Where will YOUR people be in 50 years? New Orleans School Board voted to remove Washington’s name from an elementary school

George Washington:
Politically Incorrect
George Washington, the father of our country, has become politically incorrect. In November, the New Orleans School Board voted to remove Washington’s name from an elementary school because he was a slaveholder and thus a bad example for children.

As reported in an Associated Press article, a Black civil rights leader in New Orleans, Mr. Carl Galmon, commented that “to African Americans, George Washington has about as much meaning as David Duke.”

It was inevitable. On the free speech soapbox twenty-seven years ago at LSU, I predicted that the passing of America from a White to a non-White nation would devastate our American heritage. I did not think then that it would happen in so short a time. America is still a few decades away from Whites becoming a minority in our nation, but already Black political power asserts itself in attacks on America’s most hallowed icons. In many of the ninety-five percent Black public schools of New Orleans, students now pledge allegiance to the red, black, and green, Black Liberation Flag, rather the Stars and Stripes. They sing a Black Liberation Anthem rather than the Star Spangled Banner. Not limited to New Orleans, this apostasy goes on in schools from Detroit to Atlanta and Miami to Kansas City.

Make no mistake, the vilification of George Washington is not the work of just a few Black radicals. Its perpetrators were a publicly elected school board, including a couple of craven Whites. To avoid being called racists, the Whites quietly acquiesced in the degradation of America’s greatest hero.

In a nationally syndicated column by Black writer, Leonard Pitts, he praised the renaming of the school and wrote that Blacks justifiably think of Washington as man of low character “who held human beings by chains.” Liberals are now telling us that George Washington was a hypocrite, who espoused the “rights of man” while practicing slavery.

Since the Second World War, Americans have been repeatedly told that our founding fathers were racial egalitarians. Anyone who opposed the Black civil rights movement were represented as un-American. Of course, it was all a big lie. Washington and Jefferson, as well as the other founding fathers were not hypocrites, they were completely consistent. The truth is that when Washington and Jefferson spoke about the “rights of man” they clearly were speaking about White men, not Blacks whom they viewed as a primitive form of humanity. Thomas Jefferson in his Notes on the State of Virginia wrote that White women who cohabited with Black males should be “outside the protection of the laws,” meaning that he believed that those who acted violently against them should not be prosecuted. The Constitution equated Blacks as three-fifths of a person. Even the Supreme Court of the United States dared to state clearly in a major decision that America was created “by and for White people.” Racial integration, Black voting, and racial intermarriage were opposed by most Whites until late in this century.

I oppose slavery for the same reasons espoused by General Robert E. Lee. He described slavery as a despoiler of both slave and master. He believed its greatest evil was not perpetrated against Blacks, for he felt that they found a considerable advantage in American rather than African slavery. To Lee, the real damage was being done to White society. Lee was, of course, correct. The importation of millions of Blacks into America has had tragic consequences. Racially aware Whites today oppose the institution just as vehemently as racial egalitarians.

Slavery had a pernicious impact on White people in America, corrupting those classes who owned slaves and harming those Whites who did not. Whites who owned no slaves, almost eighty percent of the South’s population, had the value of their labor diminished. Family farmers found it difficult to compete in agricultural markets with the cheap labor provided by slaves on the plantations. Even in many semi-skilled professions, it became difficult for independent White craftsmen to earn a decent wage competing against inexpensive slave labor.

Today, it is easy to see the destructive role of slavery, but those who condemn the founding fathers have no real understanding of history. Slavery was a socially accepted institution for ninety-nine percent of the history of mankind. In many cultures, from the most primitive ones in darkest Africa, to the enlightened ones of Greece and Rome and right up to our own early American republic, families of wealth and prestige often owned slaves.

Even the most loving person who ever walked the earth, Jesus Christ, never uttered a word against slavery, an institution which was prominent all around him. At one point in the scriptures, at the request of a slaveholder, Christ heals his slave. Did Christ instruct him to free the slave? No, he just praised the slaveholder and expressed the wish that all people should have so great a faith. (Luke 7) For his tacitly accepting slavery, will the school board members who attend church also want to extirpate Jesus Christ from their sanctuaries? Will they propose to burn the New Testament because escaped slaves are told to obey their masters and that slaves must be returned to them if they escape.? (1 Peter, 1 Timothy, 2 Titus, Ephesians) The strongest admonishment of the New Testament toward slaveholders is for them simply to treat their slaves kindly.

How does Mr. Pitts reconcile the debasement of George Washington by Black historians while they eulogize African tribal leaders who murdered tens-of-thousands of Blacks, and who without compunction enslaved and sold thousands of Blacks to the slavetraders? According to the new political correctness, White leaders in history who owned slaves are moral lepers, but Black historical figures who did so are “great Black men.”

Hollywood characterizes slavery in the American colonies as a suffering unique to the Black race, yet as researcher Michael Hoffman has shown, contrary to modern notions, many thousands of Whites were slaves in the early colonial life. Many more hundreds-of-thousands of Whites faced the slave-like existence of indentured servitude, where under a limited contract, many were worked to death. Their masters often sought to extract every morsel of work from them before their contract expired. One should not forget that slavery permeated the entire world and all continents. In antiquity, slavery was once the terrible price paid by most nations defeated in war. Countless millions of our White ancestors knew the lash of the slavetrader, the pain of the loss of liberty, and the ignominy of a forgotten death. Slavery was certainly not a suffering unique to the Black race.

In North America, slavery was unique only in the fact that it was the kindest expression of it on earth. American Whites treated their Black slaves far better than African Blacks treated their own Black slaves. For this are Whites to be condemned?

