“They Were White and They Were Slaves”

“They Were White and They Were Slaves”


Two years ago, Prime Minister Paul Keating of Australia refused to show “proper respect” to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II during her state visit. In response, Terry Dicks, a Conservative member of the British Parliament said, “It’s a country of ex-convicts, so we should not be surprised by the rudeness of their prime minister.”

A slur such as this would be considered unthinkable if it were uttered against any other class or race of people except the descendants of White slavery. Dicks’ remark is not only offensive, it is ignorant and false. Most of Australia’s “convicts” were shipped into servitude for such “crimes” as stealing seven yards of lace, cutting trees on an aristocrat’s estate or poaching sheep to feed a starving family.

The arrogant disregard for the holocaust visited upon the poor and working class Whites of Britain by the aristocracy continues in our time because the history of that epoch has been almost completely extirpated from our collective memory.

When White servitude is acknowledged as having existed in America, it is almost always termed as temporary “indentured servitude” or part of the convict trade, which, after the Revolution of 1776, centered on Australia instead of America. The “convicts” transported to America under the 1723 Waltham Act, perhaps numbered 100,000.

The indentured servants who served a tidy little period of 4 to 7 years polishing the master’s silver and china and then taking their place in colonial high society, were a minuscule fraction of the great unsung hundreds of thousands of White slaves who were worked to death in this country from the early l7th century onward.

Up to one-half of all the arrivals in the American colonies were Whites slaves and they were America’s first slaves. These Whites were slaves for life, long before Blacks ever were. This slavery was even hereditary. White children born to White slaves were enslaved too.

Whites were auctioned on the block with children sold and separated from their parents and wives sold and separated from their husbands. Free Black property owners strutted the streets of northern and southern American cities while White slaves were worked to death in the sugar mills of Barbados and Jamaica and the plantations of Virginia.

The Establishment has created the misnomer of “indentured servitude” to explain away and minimize the fact of White slavery. But bound Whites in early America called themselves slaves. Nine-tenths of the White slavery in America was conducted without indentures of any kind but according to the so-called “custom of the country,” as it was known, which was lifetime slavery administered by the White slave merchants themselves.

In George Sandys laws for Virginia, Whites were enslaved “forever.” The service of Whites bound to Berkeley’s Hundred was deemed “perpetual.” These accounts have been policed out of the much touted “standard reference works” such as Abbott Emerson Smith’s laughable whitewash, Colonists in Bondage.

I challenge any researcher to study 17th century colonial America, sifting the documents, the jargon and the statutes on both sides of the Atlantic and one will discover that White slavery was a far more extensive operation than Black enslavement. It is when we come to the 18th century that one begins to encounter more “servitude” on the basis of a contract of indenture. But even in that period there was kidnapping of Anglo-Saxons into slavery as well as convict slavery.

In 1855, Frederic Law Olmsted, the landscape architect who designed New York’s Central Park, was in Alabama on a pleasure trip and saw bales of cotton being thrown from a considerable height into a cargo ship’s hold. The men tossing the bales somewhat recklessly into the hold were Negroes, the men in the hold were Irish.

Olmsted inquired about this to a shipworker. “Oh,” said the worker, “the niggers are worth too much to be risked here; if the Paddies are knocked overboard or get their backs broke, nobody loses anything.”

Before British slavers traveled to Africa’s western coast to buy Black slaves from African chieftains, they sold their own White working class kindred (“the surplus poor” as they were known) from the streets and towns of England, into slavery. Tens of thousands of these White slaves were kidnapped children. In fact the very origin of the word kidnapped is kid-nabbed, the stealing of White children for enslavement.

According to the English Dictionary of the Underworld, under the heading kidnapper is the following definition: “A stealer of human beings, esp. of children; originally for exportation to the plantations of North America.”

The center of the trade in child-slaves was in the port cities of Britain and Scotland:

“Press gangs in the hire of local merchants roamed the streets, seizing ‘by force such boys as seemed proper subjects for the slave trade.’ Children were driven in flocks through the town and confined for shipment in barns…So flagrant was the practice that people in the countryside about Aberdeen avoided bringing children into the city for fear they might be stolen; and so widespread was the collusion of merchants, shippers, suppliers and even magistrates that the man who exposed it was forced to recant and run out of town.” (Van der Zee, Bound Over, p. 210).

