What do (MOST) Non-Westerners Believe-

What do (MOST) Non-Westerners Believe-

I had to add the word “most” because of the new ethnic monitoring system in place…

BY: Black Locust

What do Non-Westerners believe:

Its not about race, its about preserving our people, its about knowing what’s right and wrong.  We don’t want to be extinct, we have a right to exists, we have a right to keep our language and our culture, we don’t want a bilingual nation, we don’t want diversity or multiculturalism.  With only 10% of the worlds population we reserve the right to control our property and lands, and just as every other people, we have the right to decided our own futures, and what path we shall take.

  1. Most Non-Westerners don’t believe another person of a different race can represent them in society.
  2. They aren’t comfortable with other people of different races who are different from them linguistically, ethnically, and or culturally, they prefer their own race in all matters of social interaction.
  3. They see that they deserve all the goods and services that can be allocated to them through redistribution of wealth, even from other minority groups, so long as it benefits their own people.
  4. They see America now as a white protestant racist society, 9 out of 10 minorities believe this, only 5 out of 10 would admit this fact.
  5. There goal is to achieve the American dream and to remake it in there own image, to be the Latino dream, the Asian dream, the Black dream, etcetera.
  6. Many choose to segregate themselves not only nationally in terms of nation states, but also ethnically, linguistically, socially, and politically.
  7. All minorities believe that immigration must only come from non-western nation to western nation and never the reverse.
  8. They view the west as feeble, passive, and naïve, while they institute quotas in western societies to advance the cause of their homelands.
  9. All of them don’t consider America as their home, if asked what they would do if the US collapsed, they’re answer will almost always be, to return to their country of origin.
  10. Many non-Americans send monies and properties to their families country of origin, the only investments they hold in the US are investments they will eventually sell for profit and return home.
  11. Most non-Americans do not approve of relationships involving their females with males of another race, more of them do approve of relationships involving males with females of another race, so long as it does not become common place.
  12. Non-Americans view nationalism based on ethnicity in their homelands as an absolute, but in the same sentence would condemn any such movement in western nations especially America.
  13. Non-Americans don’t share the morals of their host nation, for example they see the inhumane butchering of animals has morally acceptable, non-Americanized minorities don’t keep pets, or see animals as family members, they view these and other American values as inept, backward, and laughable.
  14. Many Non-Americans choose their language above that of their host nation, those that plan to return to their homeland eventually, teach their children this language even at the detriment of their offspring.
  15. All view their culture as superior to any culture in the western world, and seek to make it commonplace in their host nation.
  16. Any attempts by fellow ethnic members to Americanize is condemned, and frowned upon by all members of their group.
  17. Most of these groups in general terms, and I must stress that it is not individually, take pleasure in any humiliation of the west and its nation states.
  18. All non-westerners don’t hold the same value for life that we westerners do, they don’t see life as precious and must be fought for at all costs, they see life as cheap, and disposable, this is why they kill so easily, women and children, dogs and cats, turtles and cows, nothing is spared an agonizing and painful death and the barbarian nations of the 3rd world.
  19. Most want to come here and keep their culture while benefiting economically from the land and people, they will buy products at stores that cater to their people, while the majority of their women will only have relations with people of their own race, they do this to sustain their own people genetically on Western Land, especially Asians and Latinos, they don’t like their women having relations with other westerners.
  20. Many don’t want to change the land they want to take over, Asians or Latinos want to dominate the land while not changing the economics and infrastructures, they want to be the ones running things.  Asians do it through economics and education, while Latinos prefer the use of force, and numbers.

The way they view America, even as they come here knowing they destroy our nation, they see America as a success, they believe they can take from what makes us great and send it back to their home land, they come here to benefit economically and take those skills and education back to their country of origin.  That is why if you ask them to adopt the language and culture of our nation they view it as though you are trying to destroy their language and culture of their homeland, because they never planned on becoming Americans, they only came here to benefit from us and take the best parts back to their nation.  This act can never make their nations similar to our, its not only the money that makes America a success, it’s the language, the culture, the traditions, our historical strives towards greatness, the people are what make American, Americans make America great.  Asians, Latinos, and other immigrants can’t learn this in two or three generations, it has taken all those who have come before them at least four or more generations.  Many previous legal immigrants came from Europe, and are genetically predisposed to what America has to offer, they don’t fiercely resists becoming Americans as the Asians, Latinos, and now many Africans do, they came her to become part of my Nation, no create a province of their own.

