minority populations. Health services, and hospitals and police protection were similarly denied to targeted neighborhoods. These measures established the pattern for what is happening today in nearly every municipality in the country.

With the policy successfully imposed on New York, Rohatyn’s bankers proceeded on to the deindustrialization of every other city in America. Cities like Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Detroit are notable examples, but the process has spread everywhere. With industrial plants closed, and millions of skilled workers thrown on the scrapheap, tax revenues have dried up, and cities have begun to collapse. The “planned shrinkage” of city services has now reached a logical extreme, with the widespread takedown of police and fire departments. Neighborhoods are being left to burn, and citizens are being left at the mercy of an out-of-control crime rate.

Here are some elements of the national picture.

The Takedown of Fire Departments

A popular target of city managers looking to cut costs has been fire departments. Closing of firehouses and reducing truck crews from 4 firefighters to 3 (and in some cases, even 2) are common measures following layoffs. On July 8, the city of Lawrence, Mass. laid off 23 firefighters and closed a fire station, the third one since last August. A year ago, the city employed 130 firefighters. Today, it has 72. Response times have increased from an average of 3 minutes, to 6-7 minutes, said acting fire chief Brian Murphy.

“If this city were on a six-minute response time throughout history,” Murphy told the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune on July 12, “there wouldn’t be a city left. That kind of time just doesn’t work in a city of 10,000 people per square mile.” Murphy pointed out that, “One of the reasons why firehouses were strategically located throughout the city was to cut down on the time to get to a fire. Seconds actually make a difference between life and death.” He gave the example of a fire, last January, that started in a trash barrel but quickly became a two-alarm fire. “Our biggest fear is conflagration losing a whole neighborhood,” he said. “Once a fire gets past the first building, it’s tough to stop. And it can prove catastrophic.”

Murphy’s point about time is backed up by a study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, released April 28, that shows how crew sizes and arrival times influence the saving of lives and property. The study, conducted with Federal funding and in cooperation with the fire departments of Montgomery County, Md. and Fairfax County, Va., found that larger crews complete basic firefighting and rescue tasks faster than smaller crews. Specifically, the study found that four-person crews were able to complete 22 essential firefighting and rescue tasks in a typical residential structure 30% faster than two-person crews, and 25% faster than three-person crews. The tasks included getting water on the fire, and search and rescue of occupants. “Fire risks grow exponentially,” said NIST’s Jason Averill, one of the principal investigators in the study. “Each minute of delay is critical to the safety of the occupants and firefighters, and is directly related to property damage.”

And yet, cities all over the country are moving ahead with closing fire stations and laying off firefighters without seriously considering the consequences. White Plains, N.Y. lost half a city block, on July 9, because, according to news reports, the fire department was only able to get six men on the fire in the first 15 minutes. Two weeks earlier, the city had laid off 9 firefighters and 12 police officers, in a futile effort to balance its budget. As a result, the fire department did not have enough firefighters on duty to handle both that fire, and another that broke out at the same time at an electrical substation. The downtown fire ultimately required 60 firefighters to bring it under control, including aid from six surrounding communities.

Laying Off Police Officers

Oakland, Calif. consistently ranks among the top ten U.S. cities with the highest crime rates, yet on July 13, the city laid off 80 police officers, more than 10% of the entire force. The layoffs came after talks between the city and its police union broke down on the issue of job security. The union, after making concessions on wages and benefits, asked the city for a three-year moratorium on layoffs. City officials said that any guarantee beyond one year was “financially irresponsible.”

“Losing four officers last year was a shock to us all [a reference to the March 21, 2009 slayings of four police officers], and we haven’t really recovered from that yet,” said Dominique Arotzarena, president of the Oakland Patrol Officers Association. “And now, we’re losing another 80 officers, this year. Not by the hand of a gun, but by the hand of a pen.”

With its reduced manpower, the Oakland police will no longer respond to non-emergency calls. Instead, people calling with non-life-threatening situations will be redirected to an online system called “cop-logic,” to file a report. Most of the crimes reported through this system will merely be recorded for statistical purposes and will never actually be investigated. Among the 44 crimes in that category are burglary, theft, embezzlement, extortion, vandalism, identity theft, and illegal dumping.

