What To Do? Defeating Eurabia – Protecting the West

What To Do?

“Upholding national borders has become more important in the age of globalization, terrorism and mass-migration, not less. No nation regardless of political system can survive the loss of its territorial integrity, but democratic states especially so. Those who don’t want to uphold borders are actually tearing down the very foundation of our democratic system, which is based on nation states. … We now have a political class who spend much of their time travelling around the world. They no longer feel as attached to the people they are supposed to represent as they did in the past. … The West is declining as a percentage of world population, and in danger of being overwhelmed by immigration from poorer countries with booming populations. … As such, we also need to ditch Messianic altruism: The West must first of all save itself. We have no obligation to ‘save’ the Islamic world, and we do not have the financial strength nor the demographic numbers even it we wanted to. … The West is becoming so overwhelmed by immigration that this may trigger civil wars in several Western nations in the near future. We already have massive Third World ghettos in our major cities. Future immigration needs to be more strictly controlled and ONLY non-Muslim. … But above all, the West, and indeed the non-Muslim world, should make our countries Islam-unfriendly and implement a policy of containment of Dar al-Islam. This is the most civilized thing we can do in order to save ourselves, but also to limit the loss of life among both Muslims and non-Muslims. The best way to deal with the Islamic world is to have a little to do with it as possible. We should ban Muslim immigration. … We should also change our laws to ensure that Muslim citizens who advocate sharia, preach Jihad, the inequality of ‘infidels’ and of women should have their citizenship revoked and be deported back to their country of origin. … Muslim citizens should be forced to either accept our secular ways or leave if they desire sharia”, Baron Bodissey (BB) at Gates of Vienna, 24 September 2008.
“We should assume that the mass media and our leaders are not telling us the full truth about that scale and consequences of Muslim immigration. We are told that the ongoing mass immigration from alien cultures is ‘good for the economy.’ This is demonstrably false and resembles the ‘Big Lie’ technique employed by the Nazis. Even if it were true, I would still reject this argument. I am not willing to give up our existence as a people and the heritage entrusted upon me by my ancestors in the hypothetical hope that doing so will earn me a few chocolate bars or electronic toys, of which we already have plenty. … One ‘anti-Jihadist’ in Scandanavia once indicated that it was OK with a Muslim majority in Europe as long as these Muslims respect ‘human rights.’ They won’t of course, but that’s not the point. The ‘debate’ we have is thus between those who believe we should accept unlimited mass immigration and those who believe we should accept unlimited mass immigration as long as those who replace us believe in ‘human rights,’ where the former groups views the latter as ‘racists.’ At no point is there any debate of whether native Europeans have the right to preserve our cultures and historical identities. … Globalism … [refers] to a Utopian ideology stating that erasing all national cultures and states (especially Western ones) is a positive good which should be promoted and forced down people’s throats. … We need to reclaim control over our borders and reject any organization, either the EU, the UN, various human rights groups or others who prevent us from doing this. We must remind our political leaders that we pay national taxes because they are supposed to uphold our national borders. … An ideological ‘war within the West’ has paved the way for a physical ‘war against the West’ waged by Islamic Jihadists, who correctly view our acceptance of Muslim immigration as a sign of weakness. … When did the West stop thinking? Where did we go wrong? … People should be educated about the realities of Jihad and sharia. Educating non-Muslims about Islam is more important that educating Muslims, but we should do both. Groups of dedicated individuals should engage in efforts to explain the real nature of Islam, emphsizing the division that Islam teaches between Believer and Infidel, the permanent state of war between Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb and the use of taquiyya and kitman, religious deception. … Let Muslims themselves begin slowly to understand that all of their political, economic, social intellectual and moral failures are a result of Islamic teachings. … If the Western world stops giving Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, and the Palestinians ‘aid,’ which has in reality become a disguised form of jiyza, this will clear the psychological air. And it will force the poorer Arabs and other Muslims to go to the rich Arabs for support. … The West isn’t feared because we are ‘oppressors,’ we are despised because we are perceived as weak and decadent. … The important thing is making sure that our enemies respect us, as Machiavelli indicated in The Prince. … We should implement a policy of containment of the Islamic world, but for this to work we will sometimes have to take military action to crush Muslim pretensions to grandeur. … It is likely we will get civil wars in several Western countries because of the ongoing mass immigration. This will finally demonstrate how serious the situation is and force other Western nations to act. … The crucial point to stress is that Islam cannot be reformed and cannot be reconciled with our way of life. … Jihad is being waged against the entire non-Muslim world, not just the West. We should stop trying to ‘win the hearts and minds of Muslims; instead cooperate with other non-Muslims. The United Nations is heavily infiltrated by Islamic groups. We should starve it for funds and ridicule it at any given opportunity. … We simply cannot allow our enemies to have influence over our policies which they do through the UN. … And let’s end the stupid support for the Palestinians that the Eurabians have encouraged and start suppporting our cultural cousin, Israel. Europe’s first line of defense starts in Jerusalem. … We need to ditch the welfare state, which is probably doomed anyway. The welfare state wasn’t all bad, but it cannot compete in a world of billions of capitalists in low-cost countries. It creates a false sense of security in a dog-eat-dog world and breeds a passivity that is very dangerous in our struggle for survival. … The political elites implement the agendas of our enemies and ignore the interests of their own people. … Change will only come when they fear us, and the consequences of their own betrayal, more than they fear Muslims”, my emphasis, BB at Gates of Vienna, 29 September 2008. Here’s a link: http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/2008/09/suggestions-for-future.html.
I agree with BB. Civil wars are possible all over the West in the next 30 years.
I think of some things that expert on Islam, Osama bin-Laden (OBL) said. On 9/11 he said, “We are now avenged”. I didn’t know what OBL was talking about. The Poles defeated the Moslems at Vienna on, drumroll please, 11 September 1683! OBL also said, “When one sees a strong horse and a weak horse, one is naturally attracted to the strong horse”. OBL understands Machiavelli better than 99.9% of Americans understand the Prophet (PBUH). Learn! We must learn to see our elites as Holmesian “bad men”.

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