On Sunday, November 30 of this year, Sixty Minutes had a program that revealed to a mostly ignorant public, the fact that slavery flourished in Africa long before the White man came and that it continues to this very day. The story depicted an environment of poverty and brutality that would make colonial slavery seem benign in comparison. In Africa today a Black can be born a slave, in America, he cannot.

One illustration of the difference between Whites and Blacks on the question of slavery, is that while historically both Whites and Blacks practiced it, resistance to it has always been led by Whites. In America, Whites composed ninety-five percent of the underground railroad, while in Africa there were no known Black crusaders who rose up with moral indignation against the institution. Africa never had, nor has today, an underground railroad. The observant cannot help but notice that there is no world-wide Black crusade to free their enslaved brethren. Compare that lack of zeal to Black and liberal hysteria against Apartheid South Africa, a society where there was no slavery and the best quality of life for Blacks in all of Africa.

In many of my media appearances with Black leaders, I point out how that if they are to condemn the White race for slavery when only ten percent of the American people practiced it for a period of about two hundred years, how do they feel about their own race which practiced it in Africa from uncounted thousands of years to the present. A black child today in America has far greater chance of having an ancestral slavemaster, than does a white child.

Madison Grant, the great naturalist who had a pivotal role in the conservation efforts of early twentieth century America, grew painfully aware of the need to preserve and nurture the founding stock of our nation. He viewed such as just as vital as preserving its flora and fauna. He said that America “sold its birthright to solve a labor shortage.”

While a small class of planters and slavetraders amassed great fortunes, the average Southerner suffered an economic bondage born of slavery. Ultimately, slavery drove the two regions, North and South toward the most terrible of American wars, the War Between the States; the greatest loss of life and property ever sustained by our nation. Not only did it take the grievous toll of a million lost lives, the war cost our people billions of our best genes. They were the genes of genius and honor, of self-sacrifice and bravery, of strength and beauty. Most of the causalities were too young to have passed on those precious traits to the generations ahead. The war erased many thousands of the best of our kind from our gene pool. It incurred a genetic debt that we still pay for today and perhaps will feel forever in our genetic makeup.

Into the vacuum left by the loss of the prime manhood of the nation, came the great waves of immigrants who began to gnaw at America’s foundations. Although most eventually assimilated, the process weakened the homogeneity and bonding of America. As the peripherally European, tired and hungry masses came in over the next half of a century, they encouraged America to turn its eyes back to the old world conflicts, and helped America become embroiled in the two great wars of the twentieth century. Such set the pattern of drawing us into the conflicts of the rest of the world, especially the Third World. As America went into those nations, so those nations are now in us. The conquered absorbs the conqueror.

Slavery is the great tragedy of America, and it is still the source of our greatest problems. All this has nothing to do with its morality as an institution. Unjust institutions can be reformed or abolished, and a nation can survive, even prosper afterward. Its real damage has been that it placed a people in our midst who as a group have little aptitude for our technology, no empathy with our culture, no adulation for our history and heroes, and no love for us, only resentment for perceived past wrongs. We notice the racial attitude gap most readily on racial litmus tests, such as in reactions to the O.J. Simpson verdict, or the extirpation of George Washington from our schools.

The stark reality is that the rift cannot be healed. There is a chasm between the races as genetically determined as the color of our skin, the formation of our skull, and the very brain itself. Forged by a hundred thousand years of icy winters faced by our ancestors, and eons of the easy living tropics for theirs, the differences are burned into the architecture of our natures. There is no remedy for the division. There is no cure. It may be mollified for a while, but the inevitable approaches.

America will split asunder as the unassimilable minorities take over the political landscape and remake it in their alien image, or there will be a great revolution in which Whites will regain the nation of their forefathers. I believe that American Whites will awaken from their lethargy in the early years of the next century, and act decisively to save both their heritage and their nation- reclaiming their birthright.

The history of mankind is one long repeated story of great migrations of tribes, races, and nations. Movement of millions of people created the present realities of America, and future migrations of masses of people will occur again, driven by their dreams and their destiny. Blacks will eventually have a land they can call their own, theirs alone. It will be a society of their own making in accordance to their racial soul. It will judge itself by its own vision, not by that of the Western world. It will not be a land in which I would choose to live. Certainly, it shall be alien to our European nature, but it will be a society in which they will find harmony with their own kind and their own evolution.

Our people too shall have our own homeland. Our people have already fought and bled for it, cultivated it, and built our civilization upon it. It will remain ours. We will rediscover the things that are truly important to us. Our society will reflect our nature, our spirit, our science, our eventual evolution to a higher man, who, once having the earth firmly beneath his feet, will turn his eyes to the heavens.

Our people have passed through the stone age, the bronze age, the iron age, the steam age, the nuclear age. We have entered simultaneously the early part of both the computer age and the genetic age. Our people approach the next great step in their long evolution, a process that will accelerate their development many times faster than a millennium ago. The power of our people’s will and their genius put our footsteps on the moon. As we use our talents to unlock the secrets of the genes, we will usher in a higher mankind that will cross the universe.

Our great adventure into the cosmos will not be launched by men who devalue our forefathers in the name of multi-racial political correctness. It shall be done lovingly by men and women who revere our ancestors, who treasure our heritage, and who are committed to our security on this planet, our evolutionary progress, and our destiny in the stars.

In saying that to Blacks, George Washington has a much meaning as David Duke, Mr. Galmon is accurate. Non-Whites view Washington and all our founding fathers with the same trepidation that they currently view me. The truth is that unless White people begin to listen to me, and those in political life similar to me, their children will someday walk as strangers in their own land.

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