Other cities, many also with historically high crime rates, are threatened with being hit as hard or harder than Oakland. On July 16, the Newark (N.J.) Star-Ledger reported that Mayor Cory Booker was threatening to lay off 181 to 263 police officers, if the union did not agree to wage and benefit cuts. On July 21, police union officials announced that the budget of Trenton, N.J. Mayor Tony Mack calls for the layoff of 111 police officers, 79 firefighters and 187 other city workers Oct. 1.

Stockton, Calif. is in an uproar because the city laid off 18 police officers on July 1, and is threatening to fire 40 more, if the city loses a lawsuit against it by the firefighters’ union. The police department is already in the process of shutting down its narcotics unit, with all that implies. To protest the cuts, the police union has put up billboards saying “Welcome to the 2nd most dangerous city in California. Stop laying off cops.”

When cities make layoff decisions, the police and/or fire unions are often blamed for not accepting concessions on wages and benefits. But the unions did not cause the municipal fiscal crisis.

In 1975, at the outset of his Big MAC dictatorship, Rohatyn went on television, and told New Yorkers that “The pain is just beginning. New York will now have to undergo the most brutal kind of financial and fiscal exercise that any community in the country will ever have to face.”

Rohatyn lied. Every community in the United States is now being forced to undergo that same suffering and pain, and people will die as public safety is withdrawn, and replaced by chaos and destruction. The justification is based on the fraudulent claim that “we have to balance the budget.” But, no city can solve its fiscal problems within the context of its own budget, when those problems have been caused by the takedown of the U.S. industrial base as part of a national policy, one that has been continued by the Obama Administration.

Nothing short of the restoration of the Glass-Steagall principle, combined with the LaRouche Plan to bring back industrial jobs, and rebuild the real economy, will save America’s cities and towns.

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    • Thanks. Needed a vacation from all of this, its hard to keep going when you know one day its coming to an end. I just hope in the future most of my blog will be archived on some server, waiting for it to be rediscovered by future scientist who want know why Amerika had to die.

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    • Computers, aeronautics, bio medicine, the internet and everything else has been invented by whites! We are not your equal, you live because the weak amongst our race control our governments, but this is coming to an end very soon now. Enjoy your final years.

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    • Like I said. Christianity is a false religion for fools and tools like you. For those of who can see and know the truth, our race is our religion.

    • You are foolish to believe white americans will tolerate their nation being turned into a 3rd world hell hole. Americans will not tolerate a decreased standard of living, they will not tolerate the massive wealth inequality of the liberal western democracies. The tea parties and occupy wall street are evidence of the disconnect between the political elites and the average americans, the silent majority has been disenfranchised by the very system which promotes and maintains our racial dispossession. The west is dying and a new civilization based on the principles of the IDEA is coming whether you like it or not. You have already lost.

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      • No we are not alone, and we don’t have to fight anyone. Like you they will find us. You still don’t get it. The system you love will force them into our arms, and they will embrace us because we have the answers they seek. You say we are alone, true. That how the new elites, the guardians of the white race should be. We offer the world greater freedom than they now enjoy, not just for whites but ALL people.

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      • Although christianity is a false religion I will not force anyone to turn from it, or any other religion. Choice of Religion is a freedom we will not take away from anyone.

    • You know I’m right.

      The voters are ignorant sheep, and don’t know what they want until you tell them, they can no more understand and plan for the future, then sheep being herded for the slaughter, period.

      Why? With an average attention span of 30 seconds, the only thing sheep understand is hot button issues, guns, fags, and abortion, that’s what they understand. You try explaining collateralized debt obligations, sovereign debt, and debt to GDP ratio, and you lose the sheep forever. But mention taking away guns, pro or against abortion, and gay marriage, and you have their total understanding. The average plebe doesn’t care about this war or that, how much the state has spent on this or that, they care only about the pebble in the shoe.

      The tea parties and the OWS movements are manifestation of a sub conscious discontents with what has occurred, but neither knows or understands why the are angry, they just point towards debts and corruption without asking why.

      With the collapse, and lives ruined, we the “new right” will provide those answers. Not just for whites but for all peoples of every color and race. We seek the right to choose our own destiny, not to be controlled by anti-white egalitarian globalist like yourself. The right for ALL people to be free from you and yours.

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    • We are not crazy, we recognize the trends and patterns that you refuse to acknowledge. Globalism will destroy itself in the end. And that end is nearer then you think my foolish friend.