White slaves transported to the colonies suffered a staggering loss of life in the 17th and 18th century. During the voyage to America it was customary to keep the White slaves below deck for the entire nine to twelve week journey. A White slave would be confined to a hole not more than sixteen feet long, chained with 50 other men to a board, with padlocked collars around their necks. The weeks of confinement below deck in the ship’s stifling hold often resulted in outbreaks of contagious disease which would sweep through the “cargo” of White “freight” chained in the bowels of the ship.

Ships carrying White slaves to America often lost half their slaves to death. According to historian Sharon V. Salinger, “Scattered data reveal that the mortality for [White] servants at certain times equaled that for [Black] slaves in the ‘middle passage,’ and during other periods actually exceeded the death rate for [Black] slaves.” Salinger reports a death rate of ten to twenty percent over the entire 18th century for Black slaves on board ships enroute to America compared with a death rate of 25% for White slaves enroute to America.

Foster R. Dulles writing in Labor in America: A History, states that whether convicts, children ‘spirited’ from the countryside or political prisoners, White slaves “experienced discomforts and sufferings on their voyage across the Atlantic that paralleled the cruel hardships undergone by negro slaves on the notorious Middle Passage.”

Dulles says the Whites were “indiscriminately herded aboard the ‘white guineamen,’ often as many as 300 passengers on little vessels of not more than 200 tons burden–overcrowded, unsanitary…The mortality rate was sometimes as high as 50% and young children seldom survived the horrors of a voyage which might last anywhere from seven to twelve weeks.”

Independent investigator A.B. Ellis in the Argosy writes concerning the transport of White slaves, “The human cargo, many of whom were still tormented by unhealed wounds, could not all lie down at once without lying on each other. They were never suffered to go on deck. The hatchway was constantly watched by sentinels armed with hangers and blunder busses. In the dungeons below all was darkness, stench, lamentation, disease and death.”

Marcus Jernegan describes the greed of the shipmasters which led to horrendous loss of life for White slaves transported to America:

“The voyage over often repeated the horrors of the famous ‘middle passage’ of slavery fame. An average cargo was three hundred, but the shipmaster, for greater profit, would sometimes crowd as many as six hundred into a small vessel…The mortality under such circumstances was tremendous, sometimes more than half…Mittelberger (an eyewitness) says he saw thirty-two children thrown into the ocean during one voyage.”

“The mercantile firms, as importers of (White) servants, were not too careful about their treatment, as the more important purpose of the transaction was to get ships over to South Carolina which could carry local produce back to Europe. Consequently the Irish–as well as others–suffered greatly…

“It was almost as if the British merchants had redirected their vessels from the African coast to the Irish coast, with the white servants coming over in much the same fashion as the African slaves.” (Warren B. Smith, White Servitude in Colonial South Carolina).

A study of the middle passage of White slaves was included in a Parliamentary Petition of 1659. It reported that White slaves were locked below deck for two weeks while the slaveship was still in port. Once under way, they were “all the way locked up under decks…amongst horses.” They were chained from their legs to their necks.

Those academics who insist that slavery is an exclusively Black racial condition forget or deliberately omit the fact that the word slave originally was a reference to Whites of East European origin – “Slavs.”

Moreover, in the 18th century in Britain and America, the Industrial Revolution spawned the factory system whose first laborers were miserably oppressed White children as young as six years of age. They were locked in the factories for sixteen hours a day and mangled by the primitive machinery. Hands and arms were regularly ripped to pieces. Little girls often had their hair caught in the machinery and were scalped from their foreheads to the back of their necks.

White Children wounded and crippled in the factories were turned out without compensation of any kind and left to die of their injuries. Children late to work or who fell asleep were beaten with iron bars. Lest we imagine these horrors were limited to only the early years of the Industrial Revolution, eight and ten year old White children throughout America were hard at work in miserable factories and mines as late as 1920.

Because of the rank prostitution, stupidity and cowardice of America’s teachers and educational system, White youth are taught that Black slaves, Mexican peons and Chinese coolies built this country while the vast majority of the Whites lorded it over them with a lash in one hand and a mint julep in the other.

The documentary record tells a very different story, however. When White Congressman David Wilmot authored the Wilmot Proviso to keep Black slaves out of the American West he did so, he said, to preserve that vast expanse of territory for “the sons of toil, my own race and color.”

