What is the Goal of Mother Nature or God or the Laws of the Universe as it pertains to the creation of Life in all its many forms? I believe I have an Answer.

What is the Goal of Mother Nature or God or the Laws of the Universe as it pertains to the creation of Life in all its many forms?  I believe I have an Answer.

Lets go back billion of years ago, to the first living organism, the protein based molecule, Proteins are large organic compounds made of amino acids arranged in a linear chain and joined together by peptide bonds between the carboxyl and amino groups of adjacent amino acid residues.  Where do proteins fit in life today?  Proteins are the chief actors within the cell, said to be carrying out the duties specified by the information encoded in genes.  With the exception of certain types of RNA, most other biological molecules are relatively inert elements upon which proteins act. Proteins make up half the dry weight of an Escherichia coli cell, whereas other macromolecules such as DNA and RNA make up only 3% and 20%, respectively.
This Protein based organism fought and absorbed matter, building upon itself through the survival of the fittest paradigm, until that day when a transition was need, one that would ensure that it was able to make the next step in evolution and pass on its genetic knowledge into the next generation, for “only the fittest organisms will prevail.”  This protein based organism, evolved into a RNA based organism, what is RNA, Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is a type of molecule that consists of a long chain of nucleotide units. Each nucleotide consists of a nitrogenous base, a ribose sugar, and a phosphate. RNA is very similar to DNA, but differs in a few important structural details: in the cell, RNA is usually single-stranded making it less stable then DNA, while DNA is usually double-stranded and genetically more stable then the RNA and the protein based organism.  The game of Life is not rigged in favor of the poorly adapted, and genetically inept.  This RNA organism struggles at life no different then it predecessor, it must eat or be eaten, as is the way for all non-intelligent life, and how it must be for evolution to continue.  The Eons pass and slowly but surely, life continues on, cataclysm after cataclysm, the RNA based organism has sustained itself, and takes the next step in evolution of complexity and doubles its pattern and forms a DNA based organism.  What is DNA?  Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms and some viruses.  The main role of DNA molecules is the long-term storage of information, this genetic information is passed on generation through generation creating ever more complex single celled organisms until the next state of evolution presents itself.  Hundreds of millions of years later, that single celled DNA based organisms, which has for millions of years divided itself for the propagation of its genetic information, has now taken another step, dividing into more then one cell, but working in conjunction for the survive the organism as a whole, and now you have the first multi-cellular DNA based organism.
This new organism begins its journey as all organism have in the past, its rough, competition is brutal, and losers don’t get a second chance.  Over time many more cells are built upon this organism, specialized cells are developed for the production of chemicals, enzymes, proteins, and for the break down of other chemicals enzymes and proteins it has absorbed from other organisms.  Life evolves shells for outer defense, fins for maneuverings, eyes for seeing prey and evading predators, mouths for eating, and many other specialized cells.  Nature over the eons refines these organisms, some are wiped out through natural selections, some are killed in cataclysms, nearly all who first started this journey are gone, cast into the dust bin of genetic knowledge.  Creatures big and small compete for the survival of its genetic information, from the single celled to the multi-celled, predator vs. prey the battle continues to this day.  Each stage of evolution a super predator moves to the top of the food chain, the sharks, the dinosaurs, and the birds, all take their place on the top and all are subsequently dethroned.  None had the intelligence, the cunning to remain on top forever.  Billions of years have passed, and a small by nimble creature takes center stage, the warm blooded mammal. We began with the small but fast rodent, but once our time came we would surpass all other creatures in complexity of diversity, so began the age of the mammals.  Millions of year have passed since the first mammal set foot upon the earth, creatures cold and warm roam the surface of the Earth, and the race is on the compete, to eat, to breed, and continue on the genetic information the has been passed on from the countless number of individuals, and life continues on suffering set backs and ice ages, climate changes, and disasters we can barely fathom, but life as it always has continues on, in ever greater complexity, and in ever greater numbers.  The stage is set for the evolution of the complex neurological tissue we have come to describe as the mammalian brain.  From the brain of a lizard, merely breeding eating and surviving, the brain of a mammal evolves, now social skills are needed, the ability to interact with other members of the species is needed, complex social networks have evolved and the ability to survive within these networks requires cunning, a primitive behavioral psychology develops, and the brain agrees.  Greater functionality is required, linguistic centers are need for speech, pattern recognition is needed for rudimentary thought, the greater the knowledge need the more massive the memory becomes.  Social systems also continue to evolve, from tree dwellers, to the savanna our ancestors did come.  The family of great apes steps into the picture, rudimentary use of tools gives this family and edge, the stick and the rock, both tools, the first of many tools.  One of these apes stands above the rest, his cunning is unsurpassed, his ability to plan and adapt has no rival in the animal world, this member of the family of great apes, being bipedal primates of what is currently referred to as the Hominidae family, this family of primates once numbered at least 10 separate species, the Homo rudolfensis, H. ergaster, H. georgicus, H. antecessor, H. cepranensis, H. rhodesiensis and H. floresiensis remains under debate. H. heidelbergensis, H. neanderthalensis, and the H. Homo sapiens species.  This new multi-cellular DNA based organism was similar to their cousins but through brutality, cunning, and warfare was able to place any Hominidae competitor on the extinction list.  We are the last of a long family line.  Nature is like a sculptor continually improving upon her work, but to do it she chisels away at living flesh.  What’s worse, she has built her morally reprehensible modus operandi into our physiology.
