The Façade of Democracy part 2 by Erich Gliebe

The Façade of Democracy
by Erich Gliebe
American Dissident Voices Broadcast of
October 25, 2008

Hello again, and welcome to this week’s broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

This is a particularly painful time during any election year. It’s been bad enough over the last year and more, what with all of the cat-fighting in the party primaries. But now that the primaries are over, both winners and losers have to embrace in front of huge crowds and pretend that they like each other and that they were on the same side all along. The square-off and subsequent reconciliation of Senators Obama and Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary was a shocking example of that, but it has happened to some degree every four years for a very long time. So that isn’t what makes this time of year very difficult for rational people to handle.

And neither is it the fact that the candidates are trying to out-do each other with lies about how they are going to improve the situation for the average American. That’s exactly the same sort of thing every candidate for high public office has told the American public for many decades now, and nothing related to the well-being of the White race in America has improved at all. Sure, Jews and other non-Whites have reaped all kinds of benefits, but the power, numbers, and money of the average White hasn’t kept pace with the gains of the non-Whites. That, of course, is another way of saying that the fate of the White race in America has declined, while that of every other race in America has improved. And as the White race in America goes, so goes the country. It is no secret that, despite the appearance of economic power and the claims of the lying politicians, the United States’ position on the world stage is considerably weaker than it was even twenty years ago.

But one can’t even hope to BE an American politician today without being a liar, so when Barack Obama and John McCain trade lies in debates on national television, there’s no reason to call the family in from the kitchen to see the replay on the DVR. I mean, what would happen if an American politician DIDN’T lie about the economic strength of the country? What if an American politician DIDN’T pretend to be ignorant about the Jewish control of media of news and entertainment? Well, probably either the sky would fall or the Cubs would win the World Series, and since it doesn’t look like either of those things is going to happen anytime soon, I guess we can just expect politicians to keep right on lying.

No, the worst part about this time of year is seeing footage of American voters on national television. It is an absolutely sickening sight. The voters take a back seat to the candidates in the primaries. The party faithful might have their clear preferences for certain candidates running who are hoping to get on the November ballot for President or Congress, but most people are far more worried about flossing their teeth than they are with the outcome of the election primaries. For those Democrats who aren’t into the political machine, it’s enough for them to know during the primaries that a Democrat will be on the ballot in November. And the same is true for the average Republican voter. The general attitude is: Who really cares about the primaries? because it is what happens in November that matters.

Well, November is just around the corner, which means that every numbskull who is clever enough to be able to put a bumper sticker on his car or a political sign in his yard is doing so, as if the outcome of this election will have any bearing at all on the ultimate future of this country. As if, that is, this election really mattered in the overall scheme of things.

And the voters aren’t just showing everyone else who they are and what they believe by driving around town sporting a McCain-Palin bumper sticker, or making sure the neighbors know that there are still SOME Americans who aren’t afraid to stand for something, even if that something is as meaningless as the Republican or Democratic party platform. No, American voters are getting plenty of face-time on the national television networks as well as the local news stations on most nights of the week. The Jews who call the shots in the media world give us a short piece on where the candidates campaigned today and then they show us a clip from a street-side interview with Joe or Jill Sixpack… as if Joe or Jill was in any way qualified to even know WHAT was best for the country, much less WHO should be at the top directing the efforts.

As a glaring example of the folly of allowing the masses to have a say in the government, several polls conducted over the last six months have shown that a surprising fraction of Americans — perhaps 10% — still believe that the Democratic candidate for President, Barack Obama, is a Muslim. It is tough to get any hard data on what fraction of those who, in the surveys, answered that Obama was NOT a Muslim still believe, deep down, that he IS… and that all of the admissions of his Christian beliefs and all of the years of his churchgoing were mere posturing. I don’t have a point here about Christianity or Islam; my point here is that the great masses aren’t qualified to have the power to choose the direction in which the country should head.

Do I believe that the concerns of the common people need to be heard and addressed? Absolutely.

Do I believe that the masses are an important part of any society and that they should be viewed by everyone as such? Absolutely.

But do I believe that the common people should have the power to shape the country as their shortsighted minds imagine? Absolutely not.

The story of common people dabbling in the political affairs of a vast and complex political entity like a nation-state is a sad one, and it has brought up questions that have plagued leading thinkers from the beginning of recorded history. Should the common people have the power to make decisions of the state? If so, how much power should they have? If not, what should be done? These aren’t easy questions, and I don’t have all of the answers, but I DO know that mass democracy as it currently exists in the Western world is completely unfit to benefit the White race and, since the White race is my main concern, I have no qualms about coming down hard on democracy.