    • Revolution or evolution

      We normally think of time in BC/AD, but we should probably think instead in terms of before and after 1789. In that august year, our ancestors decided to shift to liberalism, which is a philosophy based upon the equality of all individuals. In other words, it’s wishful thinking made into policy.

      The revolution brought us the equality of all individuals, which in other words means we are no longer focusing on the quality or accuracy of our thinking; we’re trying to include everyone and if their ideas are of low quality or insane, we reverse our thought process and reason that because they’re equal, their insane low-quality ideas must be just as important as sane ones.


      It’s a deliberate baffler; it’s the language of logic used against itself. Yet it is how the liberal establishment has maintained increasing degrees of individual equality, applied at the points of swords and the threat of social ostracization, since 1789. And as we can see, things haven’t been going well.

      Not so much the recent recession, but the steady downward spiraling motion. Other than our technology, is life better or worse than in the 1950s? The official propaganda will have you bleat out something about better conditions for women and minorities, but instead, think of society as a whole.
      Our art is garbage. Our cities are ugly; our architecture has been replaced by plastic boxes. We eat literal garbage re-packaged as food. People build their homes around a room built around a television. We tell each other lies, rot in hours of traffic and lines, put up with endless bureaucracy, and are surrounded by fools.

      Progress? Well —we certainly have equality at least. My eminent colleagues at Occidental Dissent refer to the present time as “Black Run America (BRA)” because they see how our government seems to work to defend its chosen minority, but I have to respectfully disagree. African-Americans are the token that is being used to force equality on us. The real agenda is equality, which naturally benefits those who are most numerous and least capable of distinguishing themselves (thus in need of equality). This time isn’t BRA; it’s PRA, or “prole-run America.” And it’s not just America, it’s all European-descended peoples worldwide; we have opted for liberalism, and equality, and now we are ruled by the former unskilled labor of Europe. That is what the revolution brought us. The opposite of the revolution is evolution. Evolution means we get better at doing what we do; this happens because some break away and rise above the herd, and so we confer on them greater power so they can spread their knowledge or improve our society according to their abilities. This is heresy to those who insist on equality. The revolution-versus-evolution battle has been raging for centuries.

      The leftist/liberal crowd, composed of all of those who need equality through a sheer lack of differentiation by ability or action, stops at no outrage. They lie; they revise history; they distort; they accuse their opponents of all these things to conceal their own dissimulation. But few are noticing, because there’s this huge market in proles. Proles buy the easy products with wide margins because proles, by their very nature, waste all of their money no matter what we sell them. If we remove all harmful products, you’ll find the proles clustered around basement stills and bathtub gin. Their agenda is always to escape life because they have a fundamentally negative attitude toward it because they are not competent for most of its tasks, which is why our ancestors rather generously made them serfs.

      The proles do all sorts of amusing antics. They become hipsters, they occupy Wall Street, they blame whoever’s in charge for their problems, and they try to convince us that large corporations, kings, religion, etc. are the problem, when humanity’s downfall occurs through the laziness, incompetence and stupidity of its individuals. It has been only a couple centuries since 1789, yet our decline has been so vast and pervasive that people are finally starting to take note. Revolution? Forget that. Let’s evolve, and become better people, instead of finding more targets to blame for our own failings.

      Amerika is a type of civilization, not a place. Comprised of equal parts liberal anarchism and commercial fascism, this type of civilization uses “freedom” and “equality”