Only the fittest organisms will prevail, still applies to humanity as it does to all other organisms, just a nature has for billions of years organisms migrate they spread to every corner of the globe, once they locate new nesting grounds they compete with other organisms for survival, humans are no different.  When our ancestors left the ancestral nesting grounds, we too migrated some went north, some went east, some went west, and today they remain, and many have adapted to their new environments, developing separate lines of technology, different and unique cultures, societies, and languages.  From time to time these separate groups overlapped, and fought bitter blood thirsty wars of aggression, when resources such as land, water, food, were scarce, wars were fought, survival of the fittest applied.  Some of these groups excelled and over came environmental forces and continued to advance, developing sophisticated technologies, using these new found tools they expanded their reach, controlled greater territories, and developed still even greater advanced technologies of their age.  Other groups, lacked technology, lacked the sophistication that the more advanced groups had developed, nature took no pity upon the weak, weak peoples were absorbed or wiped out completely, as is the way of war, other groups were enslaved and put to good use, such as building roads, cities, and other systems of civilization.  The stronger amongst these groups elevated themselves either through their own knowledge or with the use of others, to positions of power, they commanded vast armies which again played major roles in shaping the world even to this day.  As time passed, warring tribes became kingdoms, and kingdoms became nations, the consolidation of information, genetic and written played key roles.  These different groups of humans developed separately, and with the aid of nature their ability to comprehend their environments, to use their imagination to advance their ability create and destroy, also evolved.  Mankind became the dominate creature on this planet.  Weaker tribes and nations were over come, by stronger knowledge of other tribes and nations.  Nature is always chiseling away at living flesh, improving upon her design, and removing the weaker tissue so the remainder of the whole would be stronger.  It is the way of all things, the weak must make way for the stronger, or all will perish.  If insufficient agriculture techniques were adopted instead of greater efficiency, all would perish, if early man allowed weaker groups to continue to live amongst the strong, the whole would perish through their ineptness, and inability to adapt, the genetic knowledge is the key building block of humanity.  Why some groups are unable to adapt, why they fall into addiction, why they fail to thrive, all of these defects are explained through genes.  Genes make us or break us, why one group can build a vessel capable of surviving on the high seas, and expand the territory of the body nation, these abilities are enhanced through critical thinking, and the ability to comprehend and plan for the future.  Other groups lack these abilities or have made no use of them, only when the come in contact with advanced groups due the attempt to mimic these abilities, and in more cases then not, they fail, yes originally they are able to develop themselves, but eventually genetic predisposition takes center stage, lust, greed, anti-social behavior, corruption, the inability to plan, or even stubbornness to remain in an earlier state compound on one another, and these experiments fail, and they revert back to their original states.  Only when the laws of nature are circumvented due stronger groups fail, instead of relying on nature and allowing the chisel to remove the weaker flesh, emotions get in the way.  Societies become less united, the ties that bind are broken, leadership compensates with more regulations, more restraints on the stronger members, in order to accommodate the weaker.  As with all things social networks erode and collapse, language is bastardized, borders erased, culture dismantled and subverted, alien cultures dominate and substitute the original core culture, if the society has nothing that unites them linguistically, culturally, religiously, ethnically, what will keep this society from tearing itself apart, nothing.  Only the strongest must survive, or prepare for the chisel, a dark age, liquidation, reorganization,  and eventual reconsolidation.
Nature is brutal, because what awaits us in the stars requires more of us then we can imagine, life forms must be strong in order to push their species into space, unity is required, even greater advances in technology, a unified language, culture, religion, and other ties that bind groups together, not a piece of paper, not a set of laws and regulations, these are the rules that governments place on its populations for control and to maintain of the status quo, these controls don’t hold a population together for any greater amount of time.  For what must be achieved sacrifices must be made, orbital elevators for easy access to space, orbital factories for productions, colonies and research stations on moons and other worldly bodies, to make these first steps a people must be unified by more then political correctness and other nuances of the elites.  Any act of aggression must be meet with total and complete aggression, wars must be fought, weapons must be used, peoples and nations must be absorbed or annihilated, the laws of nature must apply, she demands it, only the fittest must survive!

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