The Militia Solution: Is This the Answer to Our Problems? By John ‘Birdman’ Bryant

The Militia Solution: Is This the Answer to Our Problems?

By John ‘Birdman’ Bryant

Personal liberty is the finest and most valuable accomplishment of civilization, and it is the white race which has been far and away most responsible for the flowering of civilization and the consequent development of the greatest degree of human liberty which the world has ever experienced.

I have long said that what distinguishes civilization from barbarism is that civilized people settle their differences without resort to physical force; but I say equally that civilization ultimately rests on force, because there must be force to oppose those who would return men to barbarism and extinguish the liberty which civilization has enabled.

Threats To Our Liberty

Within only the last few years many grievous threats to liberty and to the civilization that has nurtured it have arisen, and not merely arisen, but have arisen from the government itself, and from the nebulous power behind it — often referred to as the New World Order — which seems hell-bent on destroying America, Western civilization, and the white race in order to reduce the world to absolute despotism under the thumb of the New World Orderlies. This has led an increasing number of people to feel that our liberty can only be regained if we are willing to oppose the government by force, and I believe that we are now very close to that point. More specifically, it seems as if each day brings word of new abuses to our liberties by the ruling elite, and that unless we begin to seriously think about opposing these acts with violence or threats of violence, it will not be long until we have not only no liberty, but also a constantly diminishing chance of regaining that liberty as our fetters grow more secure with every passing day.

So what, then, am I advocating we do? To answer, let me begin by saying that what I am NOT advocating is that we get our guns and march on Washington — not yet, at any rate. But for all that, I do believe that I have hit on a solution that will be useful in both the short and long term. The inspiration for my proposed solution comes from many persons and places, but among the most important are the following:

* Thomas Jefferson, who remarked that “the Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time by the blood of patriots and tyrants. This is its natural manure.”

* Lord Acton, who observed that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

* J Edgar Hoover, who observed that freedom must be rewon for each generation.

* Louis Beam, who developed the concept of ‘leaderless resistance’.

* JB Campbell, who developed the militia movement (or so he says)

* The religion of Islam, which makes believers into fearless warriors by its promise of paradise and 70 virgins if they are killed in battle.

* Guerrilla warfare — the poor man’s warfare, but now often called ‘terrorism’ — which fights big wars with small battles, and, even if unable to cement victory, at least keeps opponents from enjoying their ‘peace’.

* Hal Turner, whose recent call for violence against government traitors stopped the amnesty bill in its tracks.

* Alan Dershowitz, whose popularization of ‘chutzpah’ in his book by that name strongly suggests that this common Jewish behavior is an important secret of Jewish success.

Hal Turner

Now before I put forth the solution that I believe offers us the most promising way out of the threat which is posed by our traitorous politicians and the NWO, let me make a few preliminary remarks. First, let me say that my main inspiration comes from Hal Turner’s recent victory in scaring the traitors in the US Senate shitless, but Hal’s efforts cannot be relied on as any kind of permanent process. Americans can’t afford to just sit by their computers and wait for the next slimy piece of legislation to come up, because such legislation comes up all the time, and the kind of act that stopped amnesty is going to get old very quickly unless some government officials get shot, and frankly, I have my doubts as to how soon that is going to happen.

Hal Plants A Seed On Amnesty Opposition

To make things clearer, let me analyze what Hal was doing, and why the Senators were scared. What Hal was doing was to stir people up in hopes that, if amnesty passed, there would be some ‘crazy’ who would be inspired to come out of the woodwork and take a potshot or two at a Senator. That reasoning is perfectly sensible provided that a sufficient number of people have been stirred up, because people’s reactions to something like this form a ‘bell curve’ or ‘normal distribution’ — as do many things in the natural world — and every bell curve contains an extreme or ‘tail’ to its distribution which represents the extremists. Thus all that is needed to sic a ‘crazy’ on the traitorous Senators is a ‘tail’ that is sufficiently well-populated to insure that at least one of its members will say, as Howard Beale did in ‘Network’, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.” Needless to say, neither Hal nor the Senators knew whether Hal’s rhetoric could dredge up a crazy, but the Senators didn’t want to take a chance, so they folded. By the next time, however, the Senators will probably have voted themselves bodyguards and all kinds of other protection, so even if Hal (or somebody) could stir up the crazies every time, it might not be of much help.

