The Façade of Democracy by Erich Gliebe

The Façade of Democracy
by Erich Gliebe

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Broadcast Date: October 25, 2008

There are virtually no barriers to voting; everyone has an equal say in the government. But when every voter has power, none of them really do. How can no one have power when everyone has the right to vote? The power resides not in the hands of the voters, but rather in the hands of those who put information into the minds of the voters. That information could be facts about the economy or about the personal lives of political candidates. It could be certain “wants” that the people have been taught to desire for themselves, whether they need them or not. The information could be commentary by “experts” that is meant to nudge the opinions of the masses in a certain direction, or cover stories on trivial topics that will interest most voters and, as such, take the attention away from a more pressing matter. Or, that information could be just the opposite of information, namely misinformation that is designed to confuse and to lead people into wrong channels of thought. And finally, those who put ideas into the minds of people can always do their best to kill an idea with the power of silence.

One thought on “The Façade of Democracy by Erich Gliebe

  1. Erich gliebe is the shortened version of the Jewish name glieberman .I just thought you should know that you are of Jewish decent thank you.

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