      The new order

      by Brett Stevens

      Postmodern theorists talk about the difference between text, or public meaning, and subtext, or private (and usually actual) meaning. In politics, this means we say one thing to flatter the people around us into thinking we’re doing what is in their best interests, or what they have commanded us to do; in actually, what we have offered is a justification, and our real goal/intent/methods are far different. Simple examples can be found just about daily in the kind of petit bourgeois corruption that afflicts American politics. I, a politician, want to kick my buddy Joe, a builder, tons of cash; therefore, I invent a project to house the poor. Or maybe I, a politician, want more power so I invent a rash of drug-related kidnapping and gang pedophiliac sodomy cases to scare all of you vote-sheep into wanting me to protect your kids. Or maybe we need a new food kitchen built on the site where (coincidentally) the evidence of my misdeeds are buried. As we launch ourselves into the new order, which started in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union, we need to separate fact from public illusion. This new order had curious beginnings. When Communism defeated itself just as spectacularly as it defeated Nazi Germany (through sheer willingness to take casualties), leftism changed. It became clear that a strong central power grab was not possible, and that pure communism wouldn’t work. Hence was born the new leftism. Essentially, all leftism has always been the same, from 1789 onward —all people are equal, which is another way of saying that I the individual want no one to tell me what to do, even if my actions are destructive to future generations and the collective socialized investment. The new leftism however combined the two forces that won the last war: American-style consumerism, and Eurasian-style Socialism, and from them fashioned globalism, which was an update to the old “internationalism.” These are extensions of the 1789 dogma: everyone is equal, without borders, and we’ll all join hands to defeat the power, smash the kings, throw down the churches, repossess the corporations, etc. The message never changes, but it always takes new form, and they rotate through enemies to keep the message fresh. This new consumerism-socialism axis proved very popular because in every situation it is the lowest common denominator. Everyone wants to be free, but also wants a safety net; everyone wants equality, but also the ability to have more shiny things than their neighbors, and so to show off. These are not humanity’s proudest traits, but its lowest common denominator. Globalism is egomania made possible by government, and it penalizes those who self actualize. It is in fact a jihad against honest maturation, which it replaces with “growing up” which is a form of calcified tolerance of the purposeless, lazy, incompetent and stupid behavior of others. This tolerance makes us bitter in our souls, but we are told it’s how adults behave, so… buckle up!

      Since 1991, we have had two decades for the new order that we might call “consumerist post-totalitarianism” (in a nod to Vaclav Havel) because it does not directly command us; instead, it sets up a dogma and rewards those who obey. Part of that obedience is ostracizing those who do not obey. It is social control, not political control. That is its grand evolutionary leap. What is deadly about social control is that it has no head to sever. It is administered by frightened people, upon one another, through indirect means that never can quite get tracked back to a central government. Look at two examples from the former conquerors: Putin’s genius —and it is nothing less —begins with an insight into governance that eluded the “great” dictators of the last century: You need control only public life, not personal lives. Putin grasped that human beings need to let off steam about the world’s ills, and that letting them do so around the kitchen table, over a bottle of vodka, does no harm to the state. His tacit compact with the Russian people is that they may do or say what they like behind closed doors, as long as they don’t take it into the streets. He saw that an authoritarian state that stops at the front door is not only tolerable but also more efficient. As for the defiant, he kills or imprisons them. But there are no great purges, no Gulag —only carefully chosen, exemplary victims, such as anti-corruption activist Sergei Magnitsky, who died in police custody, or the disobedient billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky, imprisoned on charges Russians regard as black humor. Western consciences may be briefly troubled, but Putin knows the international community won’t impose meaningful penalties. Seduced by Kremlin policies —from oil and gas concessions to cynical hints of strategic cooperation —Western leaders have too many chips in the game. And at home, the common people, the chorny narod, don’t mind. Instead, they gloat when the czar cuts off the beards of the boyars —or humbles an envied oligarch. As for gadfly journalists, Putin wagered that they could be eliminated with impunity, as in the case of Anna Politkovskaya. Our outrage is pro forma and temporary. –Washington Post What do you do when there’s no culture holding people together, no mission in common and no shared values, and in fact a substitute anti-culture composed mainly of hatred for those who have more than the clueless peasants? You give them some unimportant targets to destroy, and then as in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World you shovel on the prizes. Lots of sex, drugs, booze, black markets, tolerance for sodomy, bread, circuses and rock stars! They may be poor, but they’re living the good life, and now they’re inert. Perfect control. On the surface you’re talking about political issues of great import, but those are the distraction. The important goal is business as usual and total power to the top, through methods that cannot truly be seen. Naturally, the Eurasian (Russian) version is a bit cruder than the Europe-American version —after all, Russia trails the United States and Europe by almost a standard deviation in terms of average IQ. Further, Russia has a record of brutal rulers, so one would be insane not to be a brutal ruler in Russia. But look at the similarity of the American version: While Mr. Obama’s approval ratings have slid across the board as unemployment remains high, what buoys Democrats are the changing demographics of formerly Republican states like Colorado, where Democrats won a close Senate race in 2010, as well as Virginia and North Carolina. With growing cities and suburbs, they are populated by increasing numbers of educated and higher-income independents, young voters, Hispanics and African-Americans, many of them alienated by Republicans’ Tea Party agenda. –New York Times

      Give the proles a target (the rich), gather together the discontented, promise them more freedom (marijuana, sex, immigration) and then use them to replace the middle class. Quietly build a permanent power base by biologically/genetically destroying those who might oppose it. The message here isn’t “we might not be so different as we think.” It’s that the power structure of globalism is what defines the new order, and it’s here because the same leftist urges from 1789 have mutated to a more deadly form. As you watch the political drama play out across the stage, remember that it is for the most part an illusion, and behind the scenes, the agenda is the advancement of this new order and its elimination of those who might oppose it.