Democracy as a political system for a large state reportedly first surfaced in Greece. But what passed for democracy in those early days would hardly be classified as democracy today, since only a small fraction of the population had a say in the government. Other restrictions, such as the requirement that a person own land in order to be able to vote, were used by later societies, which wanted to be able to claim that they had a democratic system of government without completely giving up the country to the forces of chaos. Even in the United States, there was great resistance to women being able to vote, and that resistance was finally swept away only with the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920. Although the racial restriction on voting was destroyed by the passage of the 15th Amendment in 1870, many Southern states were able to prevent Blacks from voting by assessing poll taxes or by putting in place literacy restrictions.

But all of those half-measures that were cooked up to prevent every Tom, Dick, and Harry from having a say in choosing the men who run the government are gone today. Today, there are virtually no restrictions on who can vote and who can’t, except for criminals. But aside from that, as long as you keep your nose clean, you have just as much power to choose who sits in the halls of government as anyone else. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete imbecile. It doesn’t matter if you have been on welfare for all your life, or if you are popping out more crack babies and welfare babies with unknown fathers at the rate of one a year. As long as you are a U.S. citizen, you’re in.

Believe it or not, there are some people living in the United States who COULD become citizens and would thus become eligible to vote, but who are choosing not to. Most of these are non-Whites from Asia, mainly from China and the Indian subcontinent, but there are also skilled professionals from Europe who have immigrated here and who are eligible for citizenship. In some cases, and depending on their country of origin, they would lose their citizenship in their native country if they opt for U.S. citizenship. It is for this reason that they choose not to become U.S. citizens; basically, there is no turning back once they take that crucial step. If they become U.S. citizens, they are stuck here, and I wonder if they are keeping that door to the home country open in the event that America devolves into a turf war based on gangs and race, as portrayed in Thomas Chittum’s 1997 book, Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America. For these foreign nationals, the so-called “right” to vote is a very small carrot indeed to giving up their chance to get out of Dodge in an emergency.

So what does this mean, that there are virtually no barriers to voting, that everyone has an equal say in the government, that everyone has power? What it means is this: When every voter has power… none of them really do.

On a first reading, that statement might not seem to make any sense. How can no one have power when everyone has the right to vote?

The power resides NOT in the hands of the voters, but rather in the hands of those who put information into the minds of the voters. That information could be facts about the economy or about the personal lives of political candidates. It could be certain “wants” that the people have been taught to desire for themselves, whether they need them or not. The information could be commentary by “experts” that is meant to nudge the opinions of the masses in a certain direction, or cover stories on trivial topics that will interest most voters and, as such, take the attention away from a more pressing matter.

Or, that information could be just the opposite of information, namely misinformation that is designed to confuse and to lead people into wrong channels of thought.

And finally, those who put ideas into the minds of people can always do their best to kill an idea with the power of silence.

Well, you know what’s coming next. It is the same truth that George Lincoln Rockwell talked about in his speeches around the country during the 1960s. It is the same truth that spurred William Pierce to found the organization that eventually became the National Alliance during the 1970s. And it is the truth that the National Alliance and every other objective observer have been pushing in their outreach efforts for decades. It is a truth that hasn’t changed over all of that time.

And here is the truth: The media of news and entertainment are in the hands of the Jews. Although they don’t control ALL of the media, they control ENOUGH of it that they are able to say pretty much whatever they feel like saying, and virtually no one in the so-called “legitimate” media world will stand up in opposition. The Jewish Establishment does not have the interests of the White race at heart; just the opposite of that, in fact.

And this brings us back to democracy and the election coming up in November. Not only do we have liars and toadies of the Jews running for public office; not only do we have a system that gives every lazy, incompetent, and uninformed citizen the same say as the one with the keenest mind and greatest depth of understanding; but we also have a race of men who are our mortal enemies, pulling the levers of real power in the media world, directing the whole thing to the detriment of the White race.

Democracy is a façade. At the tribal level, it might once have had some validity, but that day is long past.

I’ve said on these programs before that I’m not an expert on economic systems. Well, I’m not an expert on political systems, either, but at least I recognize a political dunghill of a system when I see one. And democracy today is exactly that.

Opt out of the democratic con game, and get involved in the racialist Cause of the National Alliance. Let’s figure out together what the future of the White race should look like and what systems of government and economy will best suit our needs.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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