This is precisely what most White people in America were, “sons of toil,” performing backbreaking labor such as few of us today can envision. They had no paternalistic welfare system; no Freedman’s Bureau to coo sweet platitudes to them; no army of bleeding hearts to worry over their hardships. These Whites were the expendable frontline soldiers in the expansion of the American frontier. They won the country, felled the trees, cleared and planted the land.

The wealthy, educated White elite in America are the sick heirs of what Charles Dickens in Bleak House termed “telescopic philanthropy”–the concern for the condition of distant peoples while the plight of kindred in one’s own backyard are ignored.

Today much of what we see on “Turner Television” and Pat Robertson’s misnamed “Family Channel,” are TV films depicting Blacks in chains, Blacks being whipped, Blacks oppressed. Nowhere can we find a cinematic chronicle of the Whites who were beaten and killed in White slavery. Four-fifths of the White slaves sent to Britain’s sugar colonies in the West Indies did not survive their first year.

Soldiers in the American Revolution and sailors impressed into the American navy received upwards of two hundred whiplashes for minor infractions. But no TV show lifts the shirt of these White yeoman to reveal the scars on their backs.

The Establishment would rather weep over the poor persecuted Negroes, but leave the White working class “rednecks” and “crackers” (both of these terms of derision were first applied to White slaves), to live next door to the Blacks.

Little has changed since the early 1800s when the men of property and station of the English Parliament outlawed Black slavery throughout the Empire. While this Parliament was in session to enact this law, ragged five year old White orphan boys, beaten, starved and whipped, were being forced up the chimneys of the English parliament, to clean them. Sometimes the chimney masonry collapsed on these boys. Other times they suffocated to death inside their narrow smoke channels.

Long after Blacks were free throughout the British Empire, the British House of Lords refused to abolish chimney-sweeping by White children under the age of ten. The Lords contended that to do so would interfere with “property rights.” The lives of the White children were not worth a farthing and were considered no subject for humanitarian concern.

The chronicle of White slavery in America comprises the dustiest shelf in the darkest corner of suppressed American history. Should the truth about that epoch ever emerge into the public consciousness of Americans, the whole basis for the swindle of “Affirmative action,” “minority set-asides” and proposed “Reparations to African-Americans” will be swept away. The fact is, the White working people of this country owe no one. They are themselves the descendants, as Congressman Wilmot so aptly said, of “the sons of toil.”

There will only be racial peace when knowledge of radical historical truths are widespread and both sides negotiate from positions of strength and not from fantasies of White working class guilt and the uniqueness of Black suffering.

Let it be said, in many cases Blacks in slavery had it better than poor Whites in the antebellum South. This is why there was such strong resistance to the Confederacy in the poverty-stricken areas of the mountain south, such as Winston County in Alabama and the Beech mountains of North Carolina. Those poor Whites could not imagine why any White laborer would want to die for the slave-owning plutocracy that more often than not, gave better care and attention to their Black servants than they did to the free white labor they scorned as “trash.”

To this day, the White ruling class denigrates the White poor and patronizes Blacks.

If this seems admirable from the pathological viewpoint of Marxism or cosmopolitan liberalism, the Black and Third World “beneficiaries” of White ruling class “esteem” ought to consider what sort of “friends” they actually have.

The Bible declares that the man who does not take care of his own family is “worse than an infidel.” This also applies to one’s racial kindred. The man who neglects his own children to care for yours has true love for neither.

White, self-hating liberals and greed-head conservatives who claim to care for the “civil rights” of Black and Third World people, discard the working class of their own people on the garbage heap of history. When they are finished with their own they shall surely turn on others.

Those who care for their own kind first are not practicing “hate” but kindness, which is the very root of the word.

24 thoughts on ““They Were White and They Were Slaves”

  1. Thank you for bringing the truth about slavery to light! The only reason it took as many niggers as were imported to America is because it two or three niggers to do the same, equal work as a White slave.

      • ronniie, please don’t inform the sons and daughters of parents that you will rape their mother, because that is not good to do. Secondly, why don’t you get married and take care your own family.

      • Hey fucker this is Ronnie, once again I say “YOU HAVE S#!++ FOR BRAINS& an I.Q of minus zero. No one wants to hear your “BS”. You evidentally cannot take the truth presented here on this website FOOL!!!!!!! The truth hurts&it is irritating to the ears&eyes of those who like you are “REPROBATES”. Those who willfully&knowingly beleive lies.