    • Americas final demise. Amerika still reels from its past slavery and racism, and therefore self-mutilates with fictitious “racism” and cowardly passivity toward the outsizes criminality, murdering, raping, racist hatred and looting by its black minority.

      Hitlers revenge has been that for 60 years now outcries of the west have been running away from Hitler (slavery, colonialism, racism, etc.) So far and fast that they have become Hitler. Western nations (white countries) are now totalitarian societies with mind control, censorship, overbearing societal pressure to conform, and violence and economic destruction visited upon any and all whites who dissent. They are as fanatical about putting down, diluting and eventually destroying the white race as Hitler was about elevating it to supremacy, they are religiously commuted to universal equality and equal outcomes as any dark age crusader was in capturing the holy land.

      The oldest maxim of western thought, “whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” For now the west faces its own worst enemy, the enemy of the west, is the west itself, we are our own worst enemy. The status quo working diligently to maintain the system of debt, public spending, entitlements, and policing necessary to maintain public order. After all what keeps society from falling apart? Laws? I’d laugh if that wasn’t so funny. Social customs of order live and let live policy? Even funnier. No its the threat of deadly force if you get caught stepping out of line by our local militarized police force. We are society maintained through force, not by laws, and customs, or social norms, those don’t exist in a multicultural paradise full of parasites , predators, and a sprinkle of producers.

      The final stages our terminal decline, the western world is clearly dying, certainly this is our current state of affairs, a popular culture centered around the promotion of Amerikan Negroid customs and life style, a nation bent on its own destruction, for never has existed a stable African nation, not for very long. A majority population of cowards, who refuse acknowledge the existence of human biological diversity, and embrace the lowest common denominator.

    • We don’t believe the world is coming to an end.

      Resources should be harvested through trade, our ability to produce food for whatever raw resources we require. We will trade food for resources. Our technology will remain the property of our people, and not exportable.

      A lesson one day you will learn as with everyone else who doesn’t understand;

      There are more important things in life then money and stuff.

      As the worlds economies continue to degrade, the global economic collapse is coming. Mans natural instincts will take over when he is hungry, cold, and thirsty. Your so called culturally enriched zones in Amerika will fall to chaos, I guarantee it, history has shown us what has happened time and again, and nothing you say or do will prevent it.

      WE HAVE ALREADY WON. We must now merely survive the coming conflict, retake our homelands, and rebuild our nations. We don’t need anyones help, we have all the guns, ammo, and manpower here at home.

      See you on the battlefield.

    • We can point to hundreds of examples of the black mans inability to maintain an organized working government.

      Every single incident of black rioting and looting over the decades only strengthen our position.

      White flight from minority occupied zones prove that whites consciously reject your multicultural society.

      There is no such thing as a black and even brown to that extent, stable government or society, they don’t exist, every one of them exhibit racial violence and ethnic hatred comparable to what we see brewing here in America.

      The point is, whites do not want to be governed by non whites, no one wants another race to rule over their people. Over time civil war is the only option, its part of nature.

      In the case of Amerika its a racial civil war that’s coming when this house of cards coming crashing down. Blacks inability to prepare and plan for the future will trigger the rioting, looting, rape and murder necessary the force the white man to defend his people. We saw what happened in katrina, that was but a taste of what is coming nationally and you know it.

      When the people want the answers as to who is responsible for the social ills facing Amerika, who pushes for more immigration since 1965 immigration act, who supported the increases in entitlement spending, who currently manages the global financial system spending us deeper and deeper into debt, who blocks any attempt at racial justice for whites and calls any attempt at defending the white race, Nazism. We will tell them.

      Who controls the media, picking which news gets air time and which does not? They do.

      Who runs the banking sector? They do.

      Who supports white dispossession globally through immigration? They do.