The effects of Immigration from Non-Western nations is the following:

Phase One

As their numbers increase, in every single western nation, the same patterns emerge, they first gain political control of the city and states where they reside, they then institute the forced culturalization of non-ethnic members into their society through language, culture, and values.
These values are instituted in the education system of the host nation, further indoctrinating future generations, of other zones they don’t control.
Business seeking the wealth of a nation, uses the Non-Westerners as a source of cheap labor, this new found wealth is then distributed to the political elites of the Nation, corrupting their judgment, and limiting any action to save that nation from self-destruction in the future, this is the rise of the Liberal Elite.
An unwritten law emerges though legal actions and affirmative action, political correctness, this works to quiet the mass of westerners who disagree with the destruction of their nation.
Through affirmative action quotas they seek further political control in the host nation, these politicians are bound racially to the people they represent, therefore even though their actions harm the peoples of their host nation, they must further the agendas of the homeland.

Phase Two

As Non-Americans increase population, Americans fearing for the future of their children and their safety in these 3rd world zones, relocate to other areas, further segregating themselves and the Non-Americans.
Any attempts to repatriate Non-Americans to their home nations is resisted through the use of violence against the host nation.
The forced integration of Non-Westerners and those of Western Origin begins, this process is done through affirmative action quotas in every area of society, mostly through education, and in the workplace, but not only through non-western integration with western zones, but through forced western integration in non-western zones, for example a student of western origin request to relocate to a western controlled school but is denied based on racial need of the non-western education facilities, even at the cost of the Westerner.
Two Americas emerge, those that are Americans who prosper in American controlled zones, and those in the 3rd world zones who suffer, this leads to further income redistribution through political means, creating even further relocation of Westerners out of the states they reside.
This eventually leads to the removal of the tax base, economic hardship increases, further stigmatizing relationships between Non-Westerners and those of Western Origin.

Phase Three

Westerners fearing the destruction of the homeland, initially are unorganized, many have been indoctrinated into the multicultural, diversity agenda of the Non-Westerners and the politically elites who control the nation, this leads to the self arming of those of western origin.
Non-Westerners then blackmail the host nation into subservience and capitulation, they use anti gun laws first aimed at criminals to punish law biding Westerners, further degrading the rights of the Western people.
Economic collapse of the host nation
Westerner are effect through redistribution of wealth, and income stagnation through cheap labor.
Morals and the rule of law are nearly destroyed, as the nation becomes a 3rd world nation.
Due to years of PC abuse westerns become desensitized to the idea of mass killings of non-westerners, initially any deaths of Non-westerners attempting to cross illegally was viewed as a negative, now westerners view the deaths as punishment for attempting to enter illegally.
Non-westerners quality of life decrease as more westerners leave the states and cities the Non-westerners control, increasing the Non-westerners anger leading to hatred of the host nation, which they view a racist.  For example:  When you tell them your moving, they say, why you don’t want to be around us?  If you state that you want to move due to crime and degradation of the rule of law, which westerners are accustom to, and as our culture and people are threatened, they become, reluctant to live near Non-westerners, and this act is viewed with disgust by Non-westerners.
Redistribution of wealth in totality further destroys the nation in general, westerners see the lack of rule of law, they get used to the fact that they will have to break the law in order to survive, forcing the creation of underground movements and violence.

One thought on “What do (MOST) Non-Westerners Believe-

  1. I heard of a theory put forth in “white apocalypse”, and then later by others, on the possibility of the outlawing of same race marriage and the forced intermarriage of whites with non whites. I even heard a story on David Dukes website about the same thing being tossed about by sarkozy in france..What is your take on the possibility of that happening here, or is that too far fetched a scenario in your estimation?

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