WE support Reparations For Racism and JTF.org

Surprise! JTF Supports Reparations For Racism

(Originally published by JTF.ORG on December 9, 1998)Black Nazis, such the black Hitler Louis Farrakhan, are constantly demanding that hundreds of billions of dollars in reparations be given to them by white America.

Funny, we thought that hundreds of billions of dollars are already earmarked for them in America’s national, state and city budgets. Most money for wasteful Marxist social programs goes to help the allegedly “oppressed” blacks and other minorities.

JTF believes that there should indeed be racial reparations but that it should be the other way around: blacks should pay reparations to whites.

At least tens of thousands of whites have been murdered by blacks since the 1960s. At least tens of millions of whites have been repeatedly victimized by other forms of insidious black crime such as rape, robbery, burglary, mugging, assault and theft. The loss of life, property and personal freedom experienced by white America has been staggering to the point of being immeasurable.

White America has also had to shoulder the brutal burden of massive federal and local taxation to help pay for the mountain of social programs that futilely attempt to civilize — or should we say domesticate? — our black “neighbors.” Endless government taxation, bureaucracy and social regulation aimed at coping with America’s racial crisis has had a devastating effect on productivity, education and job creation. Black assimilation into American life has also taken a horrendous toll on our nation’s morals, not to mention the virtual destruction of any civilized American culture.

Should not blacks, who obviously believe in the rubric of collective racial punishment, at least when directed against whites, be held to the same collective racial standard?

How many once beautiful neighborhoods have been destroyed by the black plague? How many once bustling cities have been reduced to rubble? How many once promising suburban and rural communities have been infected by “affirmative action” gangrene? How many once lofty social programs designed only to help the blind, the deaf, the crippled and the other truly needy have been transformed into parasitic horror shows?

This is not to say that we hate all blacks (see next article). However, the vast majority of black Americans, who have declared war on whites in general, and Jews in particular, are enemies of all civilized people and are worthy only of the utmost contempt.

Unless JTF finally receives the support it needs to break through the politically correct web of left-wing racial whitewashing and racial double-standards, some day blacks and other white-hating groups will take over this country.

If you understand the full implications of seeing this entire nation turn into one big Washington, D.C., then you will spread the word about our web site to at least two or three other computer users every week and urge them to do likewise. If everyone who reads this site does this, we will eventually have millions of readers and an army of resistance against the forces of evil and darkness.

*****JTF Is Anti-Racist

The allegation of racism frequently hurled against the true Kahanist Jews and righteous Gentiles of JTF is utterly false. We judge all races, nationalities and ethnicities by one simple and just standard. Our antagonism toward most blacks is not based upon their pigmentation but rather their racist attitude toward whites in general and Jews in particular.

Evil and Satanic neo-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan-type groups preach a genetic racism that contradicts the Biblical precept of free will among all of G-d’s children. In other words, the Nazi-Klan groups preach that blacks and other non-whites have an inborn and irreversible genetic predisposition to engage in anti-social behavior. This philosophy violates the consistent theme of the Bible which grants all human beings the ability to choose between good and evil.

Our indictment of black white-haters and Jew-haters is in one respect even more serious than that of the genetic racists: whereas genetic racists contend that blacks cannot help themselves because of their genes, the Bible does not accept any genetic “cop-out” as an excuse for wicked behavior. Blacks who hate, murder, rape and rob were not born that way. They simply chose the path of evil. They could just as well have chosen the path of righteousness.

Instead of admiring and seeking to emulate whites and Jews for their great accomplishments (which would have been the path of righteousness), blacks chose to envy and tear down those accomplishments (which is the path of evil). Instead of expressing gratitude and appreciation to the Jews, who owed them nothing and yet fought so hard to help them, blacks chose to bite the hand that feeds them and actually hate those who help them (definitely the path of evil). Instead of taking advantage of the enormous educational and employment opportunities given to them by guilt-ridden white society, blacks continue to refuse to genuinely strive for anything on their own. Instead, they eternally play a “blame game” of pretending that “whitey” is responsible for their problems, which are in fact of their own making.

What is most unforgivable is their desperate attempt to justify their ugly hatred and jealousy by engaging in blood-libel defamation against the Jews. By incredibly accusing the Jews, who themselves were slaves in the walled ghettoes of Europe at the time, of being responsible for the slave trade, blacks really expose their vicious bestial character as heirs to the legacy of the “Big Lie” technique employed by the Third Reich.

Unlike the blacks themselves, who hate an entire race because of what a small group of people within that race did to them 150 years ago, JTF only hates blacks who have proven themselves to be white-haters, America-haters, Jew-haters and Israel-haters.

The fact that 94% of black America voted for the ultimate example of black Nazi evil, Jesse Jackson, in the 1988 Presidential election, means that we are required to stand against that 94%. Not because they are black, but because they are Nazis.

JTF does not apologize nor feel any guilt about standing for justice against the monstrously cruel forces in any race who go against the will of G-d. The fact that we expose and do battle against the real racists, the black Nazis, actually makes JTF anti-racist.

3 thoughts on “WE support Reparations For Racism and JTF.org

    • No I would not. I want everyone to be allowed to live as they choose to live, with whom they choose to live with, the preservation of all peoples, not only minorities, but whites as well.

  1. I support Black reparations for racism and slavery as long as it includes repatriation. Repatriation being absolutely mandatory. How much more do blacks cost in government benefits, damage caused by robbery and crime. By low productivity By extra police patrol and housing in jail. If you added up the extra cost you trough out say 100 grand which included a one way ticket. It might seem like a lot up front but in the long run it would be a net savings.

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