      Who took our money and sent it over seas in support of a terrorist state called israel? They do.

      Who steals our technology and money at every turn? Not just them, but they do as well!

      That little tribe of global financial manipulators, whose thirst for world power knows no bounds.

      Everyone knows it. Everyone knows who they are. When the time comes, because of their greed, they will have no where to run this time, no one to protect them, no where to hide that we can’t seek them out.

      Although they have succeed in brainwashing the black race to the point where a racial civil war is the only option in America, we will not forget who is the cause.

      To the tribe, the hebrew emissaries of materialism, from the global white resistance movement, see you soon. Enjoy your meddling while it lasts, once we assume power in our respected nations, we will finish what as started, the great tribes of the white man will unite to destroy you.

      And those of you who stand in our way, you will be incinerated with T.H.E.M. in nuclear hell fire. So continue to fight us, we only get stronger, continue to oppress our people, we only become more organized, and continue to murder us, we only increase in number.

      Those who can see grow daily.

      Total Victory is ours.

      • “There is no such thing as a black and even brown to that extent, stable government or society, they don’t exist, every one of them exhibit racial violence and ethnic hatred comparable to what we see brewing here in America.”

        let make a pair of changes

        “There is no such thing as a Saxon and even Germanic to that extent, stable government or society, they don’t exist, every one of them exhibit racial violence and ethnic hatred comparable to what we see brewing here in Rome.”

        this could be said by a Roman in 450 AD, for him Germanics tribes were barbarians and by then they were much much less than a Egyptian or a Persian … how wrong he was ! and so u are now …

      • How you think that the issue of race in America means nothing to blacks and Latinos, you are a fool. Trying to compare Germania to ancient Rome, we are not living in ancient europe, there were no blacks or Latinos in europe. Everyone is different, each group of people are different and unique, we don’t fit into your cookie cutter globalist utopia, we are not all the same and never will be.

      • Let’s see you explain white flight, mexican and black gangs, low level race war that’s slowly becoming a major racial event. You can’t to you everything is fine, nothing to see here folks just keep moving along, keep spending your money on junk! You are so very wrong. You are lost, nothing I say here will help you understand that you are wrong, don’t hide from us, we can smell your kind, see you soon.

  7. “What will happen when the sovereign debt crisis comes to Amerika and the government can no longer spend money to keep the economy from total collapse?”

    and what happened to the Soviet Union by 1990, and with England after 1945 ? nothing will happen to the USA , dont wait for that Armagedon , racial war or whatever you’d like to be, America just will not be as performant as the asian powers and then they will become the world rulers, it´s just that, you are very confused about these gangs problems between latinos and blacks, means nothing, here in LatinAmerica there are gangs problems too but didn´t evolve in racial wars , this is something you be very pleased to witness , but it´s only your desire , you think much like the marxist in my country , they also say liberal democracy is an invention of the ruller class to master the sheeps and all that stupid stuff about the media brainwashing the worker class, only because nobody votes for them they say all that nonsenses , they consider themselves the ones who are “awaked” and the others are “sleeping” much in the way u think, they are also egaer waiting for the apocalipsis, one liberal politican in my country said about marxist “for them, the worst it´s the best” because they are always waiting for bankrupticy, economic fail and social disorder as a signal of the final fire that will consume capitalism, if a teenager goes and throw a stone to a Mc Donald´s during a protest they feel it´s the begining of the end, poor guys …. don keep on that nonsenses about the battlefiedd , what do u smell? are u a dog? who´s gonna hide? stop watching so many movies, and those “militia” ? who u think u are? the Che Guevara of withe racism? Cubans couldnt did it without Russian aid , and who gonna help u? you are not USA , u are just some crazy guys like that those of the KKK , u ll never gona do other than a terrorist attack to kill some inocent people …

    • Lol funny. Couldn’t stop laughing. We will just have to see where this global economic collapse leads, i’m mean when the soviet union collapsed it was just the soviet union, in every economic crisis it was never more then a handful of racial homogeneous nation states that felt the sting of economic collapse, there was always another economy on the sidelines waiting to issue debt and bail them out.

      Not this time, thanks to your globalism, when enough economies hit the wall, eventually all of them will, and although the IMF and federal reserve (US taxpayer) has been the bank of last resort to provide funds, it wont be there forever, who bails out the those who usually provide the bailout?

      No one, that’s who. That’s when things get interesting.

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