    • Ignorant In What Way? Or is it the fact that whites want to look at the whole of history instead of the small segments non whites use as weapons to silence us whenever we comment about the on going global ethnic cleansing of whites by non whites. Or the fact that we are awakening, scares non whites because every time we have awakened to the non white threat, we rise up, cast them off our backs, and wipe them out, is that what really scares you? I’d like to read your comments. Check out the rest of the blog. Thanks

      • Ignorant to believe or compare in any way the struggle endured by non whites to whites in any way. The racism in America is a deep rooted ugly seed that as continued to spread since this countries establishment. Before I go any further let me say that I absolutely love America. I think that despite any flaws this is still the greatest country on earth to be a born citizen of. With that said, I grew up in Mississippi. I did what I needed to do to receive a fine education which I am continuing to further even to this day. That education has thought me a lot and allowed me to develop in areas of diversity I never thought possible.

        For the purpose of this post I will use pre labels in order to generally separate those I speak of in order for the reader to understand the broader picture hopefully.

        When the original White settlers came to America, they seized a land that belonged to someone else and enslaved them. After settling and with grow other non white cultures were enslaved and made to bare the physical burden of building the foundation for this great country. Through the progression of time no matter what the adversity things have changed. Although emotions and bigotry is passed down through the generations, the unstoppable hands of time and change still advance. America has rightfully take the path of diversity acceptance and integration. With the knowledge of today and the new generations willing to work even harder on acceptance I honestly can’t see a regression in society. There is a higher power here at work that said “All men are created in my image”. The proof is in the pudding. We keep growing as a nation. Classrooms across the country are teaching classes that give assignments like the very one the brought me to this blog and interested me in posting on it. Reading the comments above I truly learned something about what has become a small segment of the American people. However, the larger population feels differently and is continuing on a track towards a border diversity consciousness.

      • As a student you should know that the northern states had outlawed slavery, and that poor indentured whites were those who built the foundation of this nation, not the african slaves who lived in the south on the agricultural fields. That’s like say illegal aliens built California because they picked vegetables in the field. This nation had no diversity until after the 1960’s and its been a down hill slide ever sense, everyone knows it, if you can honestly say, the American standard of living is equal to or greater then his 1950’s counterpart, you are lying to yourself. We are a society built on debt, entitlements, and consumer spending. Whites built this nation, did they use slaves? A small fraction of the southern states did, but its impact was small, more advancement came from the cotton gin then slavery, culturally the south was invested into slavery, your saying the imported farming equipment with an IQ of a retard built the 98% white nation of pre 1850 America, you are wrong. The expansion into the west was at its heart a racial war against a clear and present danger, as all wars prior to consumer driven socialism were.

        This land at the birth of this nation was uninhabited, nothing existed here, don’t confuse a bunch of blood thirsty savages running around naked in the bushes as a sign of advanced civilization, they were merely hostile wildlife, no more owners of this land then the deer. Answer me if you dare.

  2. whitelocust: Most of the time it is utterly pointless even to converse with some people. When I saw the poster’s ID “student of diversity” and opening sentence I knew then the rest would simply be BLAH BLAH I AM BRAINWASHED BLAH BLAH BLAH. I didn’t even bother to read, let alone answer. These people will only learn ONE way – this way: When hordes of blacks are banging down their door and beating, raping, and shooting them, raping their children in front of them and skinning them as they are now doing to “racist” whites in South Africa. They will be shocked, begging – “But I’ve always been on your side, innocent, persecuted black people! How can you treat me this way! I’m not a racist – I love you” And the reply will be “You’re white and we hate you. Now bend over” and then kills the poor deluded idiot. That is the only way some white people will understand. And by then it will be too late. My feeling is that only whites who are realistic and already know what’s in store will survive and they truthfully will be the only ones of worth anyway. Because the brainwashed are unfortunately not smart enough to merit the fitness that will ensure survival.