Power Elites Versus The Patriots

Now there is another important thing to explain before I present my solution. In particular, some may think of the present war — the war to reclaim our nation, our Constitution and our freedom — as one between the government and ‘the people’, but this is inaccurate, because most people don’t really give a damn as long as they have their beer and potato chips and TV. Instead, this war is a war between elites — on the one hand, the power elite (as C Wright Mills called it) in Washington and its New World Orderly controllers, and on the other, the patriotic elite, ie, that small number of people who value freedom because they have dreams and ambitions — people who march to a different drummer and want to do more with their lives than sit in front of an idiot box. This is why we Paul Reveres have such trouble in raising alarums among our countrymen: Beer, potato chips and TV attract people a lot more easily than such abstractions as ‘freedom’ and ‘our children’s future’.

But there is something else that separates the patriotic elite from ‘the people’ — something which may make a critical difference in whether we can ever win this war — and that something is what may roughly be called religion, or spirituality. More particularly, those who do not see their lives as part of something larger that is an integral part of both past and future are not much inclined to value anything beyond creature comforts. For them, freedom from want and responsibility is of far more value that freedom of speech, economic freedom, freedom from government intrusion, or any of the other freedoms that our forefathers valued so highly. For those of us who consider ourselves spiritual, however, the thought of disgracing ourselves in front of what William Ernest Henley called ‘whatever gods may be’ — to shame ourselves in the eyes of the spirits of past and future generations — is not a consummation devoutely to be wished. Freedom, then, bears an intimate relation to religion, and it may well be that the reason we have lost so much of our freedom is that we have lost our religion, or at least have lost the Old Time Religion because of its inadequacies, but have not yet discovered the scientifically real religion that lurks in the shadows of human consciousness, and of which I have written at length (see postings in the Science & Religion section of my webpage).

But the problem in the loss of religion is a larger problem than we may at first appreciate: Not only have we lost our future vision by losing our religion, but the politicians and others who hold power over us have lost it also, and thus have lost the shame that would have made them resign from office had they been caught engaging in the abuses which are now so commonplace for those of their ilk. A century ago a politician’s oath of office and the pledge to uphold the Constitution was a bond with God, but now it is just a joke. And in the words of Robert Frost, that has made all the difference.

The Solution

So what, then, is the solution I propose to the tyranny that is raining down on us from Washington and the New World Order? Briefly, it is to reconstitute the militias, but with each member taking an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies, and especially traitors, peacefully if possible, but with violence if necessary. This is what I shall — for lack of better terminology — call the Militia Solution. The basic idea is that patriots — people who are willing to put their lives on the line for America, and who are not willing to tolerate the encroachment of the NWO — should organize local groups openly and train themselves in warfare and guerrilla warfare skills. By doing this — perfectly legal in most (but not all!) states — and thru personal interactions, the members will be able to get to know their fellow members, and will get a sense of who can and cannot be trusted. Then, if some event comes down the pike that some of the members feel requires a violent reaction, at that point any subgroup whose members feel they can trust one another can take it upon themselves to do what they feel is required.

The militia itself need be thought of as nothing more than a training ground for potential lone wolves or small groups who follow Louis Beam’s ‘leaderless resistance’ model, and the fact that some members may decide to use their skills to uphold the Constitution would not concern the militia. In particular, what the militia does NOT have is a central command which would involve the entire militia — rather the decision to act would be up to the individual ‘lone wolves’ or small groups who felt it was important, and it would — at least theoretically — be secret except to those who were involved.

Government Agents

Now the most likely objection to the above scheme is that it would be open to infiltration by government agents. While there is no way to avoid this risk entirely, there are ways that group members can be tested, from stealing or destroying government property to beatings and assassinations of enemies. Keep in mind that an organization cannot be ‘nice’ when its purpose is to provide violent solutions to problems when nonviolent solutions won’t work.

