The Savage Manifesto


A. Regulate Wall Street: End short selling. Try tycoons who profited from bailouts.

B. Cut Federal Income Taxes by 2 percent per year over four years, for a minimum total of 8 percent over four years.

C. Reduce Federal Government Departments in size by 4 percent each year, for a total reduction of size by 16 percent over four years.

D. Eliminate all public assistance for able-bodied recipients. Cut off all public assistance for immigrants for five years. Repatriate those who are not working, after two years.

E. Immediately impose tariffs on cars and trucks owned by foreign entities, even if they’re manufactured in America.

F. Have illegal aliens build a wall between the United States and Mexico, and then, repatriate them. Pay them a one-time worker fee.

G. Increase pay for active duty combat troops by 10 percent. Number Two. Fire any unmarried military person becoming pregnant while on active duty.

H. Make abortions illegal, except when the physical survival of the mother is threatened, to be determined by three medical doctors. Require Norplant for all women on welfare of childbearing age.

I. Close all houses of sex and massage.

J. Expand the DEA, while decriminalizing most drugs.

K. Regarding the media; one, eliminate all foreign ownership of any American media entity. Two, break up overly large conglomerates, like News Corporation.

L. Encourage child bearing among tax paying citizens. Create a marriage incentive, through lower taxes for married heterosexual couples. And a government subsidy for each child conceived and carried to birth. Increase the subsidies for each year the couple remains married.

M. Repatriate all illegal immigrants now incarcerated. Encourage all other illegals to self-repatriate through double taxation on wages and fines on employers.


A. Iraq. Send in Iraqi troops to mop up pockets of resistance. Make Iraq pay with their oil for the cost of the war. Cordon off Sadr City, force all residents to leave, then go in and mop up all resistance fighters. Divide Iraq into three to four sectors; Sunni, Shiite, Kurd, and International. Next, remove all U.S. troops after above achieved.

B. Iran. One, sanctions embargoes and mine their harbors. Nothing goes in, nothing comes out.

C. North Korea. Destroy their launching platforms, impose a Naval blockade on all goods coming in or out, except food.

D. Israel Arab Entities. Give Israel four years to become self-sufficient. Cut off all foreign aid to all nations.

E. China. 20 percent tariffs on all China made goods immediately; rising by 5 percent each year for each year China refuses to revalue their currency.

F. United Nations. Withdraw immediately. Remove all Diplomats and staff. Convert the United Nations building into housing for the working poor.

G. Mexico. Force Mexico to pay one barrel of oil for every illegal alien in the United States of America per month.

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