  3. There was a Hollywood movie once, that depicted white slavery in the Caribbean – “Captain Blood”, starring Errol Flynn. He portrayed an Irish doctor, enslaved for having treated a rebel Irishman. Unfortunately, as a “classic” movie, it’s rarely seen now, though it should be. The truth is, thousands of Irish were exiled to America as slaves, a fate my own ancestors thankfully did not suffer. These Irish slaves were forcibly interbred with black slaves. A Black West Indian once remarked to me, “I wonder how I ever got a name like O’Neill.” I could have told him, but I doubt he’d have believed me.

    • This site is fascinating!

      Although I had some knowledge of some of those facts I am astounded at what I have learned here.

      The truth always fascinates me but it also is quite shocking.

      but what is equally shocking is how our ” betters” ( Mostly white liberals although the disease of liberalism is spreading to many conservatives now ) are bending over backward to hide the truth from us.

      be it numbers on crimes per race or historical facts, we are being lied to 24/7, we are being manipulated, we are being brainwashed by the Main Stream media, by Hollywood, by tv shows, by liberal politicians ( although as I have said liberalism is starting to infect a lot of conservatives ) by University professors and by so many others who are part of the leftist establishment,

      it is appaling how we are being brainwahsed into believeing whites are the cancer of the planet and all other races are noble victims of us – the ugly evil white race – and those noble savages well we owe everything to them because supposedely they built Western Civilization while we sat on our asses.

      about white slaves,

      That is why we have the word ” Mutiny”.

      some white people were treated like slaves or almost like slaves and they would get fed up , unite and try to overthrow their ” master”.

      The most famous case of Mutiny is The Bounty, and as far as I know the crew was all white.

      Mutiny is word that was used a long time before whites ever began owning black slaves.

      What I am trying to say in own clumsy way is that the word mutiny is more evidence whites were treated like slaves at some point.

      Just as the word sabotage was created when mills workers ( all white) who were treated badly in Holland used their wooden shoes called ” sabot” in French to stop the gears of the Mills to protest.

      I am no expert on history but if one takes the time they will find many evidence of slavery way before whites ever had any contact with blacks.

  4. Is it always appropriate to exclude history from reality. There is a difference between reality and facts. Perceptions of reality are based on biases and prejudices of the individual’s history and education.

    The most ignorant seem to rely on the facts as they choose them. Many are made up without any effort to determine the reality they refuse to accept as factual. They rely on the interpretation of history that is most beneficial for themselves.

    The new global education system adopted by the developed nations and presented by the United Nations, has effectively created a world of fools, easily led to believe whatever their global masters choose to have them believe.

    Once in awhile a glimmer of the light of knowledge based on facts, shines through the darkness and haze of global propaganda and lies.

    This article is one of those little glimmers of light. It is common knowledge in many USA “white” ethnic groups that their ancestors were slaves upon their arrival in the colonies. Poor whites were the cheapest labor available to the European Aristocracy and bankers. There was such an unending supply of cheap child labor that their lives were worthless.

    This economic slave trade continues to exist globally. It now consists of females and children being kidnapped and forced into the sex trade or a world of economic slavery in sweat shops.

    The USA gives a half hearted effort in the war against the international slave trade that is not concerned about the race of ethnicity of the victims.

    Only fools and African Americans who blame their existence in poverty and government welfare on all “white” people prejudicially defined by global government.

    It is hard to find a single ethnic group in the world that has not at one time or another been enslaved. It is rarer still to find a group that has been enslaved at some time in history that has belabored their “400 years” of enslavement to spread hatred and to classify themselves as the eternal victims of the world.

    Those people stand out because they have been trained to be victims without any self respect.

    Slavery is not based on race, it is based on power. Those in power are the slave masters and always have been. They may be of any color or any ethnicity. They can enslave the weaker of their ethnicity if they choose and the poor permit it.

    Too bad we have so much ignorance in the world that continues to divide the weak and make it easier for a few to control all of us.

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  6. hmmmm…….clarity ‘s like the day’s beginning…a very little light succeeded by a little more, then more, then more, then more…. eventually the sun in full glory. thanks, this is wonderful harmony with my instinct about “history”.

  7. i come at it from a different angle, black and white workers are used in competition for the greed of a very few people. we are not natural enemies . however, africans enslaved irish people in the early 1600’s, so people need to stop with the ‘white oppression ‘ bullshit.

  8. Go on somewhere with this proMayonaisse bullshit. I am white male and I fully support the idea of being proBlack. I consider myself proBlack. This article is b u l l s h i t

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