Besides the inability to completely insulate the militias from government agents and other traitors, there is also the problem that militias will simply segue into gangs. While this is a danger, I do not think it is a serious one in view of the type of man who will be attracted to the militia.

Clearly, I do not have all the answers to the problems that the militias could face. But one thing I do know is that unless we start to take a pro-active aggressive stance to protect ourselves, we are going to go down big-time. We cannot wait for the opposition to propose this or that abusive law, or perpetrate this or that outrageous crime. We must prepare ourselves so that these laws and crimes stop happening, and we take back control of our destiny. Right now we have the freedom to create a militia movement and to get our message out as to why it is necessary. Beyond this, in order to successfully complete these tasks, I believe we must develop the state of mind which has helped to preserve the Jews for thousands of years — chutzpah — the same quality that Alan Dershowitz praised so highly in his book by that name. Danton, the French revolutionist, had a phrase for it, which General George Patton frequently quoted: Audacity, more audacity, and always audacity! And surely Patton knew what he was talking about, since he was probably the most successful general of WW2. In short, we must be active, not REactive. We KNOW what is going to happen to us if we do not act — NWO slavery. But we know from the actions of just one man — Hal Turner — that we can kick butt and make it hurt. So if some of us will train ourselves as fighters with a clear commitment to the Constitution and American ideals, we can stand up to the NWO and bring back the old America.

Now lest there be any doubt, I do not see the militia as temporary, but rather as a potentially permanent institution to counterbalance government — a sort of shadow government, if you will, but one which, like a family, passes its skills and ideals on from generation to generation. The reader has no doubt heard the Cubans speak of ‘preserving the [Castro] revolution’; and while we may not care for the revolution they are trying to preserve, we should appreciate their insight that revolutions need a conscious effort at preservation if they are to last.

Now in proposing the Militia Solution, I have not said anything that is particularly revolutionary, or that others have not said before. But my solution IS different by its act of putting together several diverse elements. As JBR Yant has remarked, going from the almost-right to the exactly-right is a long, tortuous, tedious process, and the Militia Solution may be looked on as a small yet potentially important move along the road to freedom. Whether it is actually useful depends on whether there are motivated people who will take up the burden of forming militias and seeing that they perform their intended functions. This may well be a difficult task, but it certainly beats shooting up a government office or assassinating some high government muckamuck and getting killed or jailed in the process, as some of my more agitated correspondents seem to want to do. There is not going to be anything easy about taking back our freedom, so if the reader wants to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem, I suggest he either get involved in the Militia Solution, or else propose something better.

Postscript: As I have several times said, I do not believe that generals should be in the trenches — they are far too useful to serve only as footsoldiers. For this reason, I will not be participating in a militia, should anyone expect me to carry that burden in addition to all the other ones I am currently shouldering. As a general of sorts, I have earned my spurs by making a going concern for the last 7 years and keeping free speech alive when so many of my correspondents (along with most other whites) are deeply frightened of exercising it themselves — indeed, as you all very well know, if ‘THEY’ start sending people to the gulag, I will be one of the first to go. So I urge all you bench-warmers and other would-be revolutionaries to get off your butts and start doing something useful, such as helping to implement the Militia Solution. No one is going to do it for you, so you had better learn how to do it yourself.

PPS: We are currently involved in planning some important outreach activities. The letter at the url below (marked ‘Site Ad’) is one of several we are contemplating using in some kind of mass email program. Emailing is expensive, and also poses some important legal problems, but we can reach a much wider audience with email. We will need some substantial contributions in order to carry out our program.

And that brings up the small but important matter that it is now time for you, dear reader, to show your gratitude for all the work I have done to make a valuable information resource and pioneering vehicle in the White Liberation Movement. Accordingly, if you find this site valuable — as you undoubtedly do if you are reading this message — then I expect that you would be happy, as an ethical member of our race, to fulfill your obligation for the benefits you have received by contributing to the support of the 6-day-per-week grind that I must put myself thru in order to keep you informed. Thank you in advance for your generosity, and please send all contributions to the following address:

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